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The Propel Show

The Propel Show

By Audrie Astebury
Business and lifestyle strategy for the modern entrepreneur.
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Season 2: Episode 3 "The Yes Factor" featuring Chip Baker of The Success Chronicles.
It's time to "Go Get It!" In this episode, we are going to show you how to tackle that annoying side kick called self doubt dba fear. Featuring Chip Baker of the Success Chronicles, we walk you step by step through some empowerment strategies that will leave you feeling less measured, more renewed and a deeper belief that "Yes You Can!"
February 13, 2019
Season 2 - Episode 2: "PR Strategy For The Savvy Entrepreneur," featuring Ashley Love-Price
A solid Public Relations Strategy and Crisis Communication Plan will set your organization up for success and help you ride out the storms and leverage your opportunities. In our latest episode, "PR Strategy for the Savvy Entrepreneur," Award-winning PR Strategist and Business Coach Ashley Love-Price helps us level set and walks us through the critical components of a successful plan.
January 29, 2019
Season 2 - Episode 1: "Prime Your Business For Success" featuring Music Industry Professional Charyn Harris
Working with some of the music industry's most highly coveted artists from Macy Gray and The Cranberries to Barry White, Charyn Harris teaches us how to authentically and confidently align our actions and vision for long term success.
January 13, 2019
Season 1 - Episode 10: "Break The Mold" featuring Karen Prechtel-Thomsen
Ready to break the mold and bust through challenges? In this episode, we dive deep into activating the adrenaline so you can push through adversity and invisible walls. Life Coach and Mindset Strategist, Karen Prechtel-Thomsen gears us up to tackle the what-ifs and provides us with some rock solid solutions to break the mold.
September 07, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 9: "Unlocking Your Potential" featuring Krysti Turznik
The Propel Show™ is pleased to bring you our latest episode, "Unlocking Your Potential," featuring #1 Best Selling Author Krysti Turznik to help you tap into your strengths, diminish fear and connect more fully to your passion. As an entrepreneur, mindset can make or break a venture. Developing a positive mindset and putting into place practical strategies to move beyond fear will help position you for success. Krysti helps people create a life that speaks to their soul with meaning and value. Through mindset, motivation, and meditation, her clients learn how to establish a deeper spiritual connection so they can experience a life of miracles and magic where every day life begins to feel more like a day at the beach.
July 11, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 8: "Fire Up!" featuring Celebrity Chef Charles Webb
Dynamic, spontaneous and curating delectable bites, Chef Charles Webb fires up our appetites and and awakens our senses in this spicy episode of The Propel Show™. At the forefront of something new and exciting in the space of the culinary arts, Charles gives us a sneak peak into the world of Ringmaster, his new television series and pulls us into what it takes to lead effectively, breakthrough in your career and up-level your impact as an entrepreneur.
June 13, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 7: "Finding Your Voice As A Leader"
In the latest episode of The Propel Show™, Integrative Business Coach and Expressive Arts Therapist, Jessica Chilton helps entrepreneurs tap into their unique gifts and find their voice as a leader. Jessica Chilton has presented at Princeton University, performed at TEDx and brings her ten years as an Expressive Arts Therapist, Coach, and Entrepreneurial Leader to guide clients around the world to clarify their soul-satisfying work and create the unique business that they were born to lead. She has helped thousands to rediscover who they really are & come out of hiding to offer their gifts in the most liberating ways.
June 05, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 6: "Financial Independence," featuring Katelyn Magnuson, The Freelance CFO
Rev up your finances and take on a life of financial freedom with sage and saavy tips from The Freelance CFO, Katelyn Magnuson. Katelyn's dynamic personality and keen financial skills has brought her an award-winning career and has helped her clients enjoy more success, financial freedom and live a life well designed with less stress, more fun and financial ease.
May 09, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 5: "Fortune Favors The Bold" featuring powerhouse Jillian Kogan Dunn, CEO & Pioneer for Social Enterprise.
What do Al Gore, Pharrell, Jon Varvatos and Reggie Bush have in common? Jillian Kogan Dunn, President and Founder of Audentis Fortuna Iuvat, Inc. (Latin for Fortune Favors The Bold). Jillian has charted a dynamic career in the marketing, media and philanthropic space. Her bold and exceptional ideas have earned her significant clients in politics, fashion and entertainment. The advice she gives for launching a successful career in your industry is priceless. Tune in. You don't want to miss!
April 28, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 4: "Fine Tuning Your Life & Business" featuring Melissa Smith
Welcome to The Propel Show™. We are so excited you're here! It was an absolute delight to have Melissa Smith, CEO and founder of Healthy, Joyful, Living join us for this important episode,"Fine Tuning Your Life and Business." Kicking off the first in our guest spotlight series, Melissa helps us tap into the attributes that contribute to a well balanced life. This helps set the stage for a successful and sustained experience in both the entrepreneurial space and personal endeavors. You won't want to miss! Melissa is a certified health and wellness coach and has more than 20 years experience in the health and wellness industry and has inspired entrepreneurs to excel in every area of their life.
April 25, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 3 Teaser: "The Zone"
Welcome to The Propel Show™. We are so excited you're here! In episode 3, "The Zone," show host and creator Audrie Astebury drills down into what it takes to get and stay in the coveted "zone." That place where strategy, creativity and focus align to position your endeavor for success. ​
April 07, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 2: "Feet To The Fire"
Welcome to The Propel Show™. We are so excited you're here! In this episode, "Feet To The Fire," host and show creator Audrie Astebury tackles the "accountability" of entrepreneurship and its importance in defining those keystone goals that have the power to broaden or restrict every entrepreneur's story.
March 19, 2018
Season 1 - Episode 1: "Whose Story Is It Anyway?"
Welcome to our kick-off show "Whose Story Is It Anyway?" We are so excited you're here! In this episode, host and show creator Audrie Astebury tackles the "why" of entrepreneurship and its importance in defining those keystone goals that have the power to broaden or restrict every entrepreneur's story.
March 18, 2018