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The PSC In Conversation

The PSC In Conversation

By The PSC
Insights into leadership, partnership and success from influential voices in public services.

Hosted by The PSC (previously 2020 Delivery), a team of public service consultants based in the UK and united by the belief that better public services are the key to a stronger society.
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What Went Wrong At The Post Office?

The PSC In Conversation

Living with Legacy, Part 5: Emily Mills, UKSA
Our Living with Legacy series hurtles into space this week as our host Phil Buckley speaks to The UK Space Agency’s Emily Mills. When it comes to space, what goes up doesn’t come down. So, our near space is starting to fill up fast with space debris that sadly poses an active threat to our live satellites that we rely on down here on earth.   Emily tells us about the UKSA’s very exciting programme to manage space debris in orbit, and how it could also help us service active satellites in space to prolong their life. When it comes to legacy tech, the space sector seems ahead of its curve in managing it, and what we discuss reveals the exciting future of sustainable use of space.
September 8, 2021
Improving Mental Health Services with Dr Fredrik Johansson
Does the road to truly outstanding personalised care lie in standardisation? On this week’s episode, we’re talking about NHS mental health services. There’s been a huge push to improve access to these services in recent years, but how can we make sure they’re best designed for both patient experience and the quality of care they provide? We meet Dr Fredrik Johansson, Consultant Psychiatrist and Clinical Lead for Quality Improvement at Camden and Islington NHS Foundation Trust. He provides leadership to the Islington Crisis Team – one of the first in the UK – to develop community services to support people in mental health crisis. We talk about approaches to reduce admissions and readmissions in mental health services, and what has and hasn’t worked in his experience as a Quality Improvement lead… If you’d like to hear more from Dr Fredrik, go and follow him on Twitter @doctorfreddie
September 1, 2021
Living with Legacy, Part 4: Archana Beeram
Where would you find the most legacy tech – in the US or UK healthcare systems? There aren’t that many people with direct experience working in healthcare settings on both sides of the pond who also have an interest in legacy tech - but we’ve found one and she’s our latest Living with Legacy guest, Archana Beeram! Archana works with us at The PSC helping NHS Trusts solve complex operational challenges such as tracking implantable medical devices, but she also spent time at the start of her career working at different hospitals in New Jersey. Archana discusses the nuances of the two systems and how even though they are very different beasts, the challenges they face in standardising tech isn’t all that different…
August 23, 2021
Living with Legacy, Part 3: Dr Tanya Filer
Throwing back the veil on the complicated, at times murky, and often wonderful world of GovTech this week – we welcome Dr Tanya Filer, our latest Living with Legacy guest.  With over a decade’s experience researching how governments across the world use and procure technology, it was fascinating to hear her say that ‘being interested in GovTech is also being interested in the limits of GovTech.’ We discussed misinformation in elections, how GovTech can impact the character of a state, and the importance of avoiding solutionism when it comes to technology… We’d highly recommend you follow her on Twitter @TanyaFiler and through her digital innovation advisory firm @StateUpHQ . You can also delve into her research at The Bennett Institute for Public Policy.
August 1, 2021
Living with Legacy, Part 2: Robert Hettrick
We continue our Living with Legacy series this week by welcoming technical architect to the stars – Robert Hettrick. And by stars, perhaps we’ve spent too long working in the public sector digital world, but we mean The Department for Education and the Government Digital Service, among others… Robert tells Tony why being a technical architect is a bit like being an elevator architect, how ‘groupthink’ led to the Post Office Scandal and how the future of technology and managing legacy systems will hinge on ethical application and taking a more holistic view.
July 26, 2021
Living with Legacy, Part 1: Marianne Bellotti
The digital team kicks of our Living with Legacy mini-series with a bang this week. We speak to Marianne Bellotti – US software engineer and author of Kill it with Fire, THE book on managing legacy systems which Katie (our host) has been loving. Renowned for restoring some of the world’s oldest, messiest computer networks, Marianne makes us feel hopeful about the outlook for legacy systems and shares some very useful tips and tricks she’s learned along the way… Marianne’s book is available to purchase online and she’s a great one to follow on Twitter @bellmar.  If you’d like to hear more great interviews with specialists about managing legacy systems – subscribe to stay up to date as we have plenty more coming your way!
July 19, 2021
What Went Wrong At The Post Office?
This week we speak about the UK’s most widespread miscarriage of justice - The Post Office Scandal.  This is the tragic story of a failed IT system that led to innocent post office workers going to prison following convictions for false accounting and theft. We drill down into the digital side of what really went wrong and what it can tell us about how to manage legacy systems across the public sector.
June 7, 2021
Delivery Units: Do They Work?
Boris Johnson followed in the footsteps of many prime ministers before him by announcing the launch of a new delivery unit last week. But why do we keep coming back to delivery units and are they the best way to ramp up policy implementation? Who better to share what works and what doesn’t than The PSC Founder, and former member of Tony Blair’s Delivery Unit, Russell Cake. He’s joined by our regular podcaster Antonio Weiss who just happened to do his PHD on this topic.
May 5, 2021
COVID’s Unsung Heroes of Tech
Do you think TikTok or the NHS Test and Trace app has been downloaded more in the UK during the pandemic? If you’re not sure, then this episode is for you. Our digital team share the stories of the unsung heroes of tech that haven’t quite had their fair share of the limelight. We also discuss what people buying tech for the public sector can learn from this period.
April 9, 2021
Unbiased Recruitment: Is It Possible?
Unconscious bias has hit the headlines since the UK Chair of a major management consultancy reportedly told colleagues that it doesn’t exist. We’ve been working to reduce unconscious bias in our recruitment process for the past few years with our partners Be Applied, so we wanted to have a frank conversation about our experiences. Tune in to hear how and why we’ve changed our approach to recruitment, and most importantly – is it working?
March 4, 2021
Skin Deep: Diversity In Medical Images
This week we’re thrilled to have Dr Kaylita Chantiluke on our podcast. She's a paediatric registrar and also the organisations lead of Skin Deep - an initiative aimed to provide a free, open-access bank of photographs of medical conditions in the paediatric population in a range of skin tones. You can check out her blog called 'Musings of a Black Medic' where she writes on topics intersecting blackness, feminism and medicine.  On this podcast, we talk about her experiences in medicine, how the Skin Deep project is being received by the medical community and her impressive aims for the future.
February 11, 2021
The Race To 15 Million
What would it take for the UK to hit 15m COVID vaccines by 15th February? In the midst of the third wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people’s hopes for a return to normality are resting on the successful and speedy roll out of the COVID vaccine. In this episode, our host Antonio speaks to Chris Bradley from The PSC’s mass vaccination support team, and Jyotika Singh, a pharmacist and associate with The PSC who has worked on the annual flu jab programme. With their help, we unravel some of the trickiest logistical challenges of the vaccine roll out from keeping the public engaged to ensuring the programme is inclusive.
January 15, 2021
How Can Universities Choose Students, If No-one Trusts Exams?
The controversy over A-Level results this year has led to massive over-subscription at many universities. GCSE results faced a huge backlash too. So, next year, how long your school stayed open during the pandemic may matter more in determining grades than pupil knowledge or aptitude. How should universities respond? In this recap of The PSC x Tortoise Media Live Event on 11th November, we hear from students, teachers, policy makers and leaders in Higher Education on this pressing question.
November 23, 2020
Are Algorithms Really Worth It?
With so much controversy about algorithm use in the public sector, Rose and Antonio from The PSC join us this week to discuss some of the thorny questions emerging. In conversation with our host, Katie, they break down: what we mean when we talk about algorithms in public services, how effective they are and whether we can make them better.
October 23, 2020
Roundtable - Collaboration & Partnerships
In Episode 2 we share our findings from our recent roundtable with special guest Peter Lees. Last week, as part of our partnerships event series at The PSC, we hosted a roundtable of executives from across the NHS to hear first-hand how COVID changed their ways of working. We wanted to know three things. Can better collaboration between trusts help us tackle the huge backlog of elective activity post-COVID? Did COVID change ways of working and communicating across hospital trusts, and might that be for the better in the long term? We were thrilled that the roundtable was hosted by Peter Lees, Chief Executive of the intercollegiate UK Faculty of Medical Leadership and Management, an organisation with over 2,200 members. He also serves on the Clinical Governing Body of West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group, the General Advisory Council of the King’s Fund and the NHS Leadership Academy Steering Group. Katie caught up with Peter after the event, where he shared his thoughts on what had been discussed at the roundtable.
August 17, 2020
Leadership In Crises
Katie and Antonio from The PSC focus on Leadership in Crises, and specifically the impact of Coronavirus in the UK. Our guests are Chair of The PSC, Sir Ian Carruthers, and Dr Stefano Palazzo, a PSC consultant who has returned to the front line during COVID-19.
July 27, 2020
Introducing our new podcast...
Katie and Antonio introduce the new podcast from The PSC, a specialist consultancy dedicated to improving UK public services. Featuring challenging and insightful interviews with influential voices in public services, the team at The PSC will be uncovering insights into health, education, digital transformation and data science. Subscribe wherever you listen.
July 25, 2020