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The Quantrill Partnership Interviews

The Quantrill Partnership Interviews

By Debra Quantrill
The Quantrill Partnership in conversation with some of our favourite people, businesses and brands in the sports, media and entertainment worlds.
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The Quantrill Partnership Interview with Katia Bassi from Automobili Lamborghini
Dominic speaks to Katia Bassi, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer and Board Member at Automobili Lamborghini.   Dominic catches up with one of his favourite long term collaborators, Katia Bassi.  Katia is an inspirational leader who's had an incredible career working for some of the most iconic brands in automotive and sport.  We hear how she relishes change in her career progression and how she's not at all fazed by typically male dominated workplaces.    She talks us through her influences, leadership approach, her creation of the Female Advisory Board and her unexpected mentor ...
August 7, 2020
The Quantrill Partnership Interview with Tom McDonnell from Monterosa
Dominic talks to Tom about his early business ventures including his distribution platform for West African music and Mental Ray rendering, before discussing how he approaches leadership and steering Monterosa through the challenges of Covid-19.  We also learn why he has a letter from the Elvis Presley Foundation on his office wall! 
July 27, 2020