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By The Qubix Group
Wide-ranging conversations on business and technology-focused on a broad range of topics including digital finance solutions, advanced analytics and the intelligent enterprise.
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FP&A modeling in times of crisis.


FP&A modeling in times of crisis.


Finance Leadership Series - Managing finance in Unpredictable times.
COVID-19 is widely described as a "Black Swan" event, creating sudden and unprecedented changes in market dynamics, economic systems, and the core operations of businesses.  In this episode of Q.pod we have a conversation with David Dickerson, the Controller and Chief Accounting Officer at Diversey, and Roger Cressey, the Co-Founder of Qubix that reveals an inside look into how a global finance function is responding to COVID-19 and taking steps to be ready for the "New Normal." Find out more about how modern finance teams are preparing for the New Normal. 
April 21, 2020
FP&A modeling in times of crisis.
The one thing FP&A leaders know for sure is that the Coronavirus means their hard crafted forecasts all need to change.  In this episode, we have a conversation with Neil Sellers to explore the underlying capabilities that accelerate the speed to new insights and make re-forecasting easier. We examine the link between strategic models and operational plans. At a practical level, we explore specifically the role of Oracle Smart View and how it can help FP&A teams remodel faster and with greater confidence in times of crisis. For more information and details of our power-training for Oracle Smart View please visit
March 23, 2020
Operationalizing Machine Learning
Machine learning has quickly become a hot topic and a must-do initiative for forward-looking executives. Virtually every organization is looking to leverage machine learning to deliver new insights that either drive down costs, increase revenues, or create a sustainable competitive advantage. Listen in as Paul Johnston and Ziga Vaupot answer key questions such as how does ML work in practice? What are the components of an ML solution? How do I know if my model is producing a good result? What is AUTOML, and what impact will it have on the future of ML?
March 13, 2020
Decisions by Design a fascinating new approach to analytics.
With billions invested in analytics solutions, why has company productivity growth dropped by 69% since 2008 and from the year 2000, 52% of the Fortune 500 went out of business? Have you designed analytics to optimize decision making and drive performance? Listen to Paul Johnston and Alex Jennings as we explore a fascinating new approach to creating analytics that increases the impact and value of your data faster. Download the Decisions by Design Whitepaper, or visit to find out more.
March 04, 2020
Data Integration Strategies in Finance Transformation
This week we are joined by Edward Ramsden, Senior Product Manager at Qubix as we explore data integration strategies in finance transformation.  Some 50% of effort in finance transformation projects is attributable to data integration workstreams. An effective data strategy in finance transformation helps companies maintain a single version of the truth and reduces the cost and complexity of data integration.  In this podcast, we explore successful strategies and best practices for data integration in finance transformation. Learn more about Qubix Cloudbridge
February 21, 2020
Meet the Qubix Australian Team
Learn more about the innovative solutions and the capabilities of the Qubix Australia team. Listen to Marc Southey and Ed Hallsworth as they discuss a wide range of topics including topics such as client case studies and Machine Learning. Visit to find out more.
February 14, 2020