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the quietly wild

the quietly wild

By Bee Clayton
Welcome to thequietlywild Podcast hosted by Bee! It’s a space for those who are enjoying reconnecting with themselves through the quieter pace of life. Be it spending time in the wild outdoors to feel grounded again or enjoying a new activity that brings you new-found creativity. We will be exploring everything in between with self-hosted sessions & interesting discussions with other guests who feel that they lean in to this way of life too. I am here to help you reflect on the quieter, simpler moments that you bring joy, peacefulness and calm in amongst a chaotic world!
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thequietlywild: Backyard Family Adventures & Trying new hobbies with Monica of The Travel Hack

the quietly wild

thequietlywild: Backyard Family Adventures & Trying new hobbies with Monica of The Travel Hack
Today the wonderful Monica of the Award Winning Blog, The Travel Hack is joining me on this episode. I’m thrilled she is here because she is someone that I’ve looked up to since I started blogging way back when. Of course her achievements as a blogger are something that have always really inspired me, but it’s actually her way of life and her calming nature that drew me in from the get-go and of course, gives me the most inspiration. As a mum of three, Monica lives just on the Welsh Border and has many backyard adventures - especially now she’s a grounded travel blogger in amongst the pandemic. As Monica is used to jetting off to far-flung destinations, she has been slowly transitioning her content to include activities and things to do as a family right here on home turf and it's been a joy to catch up those adventures each week.  Today we’re going to be talking about how you can make sure your family are living their best “outdoorsy life” and how trying lots of new things can spark some passion back in to your life - even if they aren't perfect or don't stay around forever. So, sit back with a brew and enjoy this nice big dose of loveliness.
March 12, 2021
Welcome to thequietlywild Podcast
Welcome to thequietlywild Podcast. I can't to bring you new episodes very soon!
March 5, 2021
thequietlywild: First Introductions & My Story
Welcome to the first ever thequietlywild Podcast episode. During this episode I introduce you all to my story and my journey of self exploration which has lead me to be more at peace with who I am & why I'm not ashamed of being a 31 year old who takes her embroidery kit into the bedroom. We touch on why I'm excited to be embracing the slower, more peaceful pace of life, the activities that have been keeping me sane and why I feel more connected with myself when I'm outdoors. As I first said in this episode, this podcast will just be a nice big dollop of calm, peace and tranquility for those who are looking for those quieter moments in life and finding ways to enjoy it and bring that essence in to your life. So sit back, relax, light a candle, grab a blanket and a hot brew and let’s get started…
March 5, 2021