The Raconteur

Ep. 5 - "Echoes"

An episode of The Raconteur

By The Raconteur
The Historical Recordings of The Raconteur, deciphered and translated as part of The Project under the approval of the Universal Cohort of Theoretical Histories and the Ecumenical Education Endeavor. (translated from original text)
Ep. 12 - "The New Gods"
Twenty-fourth piece recorded by The Raconteur. The movement of willful ignorance continues to surge. Our Curator often remarks that all people are born with an inherent thirst for knowledge, but that the elixir that will satiate such thirst can be bitter. These willfully ignorant are those who would rather drink sweet poisons than acerbic tonics. You may have noticed that we have engaged someone to promote our endeavors. A Crier, if you will, to bring our tonics to you, and you to our tonics. We feel now more than ever, as our philosophy of truth above all else is threatened, that we must do all within our power to ensure that this history is cataloged, archived, and consumed, no matter the flavor. May ignorance never be prized. "It is taken as a given that we no longer live in the times of Gods, even as we await them. What then would Man, who holds himself above all else in the universe, do should he meet God face to face?" The Inimitable Masako -…mt=1&app=music Information on The Project - Support The Project -
March 6, 2018
Ep. 11 - "The Poor Player"
Seventeenth piece recorded by The Raconteur. Welcome back. We are excited to release a new episode of the Historical Recordings of The Raconteur. We've had a real breakthrough over the hiatus. A fragment of the first recording, thought to be lost to data corruption, was found within a file twenty-seven layers deep within the operating system's core engineering of the ancient satellite. The fragment has been included at the end of the recording. "It is often said that man is a poor judge of himself. Too often he is overly lenient to his shortcomings. Other times, however, he deceives himself to believe the crack in the mirror is his own reflection. Either way, the mirror reflects more than what is outwardly apparent." The Inimitable Masako -…mt=1&app=music Information on The Project - Support The Project -
February 20, 2018
Ep. 9 - "The Correspondence of Parallels"
Thirteenth piece recorded by The Raconteur. We here at The Project have been so pleased to be able to share these historical recordings with the public. While there are some schools of thought that disregard the study of history, often citing that ridiculous adage uttered by that charlatan [REDACTED], "Today cannot be lighted by yesterday's sun," we believe that without understanding that which came before, we are at risk of falling victim to avoidable calamity. We hope that our efforts can help to stanch the flow of this sadly growing movement, and that our own creed might become the creed of all, "May ignorance never be prized." "The construct of society has ever been a choke on the flow of man's desires. The sad truth however, is that the construct is an illusion, and those who are subject to its limits are those who cannot see the ones who loom above, tugging on invisible strings." The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
March 8, 2017
Ep. 8 - "Man-Made Paradise"
Twenty-ninth recording of The Raconteur. Our illustrious Curator has come to formulate a theory about The Raconteur, but remains a very guarded and empirically minded individual, refusing to share without proper evidence to support it. While the other members of The Project spend hours in speculative discussion, Curator simply looks on with a sly smirk. But we all can't help but wonder: Who was the man called The Raconteur? And who gave him that name? "It's a remarkable thing how the most generous are always the ones from which the most is demanded. For when they find out that you're giving, they'll never stop coming back to take. Even after you're dead." The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
February 22, 2017
Ep. 7 - "Tara Salt's Child"
Twelfth piece recorded by The Raconteur. We still know next to nothing about the "Inimitable Masako" to which The Raconteur always refers. We aren't sure if it was a era, a country, a city, or a person. But it is clear that he had a great reverence for the music they created, which is apt, as the ability to create music has become such a universally recognized requirement for greater intelligence. "It is natural that a babe should suckle of its mother. For a mother is naturally gifted with the ability to provide. However, at some point, a babe's thirst must be quenched, lest it begin to suckle more than just milk." The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
February 6, 2017
Ep. 6 - "The Abyss"
Sixteenth recording of The Raconteur. This episode gives us our first glimpse of The Raconteur himself. It also hints at an event that seems to be of some great importance to him, and perhaps the time in which he lived. "Man's capacity for evil is so much greater than he would ever allow himself to realize. And it is this very denial that allows it to reach such unfathomable fathoms." The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
January 23, 2017
Ep. 5 - "Echoes"
Twenty-second recording made by The Raconteur. When the satellite was recovered twelve years ago, most antiquarians believed it to date back to the Epoch of Renewal. However, evidence has now led us to believe that a great regression in technology occurred following the end of the Epoch of Profanation. This, paired with the recent discovery of similarly designed technologies within the Profanation Epoch's stratum has spurred us to revise our theory, and place the launch of the satellite at the tail end of the Epoch of Profanation. "The course of one's life can be determined and diverted by so many forces. Some forces interior, some exterior. But whatever the cause, invariably the traveler is left with naught but one perilous question: What might have been?" The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
January 3, 2017
Ep. 4 - "The Wilted Chrysanthemum"
Ninth piece recorded by The Raconteur. The language in which The Raconteur speaks is an interesting one from an historical perspective. It's only one of several thousand that we've discovered evidence of, but it's the only one we've actually gotten to hear spoken aloud. Of course, so few in the world can actually "speak" it well enough to be able to listen to his recordings before the translation has taken place. "What distinguishes a human being from any of the other living creatures with which they share a planet? It is a foreknowledge of their own demise. How one proceeds in this knowledge is how one is determined to be either a person of virtue, or a person of scorn. What if what happens to a person after death were determined by the way they were thought of by those left behind?" The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
December 20, 2016
Ep. 3 - "The Wolf, The Spider, and The Zebra"
Fourth piece recorded by The Raconteur. It's been difficult trying to pinpoint when exactly these recordings were made, much less where. All we currently do know is that we've found no piece of digital data that post-dates these recordings anywhere in the world. "Where should one's loyalty lie? Should one lie to maintain that loyalty? In the end, the marriage of lies and loyalty begets not merely discord, but devastation." The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
December 6, 2016
Ep. 2 - "The Lost Tributary"
Seventh piece recorded by The Raconteur. The order seems random, though deliberately organized in such a way that could suggest a design. "Never doubt a man to compromise everything he believes if he thinks he can get everything he wants." The Inimitable Masako - Information on The Project - Support The Project -
November 21, 2016
Ep. 1 - "The Parade Soldier"
Time stamp data indicates that this is chronologically the second piece recorded by The Raconteur, yet placed first in his order. The data recovered from the ancient satellite of the first recording is corrupted. "It is natural for a man who is short of stature to climb upon the shoulders of greater men to seem taller. In the end though, he fools no one but himself, and looks all the smaller for it." The Inimitable Masako -
November 8, 2016
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