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The Radical RMT

The Radical RMT

By Krista Dicks
Join Krista Dicks, a Registered Massage Therapist with over a decade of experience living and working in Ontario, Canada. Join her as she chats with fellow massage therapists about their achievements beyond their massage practice. We work hard in the massage world but, we play hard too! So many amazing massage therapists are living a dream lifestyle with the time freedom, flexibility and financial potential this career offers! You are smarter, work harder, and you want better than the average, welcome to...The Radical RMT.
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#045 Taking Your Hands-On Skills Online
"The impulse to share knowledge has never done me wrong” - Elle Browning ___ If you have a full schedule of happy massage clients and you still feel you have more to give because you love to teach and share your knowledge but you feel the limitations of having to physically be at work to do your job then this episode is for you! This episode is also for you if you feel bored in your massage practice and you want the challenge of creating something new with your existing skills.  This guest knows all about the power of creating an online program, course, or support group to help you get your gifts, passions, and talents out into the world and beyond your massage practice. With Elle Browning’s expertise she will help you each step of the way from mindset obstacles to completion of your new online offering. In this conversation, we’re talking about why you need to consider an online program and some nuggets of actionable advice including a free PDF guide to get you thinking about what you can teach online and then make it happen! THE RADICAL RMT INSTAGRAM: THE RADICAL RMT SHOWNOTES: ___ Elle Browning is an executive business coach (NYU 2016), licensed massage therapist, and entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the wellness industry. She offers coaching programs to teach bodyworkers and holistic practitioners how to build their own online businesses. Through her work, she connects her clients to greater support, community, and resources. It’s her mission to empower holistic practitioners to change the world by creating sustainable and profitable healing businesses. Join her FB Group Follow on FB: Elle Browning Follow on IG and Tiktok: @fearlesshealer FREE PDF link: 60 Minute Course Creation: 13 Steps to Identify Your Profitable Signature Online Course in Under an Hour
May 26, 2022
#044 What Keeps You Going and Keeps You Giving?: Navjit Kaur Sidhu. Owner Director Teacher of Yoga and Tea Studio, and MELT Level 1 Certified Instructor.
“Being true to your inner self and connecting to our inner light…Life starts to feel a lot more going with the flow instead of fighting the flow” - Navjit Kaur Sidhu ___ Navjit Kaur Sidhu is the owner and director of the award winning yoga and tea studio. Located in Carp, Ontario just outside of Ottawa.   She has practiced yoga for 15 years and has been certified to teach yoga since 2005.   She is a MELT level 1 certified instructor and she is presenting release techniques to be efficient as a massage therapist and to relieve aches and pains at the upcoming Take care of You School virtual event for massage therapists.  She is a mom, wife, professional engineer and entrepreneur.   Navjit Kaur is an inspiring entrepreneur  who relates her experience as a business owner to having a real life MBA.   Navjit Kaur has a core manta of “Just Be You” and we discuss what this means and how you can get back to being true to you.    Check out this episode to learn more about the MELT method and how it differs from other types of fascial release techniques.  Navjit teaches Yoga classes online and MELT workshops in person.  Please check out her website for more information.    I hope you enjoy this episode!     ___  Yoga and Tea Studio  Take Care of You School ____ @theradicalrmt
April 06, 2022
#043 Self Treatment Strategies: Aubrey Gowing. Director of Holistic College Dublin, Author, Educator, and Massage Therapist
“During therapy you are really having a dialogue with the client through touch” - Aubrey Gowing Aubrey Gowing takes time from his busy schedule to share some self-care strategies for massage therapists.  We also discuss what a sustainable massage practice looks like and how to maintain a long-tern fulfilling career as a massage therapist.  Aubrey not only hosts his own workshops and trainings which you can find on his college website but, he also loves to learn and has achieved over 58 certifications that help him in his practice and help him to be a better educator.  He is a huge fan of myoskeletal alignment with Erik Dalton and we discuss where you can started on these trainings.    We also discuss his upcoming presentation with the Take Care of You School on April 9, 2022.   At this virtual event He will be sharing Self-treatment strategies LIVE with us.    I hope you enjoy this episode with Aubrey Gowing ___ Contact Aubrey Holistic College Dublin ___ Learn more about Take Care of You School Instagram and Facebook @mtrevolution _____ The Radical RMT Instagram and Facebook @theradicalrmt Contact
March 31, 2022
#042 Take Care of You School: Krista Dicks RMT and Mark Liskey LMT, CNMT, Teacher, Author
Did you know that almost 80 percent of massage therapists have experienced burnout?   The number one excuse massage therapists share as their reason for not practicing regular self-care is..."I Have No Time" The average career life of a massage therapist is 5 years before they quit from injury, emotional exhaustion, or apathy We have a solution... Tune into this short episode to to learn more about Take Care of You School A premier virtual event  for massage therapists to learn the benefits of self-care And we are going beyond bubble baths!  Experts from around the globe will teach us physical, emotional, mental, and financial well-being  Featuring 8 incredible speakers from inside and outside the massage community  Raffle Prizes for LIVE attendees  Exclusive Discounts and Offers for ALL registrants  Bonus Course Included by Mark Liskey 3.0 CE, NCBTMB provider-approved Presentations are recorded and accessible up to one year for ALL registrants  GENERAL ADMISSION TICKET: $97 USD EARLY-BIRD SPECIAL TICKET (ends March 31, 11:59 PM EST): $72.75 USD (25 % off regular price) USE PROMO CODE: Radical25 (for 25% off) Learn more about MT Revolution: Instagram and Facebook @mtrevolution Click HERE for more Take Care of You School Details . Mark Liskey Book: The Pain Free Massage Therapist  . The Radical RMT Podcast with guest Mark Liskey (Episode #031)  . Instagram and Facebook @theradicalrmt
March 30, 2022
#041 Touch, Stretch, Breathe with Yomassage® Co-Founder Dr. Tiffany Ryan
“Make it the norm to be in a state of relaxation” - Dr. Tiffany Ryan, Co-Founder Yomassage® Yomassage® is restorative stretch, mindfulness, therapeutic touch, and community. In addition to offering massage at an accessible rate, Yomassage® classes appeal to more people because they are fully clothed and offered in a safe environment. Yomassage® appeals to massage therapists because they can see up to 5 clients during a Yomassage® session and provide some additional hands on time to complement your on the table massage treatments. Dr. Tiffany Ryan earned her PhD in Social Work from the University of Texas at Austin. Her research focused on child welfare, homeless youth, and policy reform. She became very interested in the mind-body connection in 2016 and attended massage therapy and yoga teacher training. She Co-Founded Yomassage® in 2018 to make therapeutic touch more accessible and educate bodyworkers and the public on the impact of therapeutic touch, bodywork, and mindfulness on overall wellbeing and mental health. Dr. Tiffany Ryan will be presenting a demonstration of Yomassage® training at Take Care of You School. This is a virtual event all about self-care for massage therapists. Experts from around the world will be teaching us about physical, mental, emotional, and financial well being. Take Care of You School starts on  Saturday April 9, 2022. For more information about Take Care of You School Visit: For more information about Yomassage please visit Please enjoy this episode with Dr. Tiffany Ryan . . @theradicalrmt
March 25, 2022
#040 How can we be advocates for massage therapy?: Don Dillon, RMT, Speaker, Practice Coach
“We should expect results from our professional association the same way our patients and clients expect results from us everyday” - Don Dillon, RMT ... This episode of The Radical RMT podcast features Don Dillon, RMT. Don is a practitioner, speaker, and practice coach. He began his massage practice in 1991 and he has worked in chiropractic, spa, and medical facilities before operating his own clinic in a fitness club for many years. He now has a home based practice in the Niagara area. Don has written articles appearing in several professional publications in Canada, US, and Australia. Don has received the Ontario Massage Therapist Association President’s Award of Merit, Two Hand of Thanks certificates, and the Ken Rezsnyak award. This award is bestowed annually to a member who embodies the true meaning of the profession in addition to going above and beyond for the betterment of the profession. In 2012 Don was honoured with ONE concept’s Massage Therapist of the Year award in Canada.  Don is here to talk about Advocacy and how we can be better advocates for our massage profession in order to move our profession forward. I was glad to have Don on the podcast to discuss this topic as I often feel useless when it comes to knowing what I can do that will make a difference. He delivers with clear, tangible steps we can all take big or small in order to remain active in communicating with our peers, educating the public, and the ways we can ask our association to deliver results. I would love to hear how this episode has inspired you and the small steps you are taking to advocate for massage therapy and the future of our profession. I hope you enjoy this episode! ... Contact Don Dillon, RMT website: email: ... Show Notes: The Radical RMT  Email:
December 11, 2021
#039 Pure Advice on Raising Rates: Samantha Hughes, RMT and co-owner of Pure Massage and Holistic Therapies
Samantha Hughes is a Registered Massage Therapist and provides Craniosacral Therapy. She is the co-owner of Pure Massage and Holistic Therapies in Kanata, Ontario and she is a mom of twin toddler boys. I approached Sam to discuss the topic of raising rates but, we discuss so much more than that and she has given us an episode that would be excellent for a new grad to listen to or perhaps you are a seasoned massage therapist looking to change your business model or move locations for better finances. I hope you enjoy this episode! Email: Facebook: Pure Massage & Holistic Therapies Instagram @puremassageclinic  ... Show Notes and Links Follow Email 
December 04, 2021
What Does an Ethical and Inclusive Clinic Space Look Like?
This is a follow-up "minisode" to Episode #038: Freedom Driven with Yvonne Moir, RMT, Co-owner of Origin Wellness, and a Professional Musician.  Yvonne answers what an ethical and inclusive clinic space looks like for both practitioners and patients.  ... Photo Credit @nathannash_  Show Notes and Links Follow Email   
November 04, 2021
#038 Freedom Driven: Yvonne Moir, RMT, Co-Owner Origin Wellness, Professional Musician
Welcome to this episode of The Radical RMT Podcast with Yvonne Moir. They are a Registered Massage Therapist in Toronto Canada and they are also a professional musician. They play the baritone saxophone and most recently toured with The Arkells. You will learn more in this episode about how they balance these two worlds and the importance of freedom and flexibility in a career that allows opportunities and the impulse to take action on them.  Yvonne is also a clinic co-owner at Origin Wellness in Toronto and shares a few ideas for effective partnerships and creating an ethical and safe space for patients and practitioners. With their musical career background, they refer to the clinic and the practitioners who work together as "building their dream band with all the people I want to play with in one spot." They explain in this episode how a full schedule actually provides them with more structure and how vital a creative outlet is to their mental health. There are a lot of wonderful takeaways in this episode and I hope you enjoy listening! Photo Credit: @nathannash_  Show Notes and Links ⬇️ @theradicalrmt
October 28, 2021
3 Ways to Maintain Your Authority In A Massage Treatment: Krista Dicks, RMT
Our occupation as healthcare professionals puts us in a position that allows for respect and trust with our clients.  Through our consistent actions we can maintain this respect and trust.  Creating a better environment and experience for the client and for the massage therapist can enhance the outcomes of treatment.  In this episode I share a few simple ways that we can maintain our position of authority.  There is a real power dynamic in our profession and without being overbearing it's important to maintain our power as the healthcare professional.  We occasionally have the "needy" client, the "particular" client, or the "controlling" client.  Tune in to find out a few ways that we can help soften their edges and stay on task without feeling bothered. @theradicalrmt
October 14, 2021
#037 Effective Networking: Emilie McKay, RMT, The RMTpreneur
"Networking can be very influential and it can make a difference in your business" - Emilie McKay In this episode I speak with Emilie McKay on the topic of Effective Networking. Emilie is a massage therapist and a business coach to massage therapists through her business The RMTpreneur (@thermtpreneur) This episode is for you whether you are new to networking or you are a seasoned pro at building your connections.  Maybe you think networking is a “dirty word” or you just don't know where to find the next event. You definitely need to stay tuned because no matter your experience in networking,  I know you will find some new tips to take with you to your next event. Emilie shares how we can make networking feel authentic whether you are an introvert or an extrovert, why stories will help you build relationships in your network, and the ways that networking is changing both in person and online. This episode is only the tip of the iceberg as Emilie provides even more information in an upcoming webinar called Effective Networking: Communicate to influence the TED way. This webinar is offered through the RMTAO and she is co-hosting with Teri Kingston. I hope you enjoy this episode with Emilie McKay! Learn more about the webinar here --->> Effective Networking: Communicate to Influence the TED Way Stay Tuned for Part 2 when we bring Emilie back to talk more about her journey as an RMT and her business, The RMTpreneur. @theradicalrmt 
October 07, 2021
A Tip For Getting Along With People You Don't Like: Krista Dicks, RMT
This is my take on how to improve your interaction with a difficult colleague, client, or acquaintance and make a less than tolerable situation well...more tolerable.  Sometimes people come into your life to challenge your patience, your integrity, and your sanity. I've been there and I am here for you! Listen to this micro episode about how I "flipped the script" on how I saw a work situation and decided that I would laugh and not cry everyday.   Let me know if you have worked in a similar situation and how you handled it?  Was this episode helpful? I hope so!  So, was it the title or the graphic of Dwight Schrute that drew your attention to this episode? @theradicalrmt 
September 30, 2021
Why Healers Need Healers: Krista Dicks, RMT
"Judgement is always a projection of your own darkness and you need to own up to it. Do you Get that?" - Bernadette Kaye ... We are all knowledgeable in our skills but how many of us are knowledgeable in matters of our Self?  Can we be an effective healer, bodyworker, caregiver, or even a parent if we are unwilling to work on our own Shadow? My personal and professional life has greatly benefited from mentors, teachers, and guides and I am grateful for them.  I encourage you to seek out the same for the benefit of your own well being and those who rely on you for healing.  In this episode I read a short chapter titled "Healers and Their Shadow" Self-Shadow Work for Healers from the book, "Did you get that! The Art of Spiritual Shadow Work- Volume 1" by Bernadette Kaye.  You will learn about Your Shadow and how it disrupts your life until you choose to investigate it.  Bernadette has been a mentor to me for awhile and I am grateful for her guidance and insight.  I hope you enjoy this episode! .... Book: "Did you get that! The Art of Spiritual Shadow Work- Volume 1" by Bernadette Kaye  Get in touch 👇  @theradicalrmt 
September 24, 2021
Goal Setting: Krista Dicks, RMT
“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.” - Bill Gates ... It's a solo episode with me, Krista Dicks, Registered Massage Therapist and host of The Radical RMT Podcast.  This episode is a simple guide to goal setting and getting started so that you can start achieving your goals this very month and finish 2021 with some momentum.  Goal setting can be overwhelming and that might be why you are hesitant to get started or maybe your goals just need a reboot.   I give you five categories to focus on and I walk you through some examples.  I have also created a FREE Goal Setting PDF for you to download where you can record your goals and find more explanation on each of the 5 categories.  Setting goals and planning out how to achieve them is one of my favourite things to do so, if you need any help or you want to share your goals with me for some accountability or celebratory high-fives I would love to hear from you! Send me a DM @theradicalrmt  Have fun and I hope you enjoy this episode!  Download the FREE Goal Setting PDF  ... @theradicalrmt 
September 16, 2021
#036 Holistic Connection: Chris Delos Reyes, RMT
"For RMTS who want to get better in their practice…Get better within yourself personally because that will feed into the professional" - Chris Delos Reyes ... Chris Delos Reyes came to massage therapy through his passion for dance and his creativity and energy create a buzz around his business Holistic Connection. Co-owned with his wife April who is a Reiki Master, Holistic Connection helps  busy creative professionals relieve pain from their laptop lifestyle to feel energized & perform at their best while being active.  If that sounds like incredibly specific marketing it's no coincidence. Chris believes that aligning with your dream client is key to feeling fulfilled and having longevity in a massage or wellness career.  Chris understands that wellness is complex and it's not just about addressing physical pain. He shares the vision that Holistic Connections has seven pillars of wellness that help him connect with experts outside the scope of massage therapy to bring a true holistic wellness experience to his practice.   Do you know those clients and those days when you feel like you are living in your purpose and you are really connected to the work you do? We have also had those days when we are just watching the time pass. In this episode Chris explains how to become aligned with your practice and feel good about the work you do with the people you really want to work with.  In this episode we also discuss... The Flow State Why Chris used to feel ashamed to call himself a massage therapist And more... I hope you enjoy this episode with Chris! @theradicalrmt 
September 09, 2021
#35 Mistakes as Creative Stepping Stones: Jessica Oliver. Retired RMT and Owner of MUST Boutique (Westboro)
This episode features Jessica Oliver. Jessica is a retired Registered Massage Therapist after practicing for 18 years when she decided during the pandemic to open a clothing store called MUST boutique in Ottawa, Canada (@mustboutiquewestboro). If you have been feeling like you are outgrowing massage or you are interested in pursuing a creative project, this episode will encourage you to explore your creativity and to embrace your interests.  On this podcast, I like to explore that we are more than just massage therapists and it is the unique qualities we bring to the table that help us to build a successful massage practice and have a fulfilling life. We also cover... Anime Fashion BTS Similarities between trying on clothing and being a client on the massage table What it can look like if you want to give yourself the space to pursue a new adventure without fulling taking the leap from massage I hope you enjoy this episode with Jessica! This episode was recorded in compliance with the Covid safety measures in effect at the time and place of recording.  Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. August 23, 2021 @theradicalrmt
September 02, 2021
#034 Official World Online Massage Championship: Paris Diamantis-Siolos and Lidija Ristic
Did you know there are massage championships happening around the world? Meet Paris Diamantis-Siolos and Lidija Ristic, founders of The Official World Online Massage Championship. This is the 2nd edition and registration is open until August 31st, 2021 with the possibility of an extension. Paris and Lidija started the 1st edition in 2020 as a way to unite massage therapists globally to share in a unique experience, bring positivity to the profession when so many of us were unable to work, and to provide massage therapists with the opportunity to learn from each other- the best in the world!  Tune into this episode as Paris and Lidija break down the event and share more about their passion for the profession of massage therapy.  Learn more about... How does the competition run online? What is required to enter the competition? What are the categories? How is a massage therapist awarded points? How do they see the competition improving every year? And more... This is a big undertaking in order for it to run successfully and they admit they made mistakes in the first year but, they are always open to feedback from the audience and participants to make it a better experience.  You can learn more at This was also recorded as a Facebook Live and you can view the recording here: Facebook page: Online International Massage Championship I hope you enjoy this episode with Paris and Lidija! More Show Notes Instagram @theradicalrmt
August 26, 2021
#033 Massage From The Heart. Kelren Mello, Massage Therapist
"I do massage with all my heart and soul" - Kelren Mello This episode features Kelren Mello @kelmassagetherapy.  She is a massage therapist who practices in both the state of Illinois and the state of Florida. She is a mother who felt led by Faith to massage therapy because she wanted to do something meaningful with her life. She is a beautiful soul who first and foremost treats her clients with her heart and then with her hands. I hope that after this episode you feel inspired to return to your own practice with an open heart and you will see yourself the way our clients do when he help them to feel better mind, body, and soul. I hope you enjoy this episode with Kelren Mello!
August 19, 2021
#032 Massage Champions: Elicia Crook, Massage Therapist, Business Coach, Author
Elicia Crook is a Massage therapist, business coach, author and mentor to hundreds of therapists worldwide, sharing the tactics she used to create her business success over 16 years. From the early days of treating out of her lounge room the journey took Elicia to build her dream clinic with a team of 9 treating over 100 clients a week. Elicia then created a very successful online business as well, and now teaches therapists how to build business with more success and passion, and to drive the health industry forward. She works with solo therapists as well as clinic owners helping them create successful businesses and live life on their terms. Elicia lives in Australia with her husband James and together they own and operate Massage Champions.  In this episode we cover:  What it means to create a deeply satisfying business How to achieve the same results online as you do in your hands on practice The simple way you can be inspired no matter where you are in your practice I hope you enjoy this episode with Elicia Crook!
August 12, 2021
Replay #017 Taking A Break May Reveal Your Passion For Massage. Sandra Rosten, MT
"I knew if I wanted to do this again and do it for as long as possible, I knew I would need to pace myself" - Sandra Rosten ... Feeling burnt out emotionally and physically from your massage career? Curious about what it would look like if you took some time off from your practice and tried a new career path? Would it solidify your decision to leave massage therapy? Or would it solidify your passion for it? Sandra (Sandy) Rosten has been practicing as a massage therapist in the province of Manitoba for 16 years now. But, there was a time that she wasn’t pacing herself and she wasn’t sure how long she could keep up. She was raising a family, running her massage practice from home and she was having a hard time saying “no” to appointments. She allowed herself to step away from massage and try something different. Would it mean she would leave massage forever? She would only know if she took the leap! I hope you enjoy hearing her story. This Episode Was First Released March 2020
July 08, 2021
#031 The Pain Free Massage Therapist. Mark Liskey.
“How do I give the best massage I can without injuring myself?" - Mark Liskey . . How is your body feeling at the end of your workday? Do you sometimes wish you could be the client receiving the massage instead of giving a massage? Do you find yourself dreading going into work because your body is pain? This episode features Mark Liskey, a massage therapist and certified neuromuscular therapist practicing in the United States. He is approaching 30 years in his practice and he is the author of “The Pain Free Massage Therapist.” Mark has developed techniques to help himself massage pain free as a result of experiencing multiple injuries in his own body because of the way he was massaging. His doctor even advised him to quit massage. Mark is committed to sharing these techniques with other massage therapists because it will ultimately help us to increase our revenue and have a longer more fulfilling career. Mark also has a successful blog that offers DIY articles to help you at the start of your massage career or to get unstuck if you are reaching a plateau in your revenue. Through his teachings, Mark would really love to see more massage therapists put themselves first!   I enjoyed the opportunity to speak with him on this podcast!  I hope you enjoy this episode! Buy Mark's book "The Pain Free Massage Therapist"  Check out Mark's blog and courses at Make The Most Of Massage  . . Contact The Radical RMT:
July 01, 2021
When was the last time you said "Thank You?": Krista Dicks
Do you take the time to send a quick "thank you?"  When someone gives you their time, shares their experience, and helps you get results, they deserve a quick "thank you."  Practicing gratitude is important to appreciate what you have and don't forget the individuals who have helped us get to where we are today.   Remember, we get what we give.  I hope you enjoy this "quickie" episode! - Krista Dicks, RMT  Let me know if you reached out to someone this week and said "Thank You!" 
May 20, 2021
Bro, Do You Even Refer Out?: Krista Dicks, RMT
When you have a full schedule and your client really needs a massage, do you refer to one of your colleagues?  When you have reached a plateau with your client's progress, do you introduce them to another healthcare professional that may be able to break the cycle?  How do you extend your professional reach and build a network of allied healthcare members that will work together to provide exceptional care for your client? Do you hear massage therapists refer to clients as "my" clients?  Check out this solo episode with just me and my rambling heart to learn more about why you should be referring out to other massage therapists and healthcare professionals.  If you like this episode, you should also check out these episodes of The Radical RMT: #029 Fat Positive Wellness with Jamie Boer #009 Dr. Melanie Stewart  Contact Krista Dicks @theradicalrmt
April 25, 2021
#030 Self Care: Randi Kay, Massage Therapist, Yoga Instructor.
"We have to approach our healing day to day; moment to moment if we are going to change who we are over time." - Randi Kay ... This episode features Randi Kay, a massage therapist and yoga instructor from Fargo, North Dakota who helps her clients discover intuitive healing that leads to the best self-care for their body. She has her own podcast called “Simple Self-care” where she interviews guests and shares her own wisdom on simplifying,  seasonal living, and intelligent body awareness. She has been featured on "The Minimalists" podcast and I am grateful to have the opportunity to speak with her. Please enjoy this episode with Randi Kay! Learn more about Randi Kay...
July 05, 2020
Batch Tasks Save Time: Krista Dicks
This is a short episode with me, Krista; the host of The Radical RMT Podcast!  On The Radical RMT podcast, I not only want to share the stories, advice, and routines of Radical RMTs but, I would also like to share with you the useful tips, and habits that I have learned along the way to help me create my own version of living a Radical RMT lifestyle and I hope it may be useful to you as well.  This episode is about Batching!  I explain the benefits of batching the same tasks together  Why we should stop giving our limited time and attention to each individual task as it comes up I  share my own version of how I batch tasks weekly What bad habit am I guilty of doing almost daily Please let me know if you found this episode helpful or share your own version of batching with me Thanks so much for listening, and I hope you have an awesome day! 
June 21, 2020
#029 What Is Fat Positive Wellness?: Jamie Boer, RMT
Content Warning: This episode includes topics of weight, eating disorders, and diet culture. ... “All bodies have pain- big and small. All sizes can experience pain and a lot of the time it doesn’t have to do with your weight” - Jamie Boer, RMT ... Jamie Boer, RMT recently opened a welcoming massage space for everyBODY!  She is the owner of Eastwood Wellness Co in Toronto, Canada, and she encourages a massage clinic that provides a safe place to receive a massage with no judgments,  no body shaming, and no unsolicited advice.  As a woman with a bigger body she has had her own experiences of feeling judged by health care practitioners and in her ten years as an RMT she never quite felt like she "fit in" wherever she was working.  When she was given the opportunity to open her own clinic, she knew that nothing felt more right.  Listen to Jamie's story about radical self-acceptance, why chairs without armrests in your waiting room are important, and why we as RMTs need to remember what is in our scope of practice- and what is not when it comes to our opinion of a "healthy body".  Please enjoy and share this episode!
June 11, 2020
#028 Adventures from Karen's Clinic. Marrying Two Loves- Massage and Cartooning: Karen Munro-Caple, RMT
“I find humour a really quick way to connect and a quick way to find out about my client” - Karen Munro-Caple ... If you have been an RMT for even a short amount of time it is likely you have noticed a very relatable cartoon called "Adventures from Karen's Clinic."  This episode introduces you to the woman behind the cartoon and how it came to be a monthly feature of the RMTAO "Friday File"  Karen was in animation for over 20 years working in Canada and Internationally creating some of the most beloved cartoons you may have grown up with such as The Racoons, Scooby-Doo, and Inspector Gadget.  Learn how and why she became a Registered Massage Therapist and why she loves being her own boss!  Karen is an advocate for creativity, joy, and finding the humour even with serious topics like pain or a pandemic.  I hope you enjoy listening to this episode! I enjoyed creating it!  ...
May 28, 2020
#027 The Massage Therapy Podcast: Heather Rivers, RMT and Nicole Andrews, RMT
"If we can impact positively on one person's life then we've won in our minds!" -Heather Rivers and Nicole Andrews. The Massage Therapy Podcast ... I was very excited to connect virtually with Heather and Nicole about their very own podcast "The Massage Therapy Podcast" where they discuss the latest in Massage Therapy, health care, and more.  These two are colleagues with over 13 years of experience and now podcast partners who are both passionate about the massage profession and they love to teach and educate to both massage therapists and to show clients a behind the scenes view about what life is like as an RMT. The podcast also gives them an opportunity to share their opinions over a cup of tea! I'm in!  Please enjoy this episode! I also had the pleasure to be on The Massage Therapy Podcast! You can check out that episode HERE
May 21, 2020
#026: Learning To Grow Can Prolong Your Career. Zephyr Samchuck, RMT
"People are always really excited for you to try and better yourself and to try and learn the end of the day it’s going to help your clients and you’re going to be more fulfilled and happier from it." - Zephyr Samchuck ... Zephyr became an RMT in 2014 and has attracted a steady clientele in only a few years. She is a mom who feels that the massage career has been the biggest blessing to allow for the flexibility of her schedule.  As she progresses in her career she was thinking about the importance of her own self-care and how she could maintain her practice for another twenty years.  She is now two years into a four-year program studying towards her M.OMSc (Manipulative Osteopathic Sciences) at the Canadian Academy of Osteopathy in Hamilton, ON. Zephyr lives in Ottawa and commutes to Hamilton for a week once a month to complete her training while committing the other 3 weeks to her massage practice.  While Zephyr was in massage therapy college she worked part-time as the receptionist for Align Massage Therapy. The experience gave her first-hand observation as a massage therapy student and a sense of what the career would eventually look like, especially the relationship between client and therapist. She was able to ask questions directly to RMTs in the field and bonus, she became part of the team upon completing her registration! I hope you enjoy this episode with Zephyr :)
May 14, 2020
#025 Right Place Right Time. Shawn Markwick, RMT
“It seems to be the story of my life; right place at the right time” - Shawn Markwick, RMT  ... Shawn Markwick is in his 25th year as a Registered Massage Therapist and this year it will be his 14th season with the NHL as the Ottawa Senators' massage therapist.  He taught massage therapy for 7 years and was one of my massage therapy instructors. He loves to teach and share his knowledge, encouraging collaboration between all healthcare professions.  He is an excellent mentor in the profession.  He worked with Team Canada for the World Championships 2014 in Belarus and also works with Cirque Du Soleil when they are in town (and when his schedule permits). He is a passionate RMT dedicated to helping each and every one of his clients to feel better, which can often lead to a 10 hour massage day. His schedule is full during hockey season which can have him working 80 hour weeks between touring and seeing massage clients at two separate clinics.  When he is not traveling or working, he is helping out at home with his wife Angela and his 3 children Lindsay, Emma, and Ben. "Right place at the right time" may be how Shawn feels he has come into some incredible career opportunities but, in this episode, you will also learn that he is one of the hardest working RMTs who has truly earned them. I hope you enjoy!
May 07, 2020
#024 Slow Medicine Company. Megan Hoskins, RMT.
"I named my company in a way that reminded me to slow down and kept me researching ways to slow down so that I could share it with other people." - Megan Hoskins  Megan Hoskins, owner of Slow Medicine company is a Registered Massage Therapist since 2004 and a yoga instructor with over 26 years of experience.  Her business is located in Toronto and it brings wellness programs into the workplace to encourage movement. She also created online programming so it would be more accessible and affordable.  During this time of Covid-19 she stays connected to her community by offering massage training for couples on Instagram Live and a hydration challenge on her website. She encourages other massage therapists to consider what other skills you can offer or to learn a new skill during this time that ties in but, could pivot your business.  She is a wife and a mother of 2 young boys.  It was a pleasure speaking with Megan, and I hope you enjoy this episode!
April 30, 2020
#023 Silver Linings. Kat Pugliese, RMT, Singer, Songwriter, Musician.
"You will always find a subtle sparkle if you keep your eyes open" - Kat Pugliese ... Kat Pugliese brings an uplifting tone to this episode as we discuss "balance" between her massage therapy career and creating as a musician, singer, and songwriter.  Her new EP "Found" is available on all music platforms!  She is a certified yoga instructor which gives her valuable tools to teach her massage clients home care.  Kat encourages self-care as self-love and shares her own go to's and recommendations for massage therapists during this time.  Ashiatsu therapy is one of her main techniques and she loves it as something unique to offer her clients.   Listen to the episode to learn more about Kat! Enjoy!
April 23, 2020
#022 Connecting. Ian Kamm, RMT, Teacher.
"This is an opportunity for us collectively to reassure our clients and the general public that we are doing everything we can to take their health and safety into account" - Ian Kamm, RMT ... Ian has over 23 years of experience in and around massage therapy and his passion for the profession is not letting up.  He has an excellent reputation among RMTs for his courses held in favourable warm destinations (Vegas, Turks and Caicos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, and more). He also teaches at Sutherland Chan helping to bring the next wave of RMTs into the world with some business sense.  He has an innate ability to explain the complicated or confusing and he thrives on it. He says that teaching has helped him to develop this skill and he is often sought out for his explanations not only by his students but, the general RMT population as well.  Ian works in his own clinic and has a loyal clientele who will gladly drive across the city of Toronto for his signature techniques.  Ian not only finds opportunities to travel for his courses but, he loves running and triathlons so when he can, he loves to do both in one destination!  I was very excited to chat with Ian and I hope you enjoy this episode!
April 16, 2020
#021 Balance. Annie Milović. Massage Therapist, UK
"I wanted to feel that satisfaction that I got from massage in a way that you don't get when you're doing an office job" - Annie Milović ... Annie Milović considers herself Canadian even after 21 years of living in Edinburgh, Scotland. She works part-time as a massage therapist out of her home and works flexible hours as a civil servant for Scotland. She used to be a political adviser on Parliament Hill in Ottawa and it never occurred to her that she could be a massage therapist.  Annie loves learning and seeks out opportunities to learn which is how she discovered the benefits of giving a massage though she had always been getting them before.  She describes the way her work life is balanced between the little control she has at her office job and the complete control she has over her massage practice. We talk about the job satisfaction one gets from massage in a way that you don't get at an office job. How does her day differ in Scotland compared to Canada and how does the massage profession match up to Canadian trained RMTs?  She has even inspired a few of her co-workers to give their own interests a go and see that maybe it's not that scary after all.  I hope you enjoy this chat with Annie Milović!
April 02, 2020
#020 Recovery. Marty Royal, Pro Sports Massage Therapist, UK
“Having individual modalities available, you can actually individualize the course of treatment.” - Marty Royal ... Marty Royal is a sports massage therapist practicing for 15 years in England and works with football clubs combining his hands-on time with complementary modalities such as compression therapy and cryotherapies. These modalities improve recovery time with athletes and help Marty be more efficient with his soft tissue and deep tissue therapy. He is a full-time firefighter and wants to transfer to more therapy time once he retires. I hope you enjoy this episode with Marty Royal.
March 19, 2020
Part II of The Most Technologically Advanced RMT in Canada. Scott Grisewood, RMT.
Technology is here for better or worse. Evidence-based practitioners will take an interest in measurement and technology.
March 05, 2020
Q & A with Emily Burns, RMT
"If you want to feel really good about yourself, then open your own business"- Emily Burns, RMT ... Emily started her career path in massage therapy after deciding that her undergrad and future in psychology would mostly be research-based when what she really wanted to do was work with people. She has recently transitioned from an independent contractor to working for herself in her own space and she loves that “[she] gets to do what [she] wants and nobody cares.” From her undergrad days she was interested in brain injuries, and head and neck trauma which is what she enjoys treating most in her practice. After she experienced her own concussion in 2016 and works on her own recovery, she has more tools and confidence to help her own clients who also have concussions. She is a wine nerd and is pursuing courses which may lead to a second career as a sommelier. Emily is teaching in the massage therapy program and wants her students to be good massage therapists, not just have a goal to pass the exams. ​We talk about negotiating as a woman, touch on applying minimalism when making a career decision and also how women gravitate towards caring professions and it seems expected that we should give more without compensation. I hope you tune in to this episode and enjoy learning more!
February 27, 2020
#019 She's The One Making The Final Decisions. Emily Burns, RMT.
"I think the best massage therapists are problem solvers" - Emily Burns, RMT ... Emily started her career path in massage therapy after deciding that her undergrad and future in psychology would mostly be research based when what she really wanted to do was work with people. She has recently transitioned from independent contractor to working for herself in her own space and she loves that “[she] gets to do what [she] wants and nobody cares.” From her undergrad days she was interested in brain injuries, and head and neck trauma which is what she enjoys treating most in her practice. After she experienced her own concussion in 2016 and works on her own recovery, she has more tools and confidence to help her own clients who also have concussions. She is a wine nerd and is pursuing courses which may lead to a second career as a sommelier. Emily is teaching in the massage therapy program and wants her students to be good massage therapists, not just have a goal to pass the exams. ​We talk about negotiating as a woman, touch on applying minimalism when making a career decision and also how women gravitate towards caring professions and it seems expected that we should give more without compensation. I hope you tune in to this episode and enjoy learning more!
February 20, 2020
#018 The Most Technologically Advanced RMT in Canada. Scott Grisewood, RMT.
"I'm more let's get in the trenches and get our hands dirty and do the best job we can to get people's lives turned around!" - Scott Grisewood, RMT ... Scott Grisewood has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 1994. He was one of the first practitioners to introduce Shockwave Therapy in Canada and developed his own treatment approach using this new technology on his massage clients. Now, he travels around the world treating hundreds of professional and amateur athletes with his "portable human performance lab." This includes a few key pieces of equipment that give him precise assessment results that help in his treatments and it provides key information to the athlete, coach, and trainer. ​Scott owns Shockwave Therapy Centre in Barrie, Ontario, Canada and enjoys living close to his family which now includes some grandchildren. The technology that Scott uses is fascinating and I hope you enjoy hearing about it maybe for your own practice, or because you can help direct a patient/client to someone using this same technology to help them breakthrough an injury or to reach the next level in training. It is also a nice reminder of how fortunate we are as massage therapists to apply our knowledge and skills in ways that are outside the box.  Also, check out Part II of this episode where Scott covers more about the technologies and why we should embrace them as evidence based practitioners!
February 06, 2020
#016 Your Personal Growth and Development Journey. Richard J Platt. Massage Success Mindset
"If a goal doesn't scare and excite you at the same time, then it's probably not worth doing and it's not an audacious goal" - Richard J Platt ... Richard J Platt is a retired massage therapist and clinical hypnotherapist. He is a published author and business success coach who currently lives in Vancouver BC. Welcome to 2020 friends! It is time to embark on your personal growth and development journey! Not sure how to get started? I am excited to introduce Richard who is passionate about helping massage therapists create audacious career goals and create a clearly defined plan to get there. In this episode, you will learn how it is easier than you may think to create the massage practice and lifestyle of your dreams. Check out this episode with Richard and please see his resources below to go even further!
January 02, 2020
Q & A. Nathan Walton, RMT.
Nathan's Workday routine.  Why His library card was a worthwhile investment.  His advice to engage in learning beyond RMT related material and more...
December 26, 2019
#015 Get Your Fix. Mobility Junkie Livia Pellerin, RMT
“I have this motto, that I don’t want to get to my grave and feel like I didn’t accomplish my dreams” - Livia Pellerin, RMT ... Livia is an RMT who works with the Rolf method and specifically helps CrossFit athletes improve their results with a combination of hands-on techniques and hands-on time teaching mobility Remex. She has a background as a professional dancer for 15 years, started massage therapy on the Quebec side, and then became an RMT in Ontario. In addition to her practice here in Ottawa, she offers online coaching. Please enjoy this conversation with Livia.
December 19, 2019
#014 Find Your Tribe. Obstacle Course Race Dude Nathan Walton, RMT
“One of the best things about our scope (massage) is the optimization”- Nathan Walton, RMT ... Nathan has been an RMT since 2007. He is a husband and a father and he keeps busy while having fun with his massage practice, kettlebell training, fitness coaching, and teaching.  Nathan has completed over 60 obstacle course races since 2011. In the year 2017, he ran 22 races! In August of 2019 he participated in his 9th Tough Mudder and also volunteers at these events.  He has also participated in the Obstacle Course Race Championships 2017/2018 in his age category (40-44). He has great advice on the importance of balancing work with play and can apply the broader principles of skill across subjects whether it be as an RMT, a student, or in training. I really enjoyed my conversation with Nathan and I hope you do too!
December 12, 2019
#013 City Gone Country. Chelsea St. Denis, RMT. Homesteading. Home Practice. Mom Life. Chickens!
I worked really hard those first few years and it's all paid off now. - Chelsea St. Denis, RMT ... Chelsea has been an RMT since 2013 and she works from her home in Winchester Ontario. She is married with 2 children, Mcluvin the dog, and some hens. Her family has gone from city to country living and so has her practice. In this conversation we talk about patient loyalty, homesteading, juggling work and motherhood, as well as her preferred technique in indie head massage, and her work on the abdominals and TMJ. Please enjoy this episode with Chelsea St. Denis!
December 05, 2019
#012 Helping Animals And Visiting All Seven Continents Before 30. Massage Makes It Possible!: Andree-Anne Rusaw, RMT, RVT
"You just gotta listen to your heart, to what you feel you want to do to make you happy, and that's been the best thing I've learned in this adventure" - Andree-Anne Rusaw ... Andree-Anne Rusaw has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2010 and struggled initially with the idea of being self-employed with unstable income and wondered how it would give her the life she envisioned. With guidance from her family she pursued her passion to work with animals and started a second career as a Registered vet tech. She is now a teacher with College Boreal and travels to volunteer her skills with animals in need. Andree-Anne also loves to travel for fun and has been to all 7 continents and she has visited a total of 25 countries before she has even turned 30. She has come full circle to realize that she has the dream job as a massage therapist with above average income potential, flexibility to take time off, and the freedom to alter her schedule. She is more open to live in the moment and see how life unfolds instead of setting specific timelines for her life goals. Please enjoy this episode with Andree Anne Rusaw!
June 20, 2019
#011 Working With Your Hands, Head, And Heart: Kathleen De Jesus-Gauthier, AT, RMT
"I think the idea of building something that outlasts me is pretty cool" - Kathleen De Jesus-Gauthier ... Kathleen has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2016 but, before she did her certification as an RMT, she started as an Athletic Therapist in 2004! Realizing that more insurance coverage was available for massage therapy she completed her massage therapy diploma in 2 years at Algonquin college while also working as an Athletic Therapist on and off the field, raising a family, AND playing varsity rugby. She has just opened her own clinic called Return to Play Therapy which is really about getting everyone back to whatever “play” means to them. She is committed to lifelong learning and wants to provide the most diverse experience for her clients. She knows from experience that if everyone works hard, they can achieve what they want in life! On her downtime she enjoys reading and spending time with her family and she is also working her hands creatively by trying woodcarving. She ultimately wants to create something of great quality that will outlast her- I feel that she will achieve this in many ways in her life and I hope she inspires you to do the same. Please enjoy this episode with Kathleen De Jesus-Gauthier!
June 13, 2019
#010 Disney On Ice Star Shares How To Manifest The Life You Want: Helene Letourneau, RMT
“In life, I generally try to live the best version of myself”- Helene Letourneau, RMT ... Helene Letourneau was a huge inspiration for this podcast and I am so excited for you to hear her story. Helene has been a registered massage therapist since 2013 and she is an example of making your dreams come true as she pursued the life of a professional figure skater with Disney on Ice. She skated with Disney on Ice for 3 years and traveled to 25 countries, meeting new and exciting people along the way. She shares how she made this dream a reality and how it eventually brought her to live in London, England working as an RMT. We discuss burnout, what to do, and what to watch out for. Helene shares the importance of doing what makes you happy each day as it will lead to your purpose and the importance of self-care. Helene is now back in her home of Ottawa, Ontario and is focusing on her next steps to manifest her dreams professionally and personally. Please enjoy this episode with Helene Letourneau.
June 06, 2019
#009 Start Your Solo Career By Knowing Your Strengths: Dr. Melanie Stewart, DC, Retired RMT
“I always say I became a massage therapist and a chiropractor because I’m a little bit hyperactive, but, I move a lot, I’m excitable, and this profession caters to that!”- Dr. Melanie Stewart ... Dr. Melanie Stewart @Ottawachiropracticstudio is a long time friend and has been a Chiropractor since 2009. She also became a Registered Massage Therapist in 2009. She simultaneously held both registrations until retiring from massage therapy in her tenth year of practice. She is now a full-time Chiropractor and discusses her decision to finally retire from massage and focus on her Chiropractic patients while knowing she could continue to collaborate with massage therapists and health care practitioners. In this episode we talk about... Transitioning from a multidisciplinary group practice to working solo The benefits of taking your work with you wherever you go The importance of working hard to be successful and Keeping up to date with your skills to help your clients get over plateaus. Please enjoy this episode with Dr. Melanie Stewart!
May 30, 2019
#008 Give Your Clients Better Tools To Better Themselves: Kelly Salvador, RMT
"I think I’m just seen as a driven RMT who’s still pushing forward" - Kelly Salvador, RMT ... Kelly Salvador @kellysalvadorrmt has been a registered massage therapist since 2010 and she runs her own practice combining Massage, Functional Range Conditioning, and Graston Technique among a million other things. She is a passionate, hard-worker who avoids the BS of the profession and gives the best of her self by constantly expanding her training to help her clients get more out of their treatment on and off the table. In our conversation we talk about the blended worlds of being an entrepreneur and enjoying downtime. She shares her advice on building a brand and a niche that recognizes her expertise and adds value in the community through honesty and open communication. She believes in diversifying her skills to prolong her career and keeps her hungry in the profession. Please enjoy this episode with Kelly Salvador!
May 23, 2019
#007 You Can't Spell Adventure Without Arlene: Arlene Keith, RMT, Blogger, Blueberry Farmer
“I knew I would always be self-employed, even my kindergarten report card said “Problems with figures of authority.” " - Arlene Keith, RMT ... Arlene Keith (formerly Doyle) has been a registered massage therapist since 1981 and graduated from the College of Massage and Hydrotherapy in Sutton. Massage Therapy has been her full time career for 38 years now and she loves to be self-employed as she has never done well working for someone else. Arlene is the mother of three and has been described as Adventurer, Soul searcher, hiker, Balderson blueberry farm entrepreneur- which we get into about her transition from massage therapist to blueberry farmer and she is also a Blogger. Her blog is where she blogs about her adventure’s in life and around the world often taking months at a time to travel and hike- usually solo in a new destination. She recently completed paddling through the everglades using only a compass and a map and her next adventure brings her to New Zealand hiking the Te Aroaroa (te-are-a-roa) also known as “the long trail”. Arlene was highly recommended to me by Huguette Long who is the second episode of this podcast and Arlene was also recommended to me by her niece who was in the pop-up podcast studio when I recorded the very first episode and said “you have to meet my aunt Arlene, she is definitely a radical RMT!” Please bear with me in this episode as I was overwhelmed with how to fully capture how Radical Arlene is and feel I got off to a slow start but, we do pick up the pace and she shares some wonderful insights about how she plans to transition out of massage therapy, the advantages of solo travel, and not worrying about the money you will lose by taking time off. I hope you enjoy this episode with Arlene Keith!
May 16, 2019
#006 Changing The Dialogue Around Massage Income: Jana Veltheim, RMT, Owner Align Massage Therapy
"Stop believing A) We don’t make money B) We burn out after 5 years. It’s all a lie!" - Jana Veltheim, RMT ... Jana Veltheim has been a registered massage therapist since 1998 and she is the owner of Align Massage Therapy; a successful massage clinic with  6 locations in Ottawa, Ontario.  She is a wife and a mother and continues to treat because she loves the people she works with. She has a goal to create an e-book around the very same topics we are talking about today which is the topic of money and massage therapy. Her perspective (and I agree) is that massage therapists don’t realize how good they have it. I feel that Jana shares a lot of great information in our conversation and she has actionable steps you can take as well. Jana shares that as massage therapists our income vs workload is well above average, and with a little discipline and planning, we can have pensions and paid vacations among other perks! ​Please enjoy this episode with Jana Veltheim.
May 09, 2019
#005 Massage Keeps This Hockey Mom Present For Her Family: Karen Buchanan-Sauve, RMT
"You know right away coming into this career that you are responsible for your own success" - Karen Buchanan-Sauve ... Karen Buchanan-Sauve (@ksauve05) has been a registered massage therapist since 2013. She came across massage therapy almost by accident as she explored professions in health and saw herself working in the sports field. Karen keeps busy with three daughters playing competitive hockey which involves traveling and participating as a team volunteer in the role of trainer. In this episode we talk about Karen working in the corporate 9-5 and learning the self-employed aspects of massage therapy. We talk about what it’s like to work full-time as a massage therapist with a busy family. Karen loves to stay active herself and finds it necessary to give her best self to her clients. Karen currently works with Align Massage Therapy and she shares a few ways she promotes her business. Please enjoy my chat with Karen!
May 02, 2019
#004 Leading With Ambition: Dom Labre, RMT
"I like to stay busy" - Dom Labre, RMT ... Dom Labre (@dominiquelabrermt) has been a Registered Massage Therapist since 2013, he loves to work with professional athletes and has worked at elite events such as the Canadian Summer games in Winnipeg in 2017. He is a bilingual therapist and has interests in Whiskey and Vinyl records. Dom currently works with Align Massage Therapy and also has a Home Clinic (Dom and Leslie Registered Massage Therapy). Dom is an avid cyclist and considers it to be necessary as part of his ability to relax and focus.  Please enjoy my chat with Dom!
April 25, 2019
#003 Eight Extra Hours A Week. What Are You Doing To Enjoy Them?: Avi Davies, RMT
"Give me something I can say "yes" to!" - Avi Davies, RMT ... Avi Davies has been an RMT since 2008 and currently works with Align Massage Therapy in Ottawa, Canada. He has a strong foundation in Thai Massage and integrates this technique into his treatments. Before he became a Registered Massage Therapist, he was only providing Thai Massage and he found it challenging to maintain a steady business. In over 10 years in the profession he has worked in various environments from a spa, to medical, holistic and clinical. These experiences helped him to understand the type of environment he can provide his most effective treatments with clients and leave everything else such as marketing and laundry at the door. Since he doesn’t have to spend time or stress on these extras, he enjoys a shorter work day as a massage therapist which means he can enjoy more time with his wife and son and also prepare for the future. Enjoy this conversation with Avi Davies!
April 18, 2019
#002 Lessons From 30 Years of Creation and Imagination: Huguette Long, RMT
"The biggest motivator for me was that I wanted to be independent and have some financial security"- Huguette Long, RMT ... Huguette Long currently practices massage therapy in Ottawa, Canada and she has been a massage therapist for over 30 years. She speaks about how she discovered massage therapy as a career and how it can be a lucrative opportunity with plenty of freedom and flexibility. She has worked with world-renowned resorts and loves to travel often for months at a time. In her years of wisdom she has plenty of energy to share and radiates passion for the profession. She is always trying to create experiences that are beneficial for the client and easy on the practitioner. She is the developer of “Thermal Palms” the soft approach to hot stones which was sold to Bodywork Biz. She gives praise to her mentors of massage and also shares her one regret in her early years as a massage therapist. You can find her at Align Massage Therapy. I hope you enjoy this episode featuring Huguette Long. ​
April 11, 2019
#001 Finding A Balance Between Light And Dark: Karina Joly, RMT, Photographer, World Traveler
“I don’t think I would be great with a desk job” - Karina Joly  ... Karina Joly (@KJphototravel) has been a registered massage therapist since 2004. She is an avid traveler who has visited 38 countries and counting. She always travels with her camera and she has collected more than 200,000 memories on film. She is a three-time Ironman Athlete and uses her athletic experience to help her clients repair and prevent injury. She has often thought about leaving the massage profession but presently it gives her the flexibility to travel, train, and pursue photography.
April 04, 2019
Introducing The Radical RMT
Listen to the trailer for The Radical RMT. Chats with RMTs living incredible lives on purpose, going on adventures and pursuing passions outside of their massage practice. Our profession is hands down the best for flexibility, freedom, and potential! Don't miss your opportunity to be Radical! Have a listen and be inspired by these Radical RMTs! Join us for the launch of Season One on Thursday, April 4, 2019!
December 20, 2018