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By Dave Dabbah
Presented by Mighty.Rip and hosted by Silicon Valley Exec Dave Dabbah who puts the world of sports on notice with a witty, real look at the wacky world of sports and pop-culture. Players, coaches, and front offices are all open-game - "Run the Ball Kyle."
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Can James Harden Stir The Pot Enough to Win a NBA Title
I know exactly what your thinking, there is no way in the world that James Harden is going to win an NBA title this year with LeBron and Kawhi hanging out in the West. While its probably more likely that Nicolas Cage will revive his character as Johnny Blaze, and ride Ghost Rider 3 all the way to an academy award, I do think there are some legit reasons why Harden and the Rockets could walk away with a title this year. I'll give you 5 reasons the Rockets could walk away with the championship. Plus, FedEx applies pressure to the Washington Redskins to change their name, and I explore the brilliance of the Cam Newton deal that Bill Belichick pulled off.
July 3, 2020
Drew Brees Puts His Foot in His Mouth and The NBA is Coming Back2
Drew Brees makes ridiculous comments and then is schooled by other athletes and walks back his tone-deaf comments. The NBA announces a return to glory with 22 teams living and playing hoops in a bubble city in Disney World. Plus some thoughts on how to solve some of the social injustice issues. merch - blog -
June 20, 2020
The Match 2, Michael Jordan Says One Thing - The Audio Says Another Thing.
Recap of the totally entertaining "The Match 2." Tom Brady delivers the golf shot of the year after Charles Barkley and the rest of the internet pile on him for playing poorly. TOPIC 2: Michael Jordan says one thing about Isaiah Thomas being on the 92 USA Team, but the audio says another thing. TOPIC 3: Mark Cuban wants all 30 teams to compete in the NBA playoffs which is ridiculous. Seriously, teams like the Warriors, T-Wolves, Cavs, Pistons, Hawks, Hornets, Wizards, Bulls, and Knicks have no business being in the playoffs this year.
May 27, 2020
Shaq is Wrong About the NBA Scrapping Their Season
Shaquille O’Neal is so wrong about scraping the NBA season. In an interview with the USA Today Shaq said the following: "I think we should scrap the season. Everybody go home, get healthy, come back next year. Just scrap the season. Just scrap it," O'Neal told the USA Today "To try and come back now and do a rush playoffs as a player? Any team that wins this year, there's an asterisk. They're not going to get the respect. "What if a team that's not really in the mix of things all of a sudden wins with a new playoff format? Nobody is going to respect that. So, scrap it. Worry about the safety of the fans and the people. Come back next year." Plus, Tua signs a huge deal and already has the #1 selling NFL Jersey.
May 13, 2020
Peyton Manning Belongs in The Monday Night Football Booth
Watching Peyton Manning destroy Tom Brady during the Capital One "The Match" video stream this week, it became clear to me that Manning should absolutely jump in and save The Monday Night Football booth. Clearly ESPN aka The Mothership should sign Manning. Let's face-it, Manning has a lot of Dandy Don Meredith in him. Plus, I cover the bizarre Todd Gurley story about The Los Angeles Rams not paying him what he is owed!
May 8, 2020
Dak Prescott Fans Need to Aaron Rodgers Relax
So Andy Dalton signed a small contract with the Dallas Cowboys and that should have been great news for Cowboys fans! However, fans and members of the media have turned the signing into an episode of the 1980's soap opera "Dallas." Plus, should the NBA finish its season with Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck in an Orlando bubble city?
May 6, 2020
Gronk Gets to Eat Dinner at Lunch Time In Tampa and Roger Goodell's Basement
The news of Gronk heading to Tampa should have shocked nobody. Maybe the worst kept secret in the NFL was Rob Gronkowski would only come out retirement to play on a team with Tom Brady. As for Tampa Tom, he was able to get his safety net out of retirement by only giving up a 4th round pick to the Patriots. Look, Tampa Bay is a great place to retire and eating dinner at lunchtime is always better when you have a buddy with you. So good old Roger Goodell is going to conduct the NFL Draft from his basement in an undisclosed location someplace in New York. Now I’m sure Goodell’s basement is actually not a typical basement. I imagine Goodell has one of those prototypical man cave bars that is fully loaded with a ton of whiskey, bourbon and how hard to pronounce wine. The bar probably also includes a see-through mini-refrigerator which is fully loaded with Bud Light Seltzer that Goodell never drinks.
April 23, 2020
Jerry Krause, Jerry Reinsdorf Star as The Undisputed Villains of "The Last Dance."
The very idea that Jerry Krause and Jerry Reinsdorf felt like they needed to rebuild the Chicago Bulls in the late '90s is crazy. It would be equivalent to Robert Kraft saying that he had enough of Tom Brady and Bill Belichick after 3 Super Bowl Championships. Krause and Reinsdorf clearly are the undisputed villains of the first two episodes of 'The Last Dance." The fact that refused to redo Scottie Pippen's contract when he was one of the 10 players in the NBA says everything you need to know about the Jerry's. As for Michael Jordan, it was awesome to be reminded of his legendary work ethic in practice and during games. Plus I recap 'the last week in sports' which includes John Daily's cure for the coronavirus, Mel Kiper just released his 115 mock draft, the OBJ rumor that was just a rumor, the PGA Tour is coming back, Tua is a significantly better NFL prospect than Joe Burrow and Jose Canseco continues to take shots at Alex Rodriguez.
April 21, 2020
Air Jordan Has Been Cleared For Takeoff
It is hard to believe, but it has been more than two decades since Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and a ragtag cast of characters won their 6th and final championship. The documentary will primarily feature footage that an NBA Entertainment crew complied as they followed the Bulls around for the entire 1997-98 season. Beyond the footage, the documentary will feature a ton of present-day interviews which I’m sure will be highly entertaining. Look I can’t wait to see Dennis Rodman’s hair color, clothes, and yes I’m looking forward to trying to decode what he says.
April 19, 2020
PGA Tour Coming Back In June and I can't Wait to Watch The Michael Jordan Documentary 'The Last Dance'
After weeks of trying to figure out how to make PGA Tour events viable during the coronavirus pandemic, The PGA Tour announced its plans to return in June. The plan currently calls for play to resume with the first 4 events closed to the general public. Basically, players will no longer have a reason to yell ‘four’ because no one will be lining the edges of the fairway. Michael Jordan is officially set to fly into your life for the first time since his final…final retirement back in 2003. So get your flat screens, smartphones, mobile devices, and Dennis Rodman speech decoder ready for the premiere of ‘The Last Dance’ which will air on April 19th at 9 p.m. ET on ESPN.
April 17, 2020
MAJOR RUMOR: OBJ to The Vikings is A Win For Everyone and Tua is Better Than Joe Burrow
Rumor of the year in the NFL goes to OBJ, the Cleveland Browns and the Minnesota Vikings. In the event, this goes from rumor to a deal, everyone wins in this deal. Plus, I explain why Tua is a way better NFL prospect than Burrow. ADDITIONAL POD NOTES: The Browns OBJ marriage was never going to work and if they can get a 2nd and 3rd round draft pick it would be considered a good deal for the Browns. While a move to the Vikings would give OBJ a significantly better opportunity at playoff glory.
April 16, 2020
NBA 2K Players Tournament & Tom Brady's Bucs Get New Uniforms
Since Patrick Beverley is not available to provide in-game smack talk for every-game of the NBA 2K Players Tournament, I decided to offer up 5 cool ways to dramatically improve the viewing experience for the public. Plus Tom Brady's Bucs get new uniforms and Bill O'Brien hopes that horrific trade that he made doesn't go through.
April 8, 2020
The NFL Draft Remains On The Clock
The NFL Draft remains on the clock as Roger Goodell sent out a league-wide memo which essentially said the show must go on. The Draft will be held virtually on April 23-25th. Goodell did throw down the law by threatening teams with disciplinary action if any teams publicly criticize the decision. Plus Drew Brees donates $5 million to Louisiana to do battle against the Coronavirus and Step Curry interviews Dr. Anthony Fauci in front of 50,000 people watching live on Instagram.
March 28, 2020
NFL Free Agent Frenzy - Tom Brady is a Buc, Todd Gurley to the Falcons and What is Wrong with Bill O'Brien
Talk about Stranger Things - Tom Brady is a Buc, Todd Gurley wasn't unemployed for long at the Falcons picked up for just $6 million a year and what the hell is wrong with Bill O'Brien
March 21, 2020
Spike Lee Won't Say It, But James Dolan Sucks As An Owner!
Spike Lee has officially given up on going to Knicks games this year and it's all because of the way James Dolan and the New York Knicks handled a new policy related to an employee entrance. Dolan has clearly built the strongest and best-run dysfunctional organization in the NBA. An organization that has everyone afraid of being fired. In fact, Spike Lee said the security guards won't talk to him because they are afraid of being fired. Seriously, someone needs to remind Dolan that he owns the Knicks and that he is not a dictator in a third world country. James Dolan has proven one thing since he took over the New York Knicks and that is he has no business owning an NBA franchise in the media capital of the world! Category
March 4, 2020
LeBron James Is The Real NBA MVP - Sorry Giannis But You Play in The G-League Eastern Conference!
Dave Dabbah breaks down why LeBron James is the real NBA MVP. Let's just say there is more to winning the MVP than just looking at stats. Both LeBron James and Giannis have comparable stats. LeBron averages 25 points, 8 rebounds and over 10 assists a game. While Giannis averages 30 points, 14 rebounds and 6 assists a game. Statistically, the edge goes to Giannis, but solely relying on stats to choose an MVP is not how MVPs should be selected in the NBA. If the MVP award was only based on stats than no one would need to vote.
March 3, 2020
Why Can't James Harden Take a Giannis Joke, & What The Hell Is Wrong With Romo Loving Jerry Jones?
James Harden getting all bent out of shape over something Giannis said during this year's NBA All-Star Draft is ridiculous. It's like Harden has been getting pointers on to react to criticism from Kevin Durant. Plus Jerry Jones hasn't won a Super Bowl since pay-phones were a thing. Look I know Jerry loves Tony Romo, but Tony is retired, Jerry. The Cowboys should have signed Dak last year for $25 million--now Jerry is going to have a cut a check for close to $35 million a year.
February 29, 2020
Tom Brady's Divorce From The New England Patriots Appears to Be More Than A Rumor!
The rumors of Tom Brady leaving New England have officially heated up at the NFL combine. Should Tom go to the Raiders and play in a new stadium that looks like Darth Vader was the lead architect? Reports from around the league indicate Tom Brady is done with the Patriots. Where should Brady go? Where I think he will go, and where I'd like to see Tom Brady go is covered. Plus the Washington Redskins should pick Tua Tagovailoa with the second pick - I'm done with Dwayne Haskins and Washington should be too.
February 28, 2020
OMG Joe Burrow Has Small Hands and It Actually Matters in The NFL!
Joe Burrow has small hands which actually matters in the National Football League. Plus Deontay Wilder comes up with the all-time worst excuse for why he lost to the singing American Pie Tyson Fury - Deontay says his 40-pound costume left his legs dead. Steph Curry coming back to the Warriors and if he wants to play, the Warriors should let him. Dez Bryant in the news as he works out with Patrick Mahomes, but that does not mean he is going to play for Andy Reid!
February 26, 2020
Time to Change the NBA Playoffs Structure Because the 8th Seed Orlando Magic are 8 Games Under 500!
We cover all 30 NBA team's strengths and weaknesses. Demarcus Cousins gets dumped by the Lakers and the NFL does the unthinkable by allowing betting lounges in stadiums, but no gambling. Hey Roger Goodell, that's like going to a bar in a stadium and finding out you can't buy a beer! Greg Olson went to Seattle because of Russel Wilson. Tua talks about wanting to play for the Cowboys and can you blame him because it looks like he is going to end up with the Detroit Lions.
February 22, 2020
It's Time to Stop Disrespecting Russell Westbrook!
Russell Westbrook is the most disrespected NBA superstar in the NBA. He is like the Rodney Dangerfield of NBA players. We diagnose why he is so disrespected by fans and members of the NBA community. Plus, Jerry West does it again and signs Reggie Jackson's 15 points a game to the Clippers. Why didn't the Lakers make this move before the Clippers is the question?
February 21, 2020
Can You Imagine Deflate-Gate Tom Brady Playing for the Las Vegas Raiders?
Can you imagine how great it would be if Tom Brady actually went to the Raiders? If the $60 Million Dollar 2-year contract rumor is true, it would be fantastic to see the deflate-gate QB finish his career in sin city. Plus Joe Burrow should do everything he can do to not play for the Cincinnati Bengals and the NFL and NFLPA have tentatively agreed to expand their playoffs by adding two teams.
February 20, 2020
For The First Time in Forever The NBA All-Star Game Was on Fire
4th quarter chaos, diving on the ground for loose balls, block shots, goaltending, and players actually wanting to win the game made this the best quarter of basketball I've watched all year. All of this and more can directly be attributed to the brilliant rule changes that Adam Silver and the NBA implemented. The targeted scoring format for the 4th quarter resulted in actual defense being played and even Kyle Lowry stood in the key and took a charge in an actual All-Star Game. Mad respect Kyle! Congrats to the NBA for going with the Elam ending and I can't believe it, but I'm actually looking forward to next year's game!
February 17, 2020
Forget the Results; Aaron Gordon Flat Out Won The NBA Dunk Contest!
Leave it to Judges to screw up the best NBA dunk contest we've had in the last 20 years. Derek Jones Jr was great but Aaron Gordon was better. Plus the Sacramento Kings finally won something and no it wasn't another lottery pick!
February 16, 2020
The Time Has Come to Overhaul The NBA All-Star Game!
We provide our top 3 ways the NBA can immediately improve the All-Star Game. Plus, some thoughts on the Myles Garrett reinstatement. I guess an indefinite suspension doesn't mean indefinite!
February 13, 2020
Tom Brady and Gisele Should Travel Around the Country in a Winnebago Looking For The Goats Next Gig!
I chime in on where Tom Brady and Gisele should settle down and propose they film a reality show using a Winnebago so they can travel from city to city looking for the Goats next gig. We cover Robert Kraft, Bill Belichick, and react to Brett Favre's statement that Tom is as good as he has ever been. Favre must have been on an extended vacation during the second half of the season!
February 12, 2020
The XFL is like a John Wick movie, full of action and no one gives a damn about the plot.
Let’s talk about the entertainment value of the XFL...let’s just say the games are not going to win an Oscar. The XFL is more equivalent to a John Wick movie or the latest installment of Bad Boys. Basically, the XFL is designed to be full of action which is how we want our football!
February 11, 2020
The 76ers are like a dot com from the early 2000’s…sure they look great on paper, but in reality they are going out of business!
The question of 76ers team chemistry is as real as Eminem showing up unexpectedly at the Oscars last night. While I was watching the 76ers lose themselves against the Bucks by 11 over the weekend, I was thinking Joel Embiid needs Ben Simmons to be traded because this just isn’t working!
February 11, 2020
Kevin Durant Needs to Stop Whining!
Seriously, why is Kevin Durant still complaining about OKC. Clearly, he continues to talk about the past because he can't let it go. We go deep into the mind of KD and try to figure out why he can't get over OKC.
February 10, 2020
Run the Ball Kyle, Plus an In-Depth Look at the NBA Trade Deadline
The NBA trade deadline has passed and the Pistons win the award for worst trade of the year as they shipped the leagues top rebounder to the Cavs for basically nothing in return. We take a look back at the Super Bowl and wonder how mad Nick Bosa must be at Kyle Shanahan. All Kyle had to do was run the ball!
February 8, 2020
Super Bowl Prediction + Tribute to Kobe Bryant
49ers vs Chiefs, I give you my Super Bowl predictions which will shock you. Plus the NFL awards are out and I cover who is heading to Canton Ohio, and I give you some thoughts on Kobe Bryant and pay tribute to him and those lost last Sunday. All of that and a whole lot more packed into this edition. 
February 2, 2020
Predicting the Chiefs vs 49ers in the Super Bowl, plus Jason Garrett is in a New York State of Mind
NFC and AFC championship game predictions. Jason Garrett is wisely signed by the NY Giants as their offensive coordinator but is he really just an insurance policy if Joe Judge gets eaten up by the Big Apple. Jimmy Haslam signs Kevin Stefanski as the Browns head coach, but let's just say there are major restrictions on authority which is the opposite of what the Browns need. Speaking of little authority, Mike McCarthy the new head coach of the Dallas Cowboys was forced to keep Kellen Moore as his OC. No word yet, if Jerry Jones personally delivered the good news to McCarthy. 
January 18, 2020
NFL Divisional Round Recap, Plus the Cleveland Browns make huge mistake picking their next head coach.
A quick recap of the divisional round playoffs. Plus the Cleveland Browns make a huge mistake picking their next head coach...again. 
January 13, 2020
Jerry gets married to McCarthy, plus Rhule should run for President, & NFL Playoff Predications
NFL Divisional round predictions. Jerry Jones gets hitched to Mike McCarthy and Matth Rhule's introduction press conference was amazing. Plus Ben Simmons doesn't deserve to trust the process if he only averages 15 points a game!
January 13, 2020
Week 9 NFL Takeaways - Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson electrify the NFL + James Harden reinvents the term Ball Hog.
Week 9 gave us the first Dolphins win of the year, which means Adam Gase who doesn't deserve to be a head coach in the NFL has led the New York Jets to 1-7 start. Lamar Jackson stumps professor Belichick as the Raven's hand the Pats their first loss of the year. Dallas does what is supposed to do, the Vikes get outcoached by their own coaching staff and will someone please remind James Harden that there are 4 other Rockets on the court with him.  
November 6, 2019
Really Bad Refereeing Spreads from the NFL to the NBA & Kliff Kingsbury doesn't understand time.
It's amazing how many bad calls there have been in the NFL, but the Dwight Howard missed call on Seth Curry in the Lakers vs Mavs game was equally unacceptable. Kliff Kingsbury does not understand time management, plus I drop my week 9 NFL predictions on the podcast world.
November 3, 2019
Jalen Ramsey Scores a 90210 Address, Saints D Stops Gardner in His Tracks, & Andy Reid Out-Coached Again.
Jalen was granted his third wish by his genie in a bottle, who ships him to the Rams. The Saints and 49ers' defense are both unstoppable. Holding Goff to 78 yards was a legendary feat by SF. Andy Reid loses to Bill O'Brien at home, and Freddie needs to be shown the door in Cleveland. Plus Lamar Jackson continues to set NFL records against bad teams.
October 17, 2019
NFL Week 6 Picks, The Falcons Dan Quinn Could Get Fired at Half-Time. Plus Zion is a Beast & Clayton Fails Again & Again.!
NFL Week 6 Predictions. The Atlanta Falcons owner, Arthur Blank might have a legit reason to fire Dan Quinn at halftime. Plus Clayton Kershaw fails, but the Dodger failed first by even putting him in the game. I know its just preseason, but Zion Williamson is a beast.
October 12, 2019
Baker makes the 49ers look like Super Bowl Contenders, Dak Knows Interceptions, Andy Reid makes Mahomes look mortal.
NFL Week 5 Recap: Baker Mayfield can make any team, even the San Francisco 49ers look like Super Bowl contenders. Nick Bosa is a beast. Dak Prescott gets an A+ for knowing how to throw interceptions. Andy Reid gets outcoached to the point that Patrick Mahomes looks mortal. Jay Gruden gets canned and Gronk returns to football as an NFL Analyst for Fox NFL Sundays.
October 9, 2019
Thursday Night Football No Longer Sucks, Nick Young Blames Instagram for Melo Not Being in the NBA
The NFL does the right thing and started scheduling good teams on Thursday Night Football. Plus Nick Young claims Instagram is to blame for Carmelo Anthony not getting picked up by an NBA team, and my wife asks me why my Minnesota Twins can't choose which team they get to play against in the ALDS.
October 5, 2019
AB for the first time in forever says something smart & it's not about Baker. Kyrie babbles on about nothing.
AB final says something smart when he explains why Lamar Jackson is better than Baker Mayfield. Plus Kyrie Irving babbles on about nothing which includes a bizarre rant about how he will protect KD from himself. The NFL agrees to a 7-year deal with the NFL Referees to continue making bad calls.
September 29, 2019
Ridiculous is ESPN'S NBA Player Power Rankings, plus Spider-Man can have two homes.
The NBA PR machine was at it again, this time they must have colluded with ESPN to put out a ridiculous player power ranking list. Plus a recap of week 3 NFL games and predictions for week of your NFL season. Plus Spider-Man can have two home.
September 28, 2019
The Return of NFL Primetime, Jags should keep Jalen Ramsey & KD has a new number & nobody cares.
A brilliant move by ESPN to bring back NFL Primetime with Chris Berman and Tom Jackson. The Jags should not trade Jalan Ramsey. Can you believe the 49ers are 2-0. KD has a new number and nobody cares. Plus a complete rundown of week two in the NFL and predictions for week three.
September 21, 2019
Inside the Mind of Antonio Brown, plus Kliff Kingsbury is not a genius, and MoviePass is dead.
We take a deep dive into the ridiculous world that Antonio Brown lives in. Plus Kliff Kingsbury is not a genius. Recap week one of the NFL and make predictable predictions for week two of the NFL season. USA Basketball is a mess and MoviePass is officially dead.
September 15, 2019
NFL Preview Fun Includes Jerry Jones, Plus LeBron James Wants to Trademark Taco Tuesday
So stoked the NFL is back and I cover who I think is going to win the Super Bowl. Includes a ramble about Jerry Jones, the NY Giants, the Dallas Cowboys. Did you know that LeBron James wants a piece of every taco that is eaten on Tuesday?
September 1, 2019
Tigers Comeback is Complete, plus Magic Johnson totally let down the Lakers!
Even if Tiger Woods never wins another major, his comeback is complete. Plus Magic Johnson completely let down the Los Angeles Lakers. I've got NBA Playoff coverage and leave it to the Raiders to not trust their own scouting team.
April 20, 2019
Blowing it Big Time - The Alliance of American Football shows the XFL how to not run a league.
How could the management team at the AAF actually launch a league and secure deals with CBS Sports, TNT, and the NFL Network and not have enough cash on hand to make it through a season? Plus the Dallas Cowboys continue to make smart moves.
April 6, 2019
LeBron and the Los Angeles Lakers Reenact the Frye Festival.
The promise of a deep playoff run, the promise of LeBron James leading the young Lakers, the promise of signing a bunch of veterans players, all proved to be false advertising as the Lakers turned LBJ's first year into a Frye Festival reenactment. Plus the Dallas Cowboys sign a difference maker that no one is talking about!
March 31, 2019
The Cleveland Browns Have Turned into America's Team. LeBron's Lakers are a Disaster.
Did someone spray pixie dust over the rest of the National Football League because suddenly the Cleveland Browns have turned into America's team? OBJ is even a Brown. Plus the Lakers mistakes continue to mount and LeBron must be wishing he still played in the East.
March 16, 2019
Michael Jordan is Clearly Better than LeBron James. The Antonio Brown Saga Continues. AB to XFL?
The "Goat" debate between Michael Jordan and LeBron James is easily won by Jordan. Antonio Brown basically refuses to play for the Buffalo Bills. Maybe AB will go the XFL? Where in the world will Josh Rosen be traded and Bryce Harper makes Phillies debut at Spring Training.
March 10, 2019
MNF Must be Happy Jason Witten Left, Harden is Easily the NBA MVP, Bryce’s Huge Deal, & Bucks NBA's Best?
Clearly, the folks at MNF football are happy to see the boring Jason Witten head back to the Dallas Cowboys. If Bryce Harper is worth $330 million, what do you think Mike Trout is worth? The NBA MVP has to be James Harden who is average 36.6 points a game...8 more points than any other player!
March 2, 2019
LeBron's Lakers Totally Meltdown. The NBA needs a new playoff format & come on Robert Craft!
Can you believe LeBron James Lakers are playing this badly? Maybe, Luk Walton does need to be moved. Coverage of the NBA playoff picture and Robert Craft in trouble and I've got a solution for Roger Goodell. Plus the NBA should not allow a team in the playoffs if they are under 500.
February 25, 2019
The Colin Kaepernick Saga Against the NFL is Final Over & Del Demps gets dumped by the Pelicans.
The Colin Kaepernick saga comes to a close...and no one knows how much cash he walked away with. Clearly, the NFL won! The NBA All-Star rising star games proves Trae Young is going to be a star. Plus, Del Demps gets dumped by the Pelicans and Vegas doesn't believe in the Lakers!
February 16, 2019
Anthony Davis Saga and the birth of The Alliance of American Football
Super Bowl hangover = the Alliance of American Football. Dell Demps makes the Lakers look like fools and Ariana Grande dishes the Grammys. Plus, Anthony Davis scores 32 points in 20 minutes, doesn't play in the 4th quarter and the Pelicans still win.
February 10, 2019
Sean McVay's mind was taken over by Jeff Fisher during the Super Bowl!
Not surprised the Patriots won, but I did not expect Sean McVay to mess up the way he did in the Super Bowl. Plus the Lakers offer the majority of their roster to the Pelicans for Anthony Davis and several first round draft picks...then the Pelicans ask for more. The Pelicans are making the Lakers look like fools.
February 6, 2019
Patriots owner Robert Craft dances with Cardi B influences my Super Bowl prediction in a dramatic way.
When I saw video of Robert Craft dancing with Cardi B - I knew I had to pick the Pats to win the Super Bowl. Plus Patrick Mahomes wins the NFL MVP. Anthony Davis should be traded before the deadline and the Lakers should make the move now. There is no reason to wait Magic!
February 3, 2019
How bout them Brooklyn Nets and I hate Neil Armstrong after watching "First Man"
News and notes from the NFL and NBA. Potential landing spots for Nik Foles and early thoughts on the Super Bowl. James Harden is playing like he wants another MVP trophy and a quick movie review of the terrible First Man movie which left me hating Neil Armstrong.
January 26, 2019
Don't be stupid Cleveland, make Gregg Williams your head coach!
The Cleveland Browns will make another huge mistake if they don't bring back Gregg Williams as their head coach. Peter King thinks he is the pope of sports journalists. Antonio Brown is a disaster. I knew who the masked singer was and Luka Doncic is the rookie of the year in the NBA so far!
January 6, 2019
NFL WEEK 17 RECAP: Steeler fans root for the Browns and does Jason Garrett want to be fired?
A fantastic week #17 of the National Football League which included Steeler fans rooting for a Browns win, The Vikes don't deserve to be in the playoffs but the Eagles do and was Jason Garrett trying to get fired when he decided to play Dak for the entire game?
December 31, 2018
NBA New Year's Resolutions, Plus Fan Loyalty in Sports Matters!
How loyal are you to your teams? I've got my NBA New Year's Resolutions for the New York Knicks, Los Angeles Lakers, Phoenix Suns, and the Golden State Warriors. Plus can you believe Julian Edelman was fined over $60k for unnecessary roughness?
December 30, 2018
The Cheez-It Bowl Was The Worst Best Bowl Game Ever
The Cheez-It Bowl was the best worst bowl game ever. Plus NBA parity is amazing as 14 out 15 Western Conference teams have a chance at making the playoffs. News and Notes from around the National Football League.
December 27, 2018
Eli Manning Stars in the Death of a QB
Eli Manning needs to retire. The Timberwolves should accept 4 number 1's from the Rockets for Jummy Butler Clearly Steph Curry deserves to be considered in the MVP race in the NBA.
October 27, 2018
I know what's wrong with Major League Baseball!
Plus the NFL preseason week 2 is in the books and can you believe the broken down Adrian Peterson is back in the NFL!
August 21, 2018
The Greatest 2nd Place Finish Ever - brought to you by Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods captivated the world with his outstanding performance at the PGA Championships. Plus Paxton Lynch is a terrible quarterback Bronco fan!
August 13, 2018
I now it's just preseason NFL football but Baker Mayfield looked good.
Preseason football is a bit of joke, still Baker Mayfield looked good. The NBA announces it 2018/2019 schedule and Sam Darnold looks like a pro...but he only threw for 95 yards. Plus Dez is still considering the Browns.
August 11, 2018
The Rams Should Give Aaron Donald A Contract Extension
LeBron James goes head to head with Trump and wins. Urban needs to go and Hugh Jackson continues to be the worst coach in the NFL.
August 7, 2018
Adam Silver is the commissioner Roger Goodell wishes he could be!
A deep dive into Adam Silver and his recent deal with MGM Resorts - the first deal a major sport league has closed with a gambling company. Plus nothing magically about the New York Mets giving up 25 runs to the Washington Nationals and Johnny Manziel is must-watch TV on Friday on ESPN2.
August 1, 2018
Inside NFL Training Camps & The Tweet of the Week Goes to the Mavs Dirk Nowitzki
Coverage of NFL training camps - Arizona Cardinals - Josh Rosen looks good, Rams - need to get Aaron Donald signed already, Las Vegas Raiders Playing in Oakland did something right by signing Jordy Nelson, Steelers - Antonio Brown, Browns - terrible owner and more on Dez Bryant. Plus the Tweet of the week goes to the Mavs Dirk Nowitzki.
July 30, 2018
Dez Bryant Does the Right Thing & Stands-Up for Himself Against the Cowboys! Well Done Dez!
Agree or disagree with Dez Bryant, you have to admit it was entertaining to see him stand-up against the Dallas Cowboy organization. Plus the Houston Rockets do the right thing and sign Clint Capela to a 5 year deal worth $90 million.
July 28, 2018
CJ McCollum is flat out making Kevin Durant look crazy
Kevin Durant has officially lost the war of words with CJ McCollum when the media has KD asking why the media thinks he is crazy. Plus NFL training camps are almost all open and Dez Bryant isn't in anyone's camp - not even the Cleveland Browns will sign Dez, and LeBron James scores a new talk show on HBO.
July 27, 2018
Kevin Love is not worth $120 Million over 4 years!
Hard to believe that a guy that averages just 18 points a game is worth $30 million a year. Did the Cavs make a mistake signing Kevin Love to this huge deal or was it their only option? Plus Todd Gurley scores a contract extension and NFL training camps are officially open for business.
July 26, 2018
Tiger Woods Is Almost Back & Johnny Manziel gets traded from one CFL team to another CFL team.
Houston to sign Carmello Anthony which surprises nobody. Johnny Manziel gets traded from one CFL team to another CFL team and Kawhi Leonard is clearly the worst person in the world of sports as he decides to show up for USA Basketball camp, and the Cleveland Browns continue to be a mess with Josh Gordon announcement.
July 24, 2018
Kawhi Leonard Wins the Award for Being the Most Selfish Player in the NBA!
Kawhi Leonard is the most selfish basketball player in the NBA. Carmelo Anthony has enough left in his tank to make more money in the NBA - Houston you have options. The NFL PR team is a complete and total mess as it caves to both sides of political pressure. Question - Does your company you work for make you stand for the national anthem?
July 21, 2018
NBA Summer League Wraps Up & The Oakland Raiders in the News for the Wrong Reasons
Josh Hart of the Los Angeles Lakers wins the MVP of the NBA Summer League. Brent Musburger is the new radio voice of the Oakland Raiders which makes Mark Davis the worst person in the world of sports. Plus I've got a LeBron James and Magic Johnson stories.
July 18, 2018
Only Terrell Owens Could be Right & Wrong at the Same Time!
Hard to believe, but I'm defending Terrell Owens vs the National Football League in HOF controversy. Only TO could be right and wrong at the same time if you consider how long it took Chris Carter to make into the NFL HOF. Isaiah Thomas signs with the Denver Nuggets for just 2 million dollars. Plus more on Blake Bortles and why I think he won't led anyone to the SuperBowl and DeMarco Murray retires!
July 14, 2018
The Cleveland Browns Belong on HBO's Hard Knocks
The poor Cleveland Browns have been living the Hard Knocks life for over 20 years. Jay Cutler is actually reality TV gold. Papa Johns owner should never be allowed on TV again and Adam Silver needs to change the NBA playoff format. Plus what is wrong with Tony Romo?
July 12, 2018
People need to stop complaining about DeMarcus Cousins & NBA Free Agency Ramblings
Devon Booker signs a huge deal to stay with the Phoenix Suns and people need to stop complaining about Boogie Cousins being a Warrior. Justin Bieber gets engaged to a Baldwin (Hailey Baldwin) and Kevin Knox is the best player in the NBA Summer League so far! Plus we explain why Tom Brady will probably retire at the end of the upcoming NFL season.
July 9, 2018
Kawhi Leonard doesn't deserve to be a Los Angeles Lakers!
If you look back at Kawhi Leonards stats he doesn't deserve to be traded for two young Lakers and two future first-round draft picks. Rumor has it Kawhi actually hid from the Spurs during his rehab. Plus Rashon Rondo was an excellent pick up by Magic Johnson and we are the first podcast to predict Tiger Woods has a solid chance at The Open!
July 6, 2018
Julian Edelman can't beat the NFL & NBA Free Agency Madness Continues
Did Julian Edelman really think he could get his suspension reversed? If Tom Brady couldn't beat deflate-gate, there was no way the NFL would let Edelman off the hook. Terrell Owens does the wrong thing again and NBA Free Agency madness continues as the reaction to DeMarcus Cousins by other NBA teams is ridicuoulse!
July 5, 2018
Shock & Awe: Boogie Cousins Shocks the NBA & Signs with the Warriors
First LeBron joins the Lakers, then Demarcus shocks the NBA by signing with the Warriors for just $5.3 million - we cover both the local and national perspective of this deal. Plus a brief update on the world of Major League Baseball and nothing happened in the NFL today!
July 3, 2018
LeBron James Takes His Talents to the Los Angeles Lakers
Way to go Magic Johnson for pulling of signing the king for 4 years. Not only did the Los Angeles Lakers sign LeBron James, they also sign KCP, Lance Stephenson and Javale Mcgee from the Golden State Warriors. Over 1 billion dollars spent by NBA teams during the first 24 hours of NBA Free Agency and do you think Paul George regrets signing with OKC?
July 2, 2018
NBA Free Agency Prediction Ramblings
We cover all the major free-agency landing spots. Plus Nick Foles agrees to hold a clipboard for Carson Wentz and the Philadelphia Eagles!
June 30, 2018
Tony Romo actually said the Green Bay Packers are the team to beat in 2018!
Hard to believe Tony Romo really believes the Packers are the team to beat in 2018. Plus Adam Silver gets a contract extension to oversee the NBA through 2023/24 and Von Miller doesn't belong in the top 10 list of NFL players.
June 28, 2018
What is wrong with Vlade Divac? How does he still have his job with the Sacramento Kings?
What is wrong with Vlade Divac - how does he still have his job with the Sacramento Kings? Plus we cover the NBA Draft.
June 26, 2018
Kawhi Leonard is being ridiculous. Making MLB fun again - bring back PEDs.
Kawhi Leonard is being ridiculous and Bruce Bowen puts him in his place. The Atlanta Hawks win the NBA draft. Making MLB fun again - bring back PEDs and short review of the best action movie of the summer so far - The Incredibles 2.
June 23, 2018