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Actionable Safe Spaces™ with The Ratchet Sage™

Actionable Safe Spaces™ with The Ratchet Sage™

By Ebony L. Green, The Ratchet SageTM
Known as The Ratchet Sage™️, I'm Ebony L. Green of Authentic Distinction™️, where I help Authentically Distinct™️ and Neurodistinct folks develop deeper connections and impact in their life, career, and business without compromising their authenticity, desires, and values. This is my official podcast - the place where you can listen and learn about how to develop an Actionable Safe Space™️ for self for others.
Standing Out As A Coach
It’s hard for coaches to be seen, heard, or work in an industry as oversaturated as ours.  It’s like high school all over again; you’re one of many and no one is checking for you!  How to stand out, shine, and slay in this coaching game? Y’all know The Ratchet Sage™ is finna break it all down for you.  Listen, learn, and share!
August 26, 2022
You as a Unique, Rare Solution™.
You show up powerfully for yourself when you know, showcase, and impact with your Unique, Rare Solution™.  It is the foundation for your greatness in life, relationships, career, and business.  Come learn what a Unique, Rare Solution™ is, what it has to do with your authenticity and integrity, and how it relates to you having Actionable Safe Spaces™!
August 21, 2022
How to get clients when you are a new coach!
You can prove yourself to new clients when you have no or little experience. Getting new clients when you’re a new coach is not impossible. Listen and learn how!
August 13, 2022