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The Real Fight with Cynthia Conte

The Real Fight with Cynthia Conte

By Cynthia Conte
Whats up everyone, its your girl Cynthia Conte, and welcome to The Real Fight Podcast - an audio series dedicated to all things boxing, all things sports, and different topics that make you say oooooohhhh! Each week, I’ll be interviewing industry experts, athletes & dope people in a raw conversation with no filter to get their take on social topics, access to their own story and what’s their real fight within them. Tune in and stay subscribed!
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BOXRAW was founded by Ben Amanna in 2017, in which he believed  that boxing was more than just a rugged sport of fighting.  It was so much more.  BOXRAW is more than sportswear company in boxing that are rocked by many boxers from amateur standouts to world champions  to legendary pound-for-pound greats.  BOXRAW is a lifestyle.  Ben Amanna tells his his real fight & story with the birth of BOXRAW, his struggles, his desire where he wants to take his company in a very innovative manner and the overall vision with purpose and intent for BOXRAW.  Amanna even drops some exclusives that he's never told anyone before!
October 07, 2020
My interview covers Victor Conte’s rise as a nutrition consultant to Barry Bonds, Marion Jones, and other world-class athletes before it all came crashing down in the infamous BALCO raid in 2003. After serving time in prison, Conte found redemption, as he resumed his work in nutrition science and became a highly respected advisor to some of boxing’s brightest young stars. He’s also become an outspoken critic of the culture of PEDs in combat sports, completing a 180-degree turn from his notorious BALCO years. But Conte’s story is much more than BALCO and boxing. A scrappy athletic kid from the streets of Fresno, he was a standout on his high school track team before discovering a passion for music. Learning under the legendary jazz bassist Ray Brown, Conte began doing session work before he was recruited to be the bass player for the seminal funk band Tower of Power. Thereafter, he toured with the legendary jazz pianist Herbie Hancock. Nicknamed the "Walkin' Fish” for his distinctive head-swaying, roving style of performing onstage, Conte went on to record seventeen albums. After years of nonstop touring, Conte left music to spend time helping to raise his three daughters, then decided to pursue his longtime interest in the biosciences. He founded BALCO Laboratories in 1984 and began studying micronutrients, particularly minerals, and started working with competitive athletes. But sports had changed since Conte’s high school track days. Performance enhancing drugs (PEDs) had taken hold in the highest levels of professional competition. While Conte continued his legitimate—and effective—nutritional testing and counseling for his athletes, he learned that they would not be able to compete against the elite in their sport unless they took the leap into PEDs. Thus began the odyssey that led to the infamous BALCO scandal. Conte helped to develop a designer steroid that was undetectable by standard drug tests. This allowed his athletes to gain the advantages of doping—putting them on a level playing field with their enhanced peers—while protecting them from detection. Conte also took great pains to maintain constant vigilance of the health of his athletes to protect them as much as possible against side effects from PEDs. Throughout the entire rise and fall of BALCO, Conte zealously guarded his athletes—not only their health but their reputation and legal exposure. He strongly believed his athletes deserved to be able to compete on a level playing field. That commitment has not changed. Conte has used his extensive knowledge of PEDs to call out those in boxing who may be cheating against his current stable of world class fighters. Self-taught and self-made, Conte is a successful entrepreneur who created an innovative nighttime recovery product called ZMA, a zinc-based dietary supplement that has sold multi-millions all over the world for nearly two decades. In my special interview, I get to the heart of the issues that drove Victor Conte’s remarkable life journey and still motivate him today.  
July 20, 2020
Shawn Oakman's "SECOND CHANCES"
Shawn Oakman is a crazy talented athlete with huge dreams of playing for the NFL.  He has been chasing his dream of playing for the NFL since he was a child.  Oakman is not hard to locate on the field.  He is usually the tallest player on the field towering his opponents at 6'9", tackling and punishing his enemies will all of 280 pounds of pure muscle in with his signature "crop uniform jersey" top.  Graduating from Baylor University, playing defensive end for the Baylor Bears was not just a football team to him; they became his family.  Oakman was the number one pick for the 2015 NFL draft and was seen as a future star.  As fast as his name was up in lights to continue to purse his dreams, it quickly vanished and turned into a nightmare.  Oakman shares his story of his obstacles when he faced growing up, not able to speak, being placed in a foster home at a young age, going viral as the "Shawn Oakman" meme to fighting to clear his name of sexual assault charges, the aftermath of "3 years & 45 minutes," his future NFL dreams and his inspiring platform Open Obstacles.  This is the compelling & powerful real fight of the REBIRTH of SHAWN OAKMAN.
May 28, 2020
Arash Markazi's triumphant story "I WILL SURVIVE"
Arash Markazi is a well-known American sports journalist for the Los Angeles Times. His infectious smile & signature laugh always puts you in a happy mood.  Markazi has interviewed possibly every athlete as long as he's been a sports journalist. Ironically, one particular athlete he wrote about his battle with cancer became all too real. One year later, Markazi was diagnosed with the same type of cancer he researched & wrote about. He's a two-time cancer survivor that was diagnosed at such a young age when his dream jobs were all starting to come to fruition.  Instead of partying in his college years, he was in a hospital fighting for his life.  I take you on a journey through Markazi's life as he tells his story about his personal struggles of his cancer coming back, fear of dying, being inspired in losing over 130 pounds in one year because of an airline seatbelt,  his controversial sports articles on well-known athletes that made a lot of noise, Arnold  Schwarzenegger featuring him in "Muscle & Fitness" Magazine, his final in-person interview & conversations he had with the late & great Kobe Bryant. Get ready to laugh, cry, smile &  be inspired.
April 14, 2020
88th And Hustle: A Musical Journey Through Time with Bob Arum
Come celebrate 5 decades worth of stories with CEO and chairman of Top Rank Boxing, Bob Arum; as we take listeners for a musical journey and recall some of the greatest and iconic moments in boxing history. Buckle up, this is one podcast you don't want to scrub through.
April 03, 2020