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By Darlene Lewis
Darlene Lewis, author, tv and music producer speaks to legends of entertainment, innovative individuals and promotes great films,books, art and news events. Advertise on our Radio show and receive tv exposure and appear here. To learn more about obtaining FREE tv exposure when you advertise on radio show and podcast - Go to
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Michael Bullock, former emcee, producer, writer, is the manager of the legendary group Double Exposure who sings TEN PERCENT, AND MY LOVE IS FREE. Classic club banger that today's youth still crave. Check out their music, and learn about the newest author Stephen Hewitt and Tiffani Real.  Call into the show at (516) 453-9097. Want to advertise on our program? Go to and take advantage of our promotional services.  Commit to two months and receive tv exposure on Celebrity Showcase TV. 
June 21, 2022
The Legendary B Fats, creator of the Dance/Song THE WOP
Listen to the Wop here Not since the twist,  had the music industry seen such influence on the dance floor and on the radio.  When Hiphop artists made records that created dance moves, this new way of presenting music was extremely powerful. The most influential hiphop dance and song in the 80's was The Wop. Meet the creator of the dance and the song BFats. PREVIOUSLY RECORDED AT BLOGTALKRADIO.COM/HEARNOEVIL  WANT TO ADVERTISE, GO TO LITERARYLADIESBOOKTOUR.COM ADVERTISE AND ALSO RECEIVE PROMOTION ON 8 PLATFORMS INCLUDING CELEBRITY SHOWCASE TV - CLICK ON HERE 
December 13, 2021
The Legendary Smooth B - Life without Nice and Smooth
Talented multi faceted singer, lyricist, emcee Smooth B spends an evening chopping it up with author, producer Darlene Lewis. Learn about his writing for Bobby Brown, how he met his former group partner Greg Nice, and the collaborations he experienced while going Gold in his first solo release "Before". This is from the radio show Support this podcast by donating. Should you wish to advertise on Celebrity Showcase TV, here, or on the latest WHERE APP created by Darlene, email : Join the Literary Ladies/Lads Book Tour
October 03, 2021
Filmmaker Tina Boykin and author Gerald Eford-Quick on film and literature
GROWING up in the mean streets of Harlem, Gerald Eford-Quick, founder of Blackhood Productions, knows first hand how life can snatch you up and kick you to the curb. Having lived the life of a habitual felon was not the smartest way to live, but it taught Gerald how to survive. He honed his street skills and created a novel: Three Sisters, which is a filmmaker's dream. Three sisters tells the traumatic experiences of sisters in foster care who end up in the craziest circumstances. Gerald wrote this while being incarcerated. You can get his book at Tina Boykin, author, filmmaker is the founder of Deep Focus Films. Sne has helped numerous independent artists bring their visual concepts to life, and is now workng on her film that not only will show her unique skills, but will allow independent filmmakers, actors,  understand the importance of independent lens. Tina is part of the Literary Ladies/Lads Book Tour and her novel THE HOMEWRECKERS CLUB will be turned into a movie. Want to advertise visit JOIN THE TOUR - ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCT
October 03, 2021
An American Actor, a Director, Screenplay Writer, Executive Producer, TV Show Host, and multi-award winning Filmmaker Ka Zarr Coleman, launched his acting and entertainment career in the early 90's as a powerful young baritone vocalist performing in musical faith-based stage play productions and weekly TV dance shows throughout the DMV area. Since re-launching his acting career and passion for the arts in 2006, Ka Zarr began appearing and featured in numerous musicals and full-featured motion picture productions throughout MD, DC, VA, DE, NC and PA. Ka Zarr has starred in multiple TV Episodes of Investigative Discovery, TV Commercials, documentaries and feature film productions such as Turning Point, HBO Blackline series, Nocturnal Agony, Greencastle, Growing Up In Two Generations, Split Personality, Dance with My Father, Rising, Greencastle, His Faith, My Fire and GEHENNA just to highlight a few of more than 50 national and independent film and TV productions. In 2012 he launched his full-service film Production and casting company Ka Zarr Productions which later became Ka Zarr Entertainment, LLC. In addition, to Mr. Coleman's Impressive entertainment career, he has an extensive professional background of more than 24 years working In the Information Technology industry where he serves as a civil service Employee for the Department of Defense in Cyber Security recently earned him global recognition and the recipient of the Prestigious Doctor of Phycology in Humane Letters in 2014 for his years of distinguished philanthropist contributions. Today KA ZARR host, a month TV show, called KA ZARR'S Spotlight of the Month and filmed, produced and airing monthly on the Fairfax Public Access television station channel ten over Comcast, COX and Verizon network. ADVERTISE ON PODCAST click here - IMDb Mini Biography By: Ka Zarr Productions
August 15, 2021
Butter By Keba
Makeba Guilan Lloyd, Harlem-born native  New Yorker of Southern and Guyanese descent, began her professional career as a real estate associate specializing in newly constructed condominium sales.   However, after an educational tour through Egypt, she became inspired to learn about the art of perfumery and aromatherapy.  Makeba pursued her curiosity in the Natural Perfumery and Aromatherapy classrooms of the New York Open Center and the New York Institute of Aromatic Studies where she has received her Level 1 certification.  She later honed her skills at Pratt Institute under world renown perfumer Raymond Matts.  Makeba’s most recent educational credit is a certification in Ancient Egyptian Scents where Egyptologists Dora Goldsmith dives into and translates over 1000  references having to do with fragrance from the manuscripts of the Dynastic Periods of the Old and New Kingdoms .   Ms. Lloyd continues to grow her community of loyal customers organically while offering new products and fragrances. Butter By Keba specializes in blending classic memorable fragrances with a twist and infuses them in moisturizing body care formulas using  all natural   plant based ingredients.   Visit You will be so so satisfied.  ADVERTISE YOUR PRODUCTS ON THE WHERE APP - ON OUR RADIO PROGRAM and on tv program Celebrity Showcase TV
July 10, 2021
Dr. Steve Perry, Building Schools for Brilliant Minds
If you care about your child's education, you would be making sure they learn from individuals that are invested in their success. Dr. Steve Perry has ensured that all children not only get a great education, but that the graduation leads to higher learning... WHO IS TEACHING YOUR CHILDREN? To learn more about the brilliant scholar visit his site here
May 01, 2021
If you have more than one baby daddy do not criticize Derrick Jaxn's Wife
Haze on Haze, Facebook blogger, known for his prolific statements has gone in on why men cheat, and brought to the forefront about women that have more than one baby daddy.  These comments are based upon the discovery of relationship self-proclaimed guru Derrick Jaxn, who did a video confession with his wife. Many believe the woman was dumb for taking him back. Listen in as callers go in on why they would leave a relationship or if they decide to stay.  Advertise your products goods and services by registering asap by clicking on here Cash app $Darlene360  Call into the show. (516) 453-9097 gained popularity in 2012 after he started a blog about the missteps he made that led him to lose his college sweetheart, Jackson. After they reconciled, the couple started a family together and has made it a priority to share their relationship online. Jaxn has written several relationship advice books and posts videos encouraging men to step up and treat women right. Advertise with us  CONTAINS MUSIC BY KELTON PFUNK DAVIS, CURTIS MAYFIELD, STYLISTICS/DEXTER WANSEL
March 27, 2021
Greg Marius, creator of Rucker Park EBC, proclaims who invented the HARLEM SHAKE DANCE
Former member of Disco 4, and Commissioner and creator of the EBC celebrity basketball tournaments up in the legendary Harlem Rucker Park, Greg Marius talks with Darlene Lewis about the notoriety of the Harlem Shake, and who really created the dance. RIP GREG MARIUS  DONATE BY SENDING TO CASH APP $Darlene360   Advertise: and receive tv exposure - click here for further
February 13, 2021
Stephen knows how to make things easy and effective for the numerous Film/TV Executives, Business Executives and Record Labels that he works with throughout the world. As mentioned Stephen got his professional Start in Music with Sony Records Producing such acts as Mobb Deep, John Legend, Shyheim of Wu-Tang and several others. Stephen has now began creating his own feature films and Producing Albums for his Signed Artist through his Company. The Company is called SPOTLIGHT ENTERTAINMENT. The company specializes in Film & Music. The Company has Produced several Albums and Film Projects. The first film is called "ANGELS AROUND ME ". The movie was written by Stephen "Stix" Josey with the aide of some Hollywood veterans (Obba Babatunde and Conrad Glover). " ANGELS AROUND ME " was selected into the Philadelphia Independent Film Festival in 2012. The movie went on to win the award for "BEST FIRST TIME DIRECTOR". Stephen also is the Author of the book " ANGELS AROUND ME ". The book can be found at BARNES AND NOBLE today. Stephen has also Produced (THE AMERICAN FAMILY DREAMERS, THE HILLS, GANGLAND, WHO'S ON MY SIDE, TEMPORARY FILE) just to name a few films. This is a major accomplishment for a man with a rough start in life. Stephen is also a very versatile Actor as well. You can see Stephen Acting in other Productions such as " PATRIOTS DAY ", " SPENCER CONFIDENTIAL ", " PINCH ", " ORGANIC MAN ", " BLOOD RESERVOIR", " IF I TELL YOU " to name a few. Stephen has also Produced several TV shows for PBS/Central Florida. One of the shows is starring Michael Winslow who is one of the Stars of the " POLICE ACADEMY " Movie Series. Stephen also Produced another TV Show with veteran Hollywood Actor Renny Roker that started airing on PBS back in August of 2008. It showcased Teens gaining an education and developing their athletic strengths through playing Golf. The show is called "FROM TEE TO DEGREE". Stephen is Starring as MICHAEL HAUGHTON in this Movie " UNTOLD " The Aaliyah Story BACK & FORTH. Played by R&B Singer/Actress KALIYAH. The Movie is Directed by STEPHEN STIX JOSEY.
January 01, 2021
Literary Ladies Book Tour presents Author: Michelle Griffin-Carter
Tv producer/author Darlene Lewis chats with author Michelle Griffin-Carter, who is the creative genius behind the children's book,Whatcha Doin', Ivy Rayne?: The Window. This book was inspired by her youngest daughter, Ivy Rayne. While walking into her room,  Michelle saw Ivy busy pulling things apart and building them back together again. She asked "Whatcha doin', Ivy Rayne?" Ivy looked up at her mom with her bright eyes and said, "Oh, nothing, just being Ivy." Order her book now
December 17, 2020
Dexter Wansel - A Music Icon
Dexter Wansel chats with author/lyricist/tv producer Darlene Lewis on , on Celebrity Showcase TV and to discuss the music that inspired him, his humble beginnings and the future of his journey. Having been sampled by hiphop artists Kanye West, Little Wayne, J. Cole, Wiz Khalifah, The Lox, Little Kim and DMX, Ron Lawrence producer and working with all of the Philadelphia International recording artists has made Dexter's journey one filled with accolades and musical history. His music can also be heard in outer space.
December 13, 2020
Teri Woods The Queen of Urban Lit Talks about the publishing world and her book to movie: TRUE TO THE GAME
Darlene  Lewis speaks with Teri Wood about all of books, True to the Game, Dutch, her children's books as well as how difficult it was in the beginning of her self publishing experience. Listen as she gives a master class on how the publishing world has changed. Get her books now  Be a part of the Literary Ladies/Lads Book Tour register now
October 24, 2020
Ron Lawrence, the producer of Badboy Entertainment Production Team THE HITMEN - Part 2 of 2 Part Series
Super Producer/documentarian Ron Lawrence continues to reveal the hits that made Puffy a household name. Join he and Darlene Lewis as they break down the music industry and how producers are supposed to be paid. Get Ron's Book: Where I'm From : Growing up Hip-Hop click here
October 10, 2020
Part 1 of 2 part talk with Ron Lawrence of Badboy Hitmen, as he talks about working with Biggie, Faith, Salt and Pepa, Aretha Franklin
Ron Lawrence met Puffy aka PDiddy aka Puff Daddy, born Sean Jean Combs whicle attending Howard University. Known for his unique Beat making style, Ron Lawrence has produced timeless music as one of the Hitmen at Daddy's House, Puffy's house of producers.  Ron was first a DJ and became a produce. He was known also for being partnered with Ddot Angeletti. Listen to part 1 of a 2 part master class and bio of his musical career.
October 09, 2020
Celebrity Realtor Melissa Grant Master Class for the New Home Owner
Melissa Thomas Grant, realtor, enjoys the life that entertainment has given her as artist MelsoulTree. However, she has taken on the real estare industry and gathered enough skills to sell homes to first time buyers and real estate investors. With an eye on detail, she presents step by step route for the layman who does not know the ins and outs of home ownership. Enjoy the Master Class and do support her artistic endeavors when she is on tour with the legendary Phil Spectre group, The Crystals... Cash app $Darlene360 Want to reach a broader customer base? Inquire about advertising on this and other episodes. Order our Merchandise here
September 26, 2020
Creatives during Corona - Business owner Janifor Wilson
The Corona Virus (Covid-19) has affected the lives of many worldwide. America's industries. have suffered and families have found themselves separated due to social distancing and death. Artists are no longer able to earn a living the way they did in the past. Many have had to find alternate ways to express their art. We spoke to one business owner, Janifor Wilson, who  is the owner of SISTERS UPTOWN BOOKSTORE, which is located in New York City's legendary landmark of Harlem. Listen as Darlene and Janifor discuss how books are now being promoted.   Contact show producer  Donate to show Cash App $Darlene360
September 26, 2020