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The Sachin Sharma Show | Marketing | Business | Life

The Sachin Sharma Show | Marketing | Business | Life

By Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma is the brother of adventure sports filmmaker, A Pro-MMA fighter turned Mountaineer now a Social Media Marketer and Founder of Foxy Media. Here he will be interviewing top industry experts about there story and their skill and how we can master that skill in a short period.
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Post Internet Era Sales Mastery FT. Vinod Mehra
Vinod Mehra sir is an international business development leader, having around 35 years of experience. He is the founder of Neev consultancy and a startup evangelist. In this episode, we are gonna talk about how you can master sales with the help of the internet & how to handle modern objections during this process.  Instagram : @therealsachinsharma / vinodmehra59
February 14, 2020
The Pursuit of Power Ft Mannan R. Dattah
Mannan R. Dattah is the Founder of the leading Martial Arts gym chain in the country. A Global Choice Award winner and he also featured in prominent media platforms like BBC and Aaj Tak. In this podcast, he will be talking about : How to master self-awareness The importance of POWER and how you can achieve that state. Depression is a message that is your mind sending to you Master your negative energy and use that energy to reach a higher level Insta Id : @therealsachinsharma / mannan.dattah
February 02, 2020
From Self-Employed to Serial Entrepreneur Ft. Keshave Lal
ABOUT SPEAKER Mr Keshave Lal is India’s Leading Business & Peak Performance Guru, Bestselling Author and Mentor to many Top Entrepreneurs. He started his career when he was only 17 year old due to financial issues and his belief to do something extraordinary and purposeful in life.  In his 10 years of career in various organizations and at various positions, he always longed for a mentor who could help him to build an extraordinary life and business, but when he couldn’t find one, he decided to embark on a journey into training industry with the determination to become that mentor himself. To become more impactful with his training and create powerful results for his clients he went on to read 500 books in first two years of his training career, personally attended dozens of training & seminar, interviewed 60+ Millionaires, Authored a Book. Being a firm believer in God and a seeker, he has read Bhagavad Gita, Bible, Quran, Guru Granth Sahib and many Upanishads. He studies human & business behaviour, as to how they play a huge role in business growth, financial growth and optimum performance. His training is focused on “Business Training/Coaching, Leadership Training & Personal Power” which is life-transforming for every entrepreneur. Insta Id : @therealsachinsharma / @keshavelal_official
January 19, 2020
Why I dumped government job to pursue Social Entrepreneurship Ft. Rohit Sharma.
An engineer turned Network Marketer now a Social Entrepreneur, He owns two Social Entrepreneurship firms and Founder of Moxecution club. In this podcast, we will be discussing on how to build better relationships & core team. Insta Id : @therealsachinsharma / @aapkarohitsharma                         
January 09, 2020
Introduction to The Sachin Sharma Show
Hello guys, This is Sachin Sharma brother of adventure sports filmmaker, A Pro MMA fighter turned mountaineer now a Social Media  Marketer and Founder of Foxy Media. In This podcast, we will be bringing industry top experts to share there story and skill and how we can master that skill in a short period.
January 01, 2020