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What Do I Do Now?

What Do I Do Now?

By Samuel Sirmons
This isn't just a podcast, it's an honest & open discussion centered around a single question, "What Do I Do Now?" From life changes in our personal lives to our career paths, we are going to be met with adversity, but how do we navigate through it? Through the various guests, I hope to bring more clarity on how we all can manage, maintain, even grow during these difficult times.
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OWNERSHIP ft. Sam Sirmons
The first season couldn't end after ACCOUNTABILITY. Its only through OWNERSHIP can you fully close prior chapters and move forward. This episode gave me all types of feelings, but I'm proud of the product. To have culminate the end of the first season with my own story is something I didn't originally envision, but it's preparing me for the next chapters of my life. And, I'm being public with this part of my personal life. My ups and downs. My wins and my biggest losses. I hope you take something away from this episode like any other episode I've produced since last September. Another special thank you to Kyree Shockley for moderating and asking the questions that made me look deep inside myself for truth. And, I'm not done with the podcast series. I'll be back in April 2021 kicking off the new season. I can be reached through my social media platforms, @therealsix5.
March 5, 2021
What Do I Do Now? ACCOUNTABILITY ft. Sam Sirmons
It's the end of a season.......or is it? This project has taken me many places personally and I've been able to have conversations with my peers as well as icons in my field. But, with all the streams, feedback, and 10 years of professionally working in radio, I wasn't ready for the places the season finale was going to take me. After taking the nod from Ryan Cameron, I decided to interview myself at the mid-season break top of the year, entitled HALFTIME. And, I knew I would need to pick up where that episode left off. So, the setting starts in 2015 and it continues on. This episode will be moderated by a prior guest, Kyree Shockley, a sister in more ways than I could ever explain and she takes me down memory lane with several stops along the way from a perspective I never had. There's been plenty of discussions over the course of our friendship, but never one as raw as this one.
March 2, 2021
This is the episode before the season finale. I can't believe I made 24 episodes for the world. And, in the journey, I was able to talk to amazing people from all walks of life that gave insight on their lives, careers, and so much more. In this compilation, I was able to take moments from earlier episodes with Gump, Cat Polivoda, Ashley Gonzalez, Rashan Ali, Kirsten White, Brad Gray, Brandon Pope, Collins Pettaway, Scooter, & Ryan Cameron. Thank you to ALL of my guests this season & on March 2nd, I will be bringing myself to my podcast in a very intimate way. Stay tuned, take a listen to these moments, & revisit their episodes!
February 23, 2021
#TheFollowUp ft. Collins Pettaway III
In a part two of my interviews with my guests from the #WhatDoIDoNow podcast, #TheFollowUp, I get to catch up with COllins Pettaway III (@cp3_820) about the impeachment proceedings, the Fulton Co. DA starting her case against Trump, renaming of buildings/schools/landmarks in the current climate, & what Black History means to us moving towards the future. Take the time to enrich your personal worth in this episode. 
February 16, 2021
What Do I Do Now? HOPE ft. Vincent Quarles
This episode is one that required more time than usual because I hadn't spoken to this person in well over 10 years. But, this person shaped me from a distance throughout time and I am grateful to be able to talk with him about basketball, life, and the journey he has been on since 2012. The beauty in this is that it's still a story being written every day. Please enjoy hearing, understanding, & ultimately learning from Vincent "Scooter" Quarles. 
February 9, 2021
What Do I Do Now? HOMETOWN ft. Brandon Wood
In this episode, I get to talk humble beginnings with a former opponent turned teammate on the hardwood into a lifelong brother in Brandon Wood. From AAU tournaments to the NCAA tournament, Wood has always put on a show. But, it's his giveback, especially in Kokomo, Indiana that has left the impact that many will feel from years to come. We dive into a lot of great memories from our younger years into Brandon's current path that has him playing professionally abroad. To reach Brandon on social media, you can follow him at @BrandonWood30 on Twitter & Instagram as well as his foundation on Facebook, 
February 2, 2021
#TheFollowUp ft. Shaheed Dent
After the HERO episode of #WhatDoIDoNow, I was able to catch up with Shaheed Dent (@heed_this) about what life has been life for him after January 3rd of this year, what changes he would like to see, & countless other topics that will renew your faith. It's worth the listen & truly one of the best episodes to date.
January 25, 2021
What Do I Do Now? SERVICE ft. Collins Pettaway III
In this episode, I talk with the proud son of Selma, Alabama A&M, and leader in public service of the South, Collins Pettaway III. Collins has an interesting journey that's filled with life lessons as well as inspiration to pick you up wherever you are at in your personal journey through life. Topics that are covered in this episode include: his alma mater, his pursuit of his career that made way for his current passion, understanding his own path/personal journey, the 2020 Senate Runoff Election, the late John Lewis, his family's legacy of being a servant to the public, and his future plans in politics. You can reach Collins on his personal website,, follow him on his social media platforms; @cpettaway3 on Facebook & Twitter, @cp3_820 on Instagram. Be on the lookout for his upcoming podcast titled, "The Black Constitution" that can be streamed on multiple platforms at 
January 18, 2021
What Do I Do Now? - HERO ft. Shaheed Dent
On January 3rd, Shaheed Dent was just trying to show a co-worker the city of Atlanta, his home all his life. Little did he know he wouldn't have an ordinary Sunday to start off the year. His viral video has been seen hundreds of thousands of times and has been heralded as the "Hero With The Hugs." Since the video has been released, there are negative stories that have attempted to surface to diminish his good name. Shaheed talks about his act of courage on the latest episode of "What Do I Do Now?" Shaheed can be reached on social media, @heed_this on Instagram and @shaheeddent on Twitter.
January 11, 2021
What Do I Do Now? - HALFTIME w/ Sam Sirmons
The podcast took a break. Unannounced. Undisclosed. And it wasn't fair to the listeners. I'm going to share what happened in December 2020 as well as what's to come in 2021. This episode is the mid-season finale for the first season and the first half of my personal journey through life. I give roses to many people that helped along the way & today's episode is dedicated to my grandmother, Carrie Sirmons, who would have celebrated her 87th birthday today.
January 5, 2021
What Do I Do Now? - HEALTH ft. Ryan Cameron
This is a special edition episode because I get to talk with someone that I am grateful to work with every weekday afternoon in Atlanta. For #BlackFriday, I get to talk to Georgia Radio Hall Of Famer, 2x Emmy Award winner, only Black in-game announcer for two major sports franchises (Atlanta Hawks & Atlanta Falcons), Ryan Cameron. He's been referenced in several earlier episodes with other guests and he joins me on this episode to talk about his health battle earlier this year, his Ryan Cameron Foundation health fair on Saturday, November 28th, and what made him choose me to be his producer as a board operator. Plenty to dive into and unpack, but make sure you are following him on his social media platforms: @doitfortheryan on Instagram, @ryancameron on Twitter, Ryan Cameron Show on Facebook, & download his free Ryan Cameron app on Google Play or App Store. Please enjoy the latest episode of #WhatDoIDoNow?
November 27, 2020
What Do I Do Now? - GIFTS ft. Rashan Ali
To be able to call someone you admire a true friend is a blessing, but when your friend steps up in ways you never knew you needed, during one of the most difficult times, you are forever indebted. Rashan Ali is a powerhouse in so many different areas & has been able to share her gifts locally as well as nationally. In this episode, we discuss her craft developing in several areas of media broadcasting, our bond with Ryan Cameron, being a mother, what Atlanta means to her, & even get to talk about the hometown Atlanta Falcons. You can follow her at @rashanali on all her social media platforms to connect with her.
November 17, 2020
#TheFollowUp w/ Cat Polivoda. 11/8/2020.
This is the live podcast episode with @catpolivoda to continue an incredible conversation about a small business navigating through several changes in her own life due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, we discussed new innovations she's come up with her business, what it was like to get to the next level as a business owner, and the election that has been called for the President of the United States. Please make sure you check out her shop, @cakeplussize, her podcast, @matteroffatpod, & her journey representing the plus size community, women entrepreneurs, & a champion for all walks of life.
November 9, 2020
What Do I Do Now? EVOLVE ft. Ashley Gonzalez
This episode is one that follows the journey of a Bay Area native & LA resident, Ashley Gonzalez, on how she moved from her anxiety from her occupation to her current triumphs as a social media account manager maven. We cover more than just her rise to the mountain she's conquered, we discuss upbringings, relationships, & the balance you look for between your craft & companionship. You can follow her on social media, @ashleysayshello, if she lets you. Enjoy the latest installment from the WDIDN podcast.
November 2, 2020
What Do I Do Now? SELF-MADE ft. Cat Polivoda
Another Monday brings a new episode of "What Do I Do Now?" In 2020, small business owners are sinking, treading water, or swimming. And the discussion guest I have in this episode has built an ship that is keeping a lot of people, including herself, safe & secure from being fish food. Cat Polivoda has been on the forefront of body positivity, brand building, and inspiring the next generation of women to blaze the next trail with her business, Cake Plus Size Resale (@cakeplussize). In this episode, you'll learn about the beginning stages and growing pains, all the way to the present day operations & her bright future. Cat is also a co-host of her own podcast, "Matter Of Fat" (@matteroffatpod/ & you can follow her at @catpolivoda on all social media.
October 26, 2020
What Do I Do Now? ELEVATE ft. Kirsten White, Kyree Shockley, & Brad Gray
This episode is one that is special because it's the first episode with MULTIPLE guests. From our time in Muncie, Indiana, Kirsten White, Kyree Shockley, Brad Gray, & myself all found our way to Atlanta to change our circumstances. Listen to what our journeys have looked like and where we are headed.
October 19, 2020
#TheFollowUp w/ Brandon Pope. 10/17/2020
This is another installment from the #WhatDoIDoNow podcast with @bpopetv. This is the second & video interview I do with guests titled #TheFollowUp. Talking with Brandon in this episode features Bama/UGA game, the moderators during the political season, ups/downs working in media, & LeBron James' 4th NBA title. You can see Brandon on @thejamtvshow and follow him on social media, @bpopetv. Please check out his episode, PERSEVERE, on my podcast.
October 19, 2020
What Do I Do Now? - PERSEVERE ft. Brandon Pope
In this episode, I get to have an incredible dialogue with a former college peer who has turned into an established media journalist/TV personality, Brandon Pope. We tackle his transition from small market to large market, the "imposter syndrome", the learning curve from college into a professional setting, a career defining moment with interviewing Kanye West in Chicago, & even shares a personal Kobe Bryant memory from the 2012 Olympic Games. This is an incredible insight on a strong resume in such a short amount of time. You can follow Brandon every weeknight on The JAM Show on Chicago's CW26 or on his social media, @bpopetv. Enjoy this new episode of "What Do I Do Now?"
October 12, 2020
#TheFollowUp w/ Bre Singleton. 10/11/2020
This is the next installment of #TheFollowUp from my podcast, What Do I Do Now? We talk sports & ALL the headlines this episode including Falcons, Lakers/Heat Game 6, WNBA Finals, Braves/Dodgers NLCS preview, & Hawks/Dream predictions. Def make sure you check out this episode and more! Follow Bre on her social media: @bre_singleton & her non-profit, @freegameprogram!
October 12, 2020
What Do I Do Now? - INNOVATE ft. Neima Abdulahi
Another Monday, another episode of "What Do I Do Now?" This episode's special guest is multimedia journalist & personality, Neima Abdulahi. From East Africa to East Atlanta, there's no one in her lane & she explains in deep detail in this episode why that's the case. You can follow her (@neimerdreamer) as well as her podcast (@theappealunfiltered) on Instagram.
October 5, 2020
What Do I Do Now? - CROSSOVER ft. Bre Singleton
The podcast continues with a conversation centered around a life choice after college, particularly with going from being a scholar athlete on the court to a professional in the workforce. And the podcast welcomes an award winning & former Point God for the Univ. Of West Georgia, Bre Singleton. You can follow her on social media at @bre_singleton & her new non-profit initiative, @freegameprogram on Twitter. It's the 3rd episode of What Do I Do Now.
September 28, 2020
#TheFollowUp with Gump. 9/25/2020
After hearing the first episode, there were plenty of questions that were left unanswered. This is the Instagram Live interview that will follow each episode, which gives the topic time to unfold in different directions than before. Here is the first edition of “The Follow Up” with Gump.
September 26, 2020
What Do I Do Now? - LOVE ft. Gump
This premiere episode dials into love, but not in the sense of finding it. We all have interpretation of it, but why not talk about what's underneath the surface of being a wife & mother's understanding, her thought process, and ultimately where she is present day? This is where I'll start this season. You can follow Gump on her social media at @GumptionRaw on Twitter & visit her website, Until next Monday, enjoy this dialogue.
September 21, 2020