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The ReCo Podcast

The ReCo Podcast

By Danling Xiao
What's the new way of living and doing business? I dream about all of us collaborate, exchange and grow together. This show is for social entrepreneurs. It’s about the stories from building ReCo and the wisdom I've discovered from the journey. If you share the same dream, this is the show for you.
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#002: How did ReCo pivot to delivering grocery during COVID-19?

The ReCo Podcast

#002: How did ReCo pivot to delivering grocery during COVID-19?

The ReCo Podcast

#003: My wellbeing journey in the past five years
I wondered, can our wellbeing and economy grow hand-in-hand together? What I have learnt in the past five years, the answer is yes. Prioritise our wellbeing, everything else will follow. I believe wellbeing should be the most prioritised aspect in every entrepreneur. In this episode I shared my wellbeing journey in the past five years and the wisdom I've learnt from this journey. Hope you find something useful from it! 
May 8, 2020
#002: How did ReCo pivot to delivering grocery during COVID-19?
In this episode I share the insights of my exciting collaboration with Michelle from Cafe 0.6. We’ve just launched an online grocery delivery service this week, as a response to the current COVID-19 condition.  It only took us two weeks to put everything together. But the whole thing didn’t come easily for me initially. In this episode I talked about my initial reaction from my subconscious, alignment with Michelle's values and beliefs, and the growth mindset about money in such challenging times.  I hope you enjoyed this episode and learnt something useful. If you live in Sydney CBD, the inner city and the inner west, we would love your support! You can now order Michelle’s fruit and veggie box with add-ons, from ReCo's website,  For every box, 5% of the profit goes to Youth Off The Streets who is also in Alexandria. If you can, chip in a small donation on the website too. All the donations will help provide the essentials to the young people, who unfortunately don’t have a safe home to go to at these times. I hope you nourish yourself with lots of good food and rest. Thanks for listening and I will see you in two weeks!
April 14, 2020
March 28, 2020
March 28, 2020
#001: How does ReCo deal with the COVID-19 pandemic?
The  COVID-19 pandemic has put a pause on so many activities in the world  right now. How does the pandemic impact on ReCo as a sustainability  startup? What have I done to get ReCo prepared? In this very first  episode, I am excited to share with some of the techniques and wisdom I've learnt over the years that allow me to prepare ReCo for such an unprecedented event. This episode is perfect for anyone who has been planning to embark a new journey in 2020.
March 25, 2020