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By Beckett Leone
Listen to a young adult read some strange and funny Reddit stories to you. No matter where you are, never miss a funny thing from Reddit!
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#25 - War and Pandemic - aTale of Two EVents
Today, we talk about how one historical event may be different within different communities, and how valid is it to comare and contrast two different world events. Pandemics and wars, while different, may have some similarity, and this will be our focus. Also, we compare the experiences of different (example) families within the pandemic--one historical event. Also meet Pidgie the Pigeon. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
March 31, 2020
#24 - Math Major Problems, Something Secret, and Format Change
As you can see, the title format is different now. I thought about this during the unannounced sudden hiatus. Anyways, today we talk about mathematics majors dealing with laypeople not understanding what is going on. Trust me, we don't understand too. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 29, 2020
# 23 - TIFU by reading my toddler a lift the flap book
A lazy-ish episode tbh because school sucks. Anyways a toddler was convinced that knives are necessary to read. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 22, 2020
What are some primary examples of fans of something completely missing the point of said thing?
Irony is cruel, and fans are, too. From the "relationship goals" of DC Universe, to the ice bucket challenge, to fictional CEOs, to modern politics, we cover topics of varying degrees, including side-rants about traffic, again. These "race drivers" never fail to disappoint. From this episode on, if explicit warning reason isn't stated, it's more or less just for swearing. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 21, 2020
What's something you swore you'd never be into that you are now mildly obsessed with?
I read off AskReddit again, this time about a bird watcher, a Sims player, and a Dungeons and Dragons player. I talk a bit about each, including an elaborate story about the Sims story I created the summer before college. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 20, 2020
To Infinity And Beyond - Hospital workers of Reddit, what's your best "stuck in the butt" story?
From Buzz Lightyear dolls, headless barbies, pearls, to a whole 17 inch laptop, we take a "deep dive" into what people have put up their bottoms before. Explicit NSFW warning for this one. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 19, 2020
What is a common misconception about your line of work?
What do we really know about the various career industries? Not a lot, as it turns out. And I go on a mini rant or two. Also, I start advertising my Patreon again. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 18, 2020
TIFU by blocking an entire airspace well[while] talking about my sexual experience with a girl (no NSFW content)
Join me at the mile-high club as we talk about the experiences of a pilot and his friend, who accidentally broadcasted his sex life to an entire airspace of pilots. Whether the others were hobbyist or professional, we'll never know. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 17, 2020
How The Turns Tabled - I answer some AskReddit questions
'Tis the middle of the season! This time, I answer some questions on AskReddit, as opposed to the usual reading of answers that I do. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 16, 2020
What's the biggest brain fart you've had?
What's the word for the choo choo engine? How do you pronounce that word E-yes? I answer that and more in today's episode. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 15, 2020
What was the wildest thing that happened in your school?
Pack your bags and get ready for pranks and mayhem! At least that's how it is for these students, from church wine to weed grown using hydroponics. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 14, 2020
Weirdest facts from r/AskReddit - Short
I read some weird facts that people have shared on AskReddit. Shorter episodes indefinitely due to volcanic activity in my country, and me having asthma. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 13, 2020
o TIFU by breaking my phone and getting lost for hours.
Don't be too dependednt on GPS for directions, as we learn from this guy (and me) who got lost at night for hours.  Short episode due to me feeling uneasy due to a recent volcanic eruption near me, Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 12, 2020
What's your million dollar idea that you wish someone else would make happen because it never will if left up to you?
Redditors share some ideas for the masses, from car gnomes o a catbed Roomba attachment. Also important announcements about scheduling. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 11, 2020
D&D players, what was the NAT20 that made your DM facepalm?
Playing Dungeons and Dragons is fun, even more so with impossible natural 20s. Though I do talk about that part later. From performing bards to murderous Minotaurs, listen to the funniest answers to this r/AskReddit question. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 10, 2020
When you're lying[sic] in bed at night, do you ever randomly remember some embarrassing stuff you said and beat yourself up over it? If so, what happened?
Redditors from all over tell stories of the embarrassing moments in their life that haunt them at night. A side-story of a guy and his crush also gets featured, aka a failed high school love story. And we cap off with some sound advice for people with these haunting moments. Also this is the ep that I slightly experimented with GarageBand. so sorry if audio sounds weird. Here are some links: Spotify: Patreon: Website:
January 09, 2020
r/NameNerds: Miss America's misfortunes, Corals, and more.
I delve into a subreddit about people's names and other people's opinions about it. We learn of the misfortunes of America (a person), and names as billboards for advocacies (and fandoms)
January 08, 2020
What's the most common misconception about the country you're from?
Today, we read a small AskReddit thread about the stereotypes that some countries have. From riding kangaroos to work or school to religious makeup and customs, major stereotypes are mentioned, and with some input, too.  Twitter: @theredditor_twt Patreon: Facebook: The Redditor Podcast
January 07, 2020
TIFU by not wanting to die a little too much
Reading and watching TV are good hobbies, but what happens when you are put in a real minor situation and too it too far? Listen in on a story of a person who thought that the house as on fire--literally. Follow my twitter at @theredditor_twt Patreon page coming soon! Stay tuned for more.
January 06, 2020
r/LifeProTips: Reading Through some Life Pro Tips to save us
Just recently moved back to Manila for the next term (semester). I'll be reading through some tips that can get us to live our best lives, with some important ones like one about living near a wildfire, and one about finding the Windows Clipboard.  Not much else goes on in this one, but maybe there'll be more fun in the next episode!
January 05, 2020
911 operators of reddit, what was the most annoying/insensitive prank call you had to deal with?
u/je5bian addressed he 911 operators (and related people) on Reddit in r/AskReddit 7 months ago about annoying or insensitive prank calls. The worst case was a pretend shooter that eventually led to the operator quitting. Where are the parents?" you ask? Well another operator chews out someone's mom, and some more peculiar stories. What about you, how would you convince someone that a turkey yeeted into your car window is not a prank?
January 04, 2020
r/WW3: World War 3? Reddit reacts (ft r/PewdiepieSubmissions, and Twitter)
It's the 3rd day of the decade. Major events have happened that are now seeming to boil into world tension, but how does Reddit react? With a subreddit, and memes, of course.Today's short episode summarizes what happened in a vey layman way, and random quips like, what is the safest country to go to? and an important announcement at the end.
January 03, 2020
Unraveling r/VXjunkies: A satiric parody like never before
This episode aims to unmask what is going on in r/VXjunkies, a subreddit that has various Redditors scratching their heads over the years. We delve deep into Reddit's archives to find out what exactly is going on, and why? From a 70s video to a tech version of SCP Foundation, what theory of that sub's birth holds the most ground? ft a mini-rant on that one technobabble scene from Avengers: Endgame
January 02, 2020
TIFU by watching Good Boys on an airplane and almost causing an emergency landing
Visit u/FruitOfTheVineFruit's Journey of watching comedy on a plane, only for his recently healed whooping cough to relapse. Also a little brain fart goes a long way.
January 01, 2020
Happy new year 2020!
A bonus episode to greet everyone a happy new year! smgoBCU7KWmIs1cfY1e3
December 31, 2019
Reddit, what is the dumbest thing you've ever heard an adult say?
Come join us in reading the dumbest things that Redditors have heard adults say. From r/AskReddit
December 30, 2019