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The Red Tunic Podcast

The Red Tunic Podcast

By Link
Nostalgia can be a very powerful thing; It can bring back strong memories that transport us to a happier and better time. I aim to speak to anyone and everyone about their nostalgia to best defend from burning out and try to capture the magic that can bring such joy by talking to anyone and everyone about what they love about video games.

So join me as I talk to those related to the industry for conversations about their favorite games, how they got into the industry, and other positive topics and questions related to the industry!
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Episode 35 - Conversation with Bruno Beaudoin, creator of Nightmare Reaper at Blazing Bit Games
In this episode I speak with Bruno Beaudoin from Blazing Bit Games, creator of Nightmare Reaper Start - 6:45 - Intro 6:45 - 16:00 - We talk about how Bruno got into the gaming industry 16:00 - 31:00 - We talk about Bruno's favorite game as a child, Blood. As well as his revisiting of an old favorite Daggerfall. 31:00 - 37:30 - We talk about what it is that make games enjoyable to Bruno 37:30 - 47:30 - Bruno talks about kind of games he enjoys or plays to relax such as Subnautica and Vampire Masquerade 47:30 - 53:00 - We talk about what Bruno likes to do outside of playing and making games 53:00 - End - Wrap Up Check Nightmare Reaper out on Steam at Check out Nightmare Reaper on Twitter at Check out Nightmare Reaper on the GOG store at Join the official Discord at
May 09, 2022
Episode 34 - Conversation with Anton Hand, VR Dev at Rust LTD, creative lead of Hot Dogs, Horsehoes & Hand Grenades
In this episode I speak with Anton Hand, VR Dev, one of the creators of Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades (H3VR). Start - 4:00 - Intro 4:00 - 7:45 - Anton asks the hard question of "Why hotdogs?" 7:45 - 17:30 - We talk about how Anton got started in the industry starting with modelling and older VR. 17:30 - 23:45 - Anton shares a little advice to get into the industry based on his experiences for 3D Arts with games 23:45 - 34:00 - We talk about why Descent 2 was his favorite game as a child and how all of that sort of bled into aspirations/inspired and such for H3VRs design principles and what not 34:00 - 47:00 - We talk about Escape from Tarkov, a game that Anton enjoys that he feels doesn't get enough credit/attention. Inevitably leading to a discussion about the game philosophy that focuses more on letting you, the player do whatever you would like. 47:00 - 54:30 - I find out what kind of game Anton would make if money and time weren't a concern 54:30 -  - Anton talks outside hobbies and what he enjoys unrelated to gaming. Check out Anton on Twitter at Check H3VR out on Steam at Check out Anton and the other Rusties (As he put it!) at
April 25, 2022
Episode 33 - Conversation with Chandana Ekanayake - Co-founder and creative director of Outerloop Games; makers of Falcon Age and Thirsty Suitors
In this episode I speak with Chandana Ekanayake; Co-Founder, studio and creator director of Outerloop Games and makers of Falcon Age and the upcoming Thirsty Suitors Start - 06:45 - Intro 06:45 - 16:30 - Chandana talks about how he got into the industry via architecture digital renders/modelling and getting his start at Bethesda 16:30 - 27:00 - Chandana talks about why Metroid and Legend of Zelda were his favorite games as a child, moving on to how the Lucasarts Full Throttle game inspired him to want to get into making games. We jump off of there while talking about other enjoyed games and genres. 27:00 - 35:00 - We talk about what Chandana enjoys about games now. 35:00 - 53:00 - We talk about what Chandana enjoys doing outside of playing/making video games. Coaching sports with his kids, wine tasting, and anime (We spend a lot of time talking about anime...) 53:00 - End - We talk a little more about the upcoming game Thirsty Suitors prior to wrapping up Check Chandana out on Twitter at Check out Outerloop Games on Twitter at Check out Falcon Age on Steam at or via their site with more info on where you can purchase it at Wishlist Thirsty Suitors on Steam at
April 11, 2022
Episode 32 - Conversation with David Szymanski, creator of Dusk, the upcoming Iron Lung as well as several other self published and developed games, contributor to Dread XP and upcoming Gloomwood
In this episode I speak with David Szymanski, creator of Dusk, Iron Lung, contributor to Dread XP, Gloomwood, and several other projects. Start - 7:00 - Introductions 7:00 - 34:00 - David shares how and where he got his start as well as advice he might give based on his experiences 34:00 - 40:30 - David talks about how his favourite game is Myst. We then spend some time talking about Myst 40:30 - 48:00 - I ask David if immersive sims are some of the things he enjoys about games which bridges into discussion of immersive sims as well as slav-jank games 48:00 - 52:00 - David talks about what he enjoys doing outside of making games. We also bridge into discussing children and [bad] parenting advice. 52:00 - End - Wrap up Check out the End of Dyeus game David mentioned at Check out Iron Lung via Steam at To get more info on Gloomwood, check out Dillon Rogers at or via the Steam page at Check New Blood out on Twitter at or via Steam at Check David out on Twitter at Check out David's entire Steam catalog via his creator page at
March 28, 2022
Episode 31 - Conversation with Airdorf, DreadXP contributor, horror developer, and developer of FAITH
In this episode I speak with Airdorf, horror game developer, and currently developing the upcoming FAITH trilogy Start - 03:30 - Introductions 03:30 - 25:30 - I talk to Airdorf about how and why he got into making horror video games as well as video games in general 25:30 - 33:00 - Airdorf gives some indie dev advice based on his own experiences. 33:00 - 46:00 - We start talking about the internet and how its changed since we've started using it. 46:00 - 54:00 - We talk about why Links Awakening was Airdorf's favourite game as a child 54:00 - 01:07:31 - We talk about what Airdorf does outside of playing and making games and transition into talking about horror games. 01:07:31 - End - Wrap-up Check Airdorf out on Twitter to keep up to date with them and their game Check out New Blood Interactive, the upcoming FAITH publisher on Twitter at Try the demo and check out the FAITH store page on Steam at Also check out AirDorf's Itch page for more games and collaborations they've worked on at Feel free to reach out to Airdorf at his e-mail (Listen to the ending to around 01:08:30. Want to protect against bots)
March 14, 2022
Episode 30 - Conversation with Henry Faber, founder and community manager of non-profit coworking space Gamma Space
In this episode I speak with Henry Faber, founder and community manager of Gamma Space Start - 18:30 - Introductions and more about Gamma Space and how it came to be 18:30 - 50:00 - We talk about the Toronto gaming scene and the indie scene in general as well the importance of inclusiveness in the industry 50:00 - 01:13:00 - We talk about a game that Henry enjoys to relax 01:13:00 - 01:19:00 - I give Henry the floor to talk more about things he feels matters 01:19:00 - End - Wrap up Check out Gamma Space on Twitter at and directly on their site at Christine Loves Get in the Car Loser on Steam at or on Itch.IO at The Artful Escape on Steam Check Henry out on Twitter at Check out the Weird Ghosts fund at
February 28, 2022
Episode 29 - Conversation with Lu Nascimento, art-director and co founder at Bunnyhug
In this episode I speak with Lu Nascimento, art director and co-founder at Bunnyhug Start - 8:00 - Introductions 8:00 - 27:30 - We talk about how Lu got into working on games and what advice she may give to those seeking to get into the field based on her experiences. 27:30 - 38:00 - We talk about Lu's favourite game as a child and why it was her favourite game. This inevitably leads to talking about Pokemon and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons. 38:00 - 45:00 - We talk about what Lu's comfort game is, and what it is that makes it her comfort game. 45:00 - 58:00 - We talk about how Lu enjoys gaming now and what makes those games enjoyable 58:00 - End - Wrap Up Check Lu out on Twitter at Check out Moonglow Bay on Twitter at Check out Bunnyhug Games on Twitter at Pick Moonglow Bay up on Steam or Epic or XBox Games Check out the Moonglow Bay publisher, Coatsink for more cool games at
February 14, 2022
Episode 28 - Conversation with Zach Soares, artist for Moonglow Bay
In this episode I speak with Zach Soares, co-founder for Bunnyhug, and creative director on Moonglow Bay Start - 08:45 - Introductions 08:45 - 16:45 - Zach talks about how he got into developing and making video games and talk more about voxel art and voxel systems 16:45 - 23:45 - We talk about what kind of advice Zach can share with those looking to get into the industry based on his experiences 23:45 - 32:45 - We talk about Zach's favorite games from his childhood, which leads to a small discussion on the absurdity of Digimon evolutions 32:45 - 41:15 - We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Zach 41:15 - 43:00 - We talk about what Zach's best comfort game is 43:00 - 01:02:00 - We talk about Moonglow Bay and get into the history and politics that really inspired how the town of Moonglow Bay came to be. This essentially leads to a discussion on Canadiana 01:02:00 - 01:09:00 - I ask Zach why he wanted to make a Legend of the River King game 01:09:00 - End - Wrap up Check Zach out on Twitter at Check out Moonglow Bay on Twitter at Check out Bunnyhug on Twitter at Pick Moonglow Bay up on Steam or Epic  or XBox Games Check out the Moonglow Bay publisher, Coatsink for more cool games at Check out Zach's voxel course
January 31, 2022
Episode 27 - Conversation with Akabaka, developer of Chromatose and Sucker For Love: First Date
In this episode I speak with Akabaka, developer of the upcoming visual-novel style games Chromatose and Sucker For Love: First Date Start - 9:30 - Intro 9:30 - 14:30 We talk about how Akabaka got into developing games and advice he might be able to share based on his experiences 14:30 - 24:45 - We talk about Akabaka's favorite game as a child and why 24:45 - 34:30 - We talk about how Akabaka enjoys gaming now and what makes gaming enjoyable now 34:30 - 40:30 - We talk about what it is they enjoy about Hideo Kajima games 41:00 - 54:30 - We talk about what game Akabaka enjoys but doesn't think got enough credit 54:30 - 1:04:30 - We talk about what kind of game Akabaka would like to make if given the opportunity 1:04:30 - End - Wrap up Follow Akabaka on Twitter at Join the Chromatose Discord at Grab Sucker For Love on Steam or check out the Prelude on Steam Check out the Dread XP Twitter at Join the Dread XP Discord at
January 17, 2022
Episode 26 - Conversation with Tom Forsyth, Chip designer and graphics coder
In this episode I speak with Tom Forsyth, a developer, chip designer, graphics coder, and so much more. Start - 12:45 - Introductions and talking about what Tom does 12:45 - 25:00 - We talk about any advice Tom can give to those looking to get into what he does based on his experiences which eventually leads to discussing VR. 25:00 - 36:00 - We talk about Tom's comfort games that he can play to unwind and relax. We also wrap back to talking about good advice whilst developing games, or just doing anything really. 36:00 - 52:00 - We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Tom and about a personal project of his that combines some of his favourite genres. 52:00 - 1:00:00 - We talk about Dwarf Fortress 1:00:00 - 01:11:00 - I turn the floor over to Tom and we talk about his happiness that games are increasing in complexities 01:11:00 - End - Wrap up Check him out on Twitter at You can also check out Tom's personal website at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
January 03, 2022
Episode 25 - Conversation with Dylan Gedig, Peglin Developer
In this episode I speak with Dylan Gedig, developer of the upcoming peggle-rogue-like game Peglin with a demo currently available on Steam Start - 4:00 - Introductions 4:00 - 19:00 - Dylan talks about how he got into working on video games and what his advice would be for those looking to get into the industry from his experience 19:00 - 24:45 - We talk about what Dylan's favourite game as a child 24:45 - 43:00 - We talk about what it is that makes games enjoyable to Dylan and eventually move to discussing the indie game scene 43:00 - 57:00 - We talk about what Dylan's comfort games would be, covering Slay The Spire, and then spiralling to games like Mario Party and Dokkapon Kingdom 57:00 - End - I turn the floor over to Dylan where I follow up with a question about the game development scene in BC Check out Dylan on Twitter to learn more about him and Peggle at as well as their other past projects at Check Peglin out on Steam and try the demo and wishlist it at To learn more about the Global Game Jam Dylan spoke of, check them out on Twitter at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
December 06, 2021
Episode 24 - Conversation with Jason Smith, Cultic developer
In this episode I speak with Jason Smith, solo developer of the currently in-development retro-shooter Cultic. Being published by 3DRealms with a demo currently available on Steam. Start - 7:00 - Introductions, and talking about Cultic and being published with 3D Realms 7:00 - 11:30 - We talk about Jason's childhood and playing violent video games as a child that, like most from the core Melennial group, definitely should not have been playing. 11:30 - 26:45 - We talk about how Jason got into development and making video games and advice he can share based on his experiences. 26:45 - 32:45 - We talk about Jason's two current favorite games 32:45 - 38:30 - We talk about Jason's favorite games when they were younger/their favorite games of all time 38:30 - 41:00 - We talk about what Jason's comfort games are and what makes them a comfort game 41:00 - 46:45 - We talk Minecraft 46:45 - 1:09:30 - We talk popular games that just didn't click with Jason 1:09:30 - 1:27:15 - We talk about hard games as a casual player and his game, Cultic. 1:27:15 - 1:46:00 - We discuss Jason's favorite trends in gaming, with a little bit of VR talk as well 1:46:00 - Wind down and closing Follow Jason on Twitter to learn more about him and his game Cultic at Checkout and wishlist the game on Steam at Checkout the Cultic publisher, 3D Realms, on Twitter at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
November 22, 2021
Episode 23 - Conversation with Joseph Gribbin, maker of Grapple Dog
In this episode I speak with Joseph Gribbin, an indie developer that has worked on such games as Magnibox, Turn Undead 2, Spike City, and is currently working on Grapple Dog. Start - 2:00 - Introductions 2:00 - 15:00 - We talk about how Joseph got into making games, and then stray into discussing imposter syndrome and how it can be dealt with. We then get to talking about how you should take pride in the work you create even if it's not a huge success. 15:00 - 22:30 - Joseph shares some advice for those looking to get into the industry based off of his experiences, and just experience in general and how not all paths look the same and all examples and advice can be valid 22:30 - 39:00 - We talk about what Joseph's favorite game when he was younger and why 39:00 - 47:30 - We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Joseph, with the conversation shifting to indie-studios and games. 47:30 - 55:30 - We spend some time talking about Joseph's upcoming game Grapple Dog. 55:30 - 1:15:00 - I turn the floor over to Joseph and we talk about platformers 1:15:00 - End - Wrap Up Learn more about Joseph by checking him out on Twitter at Check out Grapple Dog on Steam at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
November 08, 2021
Episode 22 - Conversation with Benjamin Rivers, co-owner of BancyCo
In this episode I speak with Benjamin Rivers, a developer with his wife under the studio BancyCo, makers of games such as Home, Alone With You, and Worse Than Death based out of Toronto, Canada Start - 5:00 - Introductions and the Toronto game dev scene 5:00 - 19:00 - We talk about how Benjamin got into game development as well as their experiences getting their first game onto Steam and any advice he could offer to those looking to get into it based on his experiences 19:00 - 28:30 - We talk about Benjamin's comics (Or more specifically manga) and his love for them and how they have influenced him. 28:30 - 35:15 - We talk more about manga and what series Benjamin might recommend to people 35:15 - 42:30 - We talk about Benjamin's favorite game when he was younger 42:30 - 50:00 - We discuss what Benjamin enjoys with games 50:00 - 57:15 - We talk about Benjamin's favorite comfort games 57:15 - 1:03:15 - We talk about Act Raiser's new remake being announced 1:03:15 - End - Wrap Up To learn more about what Benjamin Rivers and BancyCo is up to, check out their Linktree at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
October 25, 2021
Episode 21 - Conversation with level designer Marc-Andre Hetu Reflector
In this episode I speak with Marc-Andre Hetu, a level designer that has worked on many games, that has worked on Marvel Avengers as well as the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy and is now currently for Reflector Studios out of Montreal Start - 3:45 - Introductions 3:45 - 12:30 - I ask Marc-Andre to explain level design to me, and those that might not really fully understand it as well as his views on it, why he enjoys it, and what he aims to do with it. 12:30 - 16:30 - Marc-Andre talks about how he got into level design and working on games and advice he might be able to share based on his experiences 16:30 - 23:30 - We discuss Marc's favorite video game from when he was younger, and we spend some time discussing that game. 23:30 - 29:00 - I ask Marc if there is a more recent game he's played that has absolutely wow'd him for it's level design and what game that might be 29:00 - 31:15 - We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Marc 31:15 - 42:30 - We talk about Marc's favorite role playing game 37:45 - 37:45 - I ask Marc if there are any level design things he sees that he isn't a fan of and we discuss what those are and why he feels they aren't the greatest 42:30 - 47:45 - I ask Marc if there is any level design things he sees that he really enjoys and thinks works well 47:45 - 52:45 - I ask Marc what his comfort game is and what he can always play and feel good playing 52:45 - 56:45 - I turn the floor over to Marc and he shares some recommendations on how to find/pick some games and suggests people look into indie games 56:45 - End - Wrap up You can see more of what Marc-Andre has worked on by viewing him on LinkedIn at Learn more about Reflector by checking them out at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
October 11, 2021
Episode 20 - Conversation with indie game developer @GammaFoxTBG
In this episode I speak with indie game developer and constant Game Jam jammer GammeFoxTBG Start - 4:00 - Introductions 4:00 - 13:00 - Gamma talks about the game jam scene and how he got into it as well as the games he has worked on and the approach to them 13:00 - 26:30 - We talk about Gamma's favourite game as a child and what it was about that game they enjoyed, transitioning into discussing playing games with friends and how they are enjoyed, and other games they enjoy while also having a love hate relationship with them. 26:30 - 36:00 - We talk about what makes games enjoyable to Gamma and shift into discussing the joy that can come from solving an open ended problem in games like Factorio 36:00 - 42:15 - We discuss what kind of games Gamma is enjoying currently and what he likes about Rogue-Likes 42:15 - 57:30 - We talk about the Game Jam scene and why they enjoys participating in them and why they feel they are important to look into 57:30 - End - Wrap up with some words of encouragement from Gamma To learn more about Gamma, check out his twitter @GammaFoxTBG To check out some of Gamma's games, check out his itch page Or alternatively you can check out their webpage for more information about them Check out the below itch io links to learn more about Gamma's collaborators Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
September 27, 2021
Episode 19 - Conversation with Yacht Club artist, Sandy Gordon @Bandygrass
In this episode I speak with Yacht Club artist, Sandy Gordon. Start - 5:00 - Introductions 5:00 - 16:30 - Sandy talks about how they got into pixel art and his journey from the arts, to design, to living briefly in Japan, before finding and getting into pixel art. 16:30 - 21:15- I ask Sandy if he has any advice he can give those looking to get into pixel art and animation 21:15 - 26:00 - We talk about Sandy's favorite game from when he was younger and what makes that game so special for him. 26:00 - 32:15 - We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Sandy and how he enjoys gaming now 32:15 - 40:00 - We talk about what games Sandy has been enjoying now as well as what makes him enjoy games from From Software. 40:00 - 44:30 - Wrapping up 44:30 - End - Closing To learn more about Sandy, follow him on Twitter at where you can also find a link to his animation tutorials Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
September 13, 2021
Episode 18 - Conversation with Discrete Infinity, developer of Immaculate Drag @DscreteNfinity
In this episode I speak with Discrete Infinity, solo developer of Immaculate Drag, narrative designer, and contributor to many previous games and projects. Start - 5:15 - Introductions 5:15 - 14:00 - We talk about his first real introduction to video games with Myst as well as his families involvement in gaming in the wake of Myst. 14:00 - 24:00 - Discrete Infinity explains how they got into narrative design... And how that influence really stems from DnD 24:00 - 34:00 - We discuss what people can do if they are looking to try and become narrative designers in the industry 34:00 - 39:30 - We discuss their favorite game as a child and why 39:30 - 51:00 - We discuss their current favorite games and then on to discussing games like Pathologic and what they like from Ice Pick Lodge. 51:00 - 1:07:00 - We discuss their view on the current landscape for fandom and interactions with fans. Their view on the indie development scene. 1:07:00 - 1:20:00 - We dig a little deeper and discuss the communities surrounding bigger and smaller companies and how there is a tendency to see people dehumanize those working at larger communities, disregarding them being just as passionate about their projects. 1:20:00 - 1:24:00 - We discuss their game a little more 1:24:00 - End - Closing up To learn more about The Immaculate Drag, be sure to check them out on twitter at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
August 30, 2021
Episode 17 - Conversation with Necropolis Suite developer at Freesphere, Mark Gregory @markgregory_
In this episode I speak Freesphere studio head and Necropolis Suite developer Mark Gregory Start - 3:45 Introductions 3:45 - 5:45 - We discuss Mark's transition from doing editorial work to video game development. 5:45 - 10:15 - We discuss Mark experimenting with modding if he found any learning experiences, as well as the benefit of constructive criticism from your peers and those looking to help. 10:15 - 18:45 - We discuss what kind of advice Mark would give others based on his experiences and what he's learned and related topics. 18:45 - 24:45 - We talk about Marks favorite game(s) when he was younger, and discuss Resident Evil 24:45 - 30:15 - We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Mark and how he came into liking the SoulsBorne games 30:15 - 37:30 - We talk about Mark just getting into the Rogue-Like genre and the genre as a whole. 37:30 - 43:00 - Mark answers my question on what immersive sim he might recommend to people. 43:00 - 55:15 - We talk the current state of the industry at the time of recording as the Blizzard Activision news had just dropped. 55:15 - 1:05:05 - We talk about the game Mark and Freesphere are currently working on 1:05:05 - End - Closing To learn  more about Freesphere follow them on Twitter at or at their site at To learn more about Necropolis Suite follow them on Twitter at or at their site at To learn more about Mark Gregory, follow him on Twitter at Be sure to follow me on Twitter at for the latest updates about the podcast, guests, and other game related things
August 16, 2021
Episode 16 - Conversation with Glitched developer at EnHouseStudios, Nikko @EnHouseStudios
In this episode I speak with Nikko, developer at EnHouse Studios currently working on the game Glitched. Start - 2:00 - Introductions 2:00 - 7:30 - We discuss the essence system in Glitched and how it works and why he wanted to do this 7:30 - 16:30 - We discuss how, and what, got Nikko into game development, as well as advice he can share based on his experiences. We also touch on the Kickstarter projects that were used for the game. 16:30 - 23:00 - We discuss Nikko's favorite game from his childhood and why. We drift into touching on positive nostalgia and the benefits they have. 23:00 - 28:45 - We talk Pokemon 28:45 - 41:15 - We discuss what makes gaming enjoyable to him, and how he enjoys it now. 41:15 - 1:02:00 - We discuss the current landscape of games fandom, and interactions with the fans and community. As well as the topic of Steam reviews, and how it's easier to fall victim to being more negative about games instead of what is positive when it comes to discussing, or reviewing them. 1:02:00 - 1:06:45 - I turn the floor over to Nikko 1:06:45 - End - Closing Follow me on Twitter for more updates Check out the below links to learn more about Nikko, and the games he recommended! Twitter Steam: Discord: Nikko on Twitch RPG Maker Games that Nikko Mentioned Yume Nikki - Off - Jimmy and the Pulsating Mass -
August 02, 2021
Episode 15 - Conversation with Ducky Dev, John Szymanski @Ducky_Szymanski
In this episode I speak with John Szymanski, developer of Rubber Ducky, Kyle is Famous, Charlotte's Exile (As part of the Dread X Collection), and currently working on MFN and EvoMorphs. Start - 1:30 - Introduction 1:30 - 5:45 - John and I discuss odd jobs, and odd questions. 5:45 - 12:30 - We discuss Kyle is Famous and, basically, why it exists. As well as it's sequel/complete version has in store. 12:30 - 28:30 - We discuss what got John into making games and advice from his experiences he might have to share with others looking to get into the field. 28:30 - 38:30 - We discuss John's favorite video games and as a child and what they were and branch into a discussion about point and click games such as Myst. 38:30 - 46:30 - We discuss what makes gaming enjoyable to John and whether gaming as a family played any part of it 46:30 -  - I turn the floor over to John where we discuss some of his other projects in brief, specifically Evomorphs a tactics based monster collecting game, and his currently untitled MFN game that is better left to check out his Twitter for more information on. Check out the below links for information about John and what his projects are Check John out on Twitter at Check out the game John and Evan are working on, Evomorphs Join the Evomorphs Discord to learn more about it's devlopment and chat with others about Evomorphs
July 19, 2021
Episode 14 - Conversation with game developer Kira @Stylish_Kira
In this episode I speak with Kira, developer and founder at Kira, developer of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion, Lost in Vivo, and contributor to the DreadXP series and maker of Uktena 64! 00:00 - 1:30 - Introduction 1:30 - 9:00 - We talk about what made Kira land on the horror genre and why they feel it is easy to them, what they enjoy about the genre, what they think makes a good horror game/movie 9:00 -14:30 - We talk about what got Kira into making games and advice they might give to those based on their experiences. 14:30 - 15:30 - We talk about Kira's favorite childhood game(s), and what it was about them that they enjoyed. 15:30 - 20:15 - We talk about what makes games enjoyable now 20:15 - 26:30 - We talk about horror games and how they view the genre as a whole currently. 26:30 - 30:00 - We talk about current favorite and enjoyed games 30:00 - 31:45 - We continue the discussion about tactics games 31:45 - 34:00 - We talk about popular games that just didn't really click for them 34:00 - 36:15 - We talk about other games that Kira will typically be able to enjoy no matter how many times they've played it 36:15 - 45:00 - We talk about a game they feel might not have been given as much credit as it deserves as well as Metroid/Igavania games, branching into difficult games. 45:00 - 47:45 - We talk about gaming trends they have been enjoying 47:45 - 50:00 - We talk Resident Evil 50:00 - 58:30 - I turn the floor over to Kira and we wrap things up 58:30 - End - Closing Find out more about what Kira does at Check out their Twitter to keep up to date on what they do
July 05, 2021
Episode 13 - Conversation with Unspottable developer Gwe Limpalaer @gwendle of GrosChevaux
In this episode I speak with Gwe Limpalaer, a developer at GrosChevaux that has made the game Unspottable. A game of hide and seek where you have to find other players among the robots before they find you. 00:00 - 1:30 - Introductions 01:30 - 5:40 - Discussion of work life balance as, currently, all members of GrosChevaux have day jobs and make games on the side. 5:40 - 9:10 - We discuss the potential future of Unspottable and what quantifies as "complete" when you still have aspirations of supporting the game. 9:10 - 11:45 - We discuss where the idea for Unspottable came from 11:45 - 13:50 - Gwe talks about how they had initially found a game with what they felt was a similar idea and we discuss how the game industry is much nicer to each other than some might give it credit for 13:50 - 18:40 - We talk about how Gwe got into making games, and how they formed GrosChevaux and started making games. As well as advice he can give based on his experiences. 18:40 - 22:00 - We talk about Gwe's favorite game(s) as a child and what it was about them that he enjoyed. 22:00 - 25:30 - I ask about multiplayer games that he may want to talk about and make sure people know exist and then we discuss our views on what makes a multiplayer game enjoyable. 25:30 - 30:15 - We discuss Unspottable. 30:15 - 35:45 - We discuss what makes gaming enjoyable to Gwe right now and managing with the current world we live in. 35:45 - 40:50 - Gwe mentions the difficulties about being a small dev and I accidentally go off on a small rant about the toxicity against developers, especially smaller ones. We also discuss the pressures of the community wanting more and how it is something that can be alright as long as it is presented positively. 40:50 - 43:15 - I turn the floor over to Gwe and follow up with comfort games. 43:15 - End - Closing Check out Unspottable on Twitter: Check out their Discord Community: Website: Steam: Learn more about Gwe by checking him out on Twitter:
June 21, 2021
Episode 12 - Conversation with Special Effect Events Coordinator Becky Frost @beckyfr0st
In this episode I speak with Becky Frost, Events Coordinator Special Effect. A charity organization based out of the UK that specializes helping those with physical disabilities play video games. 00:00 - 2:15 - Introductions 02:15 - 9:00 - What all Special Effect does and how Becky got working for them 9:00 - 13:45 - We discuss the kind of impact Becky has seen from the organization 13:45 - 20:00 - We discusse the hardware/software changes and the good it can all do from her perspective being in the industry. 20:00 - 25:45 - I ask a question about her opinion on accessibility. I also asked this question in a way that almost seems aggressive, and that is entirely on me 25:45 - 28:00 - We talk about what Becky got into gaming, what she enjoys about video games and how she enjoys them now. 28:00 - 33:15 - We talk about what her favorite games were as a child, and why she really enjoyed them. 33:15 - 37:00 - We talk about games that Becky feels might not hold up to today's standards, and discussing text based adventure games and their resurgence. 37:00 - 41:00 - We talk about what her current favorite games that she is currently enjoying 41:00 - 45:30 - We talk about what kind of trends in gaming she has enjoyed seeing over the last few years 45:30 - 50:15 - I turn the floor over to Becky and let her talk about how you can help the organization 50:15 - End - Closing An article regarding the Tekken player that we had discussed during the podcast Learn more about Becky by checking out her twitter at Learn more about Special Effect by checking out their twitter at, their Instagram at, their Facebook at, and their website which has all sorts of great information
June 07, 2021
Episode 11 - Conversation with Double Loop Games co-founder Shelby Moledina @ShelbyMoledina
In this episode I speak with Shelby Moledina, co-founder and game director at Double Loop Games. A new mobile studio aiming to release their first game sometime this year. 00:00 - 2:00: Introductions 2:00 - 8:45 : We discuss their studios desire to make a game for people not self-identifying as gamers, and how trying to make a more friendly environment to better include them. We continue this discussion and talk about how you tailor this 8:45 - 24:45 : We discuss how Shelby got into developing video games and her history in the industry, skills, and experiences. 24:45 - 33:55 : Shelby shares her advice based on her experience for getting into the industry. She made a really interesting point about doing what you enjoy doing even if it is not entirely related to the process as you never know what skills will contribute to the process. 33:55 - 44:00 : We discuss Shelby's favourite game as a child and what it is about that game she enjoyed. We then transition to getting to her current all time favourite game, Stardew Valley, and talking about what it is about that game, and Harvest Moon/Story of Seasons, that she finds enjoyable. 44:00 - 48:00 : Shelby brings up the a good point about how game design decisions, while may appear like they were made quickly or without thought, often have a lot of process behind them and are intentional and that it shouldn't be attributed to a developer being lazy or incapable. 48:00 - 51:00 : We talk about how Shelby enjoys gaming now and what makes it enjoyable to her while also balancing a busy schedule, and just life in general. 51:00 - 55:00 : I ask Shelby if she's the mom showing her kids how to install and run games, potentially inappropriate games in the same ways many fathers have in the past. She touches on how she introduces her kids to gaming as well as how to appropriately handle that. 55:00 -  : Closing Learn more about Double Loop Games at their website Check out Shelby on Twitter at
May 24, 2021
Episode 10 - Conversation with Gloomwood developer Dillon Rogers @TafferKing451
In this episode I speak with Dillon Rogers, one of the developers for the upcoming game Gloomwood. A first person immersive sim with a focus on stealth where you are trying to escape a cursed Victorian City. (0:25 - 2:20) Introductions (2:20 - 4:25) We discuss why he decided to make an immersive sim, and what made him want to create a game that has heavy influences from 90's first person games. (4:25 - 9:30 ) We continue the conversation leading to my thoughts and views on having a better appreciation for games like Gloomwood in my older age (That I hope others can relate to), leading into how the game has evolved into a deeper immersive sim. (9:30 - 12:15 ) We talk about how Dillon got involved with New Blood via Dusk Developer David Szymnanski. (12:15 - 13:30 ) We briefly talk about STALKER (13:30 - 20:15 ) We talk the potential future of immersive sims and whether the current climate is really ready for an indie resurgence of them (20:15 - 30:45 ) We talk about Dillon's earlier favorite games and what first person shooter really helped him discover his love of the genre. As well as discussing older first person shooters in general. (30:45 - 40:30 ) We talk about what makes gaming enjoyable to Dillon, and how he enjoys gaming now, and how modding and modded games play a primary role in that. (40:30 - 46:35 ) We talk about advice he might give to those looking to get into the industry based on his experience. (46:35 - 1:02:50 ) We wrap it up and I give Dillon the floor to talk about whatever he has on his mind and wants to share. (1:02:50 - X:XX:XX) Closing Check out Gloomwood on Steam at Check out more great titles from New Blood Interactive's publisher page at Check out Dillon on Twitter at
May 10, 2021
Episode 9 - Conversation with Viscerafest dev @Awesreek
In this episode I speak with Awesreek, one of the lead developers/creators of Viscerafest. A first person shooter where you play as Caroline, a mercenary taking on a bounty so she can afford an engagement ring to propose to her boyfriend Athens. Going to try the descriptions a little differently this time, and instead of trying to write it all out and risk not doing it enough justice (And at risk of bumping against character limits haha), I'm going to refer to the times and a little broader description of those times. (2:15 - 9:45) In this conversation we discuss how he got into game development and advice he can give for other developers based on his experiences and what he might suggest not to do. (9:45 - 16:00) We talk about some of his favourite games (And show) when he was younger and how he enjoyed the Battlefield series (16:15 - 19:00) We touch on games, and tv shows, that didn't age as well as they could have. Especially kids shows and licensed tie ins. (19:00 - 28:30) We go back to discussing the kinds of games he played when he was younger and how he remembers and feels about those games looking back on it, and how some older games seem to hold up better due to the scope of what they were trying to do when met with the limitations of the technology at the time. (28:30 - 43:30) We shift to discussing current favourite games with that primarily being Doom Eternal and begin discussing Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal. Awesreek shares his opinions on what he feels Doom 2016 did, and didn't execute well and how he feels these things were improved upon in the next entry in the series. (43:30 - 48:45) We then talk about a game called Powerslave also known as Exhumed which he feels is an rather unknown and older first person shooter. (48:45 - 58:00) I ask about his view on the games fandom and how creators are able to interact with its fans, and how he interacts with his lively and active Discord server. 58:00 - 01:xx:xx) We wrap it up with Awesreek making sure everyone knows where they can find more information To learn more about Viscerafest, or to join the Discord server, check out the links below Join the Viscerafest Discord by clicking following this link : To get updates on the game, sneak peaks, or pictures of Awesreek's cat follow his Twitter @Awesreek Be sure to check out the games Steam Page to follow and wishlist it!
April 26, 2021
Episode 8 - Conversation with Liz MacDonell @LizMacD22 of Clever Plays
In this episode I speak with Liz MacDonell, community manager at Clever Plays. An indie game studio based out of Montreal, developers of Leap of Fate, and Operation Tango (Which as of this time, now has a release date of June 1st on the PC!) In this conversation, I talk with Liz about the Clever Plays studio and having the company based in a city with a lot of other indie game dev studios and the kind of environment it creates We discuss Liz’s background and how she got into her role at Clever Plays by initially creating an “unofficial stream team” with a collection of other streamers and getting her feet wet being a community manager for the group Jabroni TV where she learned how to juggle such roles of managing social media, and schedules, and video editing which prepared her for the opportunity at Clever Plays. She also touches on how important it is to have a great support group that is going to help push you to succeed Liz also shares some advice on what she feels has helped her prepare for her role and that to always be willing to learn and polish your skills. She makes an important point as well about the difficulties of getting into the role as it requires having the right voice and passion for the studio, and that when looking for a role like this, to keep your motivation up as being the right fit is incredibly important and you’ll eventually find one that is the right fit for you and the studio We then talk about how Liz got into video games and what her fond memories of her first console and favorite PS2 game, Dark Cloud. Having to share the experience with her brother and the two getting to experience the game together. As well discussing her experience with Dark Cloud and potentially enjoying its sequel We move on to then talking about what she is playing and enjoying now, and Liz touches on the beauty of playing co-op games and how you can share and experience games together. One of the important things Liz brings up is the joy you can get from enjoying a game with friends and how it only enhances the experience, especially now during the pandemic when it’s harder and harder to actually spend time together with people We briefly touch on a game she felt did not hold up well, in this case Harvest Moon Save The Homeland for the PS2, and while I can and will agree with Liz that it did a lot of things that paved the way for future Harvest Moon games, I will also agree with her that it really is not the best entry to start with in the series and quickly move on to discussing trends she has enjoyed seeing rise, and how she enjoys the rogue-like/lite genre and even enjoys watching other people play them more. We continue this discussion on rogue-likes, specifically Hades, and how even if you aren’t able to play at a high level, being able to enjoy it via another person, or playing it on its “easy” mode without having to struggle with some of the difficulties of the genre. This leads to the discussion of being able to enjoy watching video games on services like Twitch and being able to share their experience with them and the community I also ask her thoughts on the landscape for being able to communicate with fans easier thanks to the technology as well as the importance of trying to create a welcoming community and try and foster its growth We wrap it up with Liz giving some more information on their asymmetrical game, Operation Tango, what it’s about and where you can find more information for it (Links can be found below in the link tree!) Click the links below for more info: Click here to view the Clever Plays linktree Check out Liz on Twitter @LizMacD22 Check out her collective group at
April 12, 2021
Episode 7 - Conversation with Ocean's Heart dev Max Mraz @11Mraz
In this episode I speak with Max Mraz, developer of Ocean's Heart. A 2D  Zelda inspired game where you explore an archipelago as the game's  heroine Tilla. In this conversation we discuss where some of his inspirations for the  game came from and the feeling he was looking to instill in the game,  and the satisfaction found while exploring forests. We discuss some of his best advice being to start small with projects  that are going to be easier to learn from and iterate on with  experience. With this, it also allows to take what works best and better  integrate it from the very beginning in gameplay mechanics. We discuss that some of his favorite games as a child being Pokemon  Crystal and Zelda Oracle of Seasons due to their emphasis on  exploration. This leading to the Zelda series meaning the most to him  due to their constant focus on exploration and discovery. We briefly discuss older games having numerous platform releases,  leading to the learning experience there was a Tom and Jerry cartoon  movie in the early 90s and how it is, really not worth the time to chase  down or watch (No really, you're safe to ignore it and just move on). We talk about some of his other favorite games, Wario Advance as well as the Bionicles series which was part of a sprawling series that had games, movies, comics, all interconnected across multiple different mediums... Including a flash game as a sequel to a Gameboy Advance game. We also talk about how Max is able to get back to feeling the magic of his childhood with his Saturday morning ritual of being able to spend time relaxing, making cinnamon rolls and playing video games, finding the ability to be carefree even if for a few hours. As well, having a game with a set story and advancement creating his ideal gaming time. We also talk about older games and their evolution of the narrative being expanded upon, and consistently becoming a primary focus of games with story being just as important as everything else. We also discuss the evolution of gameplay mechanics getting better, and in the case of older camera controls, just how far they've come over the last 20 years. We also discuss how it is important to draw a line when engaging with your audience and fans can be fun, but it is still important to protect yourself against both ends of the extreme and avoid getting into a negative or positive feedback loop and not allow yourself to drown in what everyone is saying. You can find out more about Max's game Ocean's Heart, as well as his smaller side project games at the links below, as well as follow him for more of his own updates via the Twitter link as well Oceans Heart on Steam Max's Itch.IO Page Max's Twitter @11Mraz
March 29, 2021
Episode 6 - Conversation with Henry's House dev Oscar Brittain @moomoomang
In this episode I speak with Oscar Brittain, one of the developers at  Henry's House, currently working on the storefront management game  Kardboard King's. In this conversation, we discuss what kind of game Kardboard King's is  and what the intentions behind it were, and how they were trying to  recapture the feeling of going to the card shop as a kid and getting to  enjoy that feeling. We discuss how a surgery lead to him discovering video games, and then  how getting laid off from his job lead him down a path of going back to  school and then inevitably to him deciding to just go for it and take  the plunge to try and make a video game. Oscar also had a unique approach to learning to make games by focusing  more on learning good design principles before trying to make something. We also talk about how Oscar enjoys games can be completely unique and  deliver a new and surprising experience, and how games, such as Ubisoft  games, can deliver exactly what you expect and how those can create a  juxtaposition to entirely different games and help you appreciate new  and different elements all the more. With Oscar also not playing a lot  of games when he was younger, he shares how playing older games is  always surprising to see what great ideas older games were able to  deliver on, and what older game ideas are still present today. You can find more information about Henrys House and their projects below: Kardboard King's on Steam: Nanomon Virtual Pet on Steam: Henry's House Twitter @HenrysHouseAU Oscar Brittain's Twitter @moomoomang
March 15, 2021
Episode 5 – Conversation with composer/muscian Rich Vreeland @DisasterPeace
So it seems I hit some more technical issues, however this time they are  on my end! I have a small echo that seems to come and go - I believe  these are related to the recording method and hopefully I am able to  correct them for the future episodes! Live and learn haha In this episode I speak with Rich Vreeland, and as his website bio says, "ties the name Disasterpeace to the things he sends into the sonic ether. Disasterpeace has over 50 albums to its credit, in addition to having designed, scored and programmed sound and music related things in a number of mediums including games, film, television and theatre. Rich is particularly interested in creative novelty and lives in Los Angeles." We discuss many things, such as how he got his start, advice on how  others can get into this field from his own experiences, and how pushing  forward regardless of how out of your element you are can lead to good  things. From his start doing music on a role playing wrestling forum, to finding  and getting involved in the TigSource forums. How he came to enjoying  game music, what he liked, and spending way too much time for my mental  sanity talking about Marble Madness. As well as the kind of  newer/current game music he is enjoying. We also touch on despite how easily accessible the gaming market is, it  also creates a situation where it's difficult to find a game to enjoy as  you're inundated with so many options (And how this isn't unique to  games, but most entertainment medians). We also talk about his views on social media and how he chooses to  interact with it and how it works best for him, and a certain game he  can't quite get into. You can learn more about Rich by checking out his website below, and I strongly encourage everyone to do so -
March 01, 2021
Episode 4 – A conversation with Spooky Squid dev Miguel Sternberg @SpookySquid
Unfortunately right out the gate I need to extend an apology to Miguel. We had some technical difficulties during the recording, and I was not confident enough in how I should let him know this until it was too late. In the future I will have a better idea of how to tackle this in the event it comes up, but that doesn't fix my inexperience for this episode.  In this conversation I speak with Miguel Sternberg, developer at Spooky Squid Games, a microstudio known for creating Russian Subway Dogs a score attack game where you play as a subway dog trying to steal food from passengers on the metro, and They Bleed Pixels a brutally challenging platformer with an Eldritch twist. We discuss what Spooky Squid Games is, what working at a microstudio is like and how it can feel different from working within larger organizations/teams on projects, and potential inspirations for future projects. We also discuss how Miguel got into the industry, starting with friends making hobby projects on the Game Boy Color, and Capybara games, and then into the freelance world starting with cell phone games before landing in his own studio where he could work on his own projects. You can find more information about SpookySquid games via the information below: Spooky Squid Games webpage: Twitter: @spookysquid Also check out Russian Subway Dogs, and They Bleed Pixels at the store links below! Russian Subway Dogs on Steam: They Bleed Pixels on Steam: They Bleed Pixels on Nintendo Switch:
February 15, 2021
Episode 3 - Conversation with Streets of Rogue dev Matt Dabrowski @madguy90
In this conversation, I speak with Matt Dabrowski, creator of Streets of Rogue, a top down rogue-like that provides a near endless amount combinations and a hilarious amount of freedom to play however you want. We discuss where Matt got his start making games on the proto-Unreal engine, as well as starting his gaming journey with FPS titles like Wolfenstein and Doom... Interesting food for thought, but it's never the mothers that bought their kids Doom, it was always the fathers. As well as the evolution of the arcade/boomer shooter genre, point and click and adventure game. We also touch on why Matt wanted to make a rogue-like game that he describes as an immersive sim rogue like. Matt also makes a very good point that investigating the market when making a game, that knowing the current market and what is going to be well received and potentially successful. As well as what to potentially look forward to in his next game. If you have never played Streets of Rogue before, it is highly recommended and can be enjoyed alone or with friends. You can find more information for Streets of Rogue via the information below: Website: Streets of Rogue And can follow Matt at @madguy90 on Twitter
February 01, 2021
Episode 2 - Conversation with Coatsink co-founder Tom Beardsmore @Coatsink
In this conversation I speak with Tom Beardsmore, co-founder of the development studio and publisher, Coatsink. In this conversation we discuss where and how Coatsink got its start, starting out as a mobile game developer, finding time to play games with a family and sometimes the sacrifices we have to make to do so. As well as other topics. If you've never played any games developed or published by Coatsink, I highly recommend it. They have a variety of games you can read more about on their website, however two of their more recent games, Cake Bash and PHOGS, are both great games that are both fun and enjoyable and I can't help but recommend them enough. You can find more information about Coatsink via the information below: Website: Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook @Coatsink And you can also find more information about Tom by checking out his Twitter @WhyAlwaysMad
January 18, 2021
Conversation with Gangbeasts dev Michael @Boneloaf
With the first episode of The Red Tunic Podcast, I had a conversation with Michael, one of the three brothers behind the Boneloaf development team and Gang Beasts. In this conversation we discuss how Gang Beasts came to be, some of Michael's favorite games, some wild "show" ideas for Gang Beasts, and how Michael finds DOTA2 is a good way for him to relax. However, one of the most important things I think Michael touches on is that we need to remember developers are people too, just trying to create what they feel is best for their game and that just because the product they are making is meant to be enjoyed, shouldn't create an atmosphere where we allow toxicity to bleed out when we aren't happy with some of their changes. Basically, we're all people and we have to be kind to each other, especially when the product is meant to bring joy and happiness. If you have never played, or really heard of Gang Beasts, I encourage everyone to look into it. It is a great party game that never ceases to amuse me, and I recommend everyone check out their Twitter to see some of the wild GIFs they post up just to give an idea of what fun can come. You can find more information about Gang Beasts via the information below Website: Twitter, Instagram & Facebook: @gangbeasts & @boneloaf You can read about upcoming updates that will apply to at For more information about The Red Tunic Podcast visit or via Twitter @RedTunicPodcast
January 04, 2021
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