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By Nitin Gupta
Welcome to The Rhetoric Life, a fun (more than) twice-weekly podcast, where we discuss everything from music to books to movies and a little bit of gossip splashed here and there. If the life and thoughts of an ordinary college student in Kolkata who loves to talk (and is like *really* funny) interests you, well, you're in for a treat!
Current Episode
Ep. 8 Entrepreneurship and More (Ft. Sabah Ali)
May 26, 201833:48
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Jun 16, 201814:06
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Jun 11, 201811:10
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Jun 3, 201812:24
Ep. 7. Most Misused Apps and Some Weird Tales (Ft. Tejash Datta)
May 21, 201835:22
Ep. 6. Kanye vs Kanye
May 17, 201813:33
Ep. 5. Marvel vs D.C.
May 12, 201806:41
Ep. 4. Long Distance Relationships Suck
May 7, 201812:20
Ep. 3. Talking Tinder (And A Crazy Date)
May 2, 201815:24
Ep. 2. Uni Life, Women, and Cat People vs. Dog People
Apr 28, 201809:07
Ep. 1. Great People On The Internet
Apr 25, 201807:27
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