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The Ricky Vasquez Show

The Ricky Vasquez Show

By Ricky Vasquez
simply put, a podcast for ghetto intellects.

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Amidst a fierce response to the tragic death of #GeorgeFloyd that rings to the hearts of many as ENOUGH, Ricky jumps into a heated conversation about the state of America over the last 8 days, and beyond. Protesting, rioting, racism, coonery- WE DIVE DEEP for part one of this conversation.  Taay Anthony was not harmed during the recording of this segment. Tune in. Share. Enjoy.
June 3, 2020
The 3Peat Segment 1 || LOWKEY INSECURE
Ricky brings back good friend to the show, Taay Anthony, to take a dive into the latest segment of Issa Rae’s “Insecure” and how it speaks to so many of us. What makes us insecure? What can heal us of insecurity? Can insecurities from our love lives spill over into our friendships? Why is Jay Ellis so fine!?  Tune in for a fun, insightful review! 
June 3, 2020
Twitter Freaks & Doo-Doo Butter
Ricky sits and chats with good friend Tay Anthony amidst the Covid-19 pandemic for a light hearted dialogue on dating in Atlanta, the growing trend of "twitter freaks", and shares his philosophy on "creaming". A little risqué, but packed with good laughs. Tay also spices things up and interviews Ricky for an impromptu session of #AskRicky.
March 29, 2020
#AskRicky [volume 1]
Ricky chimes in on the recent Corona Virus scare sweeping the nation, and dishes out some great advice to his supporters in homage to where things all began during a round of #AskRicky. 
March 12, 2020
WHO ASKED YOU MISS BOOSIE? | soul food sundays [volume 1]
On the first installment of the highly anticipated Ricky Vasquez Show, Ricky wastes no time and jumps straight into the subject of homophobia and transgendered children. In the heat of current conversation surrounding Lil' Boosie's comments on Dwayne Wade embracing his child's trans journey, Ricky faces Boosie's comments head on and opts to gather anyone who stands by said comments.  For your listening pleasure, please enjoy.  TRVS.
March 1, 2020