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The RJB Audio Experience

The RJB Audio Experience

By Robert John Boyle
A platform for perspectives!
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Recognizing Entitlement • A conversation with Amanda Cherie

The RJB Audio Experience

Making People Feel Seen • A Conversation with Devi Hadsell
Devi Hadsell is a dance, yoga and fitness teacher in the Bay Area! Here’s an overview of our conversation : 2:45 - Devi as a Child 9:15 - Devi’s Relationship with Her Parents 12:45 - Disease of Rebellion 19:15 - Trigger Responses 25:00 - Breath Work 35:15 - Making People Feel Seen 44:00 - Developing Self Worth 56:45 - The Drop
January 25, 2020
Chasing Fulfillment • A conversation with Rachel Warnick
In this episode, I sit down with Rachel Warnick, a friend of mine from LinkedIn, to discuss social media and chasing fulfillment.
December 2, 2019
Black Owned • A conversation with Christian C. Ceaser
Christian C. Ceaser is the CMO and Co-Founder of TicketDM. Here’s an overview of our conversation : - C3SAYS (4:15) - Always had a camera (6:15) - In front of or behind the camera? (9:00) - First person of color on Snapchat’s content team! (11:15) - One of the worst experiences of my life (13:45) - Pushed out of Snapchat (19:30) - Origin of TicketDM (24:00) - Work-Life Balance? (28:15) - HellaTech (32:00) - Warriors chances in 2020 (34:00) - Can anyone be an entrepreneur? (36:15) - Profitability vs. Social Impact (43:00) - What would success be for TicketDM? (50:00)
November 9, 2019
Character is the Engine of Success • A conversation with Coach Shabazz
Lumumba Shabazz is the Head Men’s Soccer Coach at Kalamazoo College. He was also my youth soccer coach for 5 years! Here’s an overview of our conversation : - Loss to Hope College (4:45) - How do you deal with a tough loss? (6:30) - What is training like during the season? (8:45) - What is the team’s rest and recovery protocol? (11:15) - How do you establish trust? (14:45) - What were some of your biggest wins and biggest losses? (17:30) - What makes a Conference Champion? (20:30) - What is your pitch for recruits? (23:30) - Character is the engine of success (26:15) - Who were some of your favorite players? (30:30) - How do you train consistency? (35:15) - The only consistency is inconsistency (39:30) - Music is absolute LIFE (43:00) - Seeing the Face of God (48:30) - What would you say to a 22 year old who feels like they are in limbo? (54:30) - How do you stop caring about other people’s opinions? (59:00) - Never Too High, Never Too Low (103:30)
November 2, 2019
Identity After College • A conversation with Mandy Fraden
Mandy Fraden is a music artist based in Orlando, Florida 🔥 Here’s an overview of our conversation : - Mandy’s first experience with music (2:30) - Mandy’s father (4:00) - Mandy’s mother (7:45) - The sacrifices of Mandy’s parents (12:45) - Freshman year of college (19:00) - Study abroad in Spain (22:30) - The rest of college (29:30) - Identity crisis (32:00) - Life after graduation (34:45) - The Artist’s Way (38:30) - Struggles with loneliness (43:00) - The beginning of Mandy’s music career (50:00) - Music competition (55:45) - Life nowadays (101:00) - Morning Pages from The Artist’s Way (106:15)
October 26, 2019
Practicing Empathy • A conversation with Adam French
Adam French is the CEO and Founder of Emote Design! Here’s an overview of our conversation. - Why Amsterdam (8:45) - College Entrepreneur (11:30) - Evolving Passions (16:15) - Outsourcing as a Habit (20:45) - Social Entrepreneurship (23:00) - Permaculture (25:15) - The Role of Social Entrepreneurship in Fighting Climate Change (28:30) - Just Water (32:00) - Practicing Empathy (34:45)
October 19, 2019
Recognizing Entitlement • A conversation with Amanda Cherie
I sat down with Amanda Cherie to discuss meditation, self-awareness, entitlement and her latest single Can’t Logic. This podcast is for anyone who has worked hard to achieve their goals and subsequently watched their life fall apart. Amanda’s got something to say about that! Follow her on Instagram @amandacheriemusic 🔥
October 12, 2019
When they say you’re too young • A conversation with Sam Demma
Sam Demma is a professional youth speaker, and co-Founder of Pick Waste! Listen to this episode to learn how to be more consistent, what to do when people tell you that you’re too young to do something, and how to filter good from bad advice! Visit Sam at and follow him on Instagram @sam_demma!
October 5, 2019
Acting in spite of other opinions • A conversation with Jay Woodford
Jay is insightful and I think his message is relevant to anyone who’s yet to deal with their early childhood trauma.
September 21, 2019
Self Awareness with Stephen Warley
This is a conversation about self-awareness. Listen for insights that can potentially reduce anxiety and lead towards a better relationship with your inner voice! You can find Stephen Warley’s work at!
September 14, 2019
You Have Nothing to Prove
When we feel like we have something to prove, we become impatient. We rush towards something we don’t even want for ourselves. We end up unfulfilled and unhappy. I brought together seven speakers who were willing to share their perspectives on this topic. My hope is that one of their responses will spark something new within you 😌
September 11, 2019
Entitlement with Cindy Wahler
Cindy Wahler is a leadership consultant who works with corporate clients to identify and develop actionable leadership behaviors in their executives. I brought Cindy on the podcast to discuss an article she wrote in Forbes, titled Why Entitlement is the Number One Leadership Derailer. Visit to learn more about her work!
September 11, 2019
Listening with Oscar Trimboli
The costs of not listening are high. In this conversation we lay out the framework for starting the process of becoming a better listener. You can find Oscar’s work at!
September 7, 2019
LinkedIn with Quentin Allums
Q is someone I deeply respect and admire. He’s the Co-Founder of Urban Misfit Ventures, and the guy on LinkedIn who wears the big black hat. We spent thirty minutes discussing content creation and the future of tech. You can find Q on LinkedIn by searching Quentin Allums or follow him on Instagram @tagjustq 🔥
September 2, 2019
Perspectives on Judgment
GaryVee said stop judging others in order to stop judging yourself. I set out to explore that statement and gather perspectives on judgment from other GaryVee fans. My hope is that this mash-up will give you something new to consider! TIMESTAMPS : @carolinavee_ at 2:59, @__veaire at 5:52, @khendriix at 8:32, @cguzman.4 at 12:18, @frosticuffs at 16:02, @themarketinghunters at 19:28, @vintsage_ at 22:45, @yannick_noc at 25:08 & @willieblake_light at 28:00 🔥
August 26, 2019