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Thermal Soundwaves World

Thermal Soundwaves World

By TSW Radio Boys
Thermal Soundwaves is the Natural Alternative to fast food media. Your hosts C.Truth and Kev Lawrence provide the talent and fun for this entertainment variety program. We cover music, TV, film, sports, arts, food and health.
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It's party time with Tracey Lee (@traceyleeesq)

Thermal Soundwaves World

Director Magaly Colimon-Christopher (@magaly_colimon1) of Conch Shell Int'l Film Fest
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) get introduced to creative director/producer Magaly Colimon-Christopher (@magaly_colimon1). Magaly spoke about her work on Netflix series Grand Army, creating the Conch Shell International Film Fest (@conchshelliff), working as a playwright, co-founding a women's film fest at St Francis College, her work over the years as an actor (Blue Bloods, the Closer, ER, Law & Order, LAX), getting to speak Haitian Creole on screen, the goal of creating different people of the Caribbean, learning on camera techniques while being on the soap opera Guiding Light, Haitian history, the natives of Haiti, Black count creator Alexander Dumas, the upcoming events/panels at Conch Shell International Film Fest, keeping your identity/culture through film, what filmocracy does, attending Yale school of Drama, and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav      IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
March 29, 2021
founder and financier Ava (@ebrinks) of Mobile Excellence Marketing (@mobileexcellencemarketing)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talk about business empowerment with Ava (@ebrinks) the founder of Mobile Excellence Marketing. Ava explained how Mobile Excellence Marketing was created, described what a field accounts manager does, what goes into providing remote staffing, securing financial investors for businesses, her dual heritage, using networking relationships to obtain important deals, tour management, what details a company needs before using a marketing service, why you should get an electronic business card, knowing how to use your talent skill set effectively and more.  For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav      IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
March 20, 2021
Andrea James the Founder of Nat'l Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls (@thecouncilus)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) welcome back Andrea James (@andreafreeher) the Founder of National Council For Incarcerated and Formerly Incarcerated Women and Girls (@thecouncilus). Andrea spoke on pushing the President on clemency for women in prison, how clemency works, growing up in Roxbury/Boston, rich family history in: (education, medicine, and business); changing laws that have oppressed women/girls such as the Crime act, her time in prison, 100 women in 100 days movement, continued work with Families for Justice as healing and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
March 12, 2021
artist/sound designer/perfumer Queen Nejma Nefertiti (@nejmanefertiti)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talk introduce the course overview of artist/sound designer/perfumer Queen Nejma Nefertiti (@nejmanefertiti). Nejma spoke eloquently on her Hip Hop artistry, her Original roots/heritage, background in making perfumes and the approach to it, activism, Fighting for social justice, being a part of the Afro Yaqui music collective, Performing in Iraq and Venezuela, true power of knowledge, what sound design is, her sound bank as a composer, making moving logo sounds, getting her music in film/TV series, creating street wear and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav      IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
January 30, 2021
DJ Shellz is made of love (@shellzwithaz)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) have a vivid conversation with the well versed DJ Shellz (@shellzwithaz).  Shellz talked about her background/experience as a DJ, growing up in Brockton MA, how her first art show Liquid Dreams that did well in supporting local artists, getting a marketing degree, Haiti heritage and history, views on black men, what sparked her hit song "Cry", painting on canvas, why she had to leave DJing for awhile, almost dying from track and field, holding her own in bars with anyone, throwing Olympic shot put and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 20, 2020
John O talks about his new chapter in life (@johnollie)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talks to artist/actor and Team Everythang member John O (@JustJohnollie). John discussed fatherhood in the Pandemic, the animated series coming with his son, the impact of Chadwick Bosman,  being the 6th member of New Edition, the dream of being an R&B singer, the Lawton album and how it's different from his past work, the support of his inner circle of friends; Aisha Hinds, Omari Hardwick, Affion Crockett, wanting to do films on Gregory Hines/Red Foxx, the status of The Gecko Brothers, the Fatburger reunion update, getting adjusted to life in Oklahoma and more. For additional content go to:    Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
November 22, 2020
Facilitate a vibe with artist/writer Blakk Soul (@BlakkSoulMusic)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with songwriter Blakk Soul (@BlakkSoulMusic). Blakk Soul discussed working for Boeing, deciding to move to Los Angeles, auditioning for Dr Dre, growing up in Tacoma Washington, his experience visiting Ghana,  how Big Pooh of Little Brother got behind him, putting in time on the independent show circuit, how to facilitate a vibe, the topics on his latest project that can help everyone, what he likes to cook, his skills as an engineer, the sports career that got cut short, what he learned about songwriting and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
August 29, 2020
John Jigg$ is getting a Mxnxpxly on the Industry (@john_jiggs)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked with the Revolver John Jigg$ (@Jiggsthegreat).  Jiggs discussed living all over Long Island, getting advice from K Solo, the help he got from Parrish Smith of EPMD, teaching his son the business and his son coming for his crown, touring Europe, how Mxnxpxly Family got started,  mastering his bowling skills, Hip Hop from the heart, the evolution of John Jigg$ , Atlanta traffic, giving the audience something unique, other Long Island influences like: EPMD, Rakim, Keith Murray, Dinco D, Roc Marciano and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
June 24, 2020
We Water Detroit with Piper Carter (@pipercarter)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with entrepreneur, activist, photographer Piper Carter (@pipercarter).  Piper discussed the state of the Detroit water crisis, how it started, dealing with COVID 19, how demographics of Detroit affects its policies, the interesting way that Michigan is laid out geographically, scam loans, the aggressive shut off program that created the water crisis, the important work "We the people of Detroit" and "Frontline Detroit" is doing, the questionable purging of citizens records by the government, the hand that multinational company Nestle has in all of the madness, the recent rise of militias, The water is life bill being raised by Michigan Congress woman Rashida Tlaib to aid the situation, Water affordability and more.  For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
April 24, 2020
entrepreneur/founder Chris Walker of the Black Nerds Club (@blacknerdsclub)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with entrepreneur, artist, illustrator Chris Walker (@chrislikestodostuff).  Chris talked about getting his start in comics, going to art school, 80's cartoons, HBCUs, the rise of the Black Nerd, the Nerdie awards recognizing people from; Cree Summer, Jaleel White to Arturo Alfonso Schomburg, being a colorist for DC comics, the anime culture, getting inspired by Mark Mineola of Hellboy fame, thoughts on the Watchmen, celebrating all the different categories influenced by nerds, the impact of social media currently,  growing up in Greensboro North Carolina, the great response to the Nerdies so far, Black Nerds clothing line, digital marketing,  future conventions/events that he's working on and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
April 12, 2020
artist Teeklef is taking over all sides of entertainment (@Teeklef)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked with international star Teeklef (@Teeklef).  Teeklef spoke on linking up with Mashup International, single deal with Major Lazer,  singing in church,  how he got to Indianapolis, on the road to being a doctor, the popular Wyclef question, experiencing winter for the first time after coming from Nigeria,  the big response to the mega hit "Killa Wine",  why he would of been a successful pro soccer player if not for music, how he discovered his calling of music, continuing studies in the states, his creative process and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
March 20, 2020
Porcelan keeps the Memphis legacy strong (@porcelanmusic)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked with burgeoning artist Porcelan (@porcelanmusic).  Porcelan discussed growing up and the scene of the Westwood neighborhood in Memphis, living in a town where everybody knows each other,  the origin of the name Porecelan, having parents who toured and are musicians, her mom performing with her on stage in the future freckles and all, working the songwriting muscle,  the joy of performing with Stevie Wonder, getting a compliment from legend Quincy Jones, a food drive she participated in put on by Krogers, her most memorable gift ever,  continuing the Memphis legacy (in the footsteps of: Issac Hayes, David Porter, Al Green),  Memphis foods she loves, how reading helps write songs, kicking things off in middle school and more.  For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
February 27, 2020
It's party time with Tracey Lee (@traceyleeesq)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with lawyer and artist Tracey Lee.  Tray Lee discussed helping soldiers get through their military service with his music, being from Buffalo, getting raised in Philadelphia, why he's a Yankees fan, why he took a detour from rap to begin practicing law, having a hit record like "The Theme" which still moves people, the importance of D Dot in his career, doing speaker series in the states and overseas, pairing wine with hip hop music, thoughts on where the business is headed, how he chooses who to work with, doing work for (Kelly Rowland, Young Guru, Kobe Bryant, Eric Roberson, Algebra, Talent) and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
January 16, 2020
The many Shades of Zakiyyah (@zakiyyah_official)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talk to emerging new artist Zakiyyah.  We conversed with Zakiyyah on a variety of things like her studying political science, coming up in Dorchester Massuchusetts, power images in the "Shades of Black" video, platforms she would choose if running for president, legalizing prostitution, taking Shades of Black to Broadway, social justice, starting a women's self defense class, the love of languages, best food in Dorchester, significance of the name Zakiyyah, being trained as an opera singer, difference between her voice and Mariah Carey's, being a translator in Colombia, reactions received from the public as a black opera singer and more.  For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 10, 2019
Positive K (@positive_k_) drops some exclusive stories on his life and career
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with emcee/comedian Positive K (@positive_k_).  We had a lively conversation with Pos about being a care giver for his mom, how he got into stand up comedy, trying to get Eric B to smile for once, his show at Sirius on LL Cool J's channel Rock the Bells,  MC Lyte's influence on his career outside of rap, advice he got from actor Anthony Anderson, his first joint venture with Jay Z, why it's ok to bomb in comedy, losing big movie roles and an MTV spot due to Lyor Cohen,  why Big Daddy Kane and Jay Z wanted to fight him, cracking jokes on the tour bus, why he couldn't sign rapper  Snagglepuss when he wanted to, who he will never follow on Instagram, a spot on Kane impression and more.  For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
November 18, 2019
performer Ali Caldwell on the Voice, writing, food and beyond (@iamAliCaldwell)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got a visit from incredible artist Ali Caldwell (@iamAliCaldwell) at the "From the Feet up" exhibit in New York city.  Ali discussed coming up in New Jersey, her mom disapproving of her secular music career, the Cover Art tour, what life was like on the road in Prague and Fiji, the purpose of joining "the Voice" and "The Four" shows,  the overwhelming response received from those shows from fans and judges, touring with Christina Aguilera, what she learned from Miley Cyrus, making her own color brand for hair, talking to youth, the specialties she loves to cook, being the world's most scariest food critic, the Ali Caldwell movie, the autobiographical album she's working on, importance of artists reinventing themselves, the shock of people in foreign countries knowing her words/style/music but not the language, being the only Black Girl in Moscow and so much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 15, 2019
artist Joey Golden goes Sole Searching (@JoeyGold24k)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with artist Joey Golden (@JoeyGold24k) at the "From the Feet up" exhibit in New York city.  Joey talked about the hit "Ol Skool dance," leaving the O.I.S.D. group and how the solo route is going, how his view of Cam'ron being wack got him to rap,  playing in the streets of New York City as a child, why performing is so important, what sneakers mean to him, rocking off of Japanese Jazz music, sneaker community vs Hypebeast, the film he appeared in, how he was as a youth basketball coach, doing the sole searching podcast and what it's about, his new manager Sean Williams Lol, biggest pet peeve on artist stage performances, the newly formed group Tha joint, and so much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 14, 2019
artist Pearl Harba stands strong on music, family and Puerto Rico (@PearlHarba)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got a visit from hip hop artist Pearl Harba (@PearlHarba). Pearl talked about family history, his mom's grocery business, how he deals with life's hardships, an eye opening conversation with an Uber driver, visiting Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria, new law Article 27 that changed land buying rules in PR, Universal Studios setting up shop on the island to shoot movies, the common neighborhood vibes in Puerto Rico, politics of the island, his approach to music and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 3, 2019
Writer/Poet/Mentor Kim Goodlook Seabrook discusses her journey (@goodlookseabrook)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with teacher, speaker, and writer Kim Goodlook Seabrook (@KimGoodLook). Kim spoke on mentoring teens at Guns Down Life Up foundation, men/women empowerment, mental illness, thoughts on new abortion laws, her after school program for kids in group homes, writing for Validated Magazine, making sacrifices to get to your journey, being homeless for 2 years, having her own radio show, teaching her son the business of entertainment, how the spoken word scene has changed, books she has in the works, her hip hop musical, balancing work and family, abusive relationships, personal fight with drugs and much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
September 30, 2019
artist and youth activist YELLY (@officialyelly)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with Sacramento artist and community activist YELLY (@officialyelly). YELLY talked about singing since elementary school, how she handles new success, dropping a music project her 2nd year in high school,  what life is like growing up in Sacramento, the importance of the Stephon Clark tribute and fighting for justice, being on the youth poetry slam team (finishing 3rd in the world at the final stage), creating the Urban Mix club for black/brown youth geared towards the arts, plans to study business further in college,  "letting your brain be as beautiful as your body,"  the journey of finding herself as a young woman, new generation of drugs consuming the youth, the pressure to be a certain image in music, why "Lust n found" is not necessarily about what the title suggest, staying balanced, having a great childhood and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
August 29, 2019
Far east empress & content curator Masia One (@masiaone)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with International artist and ambassador Masia One (@masiaone) on Singapore day . Masia talked about how her music got featured on the Netflix series "Wu Assassins," working with Aftermath/Interscope, coming up in the Toronto music scene, aspiration to work in film, launching Suka Suka all natural Jamaican jerk sauce, recording at Tuff Gong studios, putting together a Southeast Asia festival, performing in an opera house, stigma of reggae music in Singapore, meeting with the president of Singapore, how she chooses to relax with all that she does and more. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
August 14, 2019
producer composer Segnon (@segnontv)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) welcomed to the studio composer and producer Segnon (@segnon). Segnon talked about receiving a MPC studio from his parents, opening up for Common and Talib Kweli, the red room at Amherst College,  the short lived MC career, his development as a producer - from trash beats to fire tracks, working with Skyzoo, the film on his life that he would make, thoughts on politics,  the process of choosing who to work with artist wise, the importance of adaptation, versatility and more.  For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav           IG: @thermalsoundwaves       Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
August 9, 2019
songwriter performer and hitmaker N.K. Morton (@n.k.morton)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) welcomed back to the studio songwriter, entrepreneur, and hitmaker N.K.Morton (@NKOnTheCusp). NK talked about crazy flight stories, started her own publishing company at 19, writing for a Backstreet Boys album that went 14x platinum, what actresses she gets mistaken for,  working on the Chris Rock show, doing background for (Isley Brothers, Diana Ross, Rakim); the joy of dipping into different musical genres, going to LaGuardia School of the Arts with (Omar Epps, Marlon Wayans, Bokeem Woodbine, Mark Pitts); remembering the Central Park 5 case as well as how that affected her being a close friend of Yusef Salaam, how working with the band Kaias challenged her, history with Chicago, the importance of voting and more. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav          IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
July 29, 2019
Grammy award winning producer songwriter entrepreneur Deric D-Dot Angelettie (ddotangelettie)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with producer, songwriter, manager and Madd Rapper Deric D-Dot Angelettie (@DDotAngelettie) . D-Dot talked about creating the "All about the Benjamins" in Trinidad, how the Madd Rapper got started, his first major deal with Two Kings in a Cipher, college years at Howard University that shaped his career, the enterprising move that caught the attention of Sean Diddy Combs, being one of the original Hitmen production crew,  Connect the dots business venture, managing Mary J Blige, introducing Kanye West to the world, the Crazy Cat catalogue, why he likes to move behind the scenes, how his daughters are continuing the legacy, new films on the way and more. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav         IG: @thermalsoundwaves     Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
July 28, 2019
SOLEcial studies sneaker curator Sean Williams (@osd_paperchasr)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with Sean Williams curator and professor of SOLEcial studies (@OSDLIVE). Sean spoke on his latest gem "From the Feet Up - sneakers Hip hop in NYC" exhibit, what is captured in the exhibit, being a rankin scholar at Drexel University- 1st Division I University to make sneaker culture an accredited program, making history at the Port Authority in New York, wanting to expand his program across the United States, the importance of the hip hop community telling their own stories, building with the younger generation to maintain the culture, the 5th element of hip hop, some influencers of the culture visually, doing a sample of the exhibit at Disney's D23 conference, the impact of sneakers on fashion and more. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav       IG: @thermalsoundwaves    Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
July 27, 2019
entrepreneur artist Jaz O the Originator (@jazokkmg)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught with the Originator Jaz O (@TheRealJazO) fresh off of the new deal with the Roc.  Jaz talked about  staying original despite changes in the business, mending fences with Jay Z and how everyone else blew the situation out of proportion, his encounters with Notorious BIG, the recent Roc Nation deal, having Irv Gotti as his DJ for his first album, the baker analogy to life and music, producing the demo that got the Lox signed, some possible films in the works, why Jay Z has been so successful, classic gems that he's produced, the R&B club record he did for Tommy Boy that few know about, being one of the first hip hop artist with a major budget deal (EMI) and more. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav   IG: @thermalsoundwaves   Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
July 15, 2019
international dancer strategist and DJ Golden (djgolden_1)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with choreographer, dancer, marketing strategist and DJ Golden (@DJGoldenBK).  Golden returned after some years to chat about putting together the Pool night Riddim project with artists from around the world, why she originally came to New York, going back to school in Stockholm,  the experience of doing an internship in Lagos Nigeria, how she built her own path, work as a dance instructor/choreographer, searching for her biological family in Korea, being one of the first people to teach dancehall in Korea, favorite foods, getting into films in the future, the goal to be a worldwide agent connecting good talent, bringing flavor to the marketing industry in Sweden, who is behind Mash Up International, performing with Black Gold dance crew, doing digital strategy, the korean art scene: from music to film to dance and more. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav  IG: @thermalsoundwaves  Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
July 12, 2019
Axe-foliation with artist Jackie Spade (@jackiespade_)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) broke it down with Kinston's own Jackie Spade (@jackiespade_) .  Jackie talked about his love of Eddie Murphy movies, winning a Carolina award, his expert spade card playing skills, writing scripts, being a farmer in Georgia, linking up with Petey Pablo, hate of Duke basketball, life in the army, flaking on the Carolina Panthers, adjusting to red clay, what movie character he's named after, getting back to civilian life after years in the service, why ratchets excite him and more.  For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
July 2, 2019
Entrepreneur and Super Producer Self Service (@mrservice)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught with up CEO, multi-platinum producer and entrepreneur Self Service (@mrservice).  Self talked about producing over 25 million platinum records, growing up in Queens, composing in the back of a tour bus,  DMX performing in a canyon, working at Def Jam,  his exceptional cooking skills,  meeting Smif n Wessun at random in Harlem and selling them 5 beats,  what lead to his depression, renting space out to Love & Hip Hop TV show, signing the worst publishing deal: then learning the business,  playing chess with Irv Gotti's father, almost signing with Murder Inc., big plans coming for New Orleans, looking to produce Oscar award winning cinema, "The third Wish" film on amazon prime, teaming up with Regal cinemas, creating the ELPD TV platform, starting the Indie Review live showcase for OTT services, and more. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
June 12, 2019
conversation with minister Abdul Haqq Muhammad (@DefendingKhan)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke to student minister Abdul Haqq Muhammad (@DefendingKhan). He chatted candidly about how he came into the Nation of Islam,  the influence of Farrakhan,  what the duties of a minister are, the responsibilities to the people & community, misconceptions of NOI, the importance of nutrition as well as eating to live,  the effects of fasting on your body and mind, what is he and she search  is, various programs within the NOI that helps empower the community, teaching women to defend themselves why some are so afraid of an organization that is about the uplifting of people, history of NOI and more... For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav   IG: @thermalsoundwaves   Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
June 6, 2019
leader of her own band Lisa Vazquez (@_lisavazquez)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) had the pleasure of speaking with Producer, Vocalist, Multi Instrumentalist Lisa  Vazquez (@_lisavazquez). Lisa talked about her beat making series "Flip it Friday",  getting ready for Soundset festival, growing up in Portland and it's amazing food, playing various instruments (congos, bass, guitar), performing backup vocals,  being dubbed Lisa E, doing tricks with drumsticks, being a big fan of legend Sheila E, music running in the family genes, backpacking in South America,  performing with hip hop legend KRS One, her favorite equipment to produce with and much more.  For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav   IG: @thermalsoundwaves   Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
June 4, 2019
lyricist writer and performer T Barz explains her Genesis (@TBarzzzz)
The Radio Boys  (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) had a great conversation with well rounded artist T Barz ( @TBarzzzz).  She talked about life in Mobile Alabama, her poetry/performing background, playing around with fashion, the difference between Mardi Gras in Mobile vs New Orleans, why people throw moon pies and Ramen noodles, the morals she will forever stand behind, how she became a Lakers fan, the influence of Janet/Michael Jackson, her love of dance, superior college football knowledge, being a model citizen for young people like her nieces and much more.     For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav  IG: @thermalsoundwaves  Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
May 8, 2019
entertainer and writer Donald Lacy (@DonaldELacyJr) with Mike Bell
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with comedian, performer, writer and activist Donald Lacy (@DonaldELacyJr) along with Mike Bell of Brooklyn United Consortium of Artists. The guys talked about Don's one man show "Colorstruck," background on the Oakland Raiders, freedom radio, anti-apartheid movement, Dr. Frances Cress Welsing, Bobby Seale, the Love Life Foundation, history of Oakland, Black Panthers, issues with police and recruitment, why Don is the governor of Oakland,  government sponsored crack, social programs stolen from the community, devices that separate the poor, meeting legend Miles Davis, informants, and so much more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 30, 2019
Gilles Casanova talks health, music and history (@gillescasanova)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) check in with artist Gilles Casanova (@gillescasanova). Gilles spoke on hanging out in Wisconsin, ice fishing, proper food to charge the body, overall good health, Haitian history, staying aware and unified, why black man is beautiful and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 23, 2019
artists Sloppy Joe and Kee visit Thermal Soundwaves
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with artists and producers Sloppy Joe (@SloppyiGB) and Kee (@stillKe3). Sloppy Joe and Kee talked about their family ties, Latin heritage, touring in France, starting from pause tapes, Bachata, developing production skills, the Krispy Kreme episodes, balancing relationships with career and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
April 23, 2019
She Real stands on her own word (@sherealtalk)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with dynamic artist She  Real (@sherealtalk). She Real talked about Uno Wars, her father's major  influence, how the school system continues to fail children, her drawing  talent, beyond burgers, THOT pockets, why Teddy Riley is the top  producer, favorite cinema genres plus shows, the She Real movie,  memorable times in Paris, the solidarity and love shown in Atlanta,  differences in resources neighborhood to hood and more.    For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
April 22, 2019
artist Jabo tells the world what he's about (@JaboEnt)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with Birmingham artist  Jabo (@jaboent). Jabo talked about his life coming up in Alabama,  connecting with Jadakiss, lifting weights at D-Block in Yonkers, losing  his baseball scholarship, the perks of college sports recruiting,  getting a degree in broadcasting, some facts on civil rights in Alabama  as he knows it, eating what you kill, working at a TV news station, the  documentary on his life coming, the social ties made in college, and  more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
April 22, 2019
Coach Raychelle (@CoachRaychelle) gives guidance on health & wellness
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked with Coach Raychelle about  health and wellness. Coach Ray spoke on ways to improve your overall  wellness, work she does as a Reiki master, the books she has released as  an author, her fight to get over anxiety, being an editor of Voluptuous  Cattura Magazine, all the features/perks that she offers with her Day  of Wellness, how to cope with today's struggles in this crazy world, her  disdain for the word Grind, the daily slice and much more.    For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav      IG: @thermalsoundwaves      Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
April 18, 2019
Cool runnings hangin' with Director Actor Doug E Doug (@dougedougfromtv)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) had a great conversation with  actor, writer, director Doug E Doug (@dougedougfromtv). His credits  include: An act of war, Blue Bloods, Law & Order, Cool Runnings,  Justified, Cosby, Touched by an Angel, Jungle Fever, and Diagnosis  murder among others. Doug (@dougedoug1) spoke on the lasting impact of  "Cool Runnings," writing/directing missing child film Lil Girlgone, the  Ostrich Syndrome, what he learned from Bill Cosby, when comedy goes way  beyond PC, social control that gets abusive, how he handled being  harassed in Hollywood, getting free food all the time in the Caribbean and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav     IG: @thermalsoundwaves     Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 18, 2019
The Bad Seed talks tactics when all else fails (@NiggalisCage)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with Brooklyn emcee The  Bad Seed (@NiggalisCage). Seed got fully candid on: the incident while  going to Port Authority that changed his life, living in the Makin'  Mansion, the Castor Troy back pack, the Lyricist Lounge tour, how his  daughter has affected his life/career, giving the Grammy winning  producer Midi Mafia his name, the early days of working with Nottz, how  Seed & Jean Grae were the hip hop Jay & Bey early, watching Mos  Def/Talib Kweli/Bush Babees record right next to his room, not playing  the game, almost retiring from music, bougie hip hop fans, having one of  the best albums of the year, thoughts on Tekashi 6ix9ine and more.    For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav     IG: @thermalsoundwaves     Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 18, 2019
Don't forget to breathe with Yvette Joseph (@thebutterfly143)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with multi-talented writer,  actor, filmmaker Yvette P. Joseph (@thebutterfly143). Yvette addressed:  her film writing debut the sci-fi thriller "Don't forget to breathe"  (@dftb_film), growing up on horror films, her vast entertainment  experience, the importance of people of color in the science fiction  space, research that went into her film, creative ways you can get  involved in the funding of her film, why she gave up the art of dance,  being tortured by her sister in Delaware, mentoring young girls in their  film quest, her major influences, and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav    IG: @thermalsoundwaves    Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 18, 2019
Chief Ayanda Clarke stays true to our native land (@TheFadaraGroup)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with enterprising  businessman, musician and educator Chief Ayanda Clarke  (@TheFadaraGroup). Chief Ayanda discussed his 2 day cultural event "True  to our native Land" celebrating African culture, his work as an  educator with the Fadara Group, his musical upbringing, the cosmopolitan  Africa that is booming right now, displaying how Africa is in the DNA  of; music, dance, why his Africa is so lit, continuing to put  generations on to the importance of the African continent and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav   IG: @thermalsoundwaves   Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 18, 2019
Kool DJ Red Alert celebrates 35 yrs in the game (@KoolDJRedAlert)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with pioneer Kool DJ  Red Alert(@KoolDJRedAlert). Red talked about the respect factor, how he  got started in the business, his proudest moments during his 35 years in  the game, the film he's working on, the Kool connection, when  creativity died, some radio history, what the young Bizmarkie was like,  how he connected with Boogie Down Productions, the Harlem Roots, what's  next for him and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav   IG: @thermalsoundwaves   Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves    
April 17, 2019
Producer/ writer/ athlete Dorian Graham (@theystillgotit)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with producer, writer,  athlete Dorian Graham of They’ve still got it. and more. Dorian talked  about his early work at HBO, setting groundwork at ESPN Classic &  Hollywood, creating Martin Luther King Day national ad at the NBA, being  part of an ACE award team, running the street ball section of Hoops TV,  going to Magic Johnson celebrity weekends, pitching his video game idea  to Midway/Acclaim, connecting with Nick Cannon, producing: Son of a  gun, Wild n Out, Teen Nick Top 10; his Mariah Carey hip hop story,  advice to Nick Cannon in regards to America's got talent, playing in the  Rucker Park tournament with NBA players, spin off he's working on with Kyrie Irving called "They've still got it," a major TV drama that he's working on.    For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav  IG: @thermalsoundwaves  Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 17, 2019
entrepreneur Thembisa Mshaka drops #LipGame and other business tips (@putyrdreams1st)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked to entertainment business  veteran Thembisa Mshaka (@putyrdreams1st). Thembisa opened up about the  launch of her exclusive net-worthing event #LipGame live, her  advertising/campaign work with: Lauryn Hill, Nas, Wutang Clan, 50 Cent,  Dead Prez to name a few, advice for youth looking to enter the business,  the new edition of her book "Put your dreams 1st coming soon, artist  who use media incorrectly, her upcoming feature film project and so much more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav  IG: @thermalsoundwaves  Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves    
April 17, 2019
Good times in the Bull City with Mark Steele (@whoismarksteele)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) were joined by Bull City's Finest  artist Mark Steele @whoismarksteele. We kick it with Mark about life in  Durham North Carolina, why Durham is the bull city, what he learned  living/working in New York City, having mentor 9th Wonder as a  professor, his intro to hip hop, battlin' at cook outs, selling New  Edition's Michael Bivins a charger, how he got on ESPN,  directing/shooting videos, working with No Malice of The Clipse, Michael  Jordan’s presence in the North Carolina community, why Donald Glover  would play him in his biopic and so much more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves   
April 17, 2019
Business Music and Health with Mic Handz (@therealMICHANDZ)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with entrepreneur/artist Mic Handz (@therealMICHANDZ)in between his busy schedule. We discussed his battle with chronic kidney disease, working with hip hop icon Erick Sermon, running a marketing business, role as a fashion designer, owning Snkr Head NYC, launching a new line of urban contemporary fashion "Emerald City", writing video stories and treatments, the Handz on Health foundation, pursing a kidney donor, how to balance life/work with a health condition and more.    For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 15, 2019
Developing business and media with Dove Clark (@FlyLikeDove)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke with long time bandwagon starter Dove Clark (@FlyLikeDove). Dove scooped us on building the proper business relationships, discovering Snow tha Product, Dove's dinners, working with Grammy award winning producer Needlz, growing up in the Seattle wilderness, being a dancer at B-boy events, writing for OkayPlayer in it's beginning, how she started her PR company, the turning point in life that changed things forever, the cons of social media publicists, what you need to gain from college, working on the public speaker circuit, developing Dipset's Jim Jones, writing a book in the future and much more.    For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 15, 2019
Nadhege Ptah (@Nadhege) of Paris Blues in Harlem (@ParisBluesFilm)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) chatted with filmmaker, actor,  writer Nadhege Ptah (@Nadhege). We discuss her latest film "Paris Blues  in Harlem" how it came about, taking it around the world via film  festivals, and what she wants to do beyond the film itself. We also go  in depth on the topics of legacy, generational differences,  gentrification, community, entrepreneurship, business education,  preparing youth to carry on family business, spirituality, real estate, and more.. For additional content go to:   Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves 
April 3, 2019
Words from the masta artist D-Nasty (@DNasty_ThaMasta)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) are joined by burgeoning artist  D-Nasty Tha Masta (@DNasty_ThaMasta). D-Nasty talked about the influence  his parents had on his career, performing in the historical Rap-a-thon  event, his latest "Words from tha Masta project," views on the criticism  of the new rap generation, the family member that introduced him to the  game, how the respect factor matters, what he would do if he was not an  artist, the way he handles personal attacks, always being bar ready,  how he chooses the subject areas for what he writes, and more.   For additional content go to:   Tweet: @thermalsoundwav  IG: @thermalsoundwaves  Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 2, 2019
Queens duo New Gang City use veteran tactics to master the new scene
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with rising new group  from Queens, New Gang City (@CmoezGzup) and (@ThaKiddAce). We discussed  why they consider themselves the 38th chamber, taking control of their  careers early, bringing the north to the south, having 2 parents that  DJ, how playing instruments help, marching band discipline, rocking  football stadiums, doing well in school breaking the stereotype, running  a media site, working smarter, how being siblings has helped in the  artistry, benefiting from each others strengths/weaknesses and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves   
April 2, 2019
Part 2 with artist Big Sence fighting through adversity
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) continue our talk with star Big  Sence (@bigsence) along with Bushwick Bullie. We discuss the division  between black and latino artists, the influence of his musician parents,  Big Pun's impact, the label that passed on him because he wasn't black  enough, producers that you want to work with, the reggaeton factor, the rise of Dominican artists, building with Haitian connects, views on  immigration, his favorite Dominican dish and so much more.  For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
April 1, 2019
driven for stardom with artist Big Sence (@bigsence) Part 1
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with fast rising star  Big Sence (@bigsence) along with Bushwick Bullie. We discussed the  journey from Bushwick to Dominican Republic, sending relief to the  people of Puerto Rico, the politics of the islands, life in Moca D.R.,  the education system, family bonding via poverty, learning the  importance of adapting to your environment, being a stranger on your own  block, cultural elimination, conformists, public school warehousing and more.  For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves 
April 1, 2019
actor Stephen Hill (@StephenHillActs) talks Magnum P.I. and the humble lane
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with actor Stephen Hill  (@StephenHillActs). We talk about his role in the reboot of Magnum P.I.  on CBS, people who have become funny style around him, preparing to  shoot episodes every 8 days, Flavor in the Wig connect, the message he  received from the original TC, getting used to extra eyes watching him,  balancing the humble lane, getting un-followed on social media, escaping  crabs in a barrel, staying true to the person he's always been, taking  in the culture of Hawaii, his role in "Maniac" with Jonah Hill and Emma  Stone, working with heavy hitters (Daniel Kaluuya, Liam Neeson, Viola  Davis, Robert Duvall) and more.   For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves  
March 6, 2019
The Business of artists with Miles Anthony (@RighteousMusic)
 The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with Righteous Music  Media's Miles Anthony (@RighteousMusic). We talked about artist  management, discovering Queen Sugar/She's Gotta Have it's actress Margot  Bingham (@MargotBingham), relationship with actor/artist Darien Dean, the Choklate connection, his brief career as a singer,  doing the lecture and guest speaker circuit at colleges, why leasing  beats is bad, how movie "Sorry to Bother You' hit home, the intro to  Insecure's Amanda Seales, the current state of music streaming and more.  Give your ears some entertainment.  For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves 
March 6, 2019
All in with Chyna Black (@CHYNABLACK718) and M.Reck (@mreckgm)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with artists Chyna Black (@CHYNABLACK718)and M.Reck (@mreckgm). We talk with them about considering Dentistry before rap, how the two met, story behind the infamous "ashy lips" line, Ninja tactics, creating relationships worldwide with local business owners, how to have a fruitful studio session, the upcoming TV show, how to handle the #MeToo issue, paying tribute to Millie Jackson, having a successful independent media company, role in the new film "Equal Standard", curving women at Wendy's, the right DM protocol for those trying to slide in, direct to consumer marketing and more.  For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves 
January 30, 2019
Shana Tucker makes it better with her art (@shanatucker)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) received a surprise call from artist Shana Tucker who spoke about her song collaboration with Foreign Exchange, thoughts on events in Ferguson Missouri, using your voice via the vote, using art as a way to spark change, views on Bill Cosby, abuse of celebrity power, the influences that got Shana to attend Howard University and more.. For additional content go to:  Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves 
January 22, 2019
Phlow motion (@Phlowetry)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with rising star Phlow (@Phlowetry). Phlow talked about growing up in Nigeria during the 90's, watching TRL with Carson Daly, how she acquired her style, studying computer science, the connection to producer Teck-Zilla, what she likes to write about, what her show is like, getting to the states and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 20, 2018
Isis Kenney on Hip Hop Fine Arts (@HIPHOPFINEART)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with artist/designer Isis Kenney (@HIPHOPFINEART). Isis spoke about: early days at the Hip Hop Culture center and Rapathon, growing up in Poughkeepsie, the jail economy of the city, moving to brooklyn from Poughkeepsie, getting robbed at City College, her first production at 2 years old, making art that highlight political issues, the "the revolution will not be televised" exhibit, the significance of her Chris Brown piece, thoughts on her Obama piece, moving into fine arts, performance arts/home decor and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 13, 2018
author Alfred Obiesie of "You made it a hotline" Vol 1 (@crazedafrykan)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talk with author/producer Alfred Obiesie of the book "You made it a hotline." Alfred discussed: surviving a coma, his background at Lehman Brothers during the height of the financial crisis, starting out as a producer/blogger, the unique design of the book, 4 criteria to having the most influential lines in Hip Hop, his reasons for picking the particular lyric pieces in his book, his plans to expand the series, why "who's the best" lists need to go away, effects of growing up in 80's Brooklyn, being willing to discover new music, the way his book addresses social topics, and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 11, 2018
Darlene Ortiz is the Definition of Down (@DarleneOGOrtiz)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got an in studio visit from B-girl, host, writer, PT trainer Darlene Ortiz (@DarleneOGOrtiz) as well music vet/publisher Paul Stewart (@paulstewart1). Darlene was frank about: her life with Ice T, uprocking in heels, hosting her own radio show, going to prom with her 1st black boyfriend at NBA great Reggie Miller's high school, the infamous Radiotron club, the upcoming audiobook, the relationship between herself and Coco (Ice T's wife), possible film option for her memoir Definition of Down, why she turned down the offer for "Pump it up" that later went to Dee Barnes, how the infamous Power album cover came about, her grandmother's comments on the album cover, the book agents that wanted her to be grimy, why she never said anything shady about Ice T, the entrepreneur/all around man her son turned out to be, meeting Paul at Water the Bush, and so much more. Paul gave a short taste of his entertainment background discovering: The Pharcyde, Warren G, Coolio, Montell Jordan, House of Pain, working on Hustle and Flow, Dear White People, Fast & Furious 2, the Issa Rae show "Insecure." For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 11, 2018
emcee Master Ace stars on the Tonight show (@mastaace)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down in studio with veteran legend emcee Master Ace (@mastaace) of eMC. Ace gave light to: why he didn't appear on the 2nd Crooklyn Dodgers record, the Spike Lee album that never happened, being a high school football coach for 11 years, how being an avid car enthusiast drove one of his biggest hits, the reason people thought he sold out to the west coast, how eMC was formed, performing for the first time with Bizmarkie, his return to Spittin in Da Wip, why being ahead of your time is not always great, putting together concept albums in the throw away era, dealing with moopies and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 11, 2018
Fashion Pioneer April Walker (@theaprilwalker)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) were honored to speak to fashion pioneer April Walker (@theaprilwalker) of Walker Wear (@WalkerWearStore). April was pleased to talk about her love for Brooklyn, dropping urban fashion before the trend started, being a woman making men’s clothing, letting the clothes speak for itself, starting her 1st custom shop in 1988, what inspired her fashion line, creating the 1st stash pocket, differences in being a young designer in the 90s vs today, how she got Biggie/Tupac/Mike Tyson/Treach to rock her brand, the business of licensing when it comes to fashion, conducting fashion workshops in Panama, being a stylist for music videos, giving a start to reps who went on to companies: (Mecca, Enyce, Mauric Malone, Pure Players, FUBU), her challenges being one of the 1st in her fashion category and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 11, 2018
Amen Ra (@Bam2AmenRa) explains why failure is not an option
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) sat down with singer, dancer, and writer Amen Ra. Amen Ra opens up about: the historic origin of his name, his famous father, working with industry producing vet Tony Dofat, dancing in 702 video “No doubt,” being on a worldwide tour with Mary J.Blige, the discipline he learned from being on a worldwide tour, working as a choreographer to the stars (LL Cool J, Joe, Kelly Rowland, Trey Songz, Mariah Carey), his martial arts background, the Trinidadian roots, working as an artist developer, why he always answers his phone, maintaining proper health with an entertainment lifestyle, handling the transition from artist support to being a star himself, the true function of music, his greatest curse and much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 7, 2018
artist Paris (@paris_gfr) talks Hip Hop, business, and Pistol Politics
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke to Bay Area veteran artist Paris (@paris_gfr) on a variety of topics. The UC Davis grad broke it down on: building his own publishing company to include movies, books, etc, the letter he got from the FBI, his experience as an FOI member, the diversity as well as imbalance of San Francisco, his uncle Elston Howard the first black New York Yankee, why he chose to study economics, the blueprint he got from his father, why he doesn’t do lectures, the music he did for the movie “Kill the Messenger,” love of black culture but lack thereof for the people who create it, his appearance on the national level due to his song about President Bush, the move to sanitize dissent messages, self destruction in hip hop and so much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 7, 2018
Everyone loves the Darmirra Brunson Show (@DarmirraBrunson)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) chatted it up with rising star Darmirra Brunson (@DarmirraBrunson). We provided the model/actor/singer/writer with her first radio interview ever and she got candid on: doing celebrity impersonations, creating original characters, starting out on YouTube, editing her own work, starting over after an ex-boyfriend deleted her account, what feat makes her an awkward girl, doing the Chocolate Sundaes series, gaining knowledge from Tommy Davidson, writing the “How to treat your man” sketch and the reaction from black women, crossing the lines with comedy, what it is like working with Tyler Perry, why stand up comedy is frightening, what she learned from her dad Darryl Brunson who’s a brilliant stand up comedian, messages to dudes who want to date her, hugging from a distance, beating out 16,000 people in a contest that lead to her starring role on “Love thy neighbor” which is on the OWN Network (@OWNTV) written by Tyler Perry, being star struck by Marques Houston during the Immature days, her love of massages and wine, meeting weirdos on the bus in L.A, her disdain for reality shows, the first feature film she is writing, our parts in that, and more from the Baltimore native. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 3, 2018
Margot Bingham on Broadway, Music and Film (@MargotBingham)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) talked with the uber-talented performing arts star Margot B. Margot (@MargotBingham) kicked it about: her run in the Broadway revival of the musical "Rent", the Pittsburgh jazz scene, her album "Live at the Hazlett," preferring a live band over singing tracks, working with charities (Boys & Girls Club, Veterans Hospital, Blind & Deaf children school) at a young age, playing Phyllis Hyman in a future movie, choosing performing over sports, love of true crime movies, people watching in New York, winning Miss Black Teen, what it was like working with John Leguizamo, working on the web series "In Between Men" that was picked up by a network, having a pleasant young girl modeling experience, taking Forensic Psychology before musical theater and more. Margot is what you call a quadruple threat. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 3, 2018
Phife Dawg of A Tribe called Quest ( @IamthePHIFER)
The Radio Boys (Kev Lawrence, C.Truth) had the pleasure of speaking to a much heralded member of A Tribe called Quest (@atcq), Phife Dawg. Phife explained why he was absent from the scene and basically needed a kidney from his wife in order to stay alive. The boisterous emcee also shared words on: his new production company Riddim Kidz, his new TV show Phife Alert, the Tribe called Quest documentary directed by Michael Rapaport-executive produced by Nas coming soon, the bond between himself and Q-Tip whom he has known since 2 years old, his road to being the new Berry Gordy (he has over 7 acts from all over the U.S.), Busta Rhymes in studio challenges, and a shout out to some cartoon dogs. If that wasn’t enough to speak on he also mentioned that there may be a new Tribe music project, he wants to do comedy movies, he will be coaching HS basketball in Connecticut this fall as well as AAU in Oakland, and he gave a scouting report on the NY Knicks as far as who should remain on the team. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
December 3, 2018
Ladies and Gentlemen Multiplatinum producer Jazze Pha (@jazzepha)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got live with grammy winning multiplatinum producer Jazze Pha (@jazzepha). Mr Ladies and Gentlemen was candid about: the importance of paperwork, why Houston is still his strongest market, his Tela Tony Draper connection, what he did when he heard "Otis" from Jay Z and Kanye West who sampled his father's music, what makes a quality album, why he stopped working with Ciara, how far back he goes with Future, the trappings of fame, why he had to wear hard jeans in Kentucky, what made him move to Atlanta originally, working on country pop music, doing music for TV, scoring a melo-drama movie that Leonardo Dicaprio is involved with, his views on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, partying in new places with shoe models, being named after one of the Barkays that passed away in a plane crash, not expecting people to give you something in the music business and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
November 20, 2018
The Real Ricky Ross From Compton to Contra to Changed man (@FreewayRicky)
In the most talked about episode yet, The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) spoke to the real Rick Ross. Freeway Ricky did not side step any topic and let it all hang out on: having the athletic skill to be a star tennis player, meeting the Williams sisters when they were 10 yrs old and spotting their potential then, getting set up by a CIA operative, being illiterate, growing up in the neighborhood of Compton where the crips were founded and other rival gangs battled, becoming one of the most notorious drug traffickers in the U.S. after having an anti-drug mind set, investing in businesses & property, being used as a pawn for the US government to fund the Iran Contra war, how journalist Gary Webb helped expose the truth about his case, the metamorphosis while in prison, accepting responsibility for all wrong he has done, his views on the rapper Rick Ross, his mentoring program and upcoming film being written by Nick Cassavetes (Blow/Face Off). This is a hefty must listen to episode that’s stacked to the max. Also find out: why he wants to meet with President Obama and how Leonardo DiCaprio & Mark Wahlberg are trying to get at him. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
November 8, 2018
The Supa Jeanius Jean Grae (@JeanGreasy)
Supa Jeani Jeani Jeani flexes her superhero powers with the Radio Boys (C.Truth & Kev Lawrence). We go all around the world with this one discovering along the way: Why Jean was on stage with an apron grilling chicken, how Germans do the 2 step, history that was taken for granted, how rolling with the machine was a wash out, why she doesn't perform for 92 crack prices, what its like coming from the lineage of 2 great jazz artist, how to quench a love thirst. We also get to: the radio boys nutritional diet, why Jean won't be on a motorcycle with a bikini, breaching contracts, and having white soccer moms at her concerts. You don't wanna miss all of that or the live call we got from Jean's biggest fan from Montreal, Canada. This is one of those classics folks. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
November 5, 2018
Doug Young True Music Industry stories Pt 2
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) continued their conversation with music business veteran Doug Young. In Part 2 Doug talks having a deal set up for Diddy after he lost one with MCA but getting beat out by Arista, what really went on behind closed doors at Death Row records, how he saved Cypress Hill’s first album that the record company didn’t know how to push, his involvement in the new Hollywood NWA movie “Straight Outta Compton,” why making record request on commercial radio stations are a joke, what the Universal Hip Hop Museum will address in the music business, what truly caused the East/West coast beef that was not media created, what artists had the green light to get robbed in LA, the details of the infamous night in which Dee Barnes was brutally assaulted by Dr.Dre, why Cypress Hill didn’t release anything on Interscope that had them first, do records need the internet today, why he didn’t testify against Dr Dre in the Dee Barnes case and much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 31, 2018
Doug Young True Music Industry stories Pt 1
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) were treated to an eye opening conversation with music business veteran Doug Young. Doug started in the industry back in 1984 and was not shy in speaking his mind on: Dr Dre leaving Ruthless Records and the dominos that fell after that, hanging with Ultramagnetic MC's and Hank Shocklee in NY, hanging out at Nell’s nightclub at the height of the model era with Tyra Banks/Kimora Lee/ Veronica Webb in attendance, what’s the key to any music of substance, working with Easy E at Ruthless before he passed, being an advisor for the Universal Hip Hop Museum, being one of the 1st writers for the Source magazine when it was a pamphlet, becoming a publicist/record promoter with no experience, how he got the Deep Cover record to pop off and what cities supported it, starting rap depts at Priority/Capital/MCA Records, why we call him Mr.Retainer, how he came up with the term "street team", making NWA's first album a success with no major airplay, and much much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 31, 2018
The Spirited Actor with Tracey Moore (@thespiritedactor)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) caught up with life motivator via acting Tracey Moore of the Spirited Actor (@thespiritedactor). Tracey is a long time director, writer, acting coach and casting director. She discussed what a casting director really does, why directing is her final destination, coming to New York from San Francisco only knowing 2 people, what road life was like while coaching Eve and Busta Rhymes, the science of acting, why an acting coach is necessary, the stench of desperation, the reason you should go to Hollywood, what the Spirited Actor is and does, thoughts on the criticism of Tyler Perry, the importance of truth in acting, why you can't limit talent to one category and so much more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 30, 2018
The Artist Advocate Wendy Day (@RapCoalition)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) connected with a very important woman to know in the music industry, Wendy Day. Wendy Day is the founder of the non-profit company Rap Coalition. The company pulls artist out of bad deals and educates people on what's fair and acceptable. Her company has set up business deals for Master P, Twista, and Eminem to name a few. Wendy has run the company for 19 years and had good perspective on: why you should not seek a record deal in today's industry, using the term "demo" and working for Fedex is a way to eliminate yourself before you even get started, how she is able to break artist out of their contracts with major labels, why it is easier to find an investor than a record deal, the important advice that Tupac Shakur gave her after becoming the first board member, the continued support received from David Banner & Tech N9ne, what her Powermoves company does for properly funded artist, and she exposes Cash Money whom she set up an initial $30 million deal for but had to sue for payment. She won her lawsuit and also confirmed what we've all been learning recently that "they don't pay their artist." For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 30, 2018
pioneer Kool DJ Red Alert talks about his history (@KoolDJRedAlert)
A legend and pioneer in the game, Kool DJ Red Alert took time out to speak with the Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence). Uncle Red talked about: why he's a B.U.M., his passion as a DJ, ushering in talent like: KRS-One, A Tribe called Quest, Jungle Brothers, Chris Lighty to name a few, how to read a crowd, what he considers a complete DJ, how hip hop has brought together different genres, the person responsible for his career, musical family ties, the moment he knew it was his time to shine, thoughts on DJs who fake it, why you should not request records at a party, being one of the 1st live hip hop DJ's on the radio, making international moves, maintaining longevity and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 29, 2018
Emmy award winning writer Mike Ajakwe (@mikeajakwe)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) had an enlightening conversation with Hollywood writer and producer Mike Ajakwe (@mikeajakwe). Mike has been in the industry for about 20 yrs and was candid on: how he's survived the business, writing for Entertainment Tonight, producing for show "Unsung", putting on plays that has starred: Hill Harper, Glynn Turman, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Tatyana Ali, Monique, Niecy Nash, Tichina Arnold to name a few; how an internship on the sitcom "Cheers" led to a life changing decision, having the first play written by a black playwright to be published in the new millennium, valuable lessons he learned from Martin Lawrence, working with Brett Ratner in 2002 on his first screenplay, starting the 1st web series festival in the world in Los Angeles, why he is a fan of Congresswoman Maxine Waters and so much more. Rest in power Mike ! For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 25, 2018
Nicole Lyons (@nicolelyonsnhra) Pro Race Car Driver
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) took out some time to chat with Pro Race Car Driver Nicole Lyons (@nicolelyonsnhra). The NHRA drag racer spoke on: owning a pro muscle car shop, the upcoming reality show with Marlon Wayans, racing 4500 horse power cars with parachutes, her entry into racing through her dad, why movie 2 Fast 2 Furious is a fraud, knowing the full mechanics of cars, what she says to drag racing critics, doing donuts at 7 yrs old, driving Dually Trucks home from elementary school, preparing to win the championship in Pomona this year, dealing with racism in the industry, writing poetry, being a black belt, the not so warm reception she received from Danica Patrick, what she would like to see happen for the sport of racing and more. For additional content go to: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
Jennifer Cruté opens up the world of Comics, illustration and Art
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) had a spirited conversation with artist Jennifer Cruté. Jenn took some time to inform us about: the creative inspiration for her work, navigating the commercial art world that wanted her to provide stereotypical images of women, designing images for children’s clothing, being a gangster in order to collect her money as a freelancer, making an effort to pitch images not seen in advertising, the wobbling black cake, the family 's reaction to the material she has put out, upcoming showcases/events to view her creations, and the comic series for adults "Jennifer's Journal The Life of a SubUrban Girl Vol.1" which come from actual journals illustrating a misfit’s upbringing in the suburbs of New Jersey and her daily interactions as an adult in New York City. For additional content go to, Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
filmmakers/artists Corina (@CorinaKattAyala) and Joaquin talk Latins in America
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) pulled up a chair, filled up some cups with Bustelo and spoke with artists/producers/filmmakers Corina Katt Ayala (@CorinaKattAyala) and Joaquin Maceo Rosa. Corina relayed stories on: growing up in the projects of the Bronx, starting in the business at 5 yrs old, coming up with legends like Brenda K Starr and Crazy Legs, how Madonna stole freestyle music, Billboard's creation of the dance chart to keep freestyle artists off the pop charts, what freestyle music is, the support of fans that keeps the music alive, Jennifer Lopez using her own people to further her own objectives, advice to young Latina girls, some of her grandma's favorite sayings, how Bernie Mack inspired her 1st monologue and making coffee from a sock. Joaquin talked about meeting Corina in a play that they were both in, modeling out of college, doing documentary film work, shooting Corina's story "Beyond the Billboard," making the pilot "Latin in America," what it means to be Latin in America, big challenges in putting the 2 projects together, the African presence in Latinos and the big denial of this, why artists need to take more self responsibility, the over sexualization of Latin women and much more. For additional content go to, Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
Rappin 4-Tay kicks Bay Area lingo (@rappin_4tay)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) took it to northern California with veteran Rappin 4-Tay (@rappin_4tay). 4-Tay was a little winded from being on the road but had enough stamina to speak on: what happens in the other side of San Francisco, meeting Tupac Shakur when he moved out to Oakland from the east coast, having love for east coast music, how the earth is his turf, coming up in the business with Too Short, selling CD's out of the trunk as a business model, his latest tour, advice to upcoming rappers, reading Alex Haley & Langston Hughes, being a father, making music at studios in hotel rooms in New York, meeting Michael Jackson at the MTV awards as he was going to pay his water bill, being a member of the brass ensemble (playing trumpet, French horn, tube, baritone horn) and more. For additional content check out Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
Actor Jamie Hector is Moving Mountains (@JamieHector)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) welcomed back actor Jamie Hector to the show. The star of "The Wire", "Night Catches Us", "Heroes", "Max Payne", and "Blackout," brought us up to speed on: his non-profit organization "Moving Mountains Inc" which serves the youth by teaching them (acting, finance, proper nutrition), the influence Tomorrow's Future Theatre Co. had on his life, being a martial artist and instructor, how to use your down time wisely when not shooting a film, working with director Guillaume Canet, the play he performed for soldiers over in Germany, working with other acting greats (James Caan, Jeffrey Wright, Clive Owen,Domenick Lombardozzi), the upcoming celebrity paint ball competition with his co-stars from The Wire, why he started Moving Mountains, his upcoming films "Blood Ties" plus "Magic City" and how he prepared for a character who has PTSD (Post-traumatic stress disorder). We also learned why "his name is his name" and that he has a new hobby riding fiber optic Schwinn bikes. Jamie officially accepted our BMX challenge so stay tuned for the date when we go at it on the trails. To Find out more about showcases/activities of the kids from MM Inc. check: Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
entertainer/activist Paul Rodriguez (@ThePaulRod)
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got veteran entertainer Paul Rodriguez to take some time out to discuss some important issues. As an actor and comedian Paul Rodriguez’s multi-faceted career includes starring roles and featured appearances in over 45 films and countless television series and comedy specials. Voted one of the most influential Hispanics in America and awarded the Ruben Salazar Award by The National Council of La Raza (NCLR), the largest national Hispanic civil rights and advocacy organization in the United States. Paul was fervent in his speech about: his water conservation efforts in Fresno, being the first Latino comedian to get mainstream exposure, the pioneers that paved the way for him, his independent film “I’m not like that no more,” what’s really causing the friction between blacks & Latinos, the innovative ways to finance a film, why there are no German comics, what happened when he had a meeting with Arnold Schwartzenegger, the fights Latinos need to pick , the one thing he disagrees with Obama on, Hispanic representation on TV, how baseball is a new institution of slavery, the nanny syndrome, the effect of eminent domain & the building of Dodger stadium had on his family, and the importance of Mendez v. Westminster school district case that was the predecessor to Brown v. Board of Education. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
Tupac Shakur's last year (accounts of Frank Alexander) Pt 2
The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) continue with Part 2 of the accounts of Frank Alexander who was with Tupac Shakur for his last year on earth (1995-1996). Frank further elaborates on: whether Tupac really hated Notorious B.I.G, why he feels Suge Knight had something to do with Tupac's death and that a trained police officer was involved, who the FBI informant was that he worked with, what he does to protect his life after releasing all of this information, how Tupac helped him find his true calling, what he gains from the books, documentaries and other items he puts out on Tupac, did Tupac really sleep with Faith, and the fight that Tupac & Suge had before the Las Vegas trip. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
Tupac Shakur's last year (accounts of Frank Alexander) Pt 1
There have been many stories and reports regarding the last days of Tupac Shakur. The Radio Boys (C.Truth, Kev Lawrence) got the story direct from the man who was with him for his last year on earth (1995-1996), Frank Alexander. Frank wrote the best selling book "Got your Back: Life of a bodyguard in a hardcore world of gangsta rap." He was candid about: why he wrote the book, being the scapegoat for Tupac's murder, what unseen footage of Tupac he is going to release, what happened when Tupac was confronted by Crips at the House of Blues, why he was handpicked to be the bodyguard, the relationship between Tyson & Tupac, standard operating procedure when riding with an artist, how he is certain that Tupac is not alive, the reason he didn't chase Mr. Shakur's shooters, the gesture Tupac was willing to do for a family member that Janet Jackson was not, and Frank's background (growing up in southside Chicago, being in the marines, law enforcement). All this and more in part 1 of this revealing segment. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
Mike Concepcion speaks on his life, music biz, and so called OG's
The Radio Boys (Kev Lawrence, C.Truth) spoke with the elusive OG Michael Concepcion. Mike expressed himself with passion on: starting the Crips gang to combat the KKK, seeing gang life get out of hand, putting together the song "We're all in the same gang" to help cease violence in Nickerson Gardens & Jordan Downs, managing Teddy Riley, breaking the Chronic record on radio, his involvement on building Interscope, helping Bobby Brown & Ralph Tresvant get out of a sticky situation, how you really control a neighborhood, his connection to Kendrick Lamar as well as T.D.E, wanting Ving Rhames to play him in his life story, working with actor Michael Douglas on his label, helping Warren Beatty with the film Bulworth, respect for Treach of Naughty by Nature, his upcoming book "The stupid gangster," the effect his mom's passing had on him, helping keep the peace between 50 Cent vs. Ja Rule, regrets he's had in life, producing Kirk Franklin's "Stomp", upcoming TV/Film projects, building a school for kids and much more. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 22, 2018
Hip Hop icon DJ Premier (@REALDJPREMIER)
Texas native, Brooklyn crafted hip hop icon DJ Premier of Gangstarr dropped by to share his jewels on sustaining a successful career in the music game. Premier also reminisced on the early days of Gangstarr and having fist fights with his partner Guru who are still close to this day. However, Premier was not too fond of Solar who runs with Guru now, find out why. In addition to that get Premier's thoughts on D'Angleo, Angie Stone, being a hip hop artist on a major label before that was the norm, staying fit, pressing vinyl, his group NYG's, running a label, how the video for Dwyck came about, working & hanging with Christina Aguilera, turning down Limp Biscuit at first, getting drunk with Notorious BIG in 1992, and how his beef with Wynton Marsalis got settled. There is a whole lot more but you have to listen to find out exactly what. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 19, 2018
The Greatest Entertainer DOUG E. FRESH (@RealDougEFresh)
From our audio vault. The Original Human beat box Doug E.Fresh took some time out to join us and talk about a special event that was going down addressing the issue of depression in the community. We touched on a lot of areas including: creating the beat box, hip hop against all odds, the infamous curls, hip hop trading cards, a near robbery back in the day in queens, foreclosure on his properties, Scientology & the connection to Issac Hayes, the opening of his new restaurant, and thoughts on his sons. This is one of those classics you can't miss. Tweet: @thermalsoundwav IG: @thermalsoundwaves Facebook: @thermalsoundwaves
October 19, 2018
Multiplatinum Diamond Producer Rodney "Darkchild" Jerkins (@RodneyJerkins)
Atlantic City native Rodney Darkchild Jerkins takes time out from his busy schedule to chop it up with the Radio Boys (C.Truth & Kev Lawrence) about his relationship with Missy Elliott, putting on Gina Thompson and not working with her again, taking Brandy to the next level (the 1st album he did with her sold 8 million copies), calling in a favor from Notorious Big, the business of producing, riding through harlem with Michael Jackson and being the Quincy Jones of this generation. Thats just for starters. A lot will be revealed from this young music veteran who has made hits for Tiffany Evans, Mary J Blige, Monica, Janet Jackson, Destinys Child, Keyshia Cole, Toni Braxton, Britney Spears, PCD, J-Lo, Natasha Bedingfield and Tatyana Ali (yes Ashley from the Fresh Prince). You will want to listen to this one multiple times, it's one for the history books.
October 18, 2018