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The Robbie G Podcast

The Robbie G Podcast

By Robert Gruenbauer
The official podcast of hip-hop artist Robbie G. Stories with friends, artists, entrepreneurs and more!
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#5 - Young K
This episode features my good homie and producer Young K. We've been working together for years and he has been a big influence for me and also helped to create the beats for many of my projects. We talk about his fitness journey and how he's been changing up his diet and exercise routine. We talk about how he switched from being a sample based producer to composing and talk about life and the future for his music.  Hope you enjoy and get to know the man behind the beats!
November 3, 2020
#4 - Tianda
This episode features singer/songwriter and producer Tianda from Edmonton, ON Canada.  She's one of my favourite artists out right now and I think she's incredibly talented and someone that will be heard everywhere!  Her new song Feelings is out now!  go stream it and follow her on social media. We talk about her #LoopChallenge that she does every Friday where producers send her beat snippets and she turns them into full songs! We also talk about her journey through the music industry and touch on some facts about the lack of female representation in the music industry and how she's changing that! Hope you enjoy!
October 31, 2020
#3 - Chase N Profits
In this episode I had a chat with an up and coming artist who had hit me up on my facebook page to get some advice and ask some general questions about the music business and improving his writing.  We chat a bit about Socan and uploading music to DSP's as well as how to upload your ISRC and UPC codes. He shows me a song that he's been working on and I give him some tips on how to put the chorus together for it. We also talk about leaving older music we've recorded online for people to see the growth from the new music we put out today.  I hope you enjoy!
October 24, 2020
#2 - Rittz
This episode features one of the dopest emcees in the hip-hop game, Rittz.  Prior to establishing his own record label CNT, he was signed to Tech N9ne's label Strange Music.  He has toured internationally and gained a loyal following throughout his career while always pushing the boundaries of his music styles and delivering his fans consistent, quality product.  His latest album Picture Perfect is available now on all streaming platforms!  In this podcast episode we talk about his upcoming Canadian tour which eventually got cancelled due to Covid-19.  We also talk about his album Put a Crown on It and deep dive into some of the topics he discussed on the album such as suicide and depression.  I hope this helps some people who are going through a hard time. Keep your heads up! We'll get through this together. I also encourage everyone to check out Rittz Sober Saturday's that he's been doing on his instagram page to help with people who are struggling with substance abuse.
October 22, 2020
#1 - Chase Middleton
This episode was recorded at the beginning of the lockdown period with one of my best friends Chase.  We talk about businesses shutting down and people losing money and jobs.  It was a crazy time and interesting to look back on. I hope you enjoy the first episode.  This is just me and my friend having a chat.  Tune in for more episodes and spread the word!
October 21, 2020