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The Rojo Basement

The Rojo Basement

By Mister Unknown
This Podcast is not going to be about one topic. Here we will talk about many things. Things that will hopefully catch your attention & keep you entertained. please subscribe and prepare to hear some madness.
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The Pink Noise
From coming to America in the 90s with his brother Rockomix to becoming entrepreneurs in the City of Chicago. Everyone at one point has been to a festival here in Chicago. Everyone has been to a concert at a huge venue here in Chicago. Whenever you see lights, fire, smoke, giant LED stages, Speakers, cables and amazing visual technology.... The Pink Noise is the ones behind the amazing shows. They are the ones behind the scenes for huge events in Chicago. These include the Puerto Rican, Cuban, Central American, Pride, Afro American & Pilsen festivals. This is the company that works super hard to make sure we all have a great time and experience.
December 21, 2020
Thank you all!
This little episode is to let you all know how grateful I am. I've been asked why I haven't made another episode so here's the answer. Make sure you follow The Rojo Basement instagram account!
November 27, 2020
Locked Up & Innocent
In this episode you will learn about some of the things state attorneys do to pressure people to take a sentence.  Meet David Silva, a Chicago native that was held for 4 years in a state pen while being innocent all along.  David tell's us all about his experience in a state pen and some of the things people do not realize about prison. David Silva hopes that this episode can help the youth stay away from bad circles of friends & prison.  
October 30, 2020