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The Roma Miclat Podcast

The Roma Miclat Podcast

By Roma Miclat
Podcast show by a Pinay content creator in Singapore. Real stories & real experiences by real people. #podcastwithapurpose #theromamiclatshow
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#57 BONUS Episode - QUICK 5 with Anielates

The Roma Miclat Podcast

#71 - 5 Questions with Adrian Duarte
5 surprise questions, answered truthfully by our guest on episode 71 -  Adrian Duarte of Love, Growth and Freedom Podcast. #theromamiclatpodcast # #EmpoweredTalks #5QuestionswithRoma
October 31, 2020
#71 - Commitment with Adrian Duarte of Love, Growth & Freedom | Halloween Special
This Halloween let's face our fears...and talk about COMMITMENT!  My guest, Adrian Duarte of Love, Growth & Freedom shared his thoughts and personal experiences and we tried to dig deeper to find out why some people are afraid of commitments. FACEBOOK/Youtube: : LoveGrowthFreedom Instagram: @aduartelim THE ROMA MICLAT PODCAST: INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK/YOUTUBE -  @theromamiclatpodcast LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | Apple podcast
October 31, 2020
#70 - Meet Your Host: 5 Questions with Dandi | #EmpoweredTalks
Get to know Dandi thru these 5 surprise questions and she answered us truthfully.  @theromamiclatpodcast @broken.barriers @dandivation #theromamiclatpodcast #socialmedia #EmpoweredTalks #EmpoweredTalks
October 25, 2020
#69 - Brycan Dayao: #UNFILTERED
#TheRomaMiclatPodcastEXCLUSIVE : We know him as the host of The Young Leader Podcast by Brycan Dayao. We know him as a young professional. A trainer and an international speaker and he would always remind us to #BEHUMAN. But who is Brycan, really? I invited Mr. Dayao on the show because I want to know him more as a person. As a human being. As him. Brycan being Brycan. :) Watch/listen now.
October 22, 2020
#68 - Self-Awareness, Explained with Regina Viola Cello | #EmpoweredTalks
This Sunday, I have Regina Cello and she helped us understand the true meaning of self-awareness. Personally, this is one of my favourite episodes on the podcast show because I've finally had the chance and the courage to share my journey towards self-awareness. Emotional but freeing. Listen on this episode. 
October 18, 2020
#67 - 5 Lies I've Told My Parents with Rhea Angeline & Jheff of Coffee Na Lang Dear
On this episode we have Rhea Angeline & Jheff of Coffee Na Lang Dear podcast and they shared some of their “untold” stories so (hello po, sa magulang nila  ) and of course, our FIVE QUESTIONS and as always, Isa lang naman ang rule dito and that's to answer the questions ng buong- buo, puno ng katotohanan at pawang katotohanan lamang! Listen on Spotify & Apple Podcast #theromamiclatpodcast #Coffeenalangdear #PhilippinePodcastDirectory
October 17, 2020
#66 - Book Club PH: Holistic Learning Through Storytelling
On this episode, I have Ms. Tin Dalisay-Campos of Book Club PH and we discussed the online classes and play-based learning that she offers. Listen/watch now.  Follow BOOK CLUB PH: FACEBOOK: Instagram:  THE ROMA MICLAT PODCAST: INSTAGRAM: @theromamiclatpodcast FACEBOOK PAGE: The Roma Miclat Podcast
October 15, 2020
#65 - 5 Questions with Michael Pe
5 surprise questions, answered truthfully by our guest on episode 65 -  Michael Pe of Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs
October 11, 2020
#65 - Significance of Mindsetting with Michael Pe
They say it's important to have the proper mindset. On this episode, we have Michael Pe and he explained why every Pinoy should learn to develop the right mental inclination in order to succeed in life. Listen now. @theromamiclatpodcast @michaelpe @ofentrepreneurs #theromamiclatpodcast #mindset #EmpoweredTalks #adulting101 #mindsetting
October 11, 2020
#64: Cookie Platform: Impacting Lives, One Box at a Time
"What a TOUGH cookie!" as every box delivers a deeper purpose and mission. Let's listen to Kevin Alambra and get to know the story of Cookie Platform.   Follow Cookie Platform: FACEBOOK & Instagram: @cookieplatform THE ROMA MICLAT PODCAST:  INSTAGRAM/FACEBOOK?YOUTUBE -  @theromamiclatpodcast  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | Apple podcast
October 8, 2020
#63 - How Do You Do Digital Detox When Your Work is Heavy on Social Media? | #EmpoweredTalks
A social dilemma - not the series but a reality because we all want to have that life-work integration but how can we really balance it out? Plus! the effects of social media,  alter ego, etc. @theromamiclatpodcast @broken.barriers @dandivation #theromamiclatpodcast #socialmedia #EmpoweredTalks #digitaldetox #Empowered
October 4, 2020
#62 - Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs
On their first podcast guesting, I'm joined by the gentlemen of Overseas Filipino Entrepreneurs or OFE and on this episode the guys got personal & shared their WHYs, the plans and purpose of this new community for OFWs.  
October 3, 2020
#61 - Happy Ending Game with Birdie Salva & Arlene Sy
Fun. Playful. Intimate. Sensual. - On this episode, I've invited the masterminds behind this erotic & sensual Filipino game called Happy Ending game.  #theromamiclatpodcast #happyending #TRMSsupportsLokal
September 30, 2020
#60 - Getting Married in 2020 with Mayette Dela Cruz-Cinco | The Roma Miclat Podcast
On the second episode of #Adulting101, I've invited Ms Mayette Dela Cruz-Cinco of MCC Events to talk about wedding preparations, importance of hiring an events planner and most important of all, THE COST of getting married this 2020 in the Philippines.  
September 24, 2020
#59 - How Do We Measure Happiness? with Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
How can you say that you are INDEED happy?  @theromamiclatshow @broken.barriers #theromamiclatpodcast #listenwithintention #TRMPEmpowered #listening #Empowered
September 20, 2020
#58 - 5 Questions with Jeck Jaca
5 surprise questions, answered truthfully by our guest on episode 58 -  Jeck Jaca of Jeck Talks Tech podcast.
September 15, 2020
#58 - Bakit List with Jeck Jaca of Jeck Talks Tech
I invited Jeck Jaca of Jeck Talks Tech on the show to talk about his passion for podcasting and he also shared the 5 items on his BAKIT List. Discover the other side of Jeck on this episode and you heard it first & exclusive on The Roma Miclat Podcast! Listen now. #theromamiclatpodcast #jecktalkstech #philippinepodcastdirectory
September 15, 2020
#57 BONUS Episode - QUICK 5 with Anielates
5 surprise questions, answered truthfully by our guest on episode 57 - Anie from Canada :)
September 11, 2020
#57 - 5 Things I Learned When I Turned 30 with Anie (ENGLISH)
Did you dread turning 30? or you're dreading for the big 3-0? If that's what you feel, you better listen to this episode and learn from Anie of @anielates as she shared what she learned after turning 30. #theromamiclatpodcast # #TRMSEmpowered #turning30 #Empowered #Lifelessons
September 11, 2020
#56 - The Testy '20 with Pat & Dandi | (ENGLISH)
Dandi's back and on the first Sunday of September, the 3 of us revisited our 2020 plans and checked our progress & setbacks. But most important of all, our we shared the greatest lessons and realizations that this year taught us. Listen now. #theromamiclatpodcast #TRMS #TRMSEmpowered #thisis2020 #Empowered
September 6, 2020
#55: A World of Married Couple Review
Infidelity, betrayal, revenge, nervous breakdown and errthang! - A world of Married Couple is not your ordinary que rida story. This is like the Game of Thrones of TV Drama and so for S05's first episode, I invited 3 of my closest friends and we discussed this K-drama & our stand on cheating and marriage struggles. Listen now! #theromamiclatpodcast #theworldofthemarried #reactionpodcast #review
September 4, 2020
#54 - Won't You Listen with Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
Hearing versus listening and why listening with intent is very important.  @theromamiclatshow @broken.barriers #theromamiclatpodcast #listenwithintention #TRMPEmpowered #listening #Empowered
August 30, 2020
#53 - Why Do We Do What We Do? with Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
It's a beautiful thing when your passion and career come together, but it's always not the case. In real life, we have responsibilities and bills to pay but despite that, we must always find our passion & purpose and that's what we'll share on this episode. Why do we do what we do? Why do we have this show? Listen now. @theromamiclatshow @broken.barriers #theromamiclatpodcast #lovewhatyoudo #TRMPEmpowered #passion #Empowered
August 23, 2020
#52 - Dealing with Rejections & Expectations with Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
Managing expectations and why we should shift our views when it comes to dealing with rejections. Listen now. THE ROMA MICLAT SHOW INSTAGRAM: @theromamiclatpodcast FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatpodcast ALSO ON SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCAST | GOOGLE PODCAST | ANCHOR.FM #theromamiclatshow #expectations #TRMS #TRMSEmpowered #rejection #Empowered 
August 16, 2020
#51 - NO (the Art of Saying no) with Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
Why is it so hard to say NO simply because we don’t want to? Have you found yourself trapped in situations when you said yes but you really don’t want to? THE ROMA MICLAT SHOW INSTAGRAM: @theromamiclatpodcast  FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatpodcast ALSO ON SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCAST | GOOGLE PODCAST | ANCHOR.FM #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #TRMS #TRMSEmpowered #sayingno #Empowered
August 9, 2020
#50 - Comparison is the Thief of Joy with Patricia Buhril & Danica Cremona | (ENGLISH)
Comparison is part of being human.  It can be a useful tool or it may ruin a person. Today, we will talk about how these three women deal with ENVY.   Listen & Learn!   FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE!   THE ROMA MICLAT SHOW INSTAGRAM: @theromamiclatshow FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatshow ALSO ON SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCAST | GOOGLE PODCAST | ANCHOR.FM #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #TRMS #TRMSEmpowered #envy #comparisonisthethiefofjoy #Empowered
August 2, 2020
#49 - Travel, Tour & Trading with Ramon Mariñas | #STANDPOINT
On episode 49, we have Mr. Ramon Mariñas of Bienvenido Tours and MonMari Consumer Goods Trading. He shared how the pandemic greatly affected the businesses in the Tourism industry  - the challenges and how he managed to overcome them.  LISTEN NOW! Follow THE ROMA MICLAT SHOW  INSTAGRAM: @theromamiclatshow FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatshow   ALSO ON SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCAST | GOOGLE PODCAST | ANCHOR.FM #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #TRMS #TRMSSupportslokal #ramonmarinas #monmari #bienvenidotours 
August 1, 2020
#48 - Yes, Self! with Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
Intentions. Manifestations. Affirmations - Yes, Self!   FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE!  PATRICIA BUHRIL:  Instagram: @broken.barriers /  Facebook Page: BrokenBarriersFitnessStudio   FOLLOW THE ROMA MICLAT SHOW:   INSTAGRAM: theromamiclatshow FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatshow  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST:  SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | Apple podcast  FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE!   FACEBOOK: theromamiclatshow  INSTAGRAM: : theromamiclatshow
July 26, 2020
#47 - Making HERstory: Hustlin; with Maricar Balo | #STANDPOINT
HUSTLE must be her middle name! On today ’s episode, we sit with Maricar Dela Cruz-Balo and she shared her story & tips on how to successfully be a boss lady in all aspects of life.  LISTEN NOW! SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE! Follow THE ROMA MICLAT SHOW INSTAGRAM: @theromamiclatshow FACEBOOK PAGE: @theromamiclatshow LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | APPLE PODCAST | GOOGLE PODCAST | ANCHOR.FM #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #TRMS #bosslady #maricarbalo
July 24, 2020
#46 - One with the Pole with Anita Horvath | (ENGLISH)
Artistry, grace & flow but also pain, practice and passion - yes! We will talk about pole dancing!  On today's episode we have Anita Horvath and she'll share her experience and the things that you need to know if you want to try pole dancing. Listen now. Follow Anita Horvath: Instagram: @anita.pole Follow & Subscribe so you won't miss our future episodes :)  SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE!  INSTAGRAM: @theromamiclatshow FACEBOOK PAGE: @theromamiclatshow LISTEN TO THE PODCAST:  SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | TUNEiN Radio
July 22, 2020
#45 - The Power of Meditation feat. Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
On today's episode, we shared how we meditate and why we embraced the practice of meditation. LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | GOOGLE PODCAST | TUNEiN Radio  FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE!  FACEBOOK:  INSTAGRAM: #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #TRMS #selflove #meditation
July 19, 2020
#44 - Artisinal Leather by Attique PH | #STANDPOINT
"Boutique from the Attic" - Listen to the story behind this up-and-coming brand from Antipolo, Philippines. Discover the passion & principles behind every piece that they create. behind Follow ATTIQUE PH: Facebook Page: Attique Instagram: Follow & Subscribe so you won't miss our future episodes :) SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE! BLOG: INSTAGRAM: theromamiclatshow FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatshow LISTEN TO THE PODCAST:  SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | TUNEiN Radio #theromamiclatshow #podcastphilippines
July 18, 2020
#43 - dear body… feat. Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
What are you most insecure about your body? On this episode, we DARE to talk about Insecurities & Body Image.  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | GOOGLE PODCAST | TUNEiN Radio FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE! FACEBOOK: INSTAGRAM: #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #TRMS #bodypositivity #bodyimage #selflove
July 12, 2020
#42 - Love in a Box by Gising Gising PH | #STANDPOINT
Meet Tonyo and Celina - 2 our of the 3 creators of Gising Gising PH. On this episode, they will share their story and they will help us understand what is that "Bukid-to-Bahay" experience.  Talaga namang makulay ang buhay sa sinabawang gulay! :) LISTEN NOW! Follow GISING GISING PH: Facebook Page: @gisinggisingdotph Instagram: Online Store: Follow & Subscribe so you won't miss our future episodes :)  SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE!  BLOG:  INSTAGRAM: theromamiclatshow  FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatshow  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST:  SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | TUNEiN Radio #theromamiclatshow #podcastphilippines 
July 11, 2020
#41 - Dr. Lina Miclat & Jophiel Educational Consulting Services | #STANDPOINT
We  have Dr. Lina Miclat on the show and we talked about the challenges of an educational consultancy business in the midst of the pandemic.   LISTEN NOW! FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE!   Follow Jophiel Educational Consulting Services:  Facebook Page: @jophiel.ECS  The Roma Miclat Show:  INSTAGRAM: @miclatshow/ FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatshow  LISTEN TO THE PODCAST:  SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | TUNEiN Radio Follow & Subscribe so you won't miss our future episodes :) SUBSCRIBE, LIKE & SHARE! BLOG: INSTAGRAM: theromamiclatshow FACEBOOK PAGE: theromamiclatshow #theromamiclatshow #podcastphilippines #podcastwithapurpose #TRMS
July 8, 2020
#40 - Can You Hear Me? feat. Patricia Buhril | (ENGLISH)
Do you ever feel that you are not heard enough? Ignored? As if no one is intently listening to you? On this episode, Patricia and I shared our thoughts and experiences on how we deal with this. FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE! LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | GOOGLE PODCAST | TUNEiN Radio BLOG: INSTAGRAM: #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #standpoint #philippinepodcastdirectory
July 5, 2020
#39 - The Story of LUKSO (feat. Japs & Caith)
Halina at lumukso kasama sina Caith & Japs of Lukso: Kape, Kakaw, at Espasyo. Know the people & the story behind this promising local brand.   LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | GOOGLE PODCAST | TUNEiN Radio BLOG: FACEBOOK: theromamiclatshow INSTAGRAM: theromamiclatshow #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #luksoph #philippinepodcastdirectory
July 3, 2020
#38 - K-dramas Got These Ahjummas Talking (feat. Joan Habana)
The Ahjummas are here to talk about K-dramas! Bakit nga ba patok ang mga K-dramas? And the things we learn from them when it comes to creating that perfect formula for love stories. Today on The Roma Miclat Show we invited Ms. Joan Habana, a writer for Philippine TV,  to sit down with us and share her thoughts about K-dramas. LISTEN NOW! LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | GOOGLE PODCAST | TUNEiN Radio BLOG: INSTAGRAM: #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #koreandrama #philippinepodcastdirectory
June 25, 2020
#37 - How to be Highly Productive feat. Bastien Siebman | (ENGLISH)
Bastien Siebman shared valuable tips along with the challenging side of his consulting work and some of his best practices on how to be highly productive while working at home. FOLLOW, LIKE & SHARE! LISTEN TO THE PODCAST: SPOTIFY | ANCHOR.FM | iTUNES | GOOGLE PODCAST | TUNEiN Radio BLOG: INSTAGRAM: #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #standpoint #philippinepodcastdirectory
June 19, 2020
#36 - Passion for Pop Pilates with Patricia Buhril (ENGLISH)
The Roma Miclat Show welcomes its first INTERNATIONAL GUEST! Patricia is a Certified Pop Pilates Instructor & Fitness Studio owner from India and together we discuss how her passion for fitness that led her to be a boss lady! #theromamiclatshow #berryduchess #podcastphilippines #standpoint
June 12, 2020
#35 - Tattoo Stories with Mia Claravall-Reyes
On the second episode of #STANDPOINT, Mia Claravall-Reyes shared how her career led her to be an entrepreneur; the unforgettable personalities she met on the chosen profession and how they face the challenges of this pandemic.
June 5, 2020
#34 - Work-Life Integration feat. Jeff Lat
On the first episode of Season 04, Jeff Lat shares about the importance of cybersecurity and maintaining productivity while working from home from a Sales Executive POV - The advantages, challenges and some tips, too!
May 31, 2020
#33 - Sweet Talk with KREIV
I'm on sugar high because all the chasing paid off! On this episode, we are joined by Tristan and Radj, the creators of KREIV Chocoholics. It's time to put faces on the brand! Let's meet them and know their delicious & a bit nutty of a story. 
May 28, 2020
#31 - Bad Money Decisions (4/5)
Examples of bad money decisions. This episode talks about the factors that affect our spending habits
May 19, 2020
#30 - Factors On How We Are with Money (3/5)
There are people who are SAVERS while others are SPENDERS. This episode talks about the factors that affect our spending habits.
May 19, 2020
#29 - Importance of Financial Security (2/5)
Part 2 of the Financial Wellness topic and this episode is focused on understanding the importance of financial security and what are life's biggest expenses.
May 19, 2020
#28 - Money Talk with Therese Lat (1/5)
This episode will help us understand why it's healthy to talk about money & finances and why we should not be afraid having conversations with a Financial Advisor.
May 19, 2020
#32 - Financial Check Up and Money Saving Tips (5/5)
What is a Financial Check up and why we need to do it. Also, on this episode we shared some money saving tips!
May 19, 2020
The show is evolving and so here's a quick introduction on what you can expect from my podcast. 
May 15, 2020
#27 - The New Normal
Together with the Mister, we talked about the NEW NORMAL and how it will affect the way we live in the future.  We also discussed the things we miss, food and how the pandemic changed our POV & then some advise on dealing with your social media when it becomes too toxic. Listen now!
May 13, 2020
#26 - F.R.I.E.N.D.S. Fun Challenge with The Mister!
Being huge fans of the FRIENDS, we answered these fun fan questions related to the show. PLUS! I have a special guest with me. :D 
May 9, 2020
#25 - How To Apply for Passport Validity Extension in Singapore
Another scam story & of course, a guide to my fellow Pinoys on how to apply for passport validity extension 
May 8, 2020
#24 - Scammed?!?!
This is a raw recording that I did after everything that just happened! Raw & Real!
January 9, 2020
#23 - New Year, New Goals
A quick look back on the 2019 goals and the plans for 2020! Listen now!
January 8, 2020
#22 - Isa Pa with Feelings & Blogger Realities
On today's episode I talked about Maine Mendoza & Carlo Aquino's film, ISA PA WITH FEELINGS. And for our main topic, I discussed the hard truths that you may want to know if you plan to be a (beauty) blogger. Check it out now!
November 1, 2019
#21 - Never Have I Ever...
90 questions & HONEST ANSWERS! 
October 24, 2019
#20 - LBC, Huawei Service Centre and My Job History
On today's stories! I talked about my recent experience with LBC, Huawei Service Centre and our featured topic:  I shared my complete job HERstory, the frustrations, disappointments  and most of all, the lessons learned. Enjoy!
October 16, 2019
#19 - Dating HERstory
You think you know me? Wait 'til you hear my dating herstory! On this episode, I'm sharing the highlights of my dating history! Oh-EM-GEE! From the first date, the unofficial boyfriends, M. U. as in Maling usapan, Magulong usapan at MALING UGNAYAN! & my experience in online dating! No names were mentioned & when I recorded this, I only got pure intentions of sharing the lessons that I've learned over the years of being in a relationship. Ready ka na ba sa chismis???? Listen now! LOL!
October 10, 2019
#18 - Practicing Hygge & Denmark's Secrets to Living a Happy Life?
 (Book Discussion featuring Meik Wiking's Little Book of Hygge & Little Book of Lykke ) On this episode, I talked about the meaning of Hygge & how the Danes practice it and how we can learn from them & pick the things that we can apply in our daily lives. 
October 1, 2019
#17 - Hongkong Bangkok stories
The worries, the typhoon, the unexpected events and the things that didn't make it on the vlogs! Stories?? Let me tell you some more! 
August 21, 2019
#16 - Fifty Shades Film Reaction
"Mr. Grey will see you now" Quickie discussion of what I think about the film series. ;-)
July 15, 2019
#15 - Teaching Patience, Setting Limits & Giving Kids Autonomy (Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman Book Discussion) PART 3
The best way to make your child miserable is to give them everything they want. - Jean Jacques Rousseau In today's episode we talked about teaching your kids patience, delayed gratification and laying out rules to kids. And when is giving recognition too much? This is longer than the first 2 episodes but it's full of information and stories too!
June 27, 2019
#14 - Feeding Babies & Kids (Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman Book Discussion) part 2
"Just one bite" - On this episode we discussed about introducing a meal schedule to kids, breastfeeding vs bottle-feeding and how to introduce vegetable to your kids. 
June 26, 2019
#13 - Babies & Sleep Training (Bringing Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman Book Discussion)
“the books can be useful to people who lack confidence, but you cant raise a child while reading a book. You have to go with your feeling.” Sleep Training, Le Feeling & treating your babies as an intellectual human being - All these in today's episode. :)
June 26, 2019
#12 - Lucifer on Netflix
This is a quickie and I talked about one of our favourite shows lately!  - Based on characters created by Neil Gaiman, Sam Kieth and Mike Dringenberg, this series follows Lucifer, the original fallen angel, who has become dissatisfied with his life in hell. After abandoning his throne and retiring to Los Angeles, Lucifer indulges in his favorite things (women, wine and song) -- until a murder takes place outside of his upscale nightclub. 
June 23, 2019
#11 - Year of YES by Shonda Rhimes (Book Discussion)
Shonda Rhimes reveals how saying YES changed – and saved – her life. And inspires readers everywhere to change their own lives with one little word: Yes. On this episode, we will discuss the changes that had a huge impact on the author's life by simply opening up and saying YES! I will share my thoughts and the chapters that spoke to me as a reader! Bonus! A little revelation that you may be surprised to know! 
June 3, 2019
#10 - Breaking Free: This is My Coming Out Story
Friendly Exes & Ohs. He's not just an old flame, he's also one of my good friends and today is all about him & his story to tell. Listen to this episode to find out more.
May 6, 2019
#09 - Travel Talk with Benj Rigonan (@pinoytraveljunkie)
On today’s episode, we had the chance to sit down & get to know more about the travel adventures of our show’s very first guest, Benj Rigonan also known as @pinoytraveljunkie. He shared his unforgettable stories & memorable trips that include but not limited to shawarma, bad customer service, baktol, travel tips & best places to explore if you’re planning your next trip. :) Plus! we also shared some business opportunities & a local charity that you can help & support.
May 5, 2019
#08 - Beauty Mistakes!
Survival Kits, Avengers & "Mam, Acidic ka ba?" - these are the things that you'll hear on this episode! Today's story is all about the list of beauty-related mistakes I've committed in the past and while I admit that I'm no pro when it comes to makeup but I know my stuff, too. After all, I'm a beauty enthusiast! So tara! Listen to this episode and laugh some, learn some!
April 26, 2019
#07 - Tattoos
Let's talk about the things that you need to know if you're planning to get your very first ink! Additional info on the tattoo artists who did my tatts in Singapore & Manila.  
April 23, 2019
#06 - Diet & Fitness
Usapang diet tayo today! On this episode, I'm sharing my personal experiences; the ridiculous things & diet trends that I’ve tried in the past - Keto, Juice Cleanse, Intermittent Fasting (IF) & a lot more! Also we'll have some tips & pieces of advise when it comes to losing weight & working out. Yung makatotoohanang approach, ok?! All the examples cited are purely fictional and  any resemblance to actual persons or actual events is purely coincidental. :)
April 8, 2019
#05 - Social Media Burnout, Giving up the Influencer Dream & My POV on Privacy
First things first! Happy Birthday, mama! :) Today’s topic is very timely & a bit controversial (in a way) because I openly discussed & shared my points of view on SOCIAL MEDIA, the beauty community in general & the things we do as content creators to a point that we’re experiencing the social media burnout. I also shared my views on privacy & security when it comes to our online presence & how it can affect our personal relationships. I hope you listen to the entire show!
April 1, 2019
#04 - 72 Questions
72 Fun Questions, Vogue-style! Ansabe?! On today's episode we talked about a lot of things and that includes but not limited to: brunch, favorite drinks, priciest splurges, Papa Piolo, pets, girl crushes and a lot moreeeee! 
March 28, 2019
#03 - The Struggling Minimalist
Let's talk about unnecessary gastos, Starbucks planner; decluttering & the journey towards minimalism - yes! that includes Marie Kondo & Project 333. 
March 26, 2019
#02 - Bakit Mo Ininom Ang Milo Ko?!!
Happy Friday! Today I will share one of my childhoods stories and sana you keep an open mind and listen towards the end of the podcast. I wasn't sure if it's the brightest idea to have this as my 2nd episode pero I did it anyway! 
March 22, 2019
PILOT - Who is She?
Welcome to our PILOT Episode! This is a short introduction of myself, what I do and why I'm doing this podcast thingy. 
March 21, 2019