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The Rosé Hour Podcast

The Rosé Hour Podcast

By Host: Renée J. Johnson
The only podcast dedicated to education while sipping a bottle of some of the most amazing rosés from around the world. Host Renée Johnson and Bartender Ben (Benjamin Daniels) pour it up with industry leaders, newcomers, and those who love to drink wine as we learn about their careers. Simply put, this is a podcast to feel good about being an adult who wants to learn more about "adulting," the rosé way, and having some fun!

Join us as we learn more each week about wine and discover new and exciting brands!
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Vacays and Vittles
We are so thrilled to chop it up with our new friend, Shayna from Vacay and Vittles!   In Her Own Words... Some people like to collect things like stamps or shot glasses; I am a collector (and sharer) of experiences. Whether I'm traveling the world or trying a new restaurant down the street, I enjoy exploring the unknown and sharing those moments with others either thru videos and photographs or in person via the events I host. "Vacays & Vittles" started as an Instagram page for solely for my food and travel pictures after a couple of my friends told me I post too much of them on MY personal page (#Haters). And while I've always enjoyed hosting and entertaining friends and family in my home, transitioning it into a business was the last thing on my mind.  I always worried, if I turned what I loved to do into a business, would I love it as much or would start to feel like work? As I begin to document the things I ate and drank and the places I traveled to, I connected with people who inspired me to continue and helped me to focus on finding my own lane in my own time. I'd have these ideas of really cool events to host based off of something I ate or drank or a place I went and I'd think to myself, "This would be really cool if someone put this together, I'd pay for that experience." Then one day it hit me - "Why can't I do it myself?" And the rest was history... The Pour Pairing Rosé Box  "Pour Pairings" is a subscription box curated for the wine curious, wine lovers and wine enthusiasts. Our mission is to bring a little fun to wine education and food pairing experimentation by combining unique foods, the latest wine-related gadgets and tools, and other wine adjacent items right to your doorstep. The items in each box will complement the "wine of the month" which could be a simple grape varietal or a style of wine from a particular region. With "Vacays and Vittles", you're going to see a lot of amazing food recommendations, mainly in the Baltimore area but also throughout my travels, interesting cocktails, and beautiful destinations. You're also (should you choose to come) going to experience some really dope and unique events. From donuts and wine pairings to Caribbean fetes to specially curated dinners, there's something for everyone and it will always be a good time. Order!
June 2, 2021
Republic of Pink
Have you been to the Republic where it is divine and pink?  Well, join us as we chat with the founder of this land, Jason of the Republic of Pink! About the Republic for which it stands... The Republic of Pink was born from a singular dream: to make the best rosé in the world, right here in California. Why you might ask? Because for too long, the French have convinced us that the best rosés come from inside their borders, and like any red-blooded American would we took that as a challenge.  So we set out as many a great California company had before us: we made some space in the garage, made even more space on our credit cards, and got started on our quest to remake the future as we saw fit: one world-class bottle of rosé at a time. About Jason Jason Martin grew up working at the legendary Toronto bistro Le Select where he was schooled on the art and science of great pink wine. Moving to California in 2012, Jason realized that there was a huge opportunity to take rosé winemaking to a whole new level, so he got started, finally launching the Republic of Pink in 2018 after years of incubation. The Rosé Jason wanted a rosé that you could both crush by the pool and pair with great meals, so our mission for this wine was to pack as much flavor and refreshment into one bottle as we possibly could. We start with a classic Provençal blend of Grenache, Syrah, and Mourvedré: for those strawberries, melon, bright cherry & ripe pink grapefruit flavors; then we add in a twist of Cabernet Franc for a few savory notes and a slight rounder mouthfeel. The result is a rosé like no other in California: complex and refreshing, fruit-forward and dry. Pair it with a Spotify playlist and a pool toy, break it out for pizza night with the fam, or do whatever you want with it - here in the Republic of Pink, your options are limitless.
May 26, 2021
Inman Family Wines
Hey, Friends!  We are so excited to catch up with Katheleen of Inman Family Wines out of Sonoma County!! About Kathleen Kathleen Inman is the owner, winemaker, and general manager of Inman Family Wines and Olivet Grange Vineyard in Sonoma County, California. A Napa Valley native, Inman started Inman Family Wines in 2000 with the planting of an OGV 10.45-acre estate in the heart of the Russian River Valley. She currently produces Pinot Noir, an intentional direct-to-press Rosé of Pinot Noir called Endless Crush®, Pinot Gris, Chardonnay, Extra Brut Luxe Cuvée, Brut Rosé, and a Blanc de Noir. Inman endeavors to produce wines that are naturally low in alcohol, high in acid, and food-friendly. Often an innovator and trendsetter, Inman was the first new California luxury brand to launch using 100% Stelvin® closures in 2002 and was a pioneer in the revival of California rosé, producing her best-selling Endless Crush ® rosé since 2004, long before they became a staple in California wineries. Through the vineyard and winery, Inman has been able to meld her passion for Pinot Noir and what she calls her “eco-ethics”–sensitive farming, natural winemaking and environmentally responsible business practices. She works fervently to grow grapes and to make wines as naturally as possible to ensure they embody not only the pure personality of the grapes from which they’re made, but also the singular character of the place where they’re grown, while at the same time making the smallest impact possible on the land, water, and air. Inman farms without synthetic chemicals and is proud that her property has been certified sustainable by Sonoma County since 2016. Inman’s passion for the environment was further embodied through her design of the Inman Family Winery, which is made almost entirely from recycled materials, is solar-powered and recycles all of the winery graywater. The winery has an electric vehicle charging station, which when originally installed was the first privately owned, publicly available station in the North Bay; it is connected directly to the winery’s solar array, off the grid. The Rosé 2020 Endless Crush® Rosé - OGV Estate Wine Specs Vintage 2019 Varietal Rose Appellation Russian River Valley This 2020 vintage of Endless Crush® is made entirely from our "Sonoma County Sustainable"-certified Olivet Grange estate fruit; this wine is a beautiful, pale, delicate pink and is crisp and refreshing. The 2020 Endless Crush® dances on the palate. With higher acid and lower alcohol (12%) this aromatic rose is beautifully balanced. A crowd-pleaser. Ripe watermelon, strawberries, honeysuckle and orange blossom with lovely minerality and racy acidity to delight the palate. 2018 Brut Rosé Sparkling Wine Specs Vintage 2018 Varietal Sparkling Appellation Russian River Valley This 2018 Brut Rosé recently received a 95 score from Wine Enthusiast! Always a favorite in our tasting room, this small lot of méthode champenoise brut rosé sparkling wine is 100% Pinot Noir from our OGV Estate vineyard; it has a luscious mousse and a very fine bead. The colour is the palest of pink; the nose has all of the hallmarks of Olivet Grange fruit, including hints of fresh citrus, raspberry, gala apples, quince and brioche. A bright core of acid, along with a rich mouthfeel and a long finish showing great minerality, leave a clean, crisp palate impression.
May 19, 2021
Freedom Wine
Today we chat with our new friend, Jeff of Freedom Wine. About Jeff When Jeff is not making wine, scouting for grapes or trying new and different wines, he enjoys playing Frisbee and handball with his boys, hiking, camping, and cooking just about anything that can possibly be cooked on a barbeque. He enjoys smoking fish, meat and poultry as often as Jennifer can tolerate it. And, having acquired the taste from his father, he enjoys single malt scotch almost as much as good wine. He likes to read and recently started to take up crossword puzzles, but only the first few days of the week. He enjoys traveling with his wife, usually to locations that are known either for their quality wine or beautiful beaches. ​ Jeffrey Vallens was born and raised in Southern California. He earned a degree in English from the University of California Riverside before going on to law school and launching a successful career as a criminal defense attorney. Jeff is licensed to practice before the California Supreme Court (all courts in California) as well as The United States Supreme Court, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, and The U.S. Court of Military Appeals. The Rosé Rose of Sangiovese 2017, 100% varietal, Lucas and Lewellen Vineyard, Los Alamos, CA.  Los Alamos, Santa Ynez Valley AVA Vallens Family This 2017 Freedom Rosé was pressed directly from whole clusters of Sangiovese. Unlike, their first release, this wine was made by pressing the grapes directly to enhance a fair amount of color and flavor. Tastings Notes Herbal notes like thyme are present, with fresh red fruit like strawberry. Hints of earthiness, candied cherry finish with a well-rounded body. Enjoy this rosé chilled and paired with Mozzarella, Feta or Monterey Jack Cheese, and Grilled Chicken.
May 12, 2021
Fog Crest Vineyard
This week we speak with Orion Brown of the Black Travel Box and Jerome Chery of Fog Crest Vineyard. About the Black Travel Box Travel is growing in our community. More of us are exploring the world with a level of freedom that our ancestors could only dream of. Orion started BlackTravelBox® to give women of color a brand they could trust for their travel personal care needs. As Black travelers, we have few places we can find products that work for our hair and skincare needs. Our brand is here to help you travel in confidence. We give you the products you need to put your best foot forward and rock those selfies. We're there, where ever your travels may take you. Fog Crest Vineyard James Manoogian has had a life-long fascination for food and wine. As a restaurateur in San Francisco, California, the proximity to the great wine-growing regions near the city allowed he and his wife, Rosalind, to become knowledgeable about wine, how it accompanied fine dining, and where each varietal (grape type) excelled locally. In 1997, the Manoogians looked north and started searching for an appropriate parcel suitable to growing great grapes for distinctive wines. Attracted to Sonoma County for its beauty and viticultural diversity, they found an ideal 30-acre site situated on a ridge above the Santa Rosa Plain – the future home of Fog Crest Vineyard. Once the vineyard was established and producing fruit it immediately attracted the attention of fine winemakers. For five years the vineyard’s grapes were bottled as a vineyard designate by Stryker Sonoma under the name of “L’Ancien Verger Vineyard” which in French means “the Old Orchard”. The 2005 Estate Bottled Chardonnay, marked the inaugural vintage for Fog Crest Vineyard and the Manoogians. JÉRÔME CHÉRY, WINEMAKER After winery stints in Provence, Loire Valley, Australia’s Swan Valley and the Languedoc region, in 1997 Jérôme came to California to be Assistant Winemaker at Napa Valley’s Newton Winery.  “I was 27 years old and Newton was already becoming famous for unfiltered Chardonnay,” he says.  “Newton was using native yeasts and longer aging times.” In 2000, Jérôme wanted to continue his focus on Chardonnay and Pinot Noir.  “I think that the motto ‘less is more’ works wonderfully well with the two famous Burgundy varieties, so I took a job at Littorai working with Ted Lemon,” he says.  “Ted was making really fine Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, specializing in single-vineyard bottlings.  He made limited production wines that were terroir driven.  It was amazing.  Here, I really learned.” Jérôme became Director of Winemaking at Saintsbury in 2004.  “I walked in and harvest started three days later. The production was huge compared to what I had been doing, but I stayed for 9 years.  I learned to work with cool-climate Carneros fruit and introduced four, single vineyard releases.  I also sourced fruit from the Anderson Valley, complementing what we already had.” Believing memorable wines are made on a small scale with the highest quality grapes, Jérôme became winemaker at Fog Crest Vineyard in January 2014.  “I really wanted to relocate to western Sonoma County; the quality of the fruit here is wonderful,” Jérôme says.  “I will wait to see what the next harvest brings; I hope to add refinement to the wines. Jérôme enjoys traveling for work and pleasure.  At home, he relaxes by gardening, landscape designing and cooking.
May 5, 2021
Living Coral Rosé
This week we catch up with Sharene Wood, Founder of HH Bespoke Spirits, and Filippo Lapides, National Brand Ambassador to Enovation Brands which has a focus on helping coral reefs! About HH Bespoke Spirits The award-winning (Time Out New York) bespoke boutique listed as "One of the best places to shop in Harlem" ( The "retail expression" of  5001 FLAVORS located in the heart of Harlem, NY opened in 2012. The nearly 2,000 square foot boutique, former home of the late civil rights leader Malcolm X, carries emerging accessory and apparel designers and pays homage to Harlem’s rich history and luminaries. Harlem Haberdashery was created by legendary custom-fashion design and styling company 5001 FLAVORS (featured in CNN Films documentary “Fresh Dressed”). Introducing a New Line of Spirits from Harlem’s First Family of Fashion HH BESPOKE RUM - is a truly unique blend of aged rums reminiscent of those produced in the 18th century. This expressive and distinctive spirit starts as Grade A molasses, which is distilled in a traditional copper still. It is then aged in both New American Oak and then once-used Bourbon barrels. The result is a distinctive barrel rum extremely rich and complex in flavor, with hints of butterscotch, vanilla, and other exotic notes that please the palate. HH BESPOKE GIN - is a remix on a traditional London Dry style gin, with moderate juniper flavors upfront, which is balanced by an infusion of lavender, rosehip, and plum. Our gin mixes well with everything from simple tonic water to stronger bitter or sweet flavors. HH BESPOKE VODKA - is a grain-based, super-premium vodka of exquisite quality, handmade in small batches. With its crisp and clean taste, HH Bespoke Vodka is a perfect mixer for cocktails or a refreshing drink all by itself. About Enovation Brands We overlay our forward motion with a bit of Old World insight, which is most evident in our commitment to never compromise on quality. From our supplier to their partners in the vineyards, to each and every individual in the Enovation family, we are dedicated to delivering a consistently superb product at an excellent value. We present the same products that we are proud to serve to our families and friends on our tables every day. We present these products in distinctive, eye-catching packaging that wins consumers over at the point of sale and are confident knowing that the quality of the wine inside will create a brand loyalist. About Living Coral Living Coral Sparkling Rosé captures the splendor of a coral reef in every glass poured. The color is reminiscent of the sun’s rays breaking the ocean’s surface to light up the world below and the bubbly effervescence is evocative of the life contained with this lush undersea world. The bouquet is pleasantly fruity with floral notes and gives way to the concentrated fruit flavors of ripe nectarine and peach balanced by refreshing acidity. 
April 21, 2021
Uncle Nearest and Ebony Wine and Spirits!!!!
On this last day of Women's History Month, I am so honored that we are chatting with May Lee of Uncle Nearest Whisky and Camillya Masunda of Ebony Wine and Spirits! About Uncle Nearest Whiskey Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey is inspired by the best whiskey maker the world never knew, the first known African-American master distiller, Nathan “Nearest” Green. The Uncle Nearest brand, wholly owned by Uncle Nearest, Inc., an all minority-led business, encompasses a premium aged whiskey with a blend of 8- to 14- year old, an 11-year-old minimum age single barrel, and a 7-year-old small batch offering, all mellowed using the Lincoln County Process, unique filtering of bourbon through sugar maple charcoal. This process has been confirmed to have been brought to Tennessee by enslaved people and taught by Nearest Green to the most famous Tennessee Whiskey maker of all time. Uncle Nearest is distilled, aged, bottled, and hand-labeled in Tennessee. Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey debuted in July 2017, and in less than two years the company expanded into all 50 states and 12 countries. CEO and founder Fawn Weaver said that she attributes her company’s success to building a workforce that mirrors America and by inviting all consumers to their table. The company said its customer base is made up of about 50% women. Victoria Eady Butler, Green’s great-great-granddaughter, is the brand’s master blender and the first female African American master blender in history. She is also the first Black woman to win Whisky Magazine’s Icons of Whisky for Master Blender of the Year. About Ebony Wine and Spirits The essences of darkness enriched, smooth and plentiful with the taste of melanin captured in wine submerged in a bottle or pure elegance. Discover what makes us unique among all the wineries of the world! When you serve your friends and family Ebony, our commitment to the highest quality and greatest value says a lot about you. Our curated selection of wine starts with our connection to the land and the winemakers. Each bottle – local or international vintage – has been personally sourced by our Master Sommelier and expert Wine Team to brighten your table and your dining experience. Ebony Wine & Spirits is introducing the wine world to a different level of prestige and culture in a time where it’s needed most.  Our wine is made with the finest of care and attention, and our brand represents more than just good flavor; we highlight power, beauty, and change. About Brut Rosé  Flavor Profile Pop, clink, fizz. Sip and celebrate with a chilled glass of shimmering, refreshing sparkling wine. The palate opens with ripe strawberry and cranberry fruit, shadowed by a hint of cream and subtle spice. Rich and round, with a fine mousse that creates a delicious, creamy mouthfeel. Finishing clean and crisp, with a suggestion of ripe melon and bing cherry. Only the best from Ebony. Camellia's RECOMMENDS The pale peach color and bright bubbles make this sparkling a sweet addition to a wedding, baby shower, or any celebratory event. Don’t just reserve this über food-friendly wine for a special event, it’s great to pair with everything from appetizers to a spicy Asian take-out.
March 31, 2021
Mermosa Wines
Today we chat with Desiree Noisette of Mermosa Wines and Ashaki McNeil of Let's Wine About it! The Official Wine of Boats, Brunch & Beaches Mermosa is inspired by our family's original mermaid, Celestine Noisette, whose siren-song set her free and inspired generations of strong voices and unstoppable spirit. Join us in a glass and embrace the beauty and power of your own inner mermaid. Mermosa is inspired by a love story so powerful that it broke the chains of slavery. It's an epic tale of the founder's ancestors, Celestine, a Black Haitian woman, and Philippe Noisette, a white French gardener. They married in the late 1700s and blazed a trail of love and devotion that included Philippe claiming ownership of his wife and children to keep them out of the slave trade in Antebellum South Carolina. Philippe's great success as a gardener led him to introduce the Noisette Rose, a flower bold and enduring like his beautiful Celestine. Upon his death in 1835, Philippe made sure that all of his money went to Celestine and their children. It could have led them out of the South to freedom, but Celestine took matters into her own hands and negotiated freedom. Her audacious spirit and their eternal love is infused in every sip of Mermosa. Meet our Founder, Desiree Mermosa is the creation of Desiree Noisette, an artist, attorney and mother with a passion for spreading her family's Siren Song.  In 2018, Desiree convinced her husband to sell their home and use the proceeds to start Mermosa.  She and her family "went all in" and the journey has been a wild ride. Today Desiree sits at the head of the Mermosa organization as the President (or "Head Mermaid").  When she is not in her lab creating formulations or designing new packaging, you may find Desiree adorning a mermaid tail - a part of her job that her children love. "I hope our wines inspire your wildly free experiences and rule-breaking journeys for generations to come." - Desiree Noisette Our Mission Celebrate every Mermaid in the world. Mer maid/ˈmərˌmād/ a wildly free, intoxicating being with a voice as powerful and beautiful as the ocean. Noisette Rosé Our Rosé is inspired by the real-life love story of Celestine and Philippe Noisette, our founder’s ancestors - whose love broke the bondages of slavery during antebellum Charleston, South Carolina.
March 24, 2021
Loyalty Wines
Today we chat it up with Josh Entman of Vinohead and Josh Martin of Loyalty Wines. Vinohead is a brand and community dedicated to wine's modern lifestyle. Sign up for their weekly newsletter and get free wine reviews delivered to your inbox About Josh " I got my start in media as an intern at Entrepreneur Magazine in Chicago working as a sales assistant to the Midwest Advertising Director. I was 20 years old, and he was a great mentor and friend; someone who showed me the ropes, which, at the time, included plenty of clients entertaining and relationship-building practices. Those two back-to-back summers as an intern were an education on stewardship and one of the primary seeds that led me to LA to pursue a career in media. First, as an advertising sales executive working for a slew of digitally-native startups. And later, as an entrepreneur with a novel concept around the licensing of short-form, user-generated content. Little did I know at the time (2006) that there was a groundswell of social startups converging at the intersection of media and technology. Facebook and YouTube were still in their infancy, and we didn’t even have iPhones yet. Platforms were becoming the new variants, and the wide-ranging effects this would have on the entertainment industry, and broadly speaking, the attention economy, was unprecedented." Loyalty Wines Inspired by a vineyard tour in Napa Valley, the hip-hop veteran and boxing promoter turned his focus from rhymes to wines. Like how musical elements come together on a hit track, J. Prince believes that wine adds harmony to social occasions, and he enjoys uncorking a bottle over dinner and good conversation. Whether chart-topping or bottle-popping, J. Prince doesn’t miss a beat, and his newest releases will make a show-stopping statement at your next party. Whether you’re in the mood for a smooth red or lively sparkler, uncork greatness with The Loyalty Collection.  Check out their website: to learn more! Josh Martin Grace on Kirby where the legendary meeting was held
February 24, 2021
Jardesca California Aperitiva
Hey, There Friends!  This week we have some great guests! First, the dynamic trio of Urban Wine Collective and Charles Morrison of Jardesca Aperitiva! About Urban Wine Collective Urban Wine Collective was birthed based on the love 3 women shared over wine and the lack of safe space allotted for millennials and AA women to learn without being judged. Everyone is welcome, so come in, sit down, and pour yourself a glass... About Charles Morrison I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California. I went to the University of Oregon where I found my passion for entrepreneurship and my love of wine. I worked at a small winery for 3 months during my senior year, and I knew from then on I wanted to work in the wine industry in some capacity. I appreciated being out on the vineyard on a weekly basis and enjoyed figuring out how to build a brand catered to specific target audiences. Right after college, I worked at Amazon for 5 years in the sales and marketing division on two different teams. In 2017, I left Amazon to work with my Dad and our business partner growing our lovely aperitif wine brand, Jardesca. I am currently wearing the hats as owner, sales and market manager, recipe generator, and photographer for our company. About Jardesca The idea of leading a simple life, surrounded by friends, enjoying the garden, is one of our guiding principles, inspired by Epicurus. We believe that when we grow the garden, we bring balance to life. Sharing experiences with others is what makes us truly rich. Life is short and every day deserves a pause, a moment for an aperitiva. “Our wealth is measured by what we enjoy, not what we own.” -Epicurus Jardesca White Aperitiva Jardesca California Aperitiva is a botanically infused, all-natural, low alcohol aperitif that marries 10 botanicals including pink grapefruit, bay leaf, and pink peppercorn, with a blend of 3 artisanal California wines, with Viognier at the heart. Best enjoyed over ice, Jardesca California Aperitiva is perfectly balanced, delicious and beautifully refreshing. Jardesca Red Aperitiva Jardesca Red Aperitiva is a botanically infused, all-natural, low alcohol aperitif that marries 10 botanicals including tangerine, ginger and cardamom, with a blend of 3 artisanal California wines, with Zinfadel at the heart. Best enjoyed over ice, Jardesca Red Aperitiva is perfectly balanced, delicious and refreshingly different.
February 17, 2021
Left Coast Estate - Rosé
This week we learn more about Mike and his journey to Licor 43 and Lisa and her experience to get to Left Coast Estate! PEW PEW PEW!! Licor 43 was invented in 1946 by Diego Zamora, along with his brother and sister, Angel and Josefina Zamora, and Emilio Restoy, Josefina's husband. The Licor 43 website states they based their recipe on the Liqvor Mirabilis (marvelous liquid), a golden, aromatic elixir produced and infused from local fruits and herbs in Carthago Nova during the 3rd century. Liqvor Mirabilis was encountered by the Romans when they conquered the region in 209 BC; despite the Romans banning its production and consumption, the Carthaginians continued producing in secret. This legend served as the inspiration for the Zamora's invention of Licor 43. The name of the modern-day liqueur originates from its use of 43 different ingredients; while its recipe is a closely guarded secret by the Zamora family, it is known to contain citrus and fruit juices and to be flavored with vanilla, among other aromatic herbs and spices. Licor 43 is 31% abv (62 proof) and is a sweet liqueur that is thick-bodied with a dense mouthfeel when sipped neat at room temperature. Visually it is golden-yellow. The aroma is sharp, warm, and complex; the initial scent of citrus and vanilla are balanced by nuances of tangy fruit, subtle notes of cocoa, and an aged rum-like warmth. The taste is warm, creamy, and smooth, with flavors similar to the aroma: an emphatic vanilla beginning, hints of cocoa and other intermixed spices, sweet fruits, and tangy citrus, all carried by a flavor akin to aged rum. It has a long, sweet finish on the tongue, with persistent notes of vanilla, toffee, dark chocolate, and fresh fruit. Left Coast Estate - Family-owned and operated, Left Coast Estate is guided by two essential principles: a passion for winemaking and a deep connection to the land where we live and farm. Founded in 2003, we completed the initial phase of the winery just in time for the inaugural 2004 vintage of our label bearing a Lewis and Clark map to illustrate our special place in the world. We are in the middle of the Willamette Valley, just 37 miles from the Pacific Ocean with the immense, cooling benefit of the Van Duzer Corridor running through the property. 2016 BRUT ROSE OF PINOT MEUNIER Golden / Saffron colored. Butter cookie aromas and dry summer grasses accentuate fruitier and floral aromas of red apple skins, apricots, nectarines, honeysuckle, and orange blossom. Mirrored flavors on the pallet are framed by drying effervescence and lingering acidity
February 5, 2021
Pedernales Cellars Rosé
This week we hear from Sean of a Taste of the Culture and Julie of Pedernales Cellars, Aa sixth-generation Texas Family that welcomes you to savor world-class wines overlooking breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country. Born out of a desire to highlight black-owned brands, A Taste of The Culture is a community dedicated to black-owned wine and spirits brands and the people that desire to discover them. Our goal is not only to elevate black-owned brands but also bring a sense of community among the owners and customers of those brands. With $1.4 Trillion dollars of spending power, it's time for the black community's buying power to circulate among OUR brands. Join us on our journey to make black-owned wine, spirits, mixers more accessible to people around the country. Pedernales Cellars began with Larry and Jeanine Kuhlken, who planted their first vineyard near Fredericksburg in the early 1990s. During this time Texas wine pioneers worked with different grape varietals and viticulture practices, to help master winemaking in the Texas terroir; and over time the Kuhlken vineyard started producing consistently high-quality fruit with bold, intense flavors. In 2005, Larry and Jeanine’s children, David and Julie began plans for what would become Pedernales Cellars. Grown from the success of Kuhlken Vineyards, they developed the concept for a boutique winery focused on handcrafted, small-lot wines, and working with varietals that thrive in the rugged Texas Hill Country terrain. Pedernales Cellars continues to be a family affair, with David as winemaker and Julie overseeing hospitality, marketing, and design -- while Larry and Jeanine continue to oversee the family vineyards. Pedernales Cellars draws its name from geography and history – the Pedernales River runs through the Texas Hill Country, and “Pedernales” means flint in Spanish. The inspiration came when David found an old flint Indian arrowhead in the vineyard, while Fredrik found part of an Indian flint stone ax on the winery site. The serendipity of these two finds connected the vineyard, winery, the region, and its history. 2019 Over the Moon Rose The 2019 vintage of our Over the Moon rosé is quite a bit lighter than 2018. Weather trends resulted in picking fruit at slightly lower Brix, which translates to the lighter body, alcohol, and notably, color. All of which we actually quite like in a rosé. Fruit for this wine was sourced from the High Plains and Hill Country. Both lots were picked specifically with rosé in mind and went direct to press with little skin contact allowed. They fermented dry in stainless steel tanks separately and were blended early. They spent 5 months aging on fine lees, with about 3 months of weekly stirring in a tank before a light fining and filtering. Wine Specs Vintage - 2019 Appellation -Texas Vineyard Designation - Farmhouse and Kuhlken Vineyards Acid - TA 6.3 Alcohol % - 11.8 Wine Profile Tasting Notes This light-bodied wine features aromas of strawberry, watermelon candy, tangerine, flowers, and stone. You’ll find the palate is light and refreshing with light fruit, rose petal, and balanced acidity that makes it easy to drink with or without food. Production Notes - 76% Cinsault, 24% Mourvedre Food Pairing Notes -This delicate rosé would pair wonderfully with seafood. Think scallops, oysters, white fish, or even salmon
February 4, 2021
Stinson Vineyards Rosé
This week we chat with Nicole and Angelyn of VineDication and Rachel of Stinson Vineyard!! VineDication is a Veteran/Women-Owned Small Business that has a deep desire to highlight and share the great wines of Virginia and other unique locations from around the world. Our lifelong passion for wine is what inspired the creation of VineDication with a simple goal of sharing our love for delicious, unique, and sometimes hard to find a wine with fellow wine lovers or future wine lovers across the U.S. VineDication is a Washington, DC wine club that lets you discover wines you will never find in your local wine shop. We’re here to give you a new and exciting way to experience undiscovered wines. As a VineDication Club Member, you will learn about new, hand-picked wines, unique food pairings, exciting recipes, and so much more. Your entire wine package is tailored just for you. We curate small-batch wines by visiting vineyards from our local areas in Virginia and the DC metro area, as well as vineyards in exotic locations like Croatia and Israel, as well as Old World treats from Italy. We expand our selection of New and Old World Wines regularly, so you’ll never become bored of the variety of our wines. As a member of our Washington, DC wine club, you select the number of bottles per shipment, frequency of shipments, and your preferred type of wines. You can start by taking our wine quiz, or offer us notes about your preferences when you check out. Then you’ll receive our recommendations. Each shipment will introduce you to these amazing hand-crafted wines and their provenance, allowing you to do vineyard tastings in the comfort of your own home. We’ll also include a recipe for each wine, so you can pair your small-batch wines with a delicious meal or even courses. Treat yourself to a Vinedication wine club membership today! Stinson Vineyards is a family-owned estate winery in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains specializing in small-lot wines with a distinct French influence. The father/daughter team of Scott Stinson and Rachel Stinson Vrooman was joined by Rachel’s husband Nathan Vrooman in 2015. They take inspiration from “garagiste” wineries of France, in both their winemaking techniques and the winery itself, which is built into an old three-car garage. The wines of Stinson Vineyards are enjoying growing critical acclaim, and the winery has become a visitor destination for its fine wines, stunning views, and artisan farm store. Rosé of Mourvèdre A crisp and refreshing Southern France/Bandol style rosé of Mourvèdre. Candied white peach and yellow watermelon flavors meld with rose petal aromatics and a savory herbaceousness. Production: 125 cases. VINTAGE 2019
February 3, 2021
Penelope Bourbon Rosé
This week we chat with Kate of the Grape Outdoors and Michael of Penelope Bourbon Rosé. About Kate and The Grape Outdoors wants to show you everything there is to love about Northern Spain through the lens of a wine glass. We love the idea of creating tours that leave pretension at the door and are full of fun, adventure, and just the right amount of wanderlust. Spain has taught us many wonderful lessons, not least of which is that a bottle of wine always tastes better when shared. Come with us as we open bottles with locals, adventure into the Spanish countryside, and drink wine exactly where it was grown. You don’t need to be an expert, just excited and curious. We know there are people like us who love how the wine tastes on a beach, after a hike, and paired with chili cooked on a camp stove. These are small group tours designed for people who love wine because it tastes good, the outdoors because it’s beautiful, and campfires because they’re cozy. ¡Vamos! About Michael Penelope Bourbon is a company that was crafted in the classic entrepreneurial tradition. Mike Paladini and his wife, Kerry teamed up with his close friend and childhood next-door neighbor, Danny Polise. Both grew up in Basking Ridge, NJ. They began to embark on creating a bourbon that everyone could enjoy and love. Both found out in 2018 that their wives were expecting. Mike and Kerry always knew that if they had a girl, her name would be Penelope. The day they found out they were having a girl, a light bulb went off. Mike and Kerry decided they wanted to bring together two things they both love so dearly – their soon-to-be baby girl, Penelope, and Straight Bourbon Whiskey. A company was born. About Penelope Bourbon Rosé It was their first Limited Release straight bourbon whiskey finished in French Rosé Wine Casks. They’ve married our signature four-grain blend of three bourbon mash bills with hand-selected French Grenache Rosé Wine Casks from the Southern Rhône region to bring together a truly unique alliance of flavor. Straight Bourbon Whiskey 94 Proof Non-Chill-Filtered
January 31, 2021
Protector Cellars
Hey there, Friends!   This week we catch up with Rosay with Jaime and Alex Katz of Protector Cellars! About Rosay with Jaime Jaime Brown is Boston-based Wine & Beauty Freelance Writer and Digital Content Creator. She is the CEO Co-Founder of SWEDISH JEALOUSY LIPSTICKS, a Made for All shades, Cruelty-Free and Gluten-Free Lipstick brand founded to bridge the gap usually found in Lipstick shades. Jaime also works as the Lead Content Writer for TriWine App, a new and advanced wine application that allows you to build your ecosystem of wine tastings! In a nutshell, Jaime is a writer obsessed with Red lipstick and Rosé. About Protector Cellars The roots of any good wine are in the vineyard. When I started making wine in California a decade ago, harvests were still on the kind of schedule they had been on for the previous 30 years. But with each successive year, droughts became more severe, harvests started earlier, and wildfires torched vineyard lands with increasing regularity. I realized that I had the responsibility and the opportunity to do something about it, and that’s why I started Protector Cellars. A winery that would actually be CLIMATE POSITIVE. CLIMATE POSITIVE means that we go beyond carbon neutral, and actually have a net positive effect on the environment by pulling more greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere than we put in. So how do we accomplish this ambitious goal? The obvious place to start on this mission was in the vineyard. Typically, about 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to a bottle of wine are produced in the vineyard. Certified sustainable vineyards go through a rigorous certification process, much of which revolves around environmental stewardship. By reducing electricity, water, pesticides, and fossil fuel consumption, vineyards are able to significantly reduce their greenhouse gas output. That’s why all of our grapes come from certified sustainable vineyards. The next and most notable target is the glass bottle. Roughly 50% of the greenhouse gas emissions attributable to a bottle of wine are purely due to the production of the glass bottle 🤯 (that’s the “mind-blown” emoji, for the uninitiated). To make matters worse, glass is super heavy, so transporting it around uses a lot of energy, it’s delicate, so you have to pack it with a bunch of cardboard, and it’s cheap to produce, so even though it can be recycled, it almost never is. By using cans, we reduce the packaging portion of our emissions by over 60%. Then comes the really fun part. We partner with organizations that plant trees around the world, to capture more carbon dioxide than we produce in the entirety of our operation. In addition to sequestering carbon dioxide, these trees help provide a source of food and income to struggling communities, which has a multiplier effect by making these communities less likely to cut down existing trees for wood and agriculture. About the Rosé The 2019 Rose is an uncommon Bordeaux blend, including Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, and (gasp!) Sauvignon Blanc.  We may be breaking with tradition on this one, but we have a good reason, as this has everything you want from a Rose.  It’s chewy like bubblegum, fruity like a strawberry rhubarb pie, and refreshing like a cold lake on a hot day. Jump on in. Each can is 250mL, slightly less than 2 glasses of wine. Three cans are the equivalent of a standard bottle of wine (750mL).
December 9, 2020
Corner 103
This week we have the amazing Ashlee of Will Drink for Travel and Lloyd of Corner 103!!! About Ashlee and Will Drink for Travel Ashlee Tuck is the founder and editor-in-chief of Will Drink For Travel, a website dedicated to all things travel and mixology. Ashlee’s goal is to show her audience that traveling the world through food and drink is a way to immerse themselves in cultures other than their own. Her adventures have taken her to over 30 countries worldwide, with extended stays in Tanzania, Zambia, and South Africa. Ashlee considers herself a cocktail enthusiast, amateur mixologist, and lifelong learner, with a heart for highlighting Black-owned spirits. An influencer and host, Ashlee has been featured in publications such as Essence, The Grio, and Thrillist. She's also appeared as an on-air lifestyle expert for local TV stations in Baltimore and Washington, D.C., including MyTV Baltimore and Great Day Washington. When Ashlee’s not traveling, she’s usually curled up on the couch watching all things reality TV and enjoying a delicious cocktail. Ashlee holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from The George Washington University and a Master of Business Administration from Loyola University Maryland. She currently lives in Baltimore and works for the federal government in Washington, D.C. Will Drink For Travel combines the love of traveling and seeing new places with the love of unique and native spirits. It’s a view of the wine, beer, and spirits encountered while traveling. We do our best to explore the land, people, customs, traditions, food, and stories connected with the featured alcoholic beverage. What better way to travel the world than one drink at a time? About Lloyd Davis and Corner 103 Corner 103 was founded by Lloyd Davis as a result of his passion for wine and recognizing that most people are intimidated by it. Originally from New York City, Lloyd spent over 30 years in the Banking and Finance industry. He helped his clients buy and build middle-market companies in a variety of industries. While working in the finance industry, Lloyd entered the world of wine as a financial advisor for a major New York wine retailer and soon fell in love with the wine business as well as the art of winemaking. Following his passion for wine, he left the financial world in 2008 to take control of Viansa Winery. At that time Viansa was struggling and Lloyd quickly returned it to profitability. He enhanced his winemaking team and changed the winemaking philosophy. As a result, his wines won, and continue to win numerous “gold” and “best in class” wine competition medals. Lloyd has developed a reputation for making world class wines and is committed to exceeding expectations. In opening Corner 103, Lloyd wanted to (i) create a unique environment where his guests would feel comfortable learning all aspects of wine in a friendly, non-intimidating, and fun way; (ii) continue his track record of producing approachable, award winning wines; and (iii) demonstrate the proper way to pair wine with food. He wants his guest to understand that they are a “wine expert”! This is because everyone knows what they like and don’t like. Too many people rely on their “wine expert” friends to tell them what is good. But in reality, no one needs anyone to tell them what they like and don’t like! Corner 103 has become a “must” visit for all wine lovers, whether expert or novice, coming to Sonoma Valley! It was ranked as one of the top 10 best wineries in the country by USA Today and has 5-star ratings on Yelp and Trip Advisor!
December 2, 2020
Welcome back for another fun-filled episode with Renee and Bartender Ben.  This week we sit down and learn all about fashion with the Queen Bee herself of Details of Occoquan, Cathy Campbell.  Then we learn everything about pink from the winemaker of JustPink!, Julien Fayard!! About Cathy and Details of Occoquan Details of Occoquan features fashions and accessories for today's fabulous woman. The style is classic, sophisticated, and uniquely different. We love to make our customers stand out in a crowd. We are proud to feature the following designers- Clara Sun Woo an all-American company, Lee Andersen, Maryland, Krazy Larry pants, New York, Alison Sheri novelty sweaters, fabulous faux suede jackets from Weavz and so much more! We are currently open for appointment shopping only, please call for your private shopping appointment today. Treat Yourself! Our subscription boxes: Pamper Me, Dress Me, Cozy & Comfy are going fast. We offer a limited number each month, so order yours while you can. Not sure which one you want? Just say Surprise Me!, and we’ll take care of the rest. Call 703-494-4959 and order yours today! About Julien  Growing up in the South of France afforded Julien the opportunity to develop a love for both the land and the sea. He was immersed in the vineyard at a young age, and also fell in love with surfing. Although he spent his childhood running through the vineyards of Provence with his cousins, shooting grapes at each other with a slingshot, his time cleaning the cellar as a young boy convinced him to follow a different course in school. As he studied agri-business in the Loire Valley, he always returned to winemaking each year to assist with the harvest. It was this continuous connection to the craft that eventually persuaded him to pursue a career as a winemaker. Dedicated to becoming a great winemaker, Julien garnered winemaking positions at some of Bordeaux’s most noble wineries, including Lafite Rothschild and Smith Haut Lafitte. In 2003, Julien had the opportunity to intern in the US and he embraced it to the fullest. He returned to his family’s winery in Provence helping them re-work operations, logistics, and engineering, as the estate was growing fast. He moved to Napa in 2006, working with Philippe Melka as his director of winemaking for eight years before launching his own projects, which include Fayard Winemaking and Covert Estate in Coombsville. Now with more than two decades of winemaking expertise, Julien Fayard is one of Napa Valley’s most respected winemakers, producing California varietals with French finesse. He believes in producing wines with identity, exploiting what makes each one unique. Julien’s wines are a pure expression of their terroir, highlighting the specificities and characteristics of the fruit, vineyard management, soil, and climate. He has a track record of building brands both in terms of quality and market presence. Julien earned his Master in Agri-Business from ESA France and his Master in Winemaking from Toulouse France. In 2011, he received his MBA from UC Davis.  Today, Julien lives in Napa with his three children Emeline, Kian, and Maelle. He continues to surf weekly. About Just Pink JustPink!, makes your mouth water like you've been wandering through a desert for 40 days. It's a "serious" rosé, especially for the price—the kind that winemakers go crazy for—and is the only true blend on this list, made from syrah, grenache, and pinot noir. Fresh and bright, it has a strong presence of ruby grapefruit with a lingering, jolly rancher finish.WINEMAKER Julien Fayard COUNTRY United States REGION California
November 17, 2020
Dracena Wines
This week we hang with amazing Dapper Dap and sip away with Lori of Dracena Wines!!! About DAP WineTheWayYouLike™️🥂 PMP®️by☀️ WSET Lvl2 Student👨🏾‍🎓🌙 Wine Steward @vnofellspoint Vitis Viniferant 🍇 Vino Appreciant🍷 R&B Connoisseur 🎶 DMV 🇺🇸|🇯🇲 | Wine The Way You Like About Dracena Wines  Mike and I have loved wine for a long time now, and have made wine for several vintages. We began with one of those “make wine with us” type places. We didn’t know where the grapes were from, other than Lodi, California. We graduated to a more serious operation with Crush Pad in San Francisco. We had rave reviews from our friends and colleagues that had tried our wine. We have dreamed of retiring to California and have purchased the property in Arroyo Grande to fulfill this dream. Now onto the “what are we going to do when we get there” aspect of our lives. So enter Dracaena wines. Yes, it is a little strange name but there is a story behind it. (of course) Dracaena [druh-see-nuh] is the genus name of the plant better known as the Draco plant. The taxonomy name allowed us to combine our scientific backgrounds while honoring the memory of our adored weimaraner, Draco in our winemaking endeavor. When our beloved Draco passed away on May 12, 2011, after 14 years of making our lives wonderful, we needed to find a way to help us with our grief and keep his memory alive in our home. Our solution was to purchase a Draco Tree and keep it in the place where Draco ate. Every time we look at the plant, his memory carries on. When we decided to begin our venture into winemaking our maid of honor, and my best friend, Sonja Gerard hand drew the label and placed Draco in the middle of a vineyard. 2019 Rosé  Tasting Notes Our 2019 dry rose has a luxurious pale salmon color. Pouring this wine reveals aromas of cherry blossom, fresh-picked strawberry, Bing cherry, and white peach, reminiscent of a beautiful Spring day. Your palate will experience strawberry, rose petal, and raspberry flavors enriched with lively acidity. This medium-bodied rose captures warm sunshine in your glass, and we guarantee it will make you smile.
November 5, 2020
Love Cork Screw Wine
In this episode, we had the honor of catching up with the dynamic duo (Dulely and Theresa) of Cruology Vines and celebrating with fellow Chicagoan entrepreneur, Chrishon of Love Cork Screw! About Cruology Vines  What started off as a brief discussion of our love for wine became a passion. We began first with recommendations and food pairings-that eventually led to the discovery of how wonderful it would be for two women of color to create a wine brand! A brand that would review wines, dismantle the snotty taboos that are correlated with the wine culture; educate others on the expansion of palates and all the while selling beautiful wine merchandise simultaneously... ​In a little less than a year, we have been able to accomplish many of these things and more. We are so excited about where this wine journey will take us! Wine is our passport and we have so many awesome travels ahead. ​~Dulely and Theresa, Owners  About Love Cork Screw Success in today’s marketplace is often defined by a person’s ability to create something new while simultaneously paying homage to elements that are classic. While this is certainly no easy task, Chrishon Lampley’s journey has allowed her to embody this paradox into a beautiful tapestry that has become her flourishing brand. Lampley is a negociant, wine enthusiast, and founder of LCS Entertainment, LLC that features Love Cork Screw wines. Love Cork Screw is a lifestyle brand that launched six varietals in the fourth quarter of 2013. Since its inception, the LCS brand has acquired over 50 locations including, Target, Mariano's, Binny's, Whole Foods, and other Chicago land area stores, restaurants, and bars. This rapid expansion is attributed to Lampley’s 17 years of experience in the industry, which has given her leverage to develop a keen awareness of what people enjoy and what the market is missing. As a holistic brand, five wine-scented candles were added to the portfolio in 2014 available now also at select Target locations, including a bonus scented candle. Lampley leverages her platform to mentor young women and budding entrepreneurs who can benefit from her lessons and her success. She gives her time and resources greatly to nonprofit organizations through sponsorship and speaking engagements. Lampley has mentored youth through Urban Broadcast Media, Chicago Sky, and Polished Pebbles to encourage Chicago’s youth. She is a member and supporter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc. LCS Entertainment, LLC is a licensed wholesaler and importer, and a certified Minority Business Enterprise. We Go High Rosé Rose’ Wine has hints of berry on the nose with almond and citrus on the palate, vibrant coral color. Nicely paired with light pastas, salads, grilled fish and goats’ cheeses.
November 4, 2020
Jenny Dawn Cellars
This week we toast it up with our friends at Hustle and Hope and the Queen of Kansas Jennifer of Jenny Dawn Cellars. About Hustle and Hope Hustle and Hope is a greeting card company, with a little bit of a twist. This is not another “we wish you the best” card. We promise this is not that. We’re human, and recognize sometimes you need more than a piece of paper to get inspired! Whether you’re job searching or starting a business, it’s not as “easy as 1-2-3”. Hey there! I’m Ashley Sutton. With a whole lot of passion, vision, and a few dollars for a plane ticket, I headed for the bright lights of New York City immediately after graduation, to accept an internship at a major beauty company. As a born-and-raised Texas girl, I’m incredibly proud and in awe to have experienced working at some of the world’s top Fortune 500 companies. Ultimately, it’s those experiences that inspired me to write Overtime Is SO Over, and to begin building a career platform that I can only hope helps spark change in the ways we work day today. One cozy NYC night, I was flipping through my old “idea” book from college, where I’d written down dreams of starting a line of stationery products. As I looked all around my apartment, I noticed it was covered with greeting cards and thank you notes. That’s when it hit me…I REALLY LOVE cards and stationery. There is just something about receiving and sending physical cards that warms the soul, especially in such a connected digital world. I did, however, want to make sure I stayed true to my personal brand mission, which is always to empower and inspire people along in their careers and entrepreneurial endeavors. Then, HUSTLE & HOPE Greeting Cards was born. Why not sell cool greeting cards AND help people! Talk about win-win. I hope you all enjoy this labor of love. Share with friends, family, colleagues, and the like. About Jenny Dawn Cellars Founded in 2016 by Jennifer McDonald, Jenny Dawn Cellars has grown from the dream of an at-home winemaker into Wichita’s first urban winery. In 2017, Jenny Dawn Cellars established a working partnership with a wine facilitator in Napa, California. In 2019, Jenny Dawn Cellars opened a winery and tasting room in the heart of downtown Wichita located at Union Station. Jennifer now crafts and bottles her wines on-site, with grapes and juice sourced from the finest growers in California and Kansas. As of June 2020, Jenny Dawn Cellars has 11 handcrafted wines. Union Station Chardonnay, Black Locomotive Crimson Cabernet, Red Caboose Dry Rosé, 2019 Rosé Wine (Watermelon), 2018 Chardonnay, 2017 Pinot Noir, 2017 Cabernet Sauvignon, 2017 Sweet Red Wine (Cabernet Sauvignon/Syrah Blend), Wichita Passion (Blackberry Wine) and Wichita Moments (Apple Wine). Jenny Dawn Cellars winery and tasting room at Union Station offers charcuterie and small bites, venue rentals, private wine tastings, wine locker memberships, and Winuecation - a monthly educational class. Rosé Wine The Jenny Dawn Cellars Rosé Wine is made from watermelons grown in Kansas. This wine is a beautiful pink color, it is sweet, fruity, and slightly tart. It has aromas and flavors of honeydew, cantaloupe, watermelon, dandelion, and green grass. Our Rosé Wine is sweet goodness in a glass. This wine pairs well with any dessert such as cheesecake and chocolate truffles.
November 4, 2020
Daou Vineyards
This week we toast it up with our party pink friends Donita and Christine of the Pink Tank then learn more about the amazing and fashion-forward Katherine of Daou Vineyards! About Pink Tank 2 Fun-loving Rosé Wine Lovers/Writers 👉🏻Donita & Christine #drinkpink @mizzdonita @girlsgogrape72 About Daou Vineyards  As children growing up in Beirut, Georges, Daniel, and their sisters, Marie Jo and Michelle, fell in love with the rural way of life during visits to their grandfather’s ancient olive groves. Their childhood was steeped in Lebanese traditions of generous hospitality, family values, and faith. But in 1973, their world was turned upside down. A missile, fired to begin the Lebanese civil war, struck the sidewalk in front of the Daou family home sending shrapnel tearing through the house. For two years, the family rebuilt and recovered from serious injuries, but when the war escalated in 1975, Joseph and Marie made the courageous and difficult decision to save the family, leave everything behind, and move to France to give their children peace and hope for a brighter future.  In 1998, after taking DAOU Systems public, Georges and Daniel sold the company, and a new dream arose, a dream with its roots in France. For years, Daniel had been making wine in his garage in rural San Diego, tending to a one-acre vineyard of Cabernet Sauvignon, and reading every book he could find about winemaking. He knew he was destined to be a winemaker and knew it was time to start a winery. Everyone told him he was crazy, but with Georges as his business partner, Daniel told his father, “I’m going to buy this property in Paso, and I want to become a winemaker, and I think I can make one of the best wines in the world.” Without hesitation, Joseph said, “Go and don’t look back. Go full throttle.” Our 2019 DAOU Discovery Collection Rosé is inspired by the iconic dry rosés of southern France. True to form, this wine is delightfully fragrant and floral, showing lovely aromas of fresh strawberry, sliced peach, and watermelon with nuances of hibiscus, cherry, and clover honey. The palate is refreshingly crisp yet lusciously smooth, revealing juicy flavors of nectarine, orange, strawberry parfait, and golden delicious apple. These primary flavors are underlain by plush, pleasing notes of papaya and honeydew melon, accented with a suggestion of rose hip tea. A long, clean finish lingers with impressions of peach, citrus zest, and Barbados cherry. 91 points- Wine Enthusiast
October 28, 2020
Strawberry Wine Company
This week we sit down and pour it up with one of our favorite Canadians Julian of BC Wine Trends and learned more about the love of country music and rosé with our friends of the Strawberry Wine Company! About BC Wine Trends Julian resides in the Okanagan Valley, close to so many first-class wineries and enthusiastic winemakers.  Before starting the BC Wine Trends blog in 2015, he had the opportunity to visit wineries on three continents.  Born in Melbourne, Julian spent time in Margaret River, Barossa Valley, Coonawarra, McLaren Vale, Hunter Valley, Yarra Valley, Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland, the home of his favourite Pinot “Bass Phillip”. He was fortunate to go to school with Phil Jones and remember helping him out with some early ’70s plantings in his Leongatha vineyard. Best Aussie Wine 2013.  Living in Phoenix for 15 years gave us the opportunity for multiple trips to the California wineries in Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, Paso Robles, Temecula, and his favorite Santa Barbara. Hard to beat the Lodi Zins and Santa Barbara Pinots for value!  Another favorite west coast destination was Seattle with easy access to the Woodinville wineries, love those Cabs and Syrahs.  His vacations took us to some exciting winery locations in Italy (Tuscany and Veneto where we fell in love with Amarone). In Spain the sparkling wines of Cava outside of Barcelona and the great reds of Roja. This gives you a feel for his background. Our objective for the wine blog is to cut through the Marketing hype and deliver information of value to BC Wine enthusiasts. About Strawberry Wine Company Strawberry Wine Company was created in the middle of a country concert for two reasons: 1. Combining a passion for the love of music and the love of wine 2. Building a community for people who love both of those things. SWC was founded as a homage to pay tribute to country music’s past, but also looking forward with a bright and fun outlook for the future. Our debut Rosé is made from grapes of Petite Verdot grown in sunny Clarksburg, California. This is the perfect Rosé to take with you to your next concert, picnic or fun event. Cheers! Strawberry Wine Company Rosé 2019 Rosé,  This rosé is made from grapes of Petit Verdot grown in Clarksburg California. This wine was produced and bottled in Paso Robles, California by winemaker Thomas Booth of the WineBoss. Tasting Notes: Nose of fresh-cut watermelon, banana, and strawberry fields, the palate is filled with white flowers, pink peaches, rosewater, cantaloupe, and a finish of Meyer lemons. Please note: If you live in San Diego, California, and want to save on shipping please email me directly at for orders and we can see if the drop-off is available for your purchase.
October 28, 2020
Shoe Crazy Wine
Hey, Friends! This week, we sip it up with Diamond of Skin Deep Beauty Box and the amazing Gwen of Shoe Crazy Wine!!! About Skin Deep Beauty Box Diamond is a native of Tennessee but was drawn to Georgia like many other inspired black people. Diamond has always been into all things beauty and she knows proper skincare is the foundation of beauty. During her search for the perfect products for her skin, she bought many brand-named products, but they did not really work for her. Diamond realized the products were not right for her skin because the people creating the products did not have skin like her own. Diamond saw a lack of skincare products created by people of color in the beauty industry. But after thorough research, it was not a lack in products but only a lack in places that properly supported them. That is how the Skin Deep Beauty Box idea came about. She has now made it her mission to ensure people of color around the world have a place for skincare products for us and by us. About Shoe Crazy Wine In 2013, Gwen’s path took an unexpected turn. The company where she had worked for over 15 years downsized, and she was let go from the job she loved. While driving to pick up her personal items from the office, Gwen and her daughter Brittny were in a car accident that left both of them severely injured. It took Gwen and Brittny a year of physical therapy to recover from their injuries. As Gwen recuperated, she refused to give in to depression. Instead, her thoughts turned to a business idea she had years before: turning her wine-making hobby into a business. Through her international travel, Gwen had developed a deep appreciation for fine wines. It was daughter Brittny who suggested that she name her wine creation something that she loved. Gwen loved and was crazy about shoes. Shoe Crazy wine was born that day! Sparkling Rose Strawberry Passion Rosé CA - San Joaquin - Lodi 11.00% Alcohol Amazing Rose has fresh aromas of strawberry mingle with notes of watermelon. This fruity sparkling wine has just the right balance of sweetness and acidity. Sip and enjoy alone or with fresh fruit, salami, and cheese platters
October 28, 2020
Minuty Rosé Wine
This week we catch up with Just Nikia and Michelle of Chateau Minuty!!! About Nikia The host of: The Expect Effect Podcast | Founder & CEO of: Apparel line to be announced | Content Creator | Personality | Digital Media Coordinator | Writer | Comedian House of Me Life Coaching is centered on helping others fully align expectations with a belief to ensure they’re able to access the best version of themselves with ease & guided support. We’re currently under reconstruction but anticipate a full return in late November - early December of 2020. In the meantime visit our "Conversations With A Life Coach" corner via The Expect Effect Podcast beginning later this month! About Minuty Wines Our wines are vibrant in expression. Jewels of freshness and fruit, elegantly presented in their case bottles, with resolutely contemporary lines. Château Minuty is a family winery located in the heart of Provence, overlooking the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, owned by the Matton-Farnet family for eighty years. Château Minuty is the story of the Matton-Farnet family for over 80 years on the Saint-Tropez peninsula. For a Minuty wine, it all starts in the vineyard, in a preserved environment Great importance is attached to the enrichment of the soil with natural manure from goats and sheep, rich in organic matter. Working the soil allows the microorganisms present in the soil to breathe, prepares the soil for receiving rainwater, and facilitates the deep plunge of the roots, from the first years, to find their water supply in the sub. -ground. The vines are cultivated in reasoned culture, without weedkillers or pesticides. This environment bordered by a protected wooded area guarantees a privileged ecosystem. Vinification & aging: Respect and expression of the terroir Minuty is one of the last estates of the Côtes de Provence where the harvest is carried out entirely by hand to ensure the perfect integrity of the grapes when they arrive at the winery and thus limit the extraction of plant matter in the must. The bunches thus arriving intact pass through the destemmer where the stalk is removed. After light crushing, the grapes are immediately cooled to low temperature and inerted to avoid any oxidation phenomena which would lead to an irreversible loss of aromas and structure. The juices then pass through our latest generation pneumatic presses where they are carefully drained first and then pressed at low pressure in a second to extract their full expression. After a long fermentation at low temperature to express all the aromatic potential and all its finesse, the wine is racked and then gradually decanted during the winter period. It is then the period of blending were the characteristics of the vintage and the grape varieties combine to produce our various vintages. IN AN EVER GREATER CONCERN FOR PRECISION AND IMPROVEMENT OF QUALITY, OUR VINIFICATIONS ARE BECOMING MORE AND MORE FRAGMENTED. THE EXPRESSION OF OUR TERROIR ASSOCIATED WITH THE EXPERIENCE OF OUR VINEYARD IS OUR CONSTANT OBJECTIVE. Our signature is found in each of the bottles produced thanks to a bottling line equipped with the highest technology in order to best preserve our wines from oxidation. Even if the rosé wines represent 85% of our production, the red is nonetheless forgotten. After plot selection and green harvesting, our red wines undergo long aging in barrels for a year. During this time, the tannins will soften, the structure of the wine will be reinforced and the finesse will develop. The choice of the origin of the woods and the intensity of the heating will give our cuvées a very particular expression and signature.
October 9, 2020
Wine Access
In this episode, we hang out with some of the most amazing creators and super hosts of airbnb "Rosé All Day" Savannah and sipped away with Vanessa, Master of wine of Wine Access!! About Rosé All Day Welcome to Rosé All Day in beautiful historic Savannah, y'all! Grab a glass and relax in this insta-worthy luxury home.  As referred to as the “Barbie Dream House” by, our perfectly pink Victorian fuses old-world details with a cheerful, modern vibe.  Our two-bedroom, one bathroom first-floor condo (that sleeps up to six people) fully renovated & restored in 2020 (!!) is just steps from Forsyth Park and perfectly walkable to all that beautiful historic downtown Savannah has to offer! About Wine Access We've spent decades cultivating relationships with under-the-radar winemakers and iconic producers who define the art of wine. Our personal connections unlock access to the most out-of-reach wines from first growth Bordeaux estates to Napa cult icons with an array of rare treasures and new discoveries in between. Collectively, we taste over 20,000 wines a year and offer only those that exceed the expectations defined by their price. Our top recommendations are offered through a daily email, supported by a selection of singular wines that are featured in our online store. About Vanessa Conlin Vanessa was head of sales and marketing for several of Napa’s most prestigious estates including Arietta Wines, Dana Estates, and Realm Cellars. Previously, she was a retail buyer and wine bar wine director in New York. She’s President of the Board for the Jameson Animal Rescue Ranch holds the WSET Diploma, and was the recipient of the Niki Singer Memorial Scholarship from the International Wine Center. Vanessa became the 52nd MW in the United States in February of 2020. Rosé's 
October 7, 2020
Stuyvesant Champagne
This week we toast it up and chat with the amazing Melissa Neptune of Josephine's Creme and the amazing Marvina Robinson of Stuyvesant Champagne. About Josephine's Creme My grandmother started making this Creme in her small Louisiana kitchen and began gifting it to the women in her family. I distinctly remember the day this family tradition was passed down to me. During a visit home from attending college in New Orleans, she called out to me, “MELISSA! Get in this kitchen and learn how to make this creme!” I guess she got tired of me always running out AND running to her for more! It never crossed my mind that our family tradition could become an entrepreneurial venture. I began making some of the Creme and gifting it to my friends. My friends loved it. They told others… and they loved it, too. And now Josephine's Creme has grown into a full line of skincare "secrets" that we know you will grow to love! About M. Robinson Growing up, M. Robinson’s love affair with champagne began quite humbly as a college student. She and her friends would often pool their limited funds to purchase a bottle of Moet & Chandon, White Star. They frequented a liquor store on Fulton Street and St. James Place within the neighborhood she was raised. They would do the traditional toast, cheers, and proudly sip out of their plastic cups. Although this Bottle of Nostalgia was discontinued, it stoked a love for champagne in Marvina’s heart that would burn brightly until this day. M. Robinson desired her own brand of champagne to serve as the private house label for her upcoming champagne bar. In order to achieve that goal, she worked with a vineyard in France to create Stuyvesant Champagne. The first tasting of Stuyvesant Champagne was hosted by Suite 607 located in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.  This was the first official tasting in the United States with invited guests. After receiving great feedback from the carefully selected attendees, she was able to confirm the two selections that would become the primary offering of Stuyvesant Champagne; a Rose and a Grand Reserve Brut. One of M. Robinson's fondest memories of champagne occurred in January of 2019 when she visited the famous Les Deux Magots in Paris, France. She sat outside in the cold, under a heated lamp, chatted with a fellow patron, and sipped champagne as they did in the movies. M. Robinson has a zest for life and travels and hopes to bring a taste of home, spice, and culture to the Champagne community.  She is one of the few African American women owning a Champagne brand. Her love for her hometown, Bedford-Stuyvesant (Brooklyn, NY), inspired the name of her brand, Stuyvesant Champagne.​ She invites you to raise a glass and toast to the freshness of family and beginnings of a strong and fruitful relationship. Rose Composition: Traditional blend of the 3 Champagne grape varieties from several harvests. Made up of approximately 60% Pinot Noir, 20% Pinot Meunier and 20% Chardonnay for the white wine. A Pinot Meunier-based red wine is added. Bottles: 750 ml To the Eye: The salmon-colored rose enhances the sparkling foam. Nose: The generous bouquet evolves towards notes of raspberry and redcurrant. Mouth: The mouth develops into a taste of fleshy cherry. ​
September 30, 2020
The Grenachista
This week we chat it up with Courtney Gerring, PR Consultant extraordinaire and Casey Graybehl of The Grenachista! About Courtney When people ask me what I do, my answer is usually a bit of everything and yeah I am one of those people that 'will wear a lot of hats' has adaptability and could be considered more of a generalist. I have a strong passion and appreciation for meeting new people and building relationships. My professional journey started off in the Hospitality industry and has made its way into the fashion and beauty industry. I believe there is a synergy between the industries and my customer service skills that I acquired in hospitality have carried over into other aspects of my career. I'm a hardworking individual, that actually enjoys my work and makes the most of it. I've had to work hard at building a client base and when I have a minute of free time you'll find me doing Crossfit. My International experience has allowed me to build my skills within the categories of; Buying, Vendor Management, Brand Management, and PR. Social Media Management and Digital Marketing are my most recent focus. I believe in developing and fostering young designers and growing them thru the right PR/Influencer and sales tactics. Laying out clear objectives and revising when needed, I am well diversified in my skill set, which I believe is very helpful in today's fast-paced world. About Casey I grew up in the San Francisco Bay area. In a little east bay suburban town, at least at the time, it was a little suburban town, called San Ramon. My parents were wine drinkers and connoisseurs so wine was a staple in our home. I have many memories of visiting wineries in Napa and Sonoma as a boy with my parents when things were a little "looser"  and the crowds were a little more sparse. Back when we could run and play amongst the barrels and tanks and the person pouring for you was probably the winemaker. The smell of the cellar was imprinted on my brain. In 2013, I started my own wine company. And here we are. I found some great spots that I feel showcase what various clonal selections and terror can do for this ever so versatile grape and as time has gone on, I've evolved in my winemaking to 100% whole cluster fermentation on all my wines. Native yeast, no to little intervention, and clean, balanced, thought-provoking wines made in a balanced style. I find subscribing to trends and fads in anything is inherently not authentic. I am still a one-man show. And THAT is authentic. I do it all here. I drive the trucks, I crush the fruit. I answer the emails, the phones, I run the books, write invoices, everything. I cold call brokers and distributors, hoping that we can get just one more account. I write the text, built this website, designed the labels, run the social media, and all the nitty-gritty things that go on with running a small business. There is no part of this company that I have not built and my hands have not touched. And I hope someday, this damn company will pay me. But that's not why I'm here (although it would still be nice). I'm here because I love it. I am a wine crafter. 2019 Sonoma Valley Grenache Rosé Tasting Notes Pale salmon in hue, classy and vibrant with aromatics of pink grapefruit, fresh strawberry, watermelon rind, rose petal, candied orange peel concentrated with a refreshing line of minerality and zippy citrus finish. The Grenache grapes for this wine were picked with the intention to make a Rosé and its expression showcases this. This Rosé is made from 100% Grenache.
September 23, 2020
Slo Down Wines (AKA Send Nudes)
This week we chop it up with Ray Sanders, The Hood Wine Connoisseur and Brandon Allen of Slo Down Wines. About Ray This is your playbook for all things wine. Come join me for a taste of a new bottle each and every Wednesday. During each tasting, I'll be giving you a brief review of a particular wine and helping you find the wine that best suits your palate. I am your wine sensei and I intend to work your tastebuds out.  See you next Wednesday! About Brandon SLO Down Wines started with 93 cases and a dream. Almost a decade later, we’re still shaking things up and blurring the line between what is and isn’t socially acceptable. We couldn’t do this without people like you who are tired of the same old wine scene and just want to drink for the pleasure of it, so to them, we say: How are you sober enough to read this? If you really want to find out what SLO Down is all about, watch our video that in no way has some disturbing parts. About Send Nudes Rosé This rosé from SLO Down Wines is bound to get you back in your birthday suit! Made from 100% free-run juice of Sonoma Coast pinot noir, SEND NUDES is a prepossessing pale pink sherbert. This rose bursts at the seams with ripe peach, fresh-cut watermelon, crushed ginger and white grapefruit. It’ll remind you that showing skin is always in. ALCXVOL 13.5% AVA Sonoma Coast, CA
September 16, 2020
Clos du Val
This week we sip it up with the amazing wine genius himself, Kevin Lemon, and hear from the debonair winemaker Ted Henry of Clos du Val.  At Clos Du Val, our story is rich in history. John and Henrietta Goelet founded Clos Du Val in 1972.  A descendant of Bordeaux's famed wine merchant, Barton & Guestier, John had a vision of producing Cabernet Sauvignon that would rival the world’s best.  French-trained winemaker Bernard Portet was selected to head the search for the perfect property from which to produce these wines.   In 1972, two years and five continents later, a parcel in what would become the Stags Leap District in the Napa Valley was chosen to fulfill this lofty dream.  Our inaugural wine, the 1972 Clos Du Val Cabernet Sauvignon, was part of the group that topped French wines in the legendary 1976 Judgment of Paris blind tasting. Ten years later, our Cabernet Sauvignon took first place in the Judgment of Paris rematch. While we are still incredibly focused on the growing and production of the world’s finest wines, history has taught us that the value of what we do is in the connections that wine allows us to create. These connections, between our customers, our vineyards, our wines, our people, and our history create a richness of story and purpose that informs and defines the Clos Du Val experience.  Winemaking Ted Henry - Winemaker & Mabel Ojeda - Assistant Winemaker Great wines embody the character and complexity of the vineyards they come from. They also reflect the artistry and experience of the people who make them. As only the fourth winemaker in the four-decade history of Clos Du Val, gifted winemaker Ted Henry brings 15 years of experience making impeccably balanced, estate-grown wines to Clos Du Val, with an emphasis on Bordeaux varieties. Mentored by such luminaries as famed wine sensory chemist Dr. Ann Noble and renowned winemaker Dimitri Tchelistcheff, Ted is guiding a vibrant and vineyard-driven stylistic shift at Clos Du Val towards greater ripeness, lovely mid-palate depth, and ideal tannin integration.
September 9, 2020
Curvy Betty Wines
We are so excited about our episode this week.  Check out our interviews with two dynamic small business owners, Samantha of Ally Shoes and Lauren of Curvy Betty Wines!  ABOUT ALLY SHOES Samantha Dong is the Founder and CEO of Ally Shoes, an innovative, fashion brand designed for women by women. Ally is renowned for designing pain-free heels for power women. Samantha is passionate about empowering women through fashion and making luxury footwear more accessible for women on the move. After a foot injury, Samantha couldn’t find shoes that fit. She teamed up with the best creative minds including designer Sara Jaramillo and podiatric expert, Dr. Roxann Clarke, to design stylish heels for all women. Ally Shoes continues to disrupt the footwear industry with intentional craftmanship. Our team makes heels that are scientifically engineered to alleviate pain.  ABOUT CURVY BETTY WINES Curvy Betty Wines LLC. Is committed to creating high quality, handcrafted wine for each personas distinct palate and preference. Curvy Betty Wines is passionate about bringing family and friends together over premium wines that bring joy to each person. Curvy Betty Wines continues to discover great new flavors to add to the collection that will keep you wanting more. We will continue to create unique and prestige wines. We maintain the highest level of expertise and professionalism in order to market and distribute them to catering companies, venues, bars/lounges and of course individual sale for all persons at least 21 years of age or older.
September 3, 2020
Vice Wines Rosé
This week we sipped away with the husband and wife dynamic duo, Oz and Shanae of Heir Scentz and tasted some of the most amazing rosé from Vice Wines with their owner, Malek Armani! ABOUT HEIR SCENTZ  One day we were thinking, who makes Car Air Fresheners? And, aside from the lil treez, no one came to mind. That's when we thought, why not us? We then did some research & found a gig at a local print shop. With the help of some Eco-friendly Ink & recycled fabric paper, did some test prints and the results ended up being exactly what we were looking for, which is the product you see pictured today. As for the incense sticks, we have always been into making our own. So adding this as another product only seemed right. So we have always been into making our own incense sticks, so we already had a nice selection of oils & we get them from a variety of vendors. We try to get fun scentz that everyone can enjoy. When it came to a shape, we needed it to standout. We thought, what would make OUR car air fresheners ... SPECIALTY?? Also at this particular time, we were wearing matching "THE DEENZ LIST" T-Shirts we had printed ... & like winning the lottery, that's when it hit us ..a T-Shirt shaped freshener that we could call our Special-Tee Car Air freshner. ABOUT VICE WINES The Vice Wine is a Napa Valley luxury wine brand made in small batches. Each batch is crafted from single grape varietals sourced from hand selected vineyards that best express the grape varietal and the region that it comes from. The Vice Wine is a result of passionate labor, sustainable farming, a long expertise of the wine industry and a current understanding of the consumer’s wine trend. The Vice Wine is about as personal of a brand as it gets. Everything is done by the founders. We drive the truck to get our fruit, we crush, bottle, label; we do everything by hand when possible. We design the labels, work the market, and sell the wine. We believe that the best wines in the world aren’t the most expensive ones. We thrive at providing the best quality wine at the best value. 6th Rosé release and first pink Sauvignon Blanc  Our cellar master may have taken it a bit too far the night of November 22nd, 2019. He accidentally racked a barrel of Diamond Mountain Cabernet into one of our Rutherford Sauvignon blanc stainless steel tanks. Expect the nose to be tropical with notes of passionfruit, gooseberry and pomelo. Give it another swirl, undertones of white peach, bubble gum and a hint of mint may lure you to take the long-awaited sip. On the palate, the entrance is lively, crisp and bright. Flavors matching the nose start to settle in reminding you that you are sipping a Sauvignon Blanc, but the finish is marked with red berries and a kiss of strawberry confirming that you are indeed enjoying a rosé. MALEK AMRANI -FOUNDER + WINEMAKER VICES:  WINE, TRIATHLON, PIZZA The Vice’s exploratory, yet refined range comes from co-founder Malek Amrani’s own rich background. A Moroccan-born world traveler, Team USA athlete and Level 3 Sommelier with an exceptional palette, Malek eventually settled in New York where for the last decade, he planted himself as the top sales professional for Moet Hennessy & Diageo. Malek and his wife Torie Greenberg have since worked tirelessly to build The Vice Wine as the brand of choice for wine diehards and first-timers alike, balancing the classic quality of California vineyards with a current understanding of the consumer’s wine trend.
August 26, 2020
Esrever Wines
This week we chat it up with Cameron, the owner and creator of FLAUNT BODY and Tyshemia Ladson, one of the three founders and creators of Esrever Wines. ABOUT FLAUNT BODY FLAUNT BODY offers vegan, gender-neutral body care, and personal grooming products that feature clean and cruelty-free ingredients. Inclusivity and diversity comprise our brand's heartbeat, from our team to the all-inclusive formulations of our products. We are diligent in utilizing our platform to promote diversity and universal beauty standards. Not just another skincare brand. What sets us apart is our focus on problem-solving and innovation for specific skin concerns. We create products that: Solve Common Gripes – We provide skincare solutions that hone in on specific skin concerns not typically addressed by conventional brands. Provide Inclusive Solutions – Our products are developed for her/him/them. Formulations consider all skin and skin types, including sensitive skin and the complexities of transitioning skin concerns of transgender individuals. On-the-Move Skincare – We create versatile and efficient products designed for fast-paced lifestyles to minimize skincare routines. ABOUT ESREVER WINES What is the best way to unwind after a long week? Gather your best friends and open a bottle of wine to celebrate that the weekend has finally arrived! That’s how Esrever Wines was born. As three best friends from Queens, New York, we began throwing ideas around about creating a new wine beverage. What started out as an entertaining joke over a bottle of wine, turned into the first brain storming session. “We all love to drink, so why not start our own wine brand”, we thought. Being that we always yearned to reverse back to the weekend, this exact desire sparked the idea to just simply take the word reverse and reverse it! After many laughs, we all paused and had our first “Ah-Ha” moment and confirmed our brand name, ESREVER WINES! Going forward we felt unstoppable, but reality set in and we were soon faced with multiple obstacles. For years we strived to overcome these daunting challenges and finally in November of 2017, almost 5 years later, we made a commitment that we were going to make it this time around. Within 6 months, Esrever became an official legal entity, had its first samples created, and had its first public tasting debut. In 2018, Esrever began acquiring new clients and that’s when Esrever really started to grow. Currently we are expanding the selection of wines that we offer, and continuing to take Esrever to the next level. As the owners of Esrever Wines, we are extremely proud to have a 100%  Black owned wine brand, all while under the age of 35! Our mission is to provide a wine selection that suites everyone’s palate. With perseverance, guidance and faith, we know that Esrever will become the larger than life brand we’ve always dreamed of. We believe that every day is an opportunity to experience something different so since you’re living live to celebrate. As they say dreams do come true, and so will Esrever.
August 19, 2020
Wifey Rosé
This episode is super epic!  We have the fabulous Laura of SippingTHIS and the amazing Marilyn of Wifey Rosé and EMVE!!! ABOUT SIPPINGTHIS SippingTHIS was born out of a deep love for wine and an even deeper desire to make people laugh. We found it hard to find wine gifts that weren't cheesy or dated so we created our own. We started with coasters, added apparel and are excited to keep growing and creating. ABOUT LAURA - FOUNDER  After working in advertising for over 10 years, I wanted a creative outlet that wasn't limited by corporate realities. In 2018, I combined my love of wine with my passion for creative writing and started SippingTHIS. Soon after, I left my full-time gig and never looked back. What I love most about running SippingTHIS is all the amazing people I meet and being able to make people laugh.  Wisconsin-Raised // NYC-Based // Married to a Wine Importer // Cat Lady ABOUT WIFEY Wifey ROSÉ SPARKLING WINE If you’re looking for the perfect glass of wine, something elegant, refreshing, vibrant, and of course, crisp, look no further – Wifey Rosé sparkling wine is here to deliver a premium bottle of Rosé. And trust us, once you’ve tasted Wifey Rosé you’ll never try another. Made With 100% Raboso Grapes When we were developing Wifey Rosé, we tried different grapes and blended in our quest to develop the perfect bottle of rosé, we tried different types of grapes until we landed on one that we felt satisfied everything that we were looking for. Wifey Rosé is made with 100% Raboso grapes that are harvested from the beautiful Veneto region of northeast Italy – just between the mountains and the Adriatic Sea. We harvest our grapes each and every year during the first week of September, when they’re at their prime picking stage. From there, we begin our intensive, meticulous, and careful fermentation process utilizing the charmat method that helps to give Wifey Rosé it’s signature taste – which we just know you’ll love. Complete with a bouquet of ripe fruits, delicate fruity scents of wild strawberries and raspberry, the Wifey Rosé is an experience all on its own. ABOUT MARILYN ALSTYNE Marilyn Van Alstyne, established and maintained an impressive roster of high-profile celebrity talent with whom she cultivates viral and visible programming and marketing platforms. With an innovative management style, Marilyn has been delivering powerful brand experiences and strong brand impressions for a decade. With over 15 years of experience at combs enterprises and one of Sean “Diddy” combs’ most trusted confidants, Marilyn was interactive in spearheading some of the company’s most groundbreaking platforms. notably, Marilyn was the architect of the youtube contest, “Diddy is looking for a personal assistant” whose success led to the development of the multi-season VH1 hit reality television series, “i want to work for Diddy.” Marilyn currently resides in northern New Jersey and maintains a close connection to Harlem, New York where she was born. Marilyn continues to be an active member of the community by mentoring inner-city women and providing career and life guidance.
August 12, 2020
Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rosé
This week we sip on some Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rosé and chat it up Mikayla, a marvelous lifestyle blogger and Renée, owner of the award winning business, Cork and Keg Tours. About Mikayla Mikayla is helping you discover & learn more about wine and chic & affordable style to share.  Feel free to follow and check her blog out! About Cork and Keg Tours Renée and her husband are the proud owners of Cork and Keg Tours in Virginia.  Cork & Keg Tours offers pre-curated “cluster” tours of area wineries or breweries in the Potomac, Mosby, Snickers Gap, Loudoun Heights, Harmony or Waterford regions, or allows customers to create individual itineraries. Tour in a Mercedes Sprinter outfitted with two HD TVs and a sparkling wine bar. Tours include a sparkling wine toast, pickup and drop-off and visits to two or three wineries. Vote Daily For Cork & KEG TOURS  for Best Wine Tour Company! Laurent-Perrier Cuvee Rosé The Cuvée Rosé from Laurent-Perrier is the most recognized rosé champagne in the world.The house uses its proprietary maceration technique and the wine is crafted for a fragrance and not mixed for a color. Held in an elegant bottle inspired by King Henri IV, it has been widely acknowledged for its consistent high quality for more than 40 years, and it is the benchmark for rosé champagne around the world. Laurent-Perrier Cuvée Rosé is truly remarkable for its highly expressive bouquet, stemming from very careful preservation of fresh fruit aromas during the wine making. Made with 100% Pinot Noir from 10 different "crus " (or villages), from the North and South areas of the Montagne de Reims, as well as the famous village of Bouzy. Grapes from carefully selected plots are meticulously sorted and de-stemmed before going into the vats, and the controlled maceration helps with the color extraction and the development of the full aromatic richness of the Pinot Noir. Intensely fruity flavors, clean and slightly sharp, the wine opens to the sensation of freshly picked red berries: strawberries, Morello cherries, black currants and raspberries. The finish is supple and rounded.
August 5, 2020
Brick and Mortar Wines
This week we toast it up with Tish Around Town and Alexis Iaconis of Brick and Mortar Wines!!! About Tish Around Town Tish loves life and living it to the fullest is her goal. It is her zest for life that always has her on the hunt for good food, great entertainment, or an interesting arts or social experience, and she usually can find it! Tish, aka, Tish Around Town (TAT), a social experience influencer now calling Dallas, TX home after living in Atlanta, GA for 17 years. She's best described as a wine enthusiast, foodie and wanderlust! She has a passion for planning unique and interactive events and group trips centered around food, wine, and spirits. Tish Around Town was birthed from her friends and family always asking her what to do and where to go. She figured it was time for her to start a blog to share her thoughts and experiences with the world. She loves great wine, good food, top-notch service, fun events, great music, and she takes pride in finding the best places to go around the world! 2018 Sonoma Coast Rosé ($24.00) The fruit for the 2018 Sonoma Coast Rosé is sourced from West Block. West Block is located in a cool, wind-blown area of Petaluma Gap in the Sonoma Coast AVA. Planted in the early-90’s to the Joseph Phelps clone of Syrah, this vineyard block is oriented east-west allowing even ripening during the long, extended growing season. The close proximity to the San Pablo Bay create a maritime climate that further accentuates the cool climate for Petaluma. The soils are derived from decomposed sandstone and shale, adding intense minerality and complexity to our Sonoma Coast Rosé. Our 2018 Sonoma Coast Rosé is based on Syrah from a cool climate vineyard site in one of the newest subregions of Sonoma, the Petaluma Gap. The Syrah brings a delicate aroma of white cherry, kafir lime and red apple, the palate is juicy and fresh with red raspberry and fennel. The wine finishes with a salty minerality and vibrant acidity.
July 29, 2020
Edelheiss Wine
This week we chat with Aryanna Harrell aka Rosé & Chambray and the amazing Rodney Foster of Edelheiss Wines. ABOUT ARYANNA HARRELL Aryanna is a rosé loving, accessory obsessed, travel enthusiast living my most authentic life in Los Angeles and sharing it on Rosé & Chambray. She's a WSET Level 2 certified wine professional and work full-time in digital marketing where she has managed the social media & content marketing for several international wine and lifestyle brands.  Aryanna is originally from Tampa, FL and graduated from the University of Flordia (go Gators!). Aryanna has never met a shade of pink or a glass of rosé she didn’t like. Netflix and Amazon are her spirit animals and traveling is her soul sister. She's a PCOS warrior who is passionate about self-care and wellness. Aryanna believes that you can conquer anything with a good pair of moderately priced shoes, a yummy glass of wine & a little wanderlust. ABOUT ROSÉ & CHAMBRAY Rosé & Chambray is Los-Angeles based blog and online community where I pair my favorite wines with cute outfits in pretty places. I share relatable style, wine, travel and lifestyle inspiration for millennial women by providing simple and attainable tips and recommendations across my website, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and newsletter. ABOUT RODNEY FOSTER Rodney Foster, a native Washingtonian has a love of fashion, travel, and the luxurious lifestyle. This combination of the good life took Foster to St. Moritz, Switzerland where he developed a love for Gluhwein, or Hot Mulled Wine, that originates in Germany. One taste was all Rodney needed to realize that the Wine business would be in his near future. “Once I tried it I knew that this was something that I wanted to share with people in the United States,” Foster tells BE Modern Man. Upon his return home from Switzerland, Foster wasted no time and began making the wine in his kitchen with the help of an old European family recipe. He Says, “I would ask my friends to try it and they loved it.  It was at that point that I knew that I wanted to create my own wine line and Edelheiss Wine was born.”  - From Black Enterprise Interview ABOUT EDELHEISS WINE Edelheiss Wine begins with the best hand-picked organic ingredients from Palatinate, Germany to create a superior tasting experience like no other. The Edelheiss portfolio currently consists of a Red Wine and a Sparkling White Wine. From vineyard to bottle, every aspect of Edelheiss Wine reflects its commitment to quality and heritage. Sparkling Rose VINTAGE:NV ORIGIN:Palatinate, Germany VINEYARD:Zellertaal, south-facing slope GRAPES:Pinot Noir, Portuguese Rose SOIL:Lime, Loam, Loess ALCOHOL:11.5% vol. SUGAR:24 g/ltr. Acid:7G/LTR Taste:Cassis Aromas, fruity, spicy Sparkling
July 22, 2020
Bodvár Rosé
This week we sip some rosé with Nikia Vaughn, an advocate for sickle cell awareness and owner and founder of NKVSKIN and the amazing owner of Bodvár Rosé, Ann Hafström. About NKVSKIN NKVSKIN was created and designed to help create perfect skin balance.  Living in high populated areas can have a detrimental effect on our skin. Our handcrafted facial skin care is made with beautiful carrier oils including sweet almond oil, safflower and evening primrose.  Adding essential oils to these carrier oils help to balance out your skin’s natural sebum which aids in great healthy balanced skin.  NKVSKIN prides ourselves in integrity to deliver the maximum benefits to either begin a new facial skin care regiment or to add to your existing one. We have researched all skin types to make sure that our products are able to reach a wide array of consumers from Teen/Tweens to Men looking to amp up their facial skin care routines. About Bodvár Rosé In my family it has always been the tradition to explore the world to discover unique, high-quality alcoholic beverages and other luxury products. In 1855, my great-great-grandfather started one of the largest cigar brands of the time, the Hafströms. On my mother’s side, the family founded the legendary Grönstedts Cognac in 1846, and it is still one of the top brands in the world. Johan Daniel Grönstedt made the family business one of the most premium producers of cognac. He had a specific weakness for french beverages. As a tribute, and to revive his passion, Grönstedts has released a Classic Champagne with the family’s name. We have more than 160 years of tradition in providing the connoisseurs of the world with the best the world has to offer. It is with great pleasure that I present to you our Boutique Wine Company: Bodvár – House of Rosés. We are the world’s only truly specialized Rosé House and our products are sustainably and organically produced. Premium Rosé FRANCE Bodvár N° 7 Rosé 75 cl – Côtes de Provence, France 📷 Bodvár N° 7 Rosé Magnum 1,5 L – Côtes de Provence, France Bodvár N° 7 Rosé Double Magnum 3  L – Côtes de Provence, France Bodvár N° 5 Rosé 75 cl – Côtes de Provence, France Bodvár N° 5 Rosé Magnum 1,5 L – Côtes de Provence, France Bodvár N° 1 Rosé – Languedoc Roussillon, France Bodvár N° 5 Rosé Magnum 1,5 L – Côtes de Provence, France Bodvár N° 8 Rosé – Coteaux d’aix en Provence, France
July 15, 2020
Lorenza Rosé
This week we chat it up with Naomi Shelton, the Director of Community Engagement at KIPP Foundation and Michelle Ouellet, co-founder of Lorenza Wine Rosé!  Use our code LOVE to get a discount on your order!!! About Naomi Shelton Naomi is the Director of Community Engagement at KIPP Foundation, a nonprofit that provides tools, resources, and training across all public schools and organizations.  Previously, she was the Director of K-12 Advocacy at UNCF (United Negro College Fund), the nation's largest and most effective minority education organization. There, she focused on national education initiatives and community engagement efforts to ensure more African-American students are college and career ready. Ms. Shelton also spent several years working in Washington, DC’s Executive Office of the Mayor and in several District agencies. She spearheaded efforts to improve online access to city services and greater efficiency between departments. A life-long resident of Washington, DC, Ms. Shelton also worked in the private sector, providing project and crisis management, and public relations counsel. About Lorenza Wine  TWELVE YEARS AGO… Lorenza Rosé was founded in 2008 by Melinda Kearney, a wine industry veteran from Napa Valley and her daughter Michele Lorenza Ouellet, an international fashion model. Sharing a love of the beautiful Provençal Rosé, they set out to create in California a wine of intention that was vineyard driven, delicate, dry, low alcohol and full of light. In 2008 they hit the road, destination Lodi with a phone number of someone they hadn’t yet met. Old vines they believed would lend the wine complexity and authenticity and would feed their desire to create a wine of substance–something real.  Strangers became friends and doors generously opened to the outstanding vineyards that have been the source of Lorenza True Rosé. The sandy soil of the California Delta is home to the old vineyards that provide the grapes from which Lorenza is made. The Bechthold Vineyard Cinsaut was planted in 1847.  Spenker Ranch, the original source of Carignan was planted in 1906. Head trained, own rooted vines, weathered and with stories to tell, these vines are central to the blend which was inspired by the Bandol icon, Domaine Tempier. Hand picked, direct to press with fermentation in separate stainless steel tanks allows the individual lots to develop and express their beauty fully before the final blending. The first vintages caught the attention of sommeliers who were looking for an American-made, Provence-style Rosé. The wine continues to deliver a consistent flavor profile with a sun-kissed mineral driven palate, 11% alcohol and pale hue.
July 8, 2020
Rosé Wine Water
This week we catch up with Michelle Busch, the owner of Event Solutions DC and Rob Kuchar of Rosé Wine Water! About Events Solutions DC Who We Are... Event Solutions DC is a strategic planning company specializing in event planning, project management, campaign coordination, and virtual assistance. Our goals are two-fold: amplify brands and build influence. Meet The Founder & Owner... Michelle L. Busch has over 20 years of experience in event planning and project management in the Greater Washington area. Born and raised in the District to influential and community-minded parents, she was exposed at a young age to the social and political environment which defined the city. Having watched the execution of political campaigns and social gatherings of various types since her youth, Michelle recognized her affinity for strategic planning and event management early. She has worked with numerous companies and non-profit groups within the hospitality sector and government agencies throughout the Washington, DC region. These opportunities have allowed her to fully develop and expand her communication, strategic planning, project management, and event coordination skills - all inspiration for her to launch Event Solutions. ​ About Rosé Wine Water Ingredients Rosé Water is a refreshing combination of sparkling water sourced from the Austrian Alps and French Dry Rosé wine produced in the heart of the Loire Valley. A proprietary blend of grapes is masterfully combined with pure water to create a truly unique beverage for active wine enthusiasts - featuring simple ingredients, light alcohol, low calories, no flavorings, and absolutely nothing artificial. Tasting Notes On the palate, the bright acidity of the French Dry Rosé wine is balanced by the effervescence of the pure sparkling water. With red and exotic fruit aromas generously expressed, this simple but striking combination of ingredients reveals an incredibly refreshing tasting experience. Rosé Water is perfectly paired with an afternoon in the sun, on the beach, by the pool or anywhere good friends gather. Active in Mind, Body, and Spirit Rosé Water is inspired by the active, coastal lifestyle we enjoy here in Wilmington, North Carolina. It was created for those that work hard and play just as hard, but appreciate the value in taking a few minutes to reflect. It’s about having fun and giving back. It’s about caring for ourselves as much as the ones we love. Clean water isn’t just one of two ingredients in Rosé Water, it’s the basis for life. In support of this essential concept and our ongoing fight for clean water here at home, 5% of all Rosé Water profits are donated to support our friends at Cape Fear River Watch. FIND US If you can't find us at your local retailer, please ask them to carry "Boutique" Rosé Water (our trade name) or reach out to us directly. Thank you and here's to raising a can together very soon!
July 1, 2020
Rosé Wine Mansion
This week we sip it up with Fallon Carter, a magnificent event planner extraordinaire in New York, and Tyler Balliet, co-founder of one of the best places on earth, the Rosé Wine Mansion. About Fallon Carter Events Fallon Carter is the owner and principal planner at Fallon Carter Weddings + Events. With a degree in Political Science, the original plan was to attend Law School and live happily ever after. The opportunity to assist a friend with her wedding in Paris, France turned into what is now Fallon Carter Weddings + Events. Enjoying the logistics and organization of events and travel, her new career proved to be the job of a lifetime. This boutique planning firm specializes in Destination Events that are classic, yet contemporary, and with an elevated guest experience. From Brooklyn to Bangkok, Fallon and her team can transform your ideas into perfectly crafted celebrations. Her events have been featured in Vogue, Martha Stewart Weddings, and Brides Magazine, just to name a few. Fallon is also the 2020 Event Chair of Wish Upon a Wedding New York. About the Rosé Wine Mansion Having spent over a decade in the wine industry, Tyler and his business partner Morgan know Rosé is more than a trend. From history, science, and politics to economics, food, and culture, Rosé is a unique vehicle for storytelling. They believe that learning about wine should be fun. They also believe you can do anything you set your mind to. So they dreamed up Rosé Mansion in 2018.  They are not a big corporation or agency or backed by big brands or sponsors. They brought Rosé Mansion to life the old-fashioned way: maxing out our credit cards, calling in favors, and bringing in their friends to help. Together, they created an experience for you to play and learn. At Rosé Mansion, their mission is to create joy and happiness. Tyler and Morgan want you to play, have fun, and learn about this incredible pink drink.
June 24, 2020
Spoiled Dog Rosé
We poured it up this week with Deshauna Spencer, the founder and creator of Kweli TV and the owner of Spoiled Dog Winery, Karen Krug! About Deshauna Spencer: No matter where I go or who I meet, I get asked the same question: "Why did you start kweliTV?" The inspiration for kweliTV came one evening many years ago while flipping through what felt like 100 cable channels. I was frustrated with the same tired stereotypes, lack of diversity in TV shows and movies as well as the few choices of content that focused on issues important to me. Some networks recycle the same black movies and comedy TV shows from the 80s through early 2000s. Don't get me wrong, I love a good 90s black romantic comedy or a black sitcom like the rest of you, but I wanted more. And have you watched The History Channel lately? Outside of Black History Month in February, historical content about black people is severely lacking. About Kweli TV: kweliTV allows you to discover and celebrate black stories from around the world through curated independent films, documentaries, web series, kids programming, news, and events/live experiences. The global black community refers to the communities throughout the world of African descent  who are comprised of unique cultures and histories from North America, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean and Asia. We aim to showcase high-quality content (independent film, news, web shows, kids programming, documentaries and more) produced by independent, globally diverse and unique filmmakers and journalists who aim to share their stories and truths with the world. 98 percent of our films have been official selections at film festivals and more than half are award-winning. Did you know that 60% of our revenue goes to our 300+ content creators every quarter? A large portion of your subscription supports the filmmakers who create the content you watch on kweliTV! #streamingfortheculture // #bingeontheculture // #kweliandkickit // #kweli About Karen Krug Spoiled Dog Winery was founded in 2003 by Jack and Karen Krug. While they might appear to be your conventional winery owners, there is nothing conventional about their approach to wine. One doesn't think of Washington first or maybe even second when it comes to Pinot Noir. When they decided to move to Whidbey Island and start a winery in a beautiful farm setting, Karen's passion for Pinot Noir led her to conduct exhaustive research and identify a diverse set of clones that thrive in the maritime micro-climate of Whidbey Island and produce a distinctive complex yet balanced wine using sustainable growing methods. Karen's love of wine began with pairing wine with food – all around the world.  Winemaking is her third career, following international lawyer and engineer (with lots of chemistry). It seems natural for the integration of art and science in wine making to be made up of both right and left brain training - adding in formal classes and hands on working with other winemakers to add depth and creativity.  Her adventurous spirit led her to initially focus on estate Pinot Noir grapes – not the typical white grapes grown on Whidbey Island and certainly a more challenging wine to make well. About Spoiled Dog Winery - Puget Sound- Our Vineyard (Organic Practices): Aromas of tropical fruits and citrus; full mouth feel with flavors of strawberry, lemon, soft rose petal and a dash of white pepper. Dry, yet fruity. Smooth, soft finish.
June 17, 2020
Dark Horse Rosé
This week we enjoy some Dark Horse Rosé while chatting with Teara Booker, owner and founder of Vagina Steaming Lounge in Baltimore, Maryland and Justine Osilla of Hey Jay Rosé! About Teara Booker Teara is an accomplished health and wellness practitioner, author, professor, and the founder of Well With Her Soul. Well With Her Soul is a movement that demonstrates the truth that all women are entitled to live a healthy, thriving and well life. Teara is the owner of the Vagina Lounge, a vaginal steaming spa and She’s So Well Box, a monthly subscription box that delivers a tranquil, stress relieving, fulfilled experience to the doorsteps of women all over the world. For the last twenty years, she has worked in varying stress filled professions. As a firefighter (yes she fought fires) and a flight attendant for a total of ten years and a nonprofit professional for ten additional years. During that time she was employed but not satisfied because she has always felt like there was more meaning to life than risking it, living on the edge, building programs, or punching in numbers. During those years, she was unsure of what her purpose was. However, after participating in various cohorts, fellowships, and honorary groups she was able to clearly narrow down what she was placed on this earth to solve. She has always taken immense pride in women empowerment and holistic wellness. After participating in the HIVE Global Leaders Program at Harvard University everything finally clicked. This is the experience that helped to birth the Vagina Lounge, Well With Her Soul, and She’s So Well. Teara is a graduate of Notre Dame of Maryland where she earned an MA in Nonprofit Management and Social Entrepreneurship. She also holds a graduate certification in Negotiation and Conflict Management. She now resides in Baltimore with her daughter. About Justine Osilla Justine Osilla is a college student, piano teacher, traveler, wine enthusiast, and extreme foodie. Justine is based in California, majoring in Chemistry, and studying Wine & Spirits(WSET). She is an intended oenology major, striving to one day earn the title of sommelier and become a wine maker. She loves pairing wine with food and immersing herself in different cultures. Aside from grape juice and other delicacies, Justine’s first love is music. She sings, plays piano, dabbles in ukulele, and occasionally dances when no one is looking. She enjoys sharing her passion in music by teaching piano to kids and watching them grow as musicians. Dark Horse Rosé California- Dark Horse Rose boasts a refreshingly dry style that explodes with flavors of fresh red fruit, subtle minerality, and a hint of floral which all race toward a bright, crisp finish. BRAND: Dark Horse COUNTRY / STATE: California WINE TYPE: Rose & Blush Wine VARIETAL: Grenache
June 10, 2020
Wandering Grace Rosé
This week we toast it up with Courtney Seard, one of the best coaches in the world and Greg Bustos of Wandering Grace Rosé out of Spain!!! Courtney Seard has worked with a diverse range of companies and individuals. From professional athletes, entertainers in film and music, to corporate giants like Microsoft and Zappos, no client is too big or small. Courtney is an expert in many fields, including Accelerated Business & Career Development, Life Transformation, Communication, Financial Freedom, and Health and Wellness. From a treacherous childhood, to a near fatal biking accident, the story of her life is astounding and inspiring; illustrating how hard work and determination can always overcome great obstacles. Wandering Grace Rosé: With more than 15 years of experience and training in the most innovative brain sciences and strategies available today, Courtney is a Motivational Speaker, Certified Master Coach, Certified Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Certified Hypnosis Trainer, Certified Master Practitioner of Time Line TherapyTM and Strategic Business Consultant. Wandering Grace is the essence of the three mythological Graces (charm, beauty and nature). World reknown innovative enologist Lauren Rosillo creates a unique Rosé wine using selected Grenache organically grown grapes. Family Wine Wandering Grace is the result of a life-long common effort. For more than six generations the family Bustos Serrano dreamt of making the best of wines. Selecting the best grapes and over 2.500 hours of sunlight do the rest. Wandering Grace is a wine made with pride.
June 4, 2020
Côtes de Femme
This week we sit down with the most amazing Kristin Bernard of Côtes de Femme and Patti Russo of the Campaign School at Yale University. About Côtes de Femme A thoughtfully created blend, paired with carefully and sustainably managed land, nurtures the grapes from blossom through production to become our wine. Created with our end goal in mind: to share one of the most beautiful locations on earth with those we love. In order for us to share our love, our laughs, and our time with each other, we need to first create a setting where those memories, smells, tastes of epic adventure are bottled and then brought to your glass. The Notes & Flavors A powerful woman deserves a powerful wine. She greets her rose-gold treasure of 14.5% alcohol which matches her presence and command of her surroundings. This AOP Côtes de Provence rosé in her glass transports her to an outdoor oasis where relaxed, sun-filled shade and refreshing summer breezes express the floral notes of summer through carefree dances. She is surrounded by the notes of honeysuckle covered patios, followed by a feeling of walking through a citrus grapefruit orchard. When she finally tastes her Côtes de Femme, she is met with a feeling of drinking this magical one-of-a-kind rosé right off the vine. She can’t help but notice the minerality of the unique terroir where the grapes come to life under the Provençal sun. Like her, the wine has strong layers, structured with velvety tannins, expressing an intellectual depth which invites a longer conversation. Her experience moves her to a time in Southern France where she knew she was untethered by the stresses of her days, allowing her to regroup to lead the day tomorrow. Something to Remember Us It is simply not enough to show up to the party.  Life is about the journey, the process, and the flow.  A woman starts living her best life as she is planning her outfit, her arrival, and how her presence will set the tone for the event ahead of her.  Her evening starts long before she arrives at the destination…just like a bottle of Côtes de Femme. So much thought goes into how classy the packaging is of this cherished being.  Smooth curves and shapes. Simple lines and glowing from within. It is easy to see how this woman stands out in a crowd. Côtes de Femme rosé matches the unique, regal presence of the one holding the glass…all the way to the eye-catching jewelry that decorates her neck.  Every bottle is adorned with a bracelet, purposefully designed to be removed from the bottle to decorate the stemware of our queen. A Côtes de Femme woman never leaves the house without looking her absolute best! By wearing her diamonds, she becomes one-of-a-kind, she sets herself on a pedestal, poised for LIVING EXTRA. About the Campaign School at Yale University The Campaign School at Yale University is a nonpartisan, issue-neutral leadership program, whose mission is to increase the number and influence of women in elected and appointed office in the United States and around the globe. The Campaign School at Yale University has been inspiring and training women to lead for over twenty years. About Patti Patricia Russo is a nationally recognized leader focused on improving the quality of life for women in Connecticut and the United States. For over twenty-five years, she has held numerous leadership positions in public, private and not-for-profit organizations centered on women’s leadership. She has also held leadership positions on federal, state and local political campaigns. 
May 27, 2020
Amour Genève - Blue Wine
This week we toast it up with Coach G of Sweat DC and discuss how he got started and what you can do during quarantine to stay active. Then we caught up with Coviello Salines, Founder and Creator of Amour Genève, a blue wine that is organically blue!!! This wine will blow your mind! MEET COACH G Coach G has has over 15 years expe­ri­ence in the exer­cise sports science field includ­ing a Bachelors of Science in Sports Med­i­cine from the Uni­ver­sity of North Car­olina Chapel Hill and a Masters of Science in Exer­cise and Health Pro­mo­tion from Cal U Pennsylvania. He also holds var­i­ous high level cer­ti­fi­ca­tions such as Strength and Con­di­tion­ing Spe­cial­ist, NASM Per­for­mance Enhancement Spe­cial­ist, Spe­cial­ist in Speed and Explo­sion, and an Advanced Exer­cise Nutri­tion Cer­tifi­cate from Human Kinet­ics. After holding a corporate position as Director of Sports Medicine at Bowie State University, he decided to follow his dreams of living abroad, and changing lives. In 2009 he moved to Rome, Italy and while playing pro basketball started training foreign service workers inside the US Embassy, which eventually led to opening Rome’s first English speaking fitness company. After Italy, he decided to return back to Washington, DC, and continue his calling of helping people change their lives through healthy living, positive thinking, and fitness. ABOUT COVIELLO SALINES Coviello Salinès knows he’s on to something big. His product and brand, Amour Genève, is more than just wine with an “electric blue” hue. It is an inspiration for those dreamers to keep going. His work is a gleam of hope in the midst of tragedy. He has taken first place by creating something the world has never seen. Coviello’s parents migrated from the Caribbean to the South Bronx, where he spent much of his early childhood. “They were rarely home,” he says. “They worked around the clock to provide us the life they never had.” His dad was a serviceman. His mom, a correctional nurse at Bellevue Hospital. When his father had the time, he used it to teach young Coviello the wonders of Neurology. He wanted his son to become a neurologist or neuroscientist. “He wanted me to be like the early Ben Carson, so he would bring home large brain books for me to study,” he says. One of Coviello’s proudest moments was the day the European Union and the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB) sent him a letter of clarification for his formula. “It was a validation of what my father would always try to put into my head,” he says. “When I was young, I didn’t understand it. Now I see that this is all bigger than me.” ABOUT AMOUR GENÈVE Amour Genève is an exclusive, one of a kind product. After having caused a sensation in Paris, Madrid, and London, this innovative product is now available in the United States. Aroma of a spring rain in a floral, citrus fruit garden allows a joyful and pleasant experience before tasting. Delightful light body with a crisp and refreshing balance. Notes of white peach, grapefruit, and citrus fruit with subtle minerality, which transitions into a smooth finish, allowing you to enjoy every sip. Pair with seafood, lean chicken, gourmet meats and cheese, light salads. PURCHASE A BOTTLE…. OR CASE Head to and use our code #rosehour for 15% off your purchase!
May 20, 2020
La Fête Rosé Discount Code
La Fête is a premium rosé wine label geared towards multicultural consumers who have a thirst for life, travel and wine. Produced in conjunction with the prestigious winemakers from the oldest vineyard on the Saint-Tropez peninsula established in 1340 and Spanning over 65 hectares. The Domaine is committed to sustainable agriculture, the environment, and protection of nature. Sustainability is our guiding principle and as a result the Domaine was awarded the Zero Pesticides label in 2016. Giving back and celebrating diversity are an integral part of La Fête’s brand culture. The company will donate a portion of the proceeds from every bottle to various programs that send underserved & underrepresented youth on unique travel experiences helping them develop new skill sets and grow as global citizens. Head to and use our code ROSEHOUR to get 15% off your purchase!
May 13, 2020
Hampton Water Rosé
This week we sip some amazing rosé with Jesse Bongiovi of Hampton Water and learn how they came up with this pretty awesome name.  We then check in with Tonya Kinlow of Remarkable Wellness and discuss how we all need to take a mental health and wellness journey during this unprecedented times. About Hampton Water: The Blend: Hand-picked by the finest wine makers the South of France has to offer, Hampton Water Wine is made up of the perfect blend of Grenache, Cinsault and Mourvèdre grapes. What that all means is our wine is the perfect companion for any occasion. The Life: The Hampton Water life is life perfected. The sun is never too hot, the water is never too cold, and the rosé never runs out. Hampton Water is your personal invitation to join us in this life… even if it is just for one glass. The Girl:  Graceful, elegant, and always adventurous. Our girl sure knows how to get the party started. We recommend you follow her lead because when she's around the fun is never far behind. But be warned when you’re with our girl you never know when day might turn to night…. and night into day.
May 13, 2020
La Fete Rosé
We partnered with La Fête Rosé to bring you a special discount code for 15% off your next purchase. Head to La Fête Rosé and enter our code RoséHour to enjoy today! Oh did we mention free shipping!!!!  🥂🍾 This week we toast it up with Madalene Xuan-Trang Mielke. She is the President & CEO of the Asian Pacific American Institute for Congressional Studies (APAICS) as well as the Founder and Principal of Arum Group, LLC.  🥂🥂 We then sip away with Donae Burston who is a Baltimore native and has worked in the luxury spirit industry for over 15 years. From brands such as Dom Perignon and Veuve Clicquot to Hennessy and Moet & Chandon, Burston is no stranger to the business. In that time he’s seen the ins and outs of how spirit brands market to people of color, more specifically to Black people.  🥂🍾  About La Fete Rosé: It is a cuvée that’s specifically designed to be balanced and complex yet very easy to drink. We found most rosé’s out in the market were either very acidic upon first taste or very heavy, making it difficult for one to consume multiple glasses in one sitting. La Fête is a perfect balance, and our quality is top-notch. In addition, we aim to make rosé more inclusive. For so long in the U.S., rosé has been seen and marketed as a drink for white women. La Fête is the rosé for everyone: Black, white, Hispanic, and men. This is reflected in everything that we do. As our tagline goes “La Fête is a party, and everyone is invited.”
May 6, 2020
Ferrari Rosé
This week we sip sip hooray with Yvonne Nash and discuss her story of healthy living and Candice Denise a creative director and business coach! Nothing but laughs and gems to gain on this episode as we sip on some amazing Ferrari Rosé. Ferrari Rosé: Delicate harmony between the elegance of Chardonnay and the structure of Pinot Nero, with a refined bouquet of berry fruits. COLOR AND PERLAGE Coppery, tending towards old rose. The perlage is fine and persistent. NOSE Refined hints of wild strawberries and redcurrants, with a fresh sensation of hawthorn flowers, underpinned by a delicate note of crusty bread deriving from its more than 20 months’ ageing on the yeasts. TASTE Fresh and fruity, with a touch of mellowness: the flavour of sweet almonds is supported by an acidulous vein that is extraordinarily appealing.
April 29, 2020
Barefoot Rosé
This week we sip on some Barefoot Rosé and catch up with Brittney Jordan to discuss her small business and Kerith Lemon a Director who talks about her journey! BRAND: Barefoot COUNTRY / STATE: California WINE TYPE: Rose & Blush Wine VARIETAL: Rose Blend About Barefoot: We believe that life's more fun when we're together. That's why our mission is to introduce new friends to wines that are fun, flavorful, and approachable. Barefoot is honored to be the most awarded wine brand in the world for its innovative approach to winemaking and diverse collection of delicious, refreshing wines that are constantly making new friends around the globe. Jennifer Wall is a native Californian, mother of three, and the world’s most awarded winemaker. Twenty years ago, Jen brought all her curiosity, creativity, and good vibes to the Barefoot family. She’s been keeping things interesting ever since, creating a diverse collection of delicious wines. All in all, her wines have received over 2,000 medals, countless accolades, and—best of all—the love of Barefooters around the world.
April 22, 2020
JNSQ Cru Rosé
This week we forgot what day of the week it was and brining you our episode a little later than usual.  Check out our interview with Stephanie Owens of Reach Higher.  A program created by the amazing Mrs. Obama that focuses on helping high schools students aim for more after graduation!  Stephanie shares her background, how the organization came to be, as well as great stories about her experience with our Forever FLOTUS!  We also sipped some amazing JNSQ Rosé and talked about the impact of COVID-19 Social Distancing this Easter! This is a superior Rosé. Refreshing and balanced, our Rosé Cru comes in an elegant collectible wine bottle with a signature rose stopper. About JNSQ: WHAT IS JNSQ? There is a lovely French colloquialism used to describe someone so unique and exceptional that no words exist to sufficiently capture her essence. “She’s got a certain je ne sais quoi,” one might say, in the hopes it explains that extraordinary ability someone has to rise above all the rest. THE WINE The phrase "je ne sais quoi" was the inspiration for JNSQ, a superlative new wine made from select California grapes and crafted in the style of the best French Rosés and the brightest Sauvignon Blancs. The result is a taste so unique and surprising that you’ll be at a loss for words to capture what elevates these wines into a class by themselves. THE BOTTLE The JNSQ bottle is just as distinctive as the wine inside. Fashioned by the finest French glass designer and reminiscent of a luxury perfume bottle, JNSQ is topped off by a resealable stopper adorned with our signature sculpted rose or grape, depending on the varietal. Once the wine inside has been enjoyed, this elegant bottle becomes a keepsake, ideal for displaying fragrances or fresh blooms. Of course, you’ll find countless other ways to repurpose this unique work of art. THE EXPERIENCE From afar, it may seem like JNSQ is an enigma, easy to appreciate but hard to understand. But there is one way to truly get what makes JNSQ indescribably perfect for jazz in the park, a girl's night in, or a Sunday brunch: taste it. Only then will you experience how extraordinary a wine with that certain je ne sais quoi can truly be.
April 17, 2020
Chandon Rosé
This week we have a special interview with none other, Kevin Lei. We talked about how he started planning experiences and well… the Chandon took over and we talked about literally EVERYTHING!!! About Chandon:  VINEYARDS Sourced from high-quality, cool climate Northern California appellations, with harvest taking place at night to capture Chandon’s signature freshness and brightness.  VINIFICATION After gentle pressing, primary fermentation takes place in stainless steel, followed by 80% malolactic fermentation. Secondary fermentation takes place in the bottle via the méthode traditionelle. 7% of the blend is skin macerated Pinot Noir red wine, giving this rosé its signature flavors and beautiful shade of pink.  TASTING NOTES Charming, lively, and bursting with strawberry, raspberry, and red currant aromas and flavors. Smooth, creamy mouthfeel balances a vivacious intensity perfect for everyday enjoyment with your #chandonsquad  FOOD PAIRING Versatility is the name of the game: barbecue, grilled burgers, duck fat fries, paella, smoked salmon, and not-too-sweet desserts.  DID YOU KNOW? The red wine for Chandon’s rosés is made using a unique process called short skin maceration - extracting color and flavor from the grape skins without extracting bitterness. BLEND 73% Chardonnay 26% Pinot Noir 1% Meunier  APPELLATION California  ALCOHOL 12% D OSAGE 10 g/L  SUR LATTE AGING 12 - 15 months  RESERVE WINE 5%–10%  ACCOLADES Double Gold Medal SF Chronicle 88 Points Wine Spectator
April 1, 2020
Luc Belaire Luxe Rosé
This episode I catch up with my friend from Illinois, Billy Coleman who talks about his travels abroad and how people can be global citizens as well!  We enjoyed a great Luxe Rosé and I also talk about why my voice is still off..... again.
March 25, 2020
Bebé Sparkling Rosé
Join us as our host, Renée interviews Kouri Marshall co-founder of Chigivesback and Carly Pildis advocate of the Jewish community as we sip Bebé sparkling champagne!
March 18, 2020
Freixenet and Bonus Rosé
Hey, There Friends! This week we pour it up with Dionne Calhoun, owner of Dancerfit and Erik Segelbaum, owner of SOMLYAY and the 2019 Food and Wine Magazine’s Sommelier of the year!
March 12, 2020
Freixenet Cordon Negro Rosé
This episode host Renee J. Johnson powers through her cold and interviews filmmaker & teacher Cynthia Dorsery, recording artist Black Indian, and real estate mogul Tommy Mitchner.
March 5, 2020
Ruffino Rosé II
This week we hear from Tysen Stenzel, a graphic designer and Kevin Beckford, a former White House appointee as we sip Ruffino Rosé.... again!!
February 27, 2020
Ruffino Rosé
Join us as we sip Canada Dry (Green Tea) ginger ale with Breon Wells of the Daniel Initiative — who discusses the importance of voting. Additionally, we sip Ruffino Rosé with Christian Howard, a U.S. Army counselor.
February 20, 2020
Table Rosé
Back at it again with our second episode. Danielle Greenfield discusses the stigma behind tarot cards AND provides a live reading. Additionally Representative Kambium Buckner of the Illinois State House talks about his District and how he’s fighting to make sure the wealthy are paying their fair share in taxes!
February 13, 2020
Yes Way Rosé
Democratic strategist, Waikinya Clanton and wine importer Kevin Rapp join us for our first episode and discuss how people can advocate in 2020!
February 6, 2020