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By Michael Vespa
The Collective is a platform designed for bringing great episodes from our team of shows.

The goal is to inspire, enrich, and share with the world these great stories, conversations, and ideas to help bring value not only to our willing listeners but to anyone in need or in search of tools learn, laugh, grow, and be challenged to live their best lives.

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The Deep End EP 9: Building Leaders

The Collective

Body By Mike
Hey ya'll! I had taken my dad out to dinner and on the drive home we started talking about his career and body building etc. I really liked some of the things so I asked him if we could just record an episode together. In truth, there was no direct purpose other than getting to share some of his stories. I have talked a lot about him in other episodes or interviews but, I thought it was a unique chance to have him just share.  Enjoy!
March 13, 2021
The Deep End EP 9: Building Leaders
Building Leaders,  This topic is coming more to the forefront of a lot of thought and training in many industries. We are starting to see a huge shift and swing toward employees and growing teams through nurturing cultures and people but this can be a tough road as a leader. So how do we navigate that and make a lasting impact on our people while still trying to grow ourselves? Welcome, Dr. Cara Miller! In this episode, we dive into growing as a leader. For More info on working with Dr. Miller, you can find info on here organization HERE Dr. Miller is an author, professor, coach, and consultant in the fields of leadership formation, organizational change, the psychology of adult development and learning. She received an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and a Ph.D. from the University of San Diego. Dr. Miller draws on developmental psychology to coach senior leaders in many contexts (individuals, partnerships, teams, boards) and utilizes adaptive leadership theory to consult to organizations from diverse industries engaging in change efforts (military, higher education, finance, ministry, manufacturing). She orchestrates the application of innovative organizational theory and methods to inform the architecture, governance, leadership development, performance strategies, and review processes for companies seeking alignment between their people strategy and their financial strategy. Clients experience Cara as: - an insightful, compassionate, and steady coach - a lively, interactive, and fun facilitator - an artistic, dynamic, and complex organizational architect of human capital
November 22, 2019
The Deep End: What is Diet? Do you have one? Part 1
Hey family! When you think of the term or word "Diet" what comes to mind? Is it something for health? Does it bring mixed bags of fear or emotion? Is it something that is a Fad? Where does it fall within the spectrum of how we view ourselves and our own journey? In this episode, we sit down with 3 AMAZING people and share our thoughts and beliefs and practices as it relates to this topic at a HUMAN level. So sit down and enjoy!!
September 26, 2019
The Deep End Ep 7: Resistance
WELCOME WELCOME!! This week we are a trio!! Miranda DeMark joins Rob & I in our thoughts and talk. Resistance - Where does it come from? Is it from fear? The external?  When you meet resistance what do you do? Is it positive? Negative? All of the above?  Listen in this week as we share each of our own versions of what we feel we have found as Resistance.  Enjoy!
September 11, 2019
The Deep End Ep 6: "Leading with Love"
Whats up fam?! On this episode we get to jam with an amazing Woman, Mother, Wife, and Business owner Meg one of the Co-Founders of The Choice Co Meg and I get down into the weeds on finding self love, our internal strength and common things we have both seen limit our own growth and others that have helped us find strength when we least expected it. I hope you find speaking and listening to Meg as impactful as I did, I was even able to take notes and walk away with things to apply right away after our conversation. So please, listen, enjoy and take away some great things from this episode. 
September 03, 2019
The Deep End Ep 5: Creating Connection Part 2
Hey Fam! You are joining us this week as Rob & I connect with our friend Rachel on part 2 of this series. In this episode we share with each other some simples steps and maybe even practices that we feel can make connection and communication a part of your life that helps you grow. Enjoy!
August 25, 2019
The Deep End Ep 4: Creating Connection Part 1
We are BACK! Life comes first and we had some time away each moving through our own stuff in life. On this episode Robert and I reflect on some things from our athlete camp and then reflect on the human connections made over that weekend, but more importantly dive in to how we connect with others in general. This is Part 1 of 2 on "Creating Connection", Enjoy!!
August 18, 2019
On The Road: Crossfit Games w/Ed Haynes
The 2019 Crossfit Games brought huge pile of emotions for both the veteran and the rookie alike.  From large cuts, to a moving leaderboard, to even just a new feel to the landscape.  I had a chance to sit down with Ed Haynes of Costal Fitness and hear how he is helping his athlete(s) navigate this new platform and how he as a coach takes on the mental and emotional burden of that role. I hope you enjoyed this episode the way I did. 
August 08, 2019
The Deep End Ep 3: Passion & Privilege
YO! This episode we cracking open our thoughts on what it means to find "Passion", is it something we grow toward or just something we wait for fate to give us? Is there a middle ground? An answer? No Idea. And what is Privilege? Is it something that means more or less than we think? Can we found a common ground across groups and serve a greater good?? Let's dive in!!
July 15, 2019
The Deep End Ep 2: What does it mean to be a Man?
How do you define being a "Man"? In 2019 that can be a really tough item to define or process. In this episode Robert and I don't try to come up with a universal definition but instead share the stages of our own lives of how we have viewed what that has or could mean and why. The landscape of trying to raise young men is really scary right now as far as possible outcome, opportunity and responsibility and in this episode we hope you are able to see what we think needs to happen as an outcome or belief before we can really lay a foundation of what it means to be a "Man". Enjoy!
July 08, 2019
The Deep End | Ep 1 w/Rob “Zaddy”
This is FIRE! New segment coming at you every Monday! We talk life, what we have fucked up, what we have learned and how we now look at the world.
July 01, 2019
GVO Episode 11: "Going Right" w/Logan Gelbrich
We live in a current situation where the obstacle truly is the way, but rather than blast through that to see the prize on the other side we opt to play it safe and go the route of certainty. What is that was really all that was holding us back? Simply taking the risk on ourselves to have TRUE self expression of our deepest love, passion and future?  In this episode we sat down with Logan Gelbrich owner of Deuce Gym, Creator of "Hold the Standard" Summit and author of "Going Right".  Logan shared with us his journey through the lense of his path through his own obstacles of having to find a path of true self expression in the search of what that really even means for him and his purpose.  If you are someone who is finding yourself in a position of not being able to see what direction is actually leading you to understanding then this conversation is an opportunity to learn. Thank you to everyone that made this episode happen! And thank you Logan for welcoming us into your home!
May 07, 2019
GVO Episode 10: Steering the Ship
Does "being present", "living in the moment" always benefit us the best? Or is it causing us to tunnel vision in chaotic moments? Being present is a great tool when it is aligned with the goal and purpose of who we want to be and where we are moving toward.  Explore this thought with me today.
April 29, 2019
GVO Episode 9: Living Your Truth
Courage without action is fear. Live your truth. Live bravely.  Love boldly.
April 26, 2019
GVO Episode 8: Penny on the Dollar
Commitment:  Do you ever feel like you are overwhelmed by the things you set out to "commit" to? Do you often get into the mix and then "logic" takes over and you back out or give up? Lets see if we can just change our minds around that. Chatting today about how we can just look to put pennies on the dollar and focus on the little efforts here and now.
April 22, 2019
GVO Episode 7: Resist the Hate
Coffee, Check! Breakfast, Check! Sitting down to layout my Monday thoughts! "Resist the temptation to hate.", a phrase that has stuck out HARD to me over the last week. Listen with me as I share what this has meant to me and how I think you can reflect upon it too!
April 15, 2019
GVO Episode 6: "Choosing Love" w/Blair Murphy
WOW!(in our best owen wilson voice)  What a powerful episode! Blair Murphy knocked this one out of the park!  Blair shares with us the powerful lessons she had to learn to show herself exactly who she was born to be.  From small home town, to waking up drunk on the couch to now speaking and inspiring millions, to having a baller life she earned through her vision for self love and chasing her own moment to give her love back onto others around her.  This episode left us HYPED! ANd I know you will find your own truth in it. 
March 14, 2019
GVO Episode 5: Being Authentic w/Danny Yaeger
Danny has been not just a business partner, and collaborator with me but a friend and a HUGE mentor in my life. In this episode I get to talk with him on what he believes is important in communication and character when we are in a position or mission of helping others and leading others and how having a real human approach in necessary for that success even when it isn't the easiest.  I hope this episode can help someone gain perspective in navigating what it means to connect and lead others by being Authentic. 
February 27, 2019
GVO Episode 4: Being More Human w/Ellen Renk
This episode gets REAL!  This episode is Ellen Renk interviewing Michael getting deep into what extreme loss and defeat can bring to true growth.  On this episode Ellen asks Michael to some real question on what has lead to the change and growth of Ruthless In Pursuit and the tough journey that has lead to such a beautiful reflection of being able to share pain and experience and turn it into value and love.  If you are someone that is struggling to see the otherside of the dark moments this will help share what can happen when we are forced to see how we can come out the other side. 
February 19, 2019
GVO Episode 3: Talking with Duh Boyz
Ruthless Camp 3: "Roundtable" this is a candid conversation with some of the RIP crew. We talk coaching, programming, Leadership, and how we learned to navigate life as our younger selves and where we have come from in life. 
February 19, 2019
GVO Episode 2: "In the Cloud" w/Will Brandt of Microsoft
Have you ever said something out loud like "Damn, I need new jeans" and then BOOM you are scrolling through the interwebs and an ad pops up for a sick new pair of Brett Farve approved Wranglers??? Could that be the gift or the curse of the day in age we live in? Diving in with Will we talk about how technology has truly become a fully automated part of our society and we are only scratching the surface. Is it laziness? Or is it efficiency? We dive into to all of this and more within this episode. Enjoy!
December 06, 2018
Mindset Freestyle: Winter Sleep & Performance
WHERE THE FUCK DID THE SUN GO??? We have all been there, the long winter months that can suck the life out of everything. Here are some subtle tips to help you feel more human during these long dark days.
December 03, 2018
GVO Episode 1: "Hard Truth" w/Carlos Miranda
New show who dis?? Wow! We truly are coming at you all with some incredible content! We are so excited to introduce you all to our newest Co-host member Carlos. In this episode Carlos shares with you where he is from and his travels quite literally coast to coast as a teen, growing up in the Dominican Republic, going to medical school and then deciding to specialize as a Pediatric Cardiologist. Carlos shares his journey, his experience and most importantly how he delivers the hard truths to parents with children staring heart conditions right in the face! Sit back and buckle up this is a killer episode.
November 30, 2018
Episode 15: "Circumstance"
WE ARE BACK! Yes yes yes we know it has been FAAARRRRRR too long since we were here but it was for good reason. We are super excited to be back and to be bringing you all great conversation once again! Today we are sharing about Circumstance. We have had some recent talks about some friends going through changes or tough circumstance with the life changes. We are sharing our quick thoughts on how we can control or look at our own circumstance in a different way.
November 24, 2018
Episode 14: The "F@%K ALL"
[Disclaimer] The term "fuck all" comes from a quote in the movie "Snatch" w/Brad Pitt if you haven't seen it what are you really even doing with your life?! I truly don't have a huge narrative to set up for this episode and let's be honest you don't care because much like I was you are just STOKED to have these two guys on an episode together. So I will at least share this. Getting these two guys together was great because it is now showing that more and more we need to get more big minds in our industry in the same room and get back to the era of sharing, learning, and co-thinking with and from one another to help continue the evolution of our industry. We are in a time where coaches want to hide and keep secret what they are doing. So enjoy the episode and the conversation with these gentlemen.
May 31, 2018
Fear. We can't escape it. We can't outrun it. So we must accept it and learn to grow from it. This episode we break down what that meant to all of us and how we have all grown to move past and use that to fuel our ability to accept suffering and move beyond what holds us back.
May 23, 2018
Relationships. These can be one of the most overlooked pieces of the puzzle within coaching. The staff and team here at CF Kingfield have always put that foot forward in finding the connection first and then the technique second, and now it is allowing them to truly put themselves on the map within Minnesota and National stage of Weightlifting, Fitness, Culture, and Coaching. We hope you enjoy this episode the way we did.
May 23, 2018
ON THE ROAD SERIES: "Getting Juiced Up!"
[DISCLAIMER] We were on the go and we had some poor audio but there is such gold here I couldn't wait to post this. Sitting down and chatting with Coach Tim Thackery and Coach Ryan Rivera of the Juice Athlete Compound( We chat on the current "fuck all" state that our industry of coaching has become between social media, and the easy access to each and everything everywhere, how do we sift through the shit to find the real? Dive in to this and enjoy some candid moments with these find gentlemen
May 23, 2018
Ep: 13 | Finding Beauty In Strength Part 2
This time we sat down with a group of four amazing women from CFF and had them share their extended views and beliefs on what finding their own beauty and confidence meant to them.
March 18, 2018
Finding Surrender
Suffering. Surrender. The acceptance of what is going on. Driving to work this morning I had a lot of turmoil in my mind and gut and I think it could have easily destroyed my day, but I was reminded of what amazing strength I have to get through these days with my faith and being able to surrender my moments to God. NOW! That doesn't mean my God is your God and that is ok. I think this practice can relate to all of us. I hope you listen and find value in this.
March 12, 2018
#WUW With my Co-host Hadley
The mind of a child!
March 07, 2018
Ep: 12 | Beauty In Strength
Beauty, strength, confidence for the longest time a group of words that didn't always fit together especially for young men and women. Today we sat down with Kylie as she shares her journey in finding her beauty in her strength and how that has shaped the future of her life and the way that she treats herself and others around her.
March 04, 2018
We are checking in on those SMART goals from last week and sharing how my week has been going!
March 04, 2018
Who What's Up?!
Holy Smokes! Where have we been?! We are back!
March 01, 2018
Ep: 11 | “What’s in the Pack?”
Wow. Have you ever met someone so passionate about their life, job, or opportunity that you are so inspired you just want to take on the world??? That was today for us! We sat down with Andrea Sega, assistant marketing director and social analyst for The Duluth Pack company right here in our very own Duluth, MN. Andrea shared with us what makes DP who they are and why simply put \u201cthey are the best\u201d, not only from a production line but down to just the internal team atmosphere they thrive on. We also asked Andrea what makes a brand these days in a market overwhelming with social media options, avenues and buzz? We are excited for you all to listen.
January 31, 2018
Monday! Grind. Handle it. I\u2019m struggling to find the motivation amongst chaos, but thankfully I have inspirational people all around me. #SYMFS
January 29, 2018
WHOA! Consistency club?!? I\u2019ve been struggling. But you guys have been killing it. Working through the chaos. Finding time with friends. Embracing the changes!
January 26, 2018
Well an epic Vikings loss, crazy eagles fans and dealing with facing failures.
January 23, 2018
Hadley said it best. Learning to check in and value that use of our free time or \u201cfree choice\u201d. The challenge for this next week is to apply and see how that dynamic changes and what value it is bringing to your life and surroundings.
January 18, 2018
Ep: 10 | Catching Your Moment
Wow. What a journey! Today we sat down with our friend Timmon Lund for him to share his incredible journey through the diagnosis, treatment, remission, relapse and ultimately emotional and mental clarity it brought him and how now he lives every day making sure he catches every moment and savors the love and relationships with those around him. Ultimately life has brought him the awesome ability to share and create a foundation that gives back and brings love and humanity to those struggling to fight for their own. Follow and check out his foundation
January 17, 2018
Examine yourself. Take today and take the week to learn and to know why do you or don\u2019t you accept or tolerate the things are you? Is it faith, belief, culture, up bringing? Maybe you don\u2019t even know. Take the time to open your heart and open your mind.
January 16, 2018
Ep: 9 | Hoops Brewing
\u201cJumping through Hoops\u201d. This episode we meet up w/Melissa Rainville Head brewer with Hopps Brewing here in Canal Park of Duluth, MN. With 15+ years of experience Melissa took us through, the process, the styles, the design and the inspiration and journey that has brought her to current day in brewing. It was great to hear her journey, hobby like beginnings that have since spawn some of the greatest beers in the Greater Northern US. We hope you enjoy and find it as satisfying as the brews we were sipping on during this episode.
January 12, 2018
New Weekly challenge! #MindfulMondays, so with the new year new me craze it is easy to throw a lot of new responsibilities and tasks on our plate to feel like that is what we need to be successful and crush those goals but my question is at what cost? So our new weekly challenge is Mindful practice of your \u201cfree time\u201d or \u201cfree space\u201d, and how are you using it? So the example is myself. In my down time I have a tendency to just get sucked into to cruising the inter webs getting lost in articles or videos and going down rabbit holes and I miss the fun family time, or I miss time to read or time to socialize with my friends and family. So the challenge this week is \u201cawareness\u201d. How aware are you of how and what you spend the quality of your free time on? What fills it? Do you even know? Take this week to find out and find out if it is healthy or helping you reach your goals and then learn to see what changes or improvements you can make. Next Monday we will c
January 08, 2018
Ep: 8 | Pursuing Your Legend
Mike Jones, Veteran Marine Corps Infantry officer, Georgetown Graduate, MBA, Founder & Visionary of Union Fitness & Alchemy 365 sits down and talk about what it took for him to be able to build to their point of success in their teams, companies and leadership. Mike shares with us some of the key points that he has learned and used along the way and the ups and downs to get to a place of gratitude and understanding that allow him to help empower and build the ultimate experience for his team, mission and their clients and services. We talk Traction, the long term vision, dying markets and the next surge, and how to see through and use your fear as a weapon to guide to you toward success and accomplishment.
January 07, 2018
Ep: 7 | Pay Yourself First
How can we pay off what happened in 2017 heading into 2018? In the episode we chat on what are some easy smart choices to make to help you be prepared for the future of your finances. What were some things that surprised us or wowed is in 2017? What is on the rise or fall in 2018? What does smart planning look like? Three easy points of performance to follow, and is Bitcoin and or crypto currency a smart investment?
January 04, 2018
2018. It\u2019s here. Holy shit. But let\u2019s not be hasty in jumping into the stress of \u201cnew year new me\u201d yet. Instead help me help you help us(make that a hashtag) and let\u2019s take this week by week. My challenge is for you all much like me to establish weekly S.M.A.R.T. Goals and make it a daily practice. No goal can be achieved if we are not taken measurable steps daily to get through that process. My smart goals for the week are as follows. #1: Prep. Prep my food daily, prep my schedule nightly, prep my work and prep my mind. #2: Back to the routine. Wake up. Family. Work. Train. Learn. Love. All in that order. #3: Socialize. This week we are meeting old friends and making new ones and I am excited and I am making it a scheduled priority. My biggest obstacles, I have my mind all over and at times I don\u2019t make the writing it down a priority. Secondly, I am an introvert and if left without the challenge I will choose to stay in a To myself. My solution? Write it
January 03, 2018
Ep: 6 | Whiskey & The Net
Net Neutrality, Whiskey, the dark web, internet speeds, remember the underground downloads and finds. Just two old friends breaking into Dads liquor cabinet and shooting the shit. But on the real, Nolan has a very unique take on US social issues and politics being as he grew up in MN into his mid 20\u2019s and has now been a resident of Thailand for 8 years. So he has the ability to see and understand what we go through but also to see how wrong things can be at times. So it was cool to hear him not only explain how Net Neutrality is actually good for us, but how tech and communications and other things evolve in the US and around the world.
December 29, 2017
Ep: 5 | Mindfulness
We sit down and talk with Jean Larson owner of Nourishing Roots Nutrition. Nourishing roots Nutrition is a functional medicine based integrative nutrition practice that offers personalized nutrition consultations, programs, classes, workshops and nutrition related expertise for those seeking optimal health and wellness. Jean and I shoot the shit and talk about Mindfulness, awareness, guy biome, functional medicine and what that even looks like and how we can fix or understand our leaky gut! Tune in, and enjoy.
December 27, 2017
Ep 4: Influence | 2017 vs 2018
How do you handle Influence? What or who has been your largest Influences in 2017? What have you learned and how will those things set you up or prepare you for 2018?
December 21, 2017
Opportunity | Take it
My day did not goes as planned \ud83d\ude02 but it allowed me to spend time with some great people and also meet some new ones! Opportunity comes at the most unexpected times, take it, Jump at it. I have been and the rewards are paying x10
December 19, 2017
Self Belief | Do it!
I had a crazy day. 4 job interviews all on different sides of the country. Meeting with millionaires and just finally learning to step up to the plate and take a swing.
December 19, 2017
Nutrition pitfalls
RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition • RIPCAST Episode #1 | Devin Ford talks Sleep, timing, Nutrition
December 18, 2017