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By Miloš Đekić
The human side of building and running a Software as a Service business. You probably won’t learn how to launch or 10x your startup here, this is about what’s left after the unicorns are gone and stardust is all spent: only us chickens. I mean, humans.
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Comparing yourself with others? Don't. There's a better way.
Ever feel like you're a joke? Let me tell you why and how you should instantly STOP comparing yourself with others and focus on yourself.
November 2, 2021
Perfection sucks! Let's stop chasing it.
Ever heard the expression “done is better than perfect”. Yeah, it is, but let me add that, “good enough is perfectly acceptable”, because sometimes you just can’t or should not go for perfect. Let’s talk about why you should instantly stop chasing perfection.
October 18, 2021