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B2B Startup Sales

B2B Startup Sales

By SalesPlaybook
This podcast shall help founders and sales people of B2B startups find product-market-fit faster and accelerate sales without hiring expensive sales reps.
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#11 Nicolas Witt, Co-Founder Netlight Consulting Zurich / Why sales without commission is better in the long run and how to handle objections

B2B Startup Sales

#11 Nicolas Witt, Co-Founder Netlight Consulting Zurich / Why sales without commission is better in the long run and how to handle objections

B2B Startup Sales

#16 Matthias Erhart, Ex-Senior Account Executive Avrios / Building sales from 500k to 5M ARR
1' How Matthias' inherently curious mindset brought him into Car Fleet Management 4' How Avrios' failure-tolerant culture helped young people with litte experience to prosper 9' Why being vulnerable in sales creates trust 14' Why customer-centricity is very key in sales 18' How feeling if and how a customer can buy now or later is crucial 22' How having a champion at the customer can help you get even through the Betriebsrat 26' That finding driven & persistent, but also empathic & coachable sales people is really hard 30' How the ego of corporates talking about themselves hurts sales success 34' Why startups need to see hiring through the lens of great sales people 39' That we have all the tools in Switzerland to thrive in B2B Startup Sales, but need to put it together 46' How getting a customer story online took up 9 months in a corporate vs 1/2 day in a startup
October 16, 2020
#15 Stephanie Cox, VP Sales & Marketing Lumavate / From Sales to Product Led Growth
1' What brought Stephanie from Salesforce Marketing Cloud (back) to the startup world 6' Why starting product-led growth is a lot easier if you started out that way 10' How product-led growth can cause anxiety in Type A sales people losing control 15' Why really good sales reps might struggle at first with product-led growth 19' How Lumavate defines product-market-fit industry-agnostically 23' How marketing initiatives like custom baseball trading cards stand out 27' Why Stephanie cares about brand awareness instead of conversion for paid ads 31' How to leverage own personas even better 37' How creativity and rapid growth are difficult to combine 41' Why sales people hired as a startup need to have their hands dirty 46' When Stephanie was done being quiet and asking for permission
October 9, 2020
#14 Dirk Schuran, former Chief Sales Officer COMATCH & Business Angel / How to grow a company from 3 to 130 employees
1' Dirk's start as a call center agent 2' What Dirk learned during his career 5' How to go about the sales processes at a Startups 10' Why consultants never learn to sell 13' Why sportspeople make great salespeople 20' How to balance salespeople's goals with long term goals of the company 22' What makes a good bonus system 25' How to shorten and define the sales cycle 30' How to improve onboarding time 35' Why Dirk joined a startup 38' Lead generation at Comatch 41' Dirk's last advice to you as a sales leader
October 7, 2020
#13 Vijay Viswanathan, former VP Marketing Starmind / Marketing for a BtoB Startup
1' Vijay's story 3' Why Vijay is on a one-year sabbatical 6' Urgency vs. importance 10' Founders: The most important trait looking for the first sales/marketing hire 14' What should or should not be outsourced in marketing 19' KPIs 25' What channels Vijay would go about first as a BtoB startup 35' Recent changes in BtoB marketing 37' Top skills needed in marketing
October 2, 2020
#12 Markus (Max) Eilers, Co-Founder MikeMax / The three secrets to selling in a downturn
2' How Max started his first company... 11' ...and got into a burnout 16' The first "secret": Meaningful conversations & summarizing 21' The one thing that helps to shorten the sales cycle 24' How salespeople's actions led to a broken model of selling 28' The technique to start a meaningful sales conversation 32' The second "secret": The irresistible offer 37' The third "secret": Sell results that are relevant in a downturn 44' summarizing the most important points 45' What an irresistible offer needs to consist of
September 3, 2020
#11 Nicolas Witt, Co-Founder Netlight Consulting Zurich / Why sales without commission is better in the long run and how to handle objections
3' How Nico got into sales 11' Why a great company culture is the solution for most corporate challenges 14' What Nico learned in his first sales job 18' On the most important task to succeed in sales 25' The one universal rule in sales 27' On sales salaries and commission 43' Salary Intransparency 44' How Nico grew the consultancy from 2 to 30 people 53' The four layers of objection handling
August 31, 2020
#10 Daniel Jordi, Founder Leadersbridge / Care, Trust and Purpose in Sales
1' Why entrepreneurship is a lifestyle for Daniel since he was 16 years old  4' Why recruiting is sales at the very core and why trust is key  8' Why "care" is the most important aspect Daniel cares about in recruiting  14' How performance also in sales is more than just numbers  18' Why observing behaviour is a process, making recruiting fundamentally difficult  24' Why Daniel asks less about characteristics and more what they mean to a person  27' Why he was and is impressed by the recruiting process of his new employer  35' Why understanding time is crucial for startup hiring  38' How he finds fulfilment in the process itself without an end-result  42' Why he went from self-employed to employee after 7+ years
August 19, 2020
#9 Antoine Amiel, VP Sales Europe Starmind / The Art of closing a Deal and important Traits of successful Salespeople
1' How Antoine got from a Hotel School into Tech Sales  5' What Antoine likes most about sales: Andrenaline, human contact, and pressure  8' When is the Adrenaline pike in a sales cycle and why it matters  11' How COVID impacted sales  13' When you should mention price in sales  14' why mimicking is important and what to do about it  21' Why you should talk openly about your competition  23' What are key traits to look for in salespeople  27’ Why sales is not for everyone  34’ What makes a good closer and why it is important  40’ Tactics to shorten the sales cycle
August 14, 2020
#8 Maddy Agrawal, Founder startuptoscaleupnow / Building Sales Funnels That Work
2' What sales and software engineering have in common  5' Why Maddy stopped MVPs but believes in Minimum Sellable Products  8' Why founders should differentiate between numbers and process  13' Why skipping steps in the sales process of building relationships does not work  19' What "Differentiate or Die" really means for sales  23' How building funnels bottom-up but executing them top-down matters  31' Why customer acquisition costs is not (only) a job of sales & marketing  32' Why you should only ever automate what already works   36' Why closing knowledge gaps can help shorten sales cycles - if prospects feel comfortable  44' How starting to build a sales funnel in an Excel file or a canvas works perfectly well
July 29, 2020
#7 Martin Peters, Co-Founder Xtatio / The value of customer feedback in sales
1' How sales reps increased revenue by up to 89% after gaining real-time insights from customers 3' How relative feedback scales such as a Likert scale can help sales reps set the right learning priorities  7' What 5 key traits Martin looks for when hiring sales reps  11' Why sales people should adopt the same mentality of constant iterations and learning as in agile, scrum etc.  14' How sales people using the right technology and tools have a competitive advantage  19' How remote sales forces sales people to transition to a value-delivering advisor  22' How people fixing 2-3 key improvement areas instantly increase their conversion rates  28' How sales people in DACH are fundamentally working against a relatively change-resistant culture  31' Why Martin thinks the sales profession will gain more recognition and attractiveness in the years to come  35' What value he got from having worked with sales coaches and when leveraging tools make sense
July 23, 2020
#6 Moritz Aemisegger, Regional Director Transperfect / The Evolution of A Life-Long Sales Career
2' How Moritz experienced a cold call-heavy, "push-style" sales approach early in his career  4' How he went from cold calling to "Cold Looming" and why videos are underused in sales in Europe  7' Why sales people need to be driven for success - and need to be successful in itself  12' How he sees the importance of competitiveness and curiosity as key traits for sales  17' Why people that experienced severe failure see sales as an opportunity to prove something  20' Why Moritz is a super big fan of hiring door-to-door sales people  24' How buying something at a street food festival convinced him of the value of sales coaching  27' Why all the content is out there to consume, but execution is key  33' How he implemented sales habits changing behaviour by practicing real-life scenarios (40x...)  38' How local culture have a direct influence on how you approach prospects  43' Why building strong relationships is crucial especially in Switzerland  45' How Moritz actually started his sales career in primary school with candy and Pokemon cards...
July 21, 2020
#5 Raphael Nerz & Yves Terrier, Co-Founders Innohack / Validate value with Virtual Brands
3' Why Yves & Raphael are obsessed about customer centricity  7' Why gathering evidence along the way is key to succeed for iterative product development 11' How they design experiments to test assumptions and hypotheses of their clients  16' How they make pivoting as cheap as possible 21' When Virtual Brands with thought-up products make a lot of sense  25' Why inviting a bunch of people to your innovation laboratory is a completely different ballgame  29' Why spending a little money upfront is great value-for-money to "bet on the right horse"  34' How product validation and B2B sales are in some ways very similar  39' Why "keeping it up" on learning is crucial to get maximum value from market validation  44' Why sales is an essential part of product development
July 16, 2020
#4 Lisa Starita, former Head of Product Marketing Beekeeper / Building Customer Success & Product Marketing From Scratch
2' How Lisa started building up Customer Success Management (CSM) from scratch  5' Why doing CSM initially for free makes sense until figuring out what people want to pay for  9' Why reflecting if and how your product can generate Customer Lifetime Value without people  12' What to consider when assigning responsibility for renewals to sales vs CSM  18' Why sales needs to be ambitious and creative on how to sell the product in the market  22' How she channeled customer feedback from sales to product management over time  28' What a Product Marketing Manager is actually doing  32' How fast-changing companies require fast-changing adaptations and methods  35' How sales, marketing and product marketing can collaborate to figure out what to build next  38' Why the usual job interview answer "patience is my weakness - which is OK" does not work for CSM  40' What Lisa is up to next...
July 14, 2020
#3 Lars Mangelsdorf, Co-Founder & CCO Yokoy / Onboarding sales reps in weeks instead of months
3' Why he let's new sales reps join sales calls even before formally starting at the company  7' Why starting a sales career as a BDR (Business Development Rep) makes sense  11' When hiring senior sales people makes total sense 16' Why sales is about having a conversation and not pitching  20' Why starting hunting a startup only when you are "ready" is too late  25' Why measuring BDRs in SQLs (Sales Qualified Leads), but also revenue contribution makes sense  30' How culture influences sales compensation structure - "0 vs 2x commission?"  34' How an ARR leaderboard is motivating the whole sales team daily  39' Why keeping the whole team together is key especially when scaling  43' Why evaluating bad sales performance is sometimes like having a bad hand in poker
July 14, 2020
#2 Thibaut Souyris, Founder SalesLabs / T-Shaped SDRs, Self-Awareness and fighting a "Deutsche Industrienorm Mindset" in sales
0' How Thibaut came up with the name SalesLabs and why he became an entrepreneur  4' How he moved from 2.5k to 10k+ LinkedIn followers within 6 months  9' How he balances automated outreach and tools with high-quality engagement  14' Why building habits is key for consistency to achieve sustainable success  21' Why self-awareness is key to be(come) a good VP Sales  25' How he found out that is easier to selling to SDRs than VP Sales   28' Why it is very tough but crucial to make sales person-independent  31' Why your job in sales enablement is building products for the sales team  37' How you can technically find phone numbers online, and why you should be careful with it  40' Why "the DIN (Deutsche Industrie Norm) mindset" is hindering sales innovation in DACH
July 2, 2020
#1: Lars Mangelsdorf, Co-Founder & CCO Yokoy / Quarterly quotas, Kodiak bears and expenses in startup sales
0’ How he installed Beekeeper’s sales-driven attitude at Expense Robot 4’ How breaking down annual goals helps driving continuous sales performance 8’ Why customers need to accept the closing plan and fully commit to it 12’ Why Business Development Reps (BDRs) are a sales guys best friend 16’ Why he is not afraid of signing Kodiak bears now but have them start later 19’ Why attitude is much more important than degrees in sales 22’ Why there is nothing more honest than selling to sales guys 28’ Why it makes sense to have introverted tech people at the sales table 33’ Why sales is all about seeing what works, scale it and then not break it 37’ Why investing into a CRM and data is essential for everybody in sales 40’ Why laziness can be an asset 44’ Why culture shapes how many startups have too many expenses
June 22, 2020