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The Savageers

The Savageers

By The Savageers
We address topics in youth, pop; and urban culture! Savage by name, savage by nature!

We're four twenty-something year olds from Manchester, UK, who want to create engaging, in-depth, and all-round, litty content for the culture!

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3: Fake It Till You Make It? Does Their Upbringing Matter?

The Savageers

3: Fake It Till You Make It? Does Their Upbringing Matter?

The Savageers

30: Would You Be A Superhero, Supervillain, or An Anti-Hero?
Happy Festivities Everyone!  We wrap up 2020 and Season 1 of The Savageers with our second of two episode drops this week, one of our best recordings of all-time for sure! Entertainment, debates, and life lessons are notes which were consistently hit!  We hope to see you soon for Season 2 of the Savageers...until then, stay safe everyone! Socials Hai-Anh @rikaki_katori Gio @Giovanniowusu_ Chizzy @Jchizzy23
December 25, 2020
29: Cultural Heritage & Identity, Are You A Product of Your Environment?
The first of two December episodes, which form as part of the conclusion of Season 1 of the Savageers, arrives with special guest Theophilus (TJ) Nelson, of Marinel Foundation and a pro MMA combat fighter.  We touch upon several interesting themes around what we pick up and leave out when learning from our parents growing up, what values we hold that have come at odds against mainstream society's, the pressures of holding onto your cultural identity as an ethnic minority, and how much do we take from our social settings and environment which contributes to our sense of self. Socials Hai-Anh @rikaki_kitatori Chizzy @jchizzy23 Gio @giovanniowusu_ Tj @theophilus_nelson
December 20, 2020
28: The Hero Instinct, Icks, and The Purse Test.
The Savageers are here to help you with Lockdown 2.0 boredom with another entertaining and thought-provoking episode, covering the complex realm of dating and relationships. We are joined by special guest Dorcas again, an up-and-coming fashion consultant. @dorcaskinsala @dressedbydorcas Hosts Chizzy @jchizzy23 Han @rikaki_katori Gio @giovanniowusu_ Listen to us on Spotify, iTunes and more @ The Savageers Watch us on YouTube @ The Savageers
November 20, 2020
27: Are Men Enablers Of Their Friend’s Bad Behaviour? Scorcher vs Wretch 32, and Snitch Culture.
Episode 27 featuring Lai Keita promises to be another fun, thought provoking episode which will have you questioning how you will respond to certain scenarios. Remember we are now live on YouTube, @ The Savageers Podcast. You can support the podcast and the editing team @ to help bring more content, and of higher quality!
October 30, 2020
26: Are You Only As Faithful As Your Options, Serena Williams, Monogamy in 2020, and Cancel Culture
We're back again just in time before a potential second lockdown hits the UK :(  We welcome back Abdoulai aka Lai to the studio, who you may remember caused controversy with his Boris Johnson support (sarcastically, we may say so) in Episode 19. An unusual high number of topics are discussed, in addition to those mentioned in the title, we discuss hitting on people in the gym and ghosting people on social media.
September 21, 2020
25: Crying Over Anime, Emotional Cheating, Birthday Gifts & Does Doubling Your Income = 2x Happiness?
The Savageers reach a milestone with our 25th Episode, and boy was this one of the FUNNIEST, VIBRANT, and ENGAGING episodes to have come from Guerilla Studios. We discuss whether you would maintain the bond with a child you raised after finding out they are not yours, the Marvel Cinematic universe, how you'd respond if a supermodel wants to cheat WITH you, if you've ever broken someone's heart, crying on your wedding day and whether you can be too proud when at your lowest point. 
August 4, 2020
24: The Two Deadly Viruses' – Racism And Covid-19
The Savageers are back for the first time since the COVID-19 Lockdown to divulge in the two deadly viruses' we have been witnessing on TV, social media, and in person: Racism and Coronavirus.  We touch upon the All Lives Matter vs BLM Movement, Black-Owned Businesses, Culture Vultures, Internal & External Racism, and the different ways ethnic groups manoeuvre in business spaces compared to others.
June 14, 2020
23: What Does It Mean To Be A Man in 2020? ft Toxic Masculinity and Patriarchy.
We switch it up with an in-depth conversation on masculinity in the 21st century; drawing on themes including toxic masculinity, patriarchy, fatherhood, pride, and how it goes in hand in hand with feminism. Socials: Chizzy - @jchizzy23 Han - rikaki_katori Gio - giovanniowusu_ Toq - t_savez
March 17, 2020
22: Don't Let Your Boyfriend Stop You From Finding A Husband
Hella steam was being generated in this episode as we talk the latest in pop culture including Coronavirus, Casa Amor, Situationships, Men pandering to women via relationship advice and red flags.
February 12, 2020
21: Grime Dead? Losing Fights, IVF & Divorce, Wives or Mom's & Should Boys Look Up To Women?
YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS! Arguably one of the finest recording sessions here at The Savageers HQ as we run through a barrage of topics that will have you on your edge of your seat wanting to contribute! In addition to the topics in the headline, we also discuss how much business know-how you should share to people wanting to learn your trade, is your partner unable to have children reasonable grounds for divorce, and the controversial topic of abortion in the case of rape. The original Savageers crew welcomes Gio back for a second episode. 
January 29, 2020
20: Your Wife Isn't Your Employee, Talking Vs Beating As A Kid & Would You Work With Your Spouse?
Happy Belated New Year to all our listeners!! We reached a milestone with our 20th Episode in the series, its been a steep learning curve but we aim to only get better and better! In this release we delve into the complex realm of people relationships, discussing working & treating your spouses, friend's not levelling up and stories of being punished when we were kids. 
January 12, 2020
19: Infatuation, the NHS, J Hus Black Magic & Does Social Media Make You Lonelier?
This entired episode was based on bouncing off each other's vibrant energies, listen in if you want to brighten your mood with laughter all round!
December 3, 2019
18: UK Knife & Gang Culture, Bullying, Drill Music, and Top Boy
The Savageers return to form with thought provoking, intense and, multi-faceted discussions for our panel. We talk knife crime in the UK, the pressures of joining gangs as a youth, the connection between drill/grime and violent behaviour, the impacts of having a murder connected to your family and the lack of variety in Black History Month as a curriculum in school.  Joined by two-time amateur MMA champion and CEO of Ghanaian based charity Marinel Foundation, TJ Nelson.
November 3, 2019
17: Would You Let A.I. Reveal The Date You'll Die?
In Episode 17 of The Savageers we bring you a different kettle of fish, and that is A.I., and the possible advancements and/or consequences it may bring forth for humanity. We discuss the capability of A.I. revealing our death date/life expectancy, date of future happy events, filling in the gaps of human interaction as not only as the point of customer service, but in the family home as a parent in a single-parent household. We are joined once again by Tyler Cameron, a talented young student from the renowned London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA).
October 4, 2019
16: Bro Split vs PPL, Squats Are Bad For Your Knees, Insta Fitness Coaches, Chicken & Oats?
The Savageers welcome a fitness element to this episode's theme as we are joined by special guest & personal trainer Afraz Khan. Instagram: @thesavageers Han: @rikaki_katori  Twitter: @savageers Special Guest: Afraz @coachmak_
September 4, 2019
15: Falling In Love With A Man's Potential Is Denying His Reality
Episode 15 promises to be an entertaining affair as we are joined by two guests alongside the OGs Han (@rikaki_katori) & Chizzy (@jchizzy23), with Dorcas (@dorciie) and Daniella (@jeanne_rouge), who help to provide unfiltered, direct opinions on some very controversial subject matter. We would like to warn there is some swearing in this pod, we tried to filter as much as we could :) but it was too much lmao.  To skip to particular segments: "00:30 Is it ever acceptable for a man to lay his hands on a woman/"11:30 Men are as faithful as their options/"27:30 We compromise the flaws of set people because they're attractive!/"34:40 Women spilling sensitive information men told them in pillow talk/"40:32 People who update you on your ex/"50:30 Biting your tongue is because you are afraid?
July 30, 2019
14: Do Women Miss Out On A Good Man Due To His Height?
Recording this episode in room temperature of 32 degress wasn't easy, but we bring a fiery list of topics for you! To skip to segments: "9:09 What is the most broke you have been? /"17:49 Do people genuinely dress for themselves when they state that?/ "23:06 Do women miss out on a good man due to his height?/"30:37 She refused to wear make-up on her wedding day/"41:04 'Money attracts the woman you want, struggle attracts the woman you need'/ "50:56 'Let me ask what the Wife thinks'. 
June 30, 2019
13: People Don't Want Your Advice!
Following Ep 12's more informative outlook, this episode returns to true savagery form with jam-packed questions that make our co-hosts struggle to move off the ropes as they get backed into a corner numerous times 🤣 🤣 🤣. We do not ask easy questions on this episode.  To skip to particular segments: "02:22 Is it rude to ask a girl to see her without makeup?/"10:30 Do men gossip more than women?/"17:48 Can I have a wife and still be friends with other women?/"32:40 A Boogie With Da Hoodie breakup over IG/"42:23 A man paid our bill and left me his number with the waiter/"45:30 My friend posted on social media that my woman is beautiful?/ "58 People don't want your advice!
May 7, 2019
12: "Your Likes/Followers On Display Is Like Showing How Much Money You Have In The Bank" ft Azeem Psyche & Tyler Cameron
The Savageers are joined by cyber psychologist Azeem and aspiring actor Tyler Cameron to dissect the beast that is social media.  To skip to segments: "02.20 Absence makes the heart go fonder, but has Whatsapp made the heart more annoyed? "08:20 Having your likes on display for the world to see and judge is like showing how much money you have in the bank. "15:44 Does peer pressure play a role in us being on social media? "23:53 Why are we 'validating' & performing CRB checks of people online rather than meeting face to face? "34:39 Are online dating platforms detrimental to natural human languages? "43:55 Should social counters be removed? "58:10 Social media and presenting a skewed image. 
March 19, 2019
11: Would You Let Your Daughter Marry A Man Like You?
The Savageers bring the smokeee in the studio, non-stop fiery questions put Han and Chizzy in some very uncomfortable positions, provoking some of the most hilarious reactions you'll hear. This is an episode you will want to watch from start to finish. A classic epsiode in the series so far!  To skip to segments:  "1:15 Would you sacrifice something central to your life for £1 million?/  "4:49 Should you be able to have surgery and sell workout plans?  "20:30 Would you let your daughter marry a man like you?/  "24:09 My partner of 2 years wants to name our child after their long-time ex/  "34:22 The controversy surrounding Liam Neeson and Gucci Blackface/ "53:04 Does it matter that your potential father-in-law was a former White supermacist?
February 13, 2019
9: My Man Going To His Female Friend's Childbirth? Boiii...
You will not want to miss this episode! 💥 Scintillating banter and thought provoking questions that will create fiery debates between your friends/family 🎤 . We talk scratch card winning shares, your future wife not adopting your surname, your partner attending someone else's childbirth, the boundaries of opposite gender friends in relationships, do engagement ring sizes matter plus more! 🔥 🔥 🔥 P. S. We mean episode 9 in the intro not 8 🤦‍♂️
February 13, 2019
10: Is Cosmetic Surgery Really A Form Of Self-Hate?
🚨 Milestone Alertttt 🚨Episode 10 lands just in time as 2018 closes out 💫. We talk the phenomena that is ‘Blackfishing’, which *single* attribute would you guarantee in your partner, is dating someone for their financial status prostitution? And whether there is ever an ideal time for you to be 'ready' for someone? 🤔 Thank you for your support in helping us reach this milestone 🏆
December 16, 2018
8: Becoming The Best You Can Be ft Utsha Rahman (Special)
The Savageers are branching OUT! We welcome one of Manchester's most inspirational young people and an aspiring bodybuilder in Utsha Rahman. Taking centre stage, he shows how you can make a life worth living. If you want to feature on the show, DM us for consideration.
September 21, 2018
7: My Baby Mom Is Sharing Money For My Kid Between Her Other Children!
🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 We are bringing the HEAT in this weather! We discuss the recent Stormzy Race Gate, Interracial dating whilst being Pro-Black, Baby Momma dilemmas, and more! To skip to segments: "3:09 Stormzy Race Row/ "11:58 What Does It Really Mean to be "Pro-Race"?/ "25:27 Mixed Background Marriages and Maintaining Culture/ "35:20 "Pro-Black" but Dating a Polish/ "39:05 My Baby Mom Is Sharing Money For My Kid Between Her Other Children!/ "55:40 Choosing Friends Over Family?/ "1:05:46 When Women Apologise
September 20, 2018
6: I Ain't Raising No Stripper
Back with a BANG 💥! We answer our first questions by you, discuss how relationships should involve ice cream and sprinkles, is Kylie Jenner self made, is being judgemental natural to us and more!
July 27, 2018
5: It's Coming Home (World Cup Special)
LETS AV IT! Long time coming, but a savage viewpoint was needed on this World Cup! We discuss the English penalty heroics, Dele Alli shambles, Belgian Bottlers, Messi v Ronaldo, and more!
July 3, 2018
4: "I Gave the Ugly Guy a Go and Now We're Married"
Lock yourself in as we go full throttle in an interview-style grilling of poor Han. Segments: - "45 Sleep Secrets/"9:51 Money is not a measure of success"/"15:38 Happiness a state of mind?/"25 Women's perception of you/"28:02 Giving the ugly guy a go and married/"32:47 The problem with Vietnamese girls and "42:25 If you work less, you need to do more chores in our relationship. Send your dilemmas, comments direct to the show via the simple Anchor App or Twitter @savageers!
May 13, 2018
3: Fake It Till You Make It? Does Their Upbringing Matter?
Boy do we have more variety than a Pick 'N' Mix for you today. Following the instant classic 6IX9NINE interview on the Breakfast Club, we discuss whether there is any substance behind faking it till you make it and if a potential partner's upbringing matters to you. We also touch on steroid use in the gym and the infamous "What Are We?" line. Segments: 0:58 Fake It Till You Make It? 10:04 Should Steroids Be In The Same Bracket As Alcohol And Cigarettes? 19:59 Does Their Past Matter? 25:03 Does Upbringing Have Any Relevance? 41:18 “What Are We?” Submit your dilemmas that you want answered on our show by DM via Twitter @Savageers or use the anchor app and shoot us a message. Instagram: - Josh: @jchizzy23 - Taf: @taf_omeje - Han: @rikaki_katori - Brandina: @brandie_chisambo
April 8, 2018
2: Religion/Culture Clashes, Obesity=Cancer? Broke Friends!
Brrrrr! Who's skipping gym in this snow? Segments: '4:53 - "If you knew you would have to depart from someone for religious and cultural differences, would you stay and fight it or accept it's not meant to be." '17:38 - "Obesity causes cancer, are we too sensitive?" '39:40 - "Someone asked me to pay them their £1.24 back. The friendship is done." '52:18 - "Is Astrology real?" '57:41 - "Are Entrepreneurs born or made?" Submit your dilemmas that you want answered on our show by DM via Twitter @Savageers or use the anchor app to send messages. Insta: Josh: @jchizzy23 Taf: @taf_omeje Han: @rikaki_katori
March 17, 2018
1: Feeding Pigeon's on a Date, Arranged Marriages & Parents
It gets heated very quickly in the room as we discuss going on date's with no money, patriarchy in the household, why anyone would want an arranged marriage in 2018 and punching up people's parents. Submit your dilemmas that you want answered on our show by DM via Twitter @Savageers or use the anchor app to send messages. Insta: Josh: @jchizzy23 Taf: @taf_omeje Han: @rikaki_katori
March 9, 2018
March 8, 2018
March 8, 2018