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The Schoolhouse Life

The Schoolhouse Life

By Drew & Lacey Grim
You can be self-sufficient. We believe that. We want to help. If life is a schoolhouse, we can learn new things + be better every day!

Join us as we are talk all things self-sufficiency! Natural health, entrepreneuring, aromatherapy, herbal medicine, homesteading, gardening, fermenting, handicrafts, permaculture, farming, regenerative living, spiritual awareness, and what it means to eat real food!
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The evolution of our gardening journey
We’re coming to you from our favorite spot in the garden to talk to you about why we garden.  Grab access to our digital magazine covering everything for the growing season, challenges and much more as an Academy Member!!
July 21, 2021
How to get that side hustle started!
We got a question in our group and we get this question all the time. How do I get started with a business idea and what’s the best way to make it all happen? Have you started a side hustle?
July 14, 2021
Natural First aid on the homestead!
We are going deep into the world of natural medicine and how to use essential oils to keep your family and homestead healthy.  What’s your go-to for natural farming?  Don't forget to leave us a review and check out all of our online and in-person events
July 7, 2021
Homeschool drowning?
Feel like you’re depriving your children? Maybe you own your own business and are also homeschooling your kids—this combo can be like a side act at the circus with plates of every size spinning on plates balanced on sticks of different heights. Well, we have some thoughts and encouragements to remind you of the really important things and how you can find a more relaxed and stable foundation that works for everyone. Tell us what you thought about this episode and leave a review.  Check out The Homeschool Open House Event if you'd like more tips and tricks for your homeschooling journey from experienced homeschool families.
June 23, 2021
Are you looking at your homestead like a business? with "Pork" Rhyne
Rhyne is a super passionate man that knows a ton about farm business and farming pigs. He’s traveled the world speaking on the topics and has a ton of knowledge to share from some very different perspectives.  We were lucky enough to have him chat with me for a little bit about homestead business ideas and about pigs.  Take a listen. Share and tag a friend that would benefit.  Connect with Rhyne
June 16, 2021
Water on the Homestead💧
The most important thing on the homestead is water. We are exploring all the ways to work with water and store water. We share what's worked for us and what hasn't.  We'd love for you to share this episode and leave us a review!!! Find the perfect Berkey filter for your needs HERE
June 9, 2021
What to put in your dirt to make soil🌱
Before you grab that fertilizer to give your plants a little boost listen to this episode. We are talking about all the ways you can naturally turn that dirt into living soil that will give your plants and homestead a huge amount of life! If you loved this episode please share it and leave a review!! We love hearing from you.  Grab your comfrey root here:
June 2, 2021
Nature as the Ultimate guide to growth🌱
Have you ever noticed that personal growth doesn't always help you get away from the problems that you're working so hard on? Don't get me wrong, we do get better and we do grow, but it seems like sometimes we come back around to a different version of the same problem, maybe even years later. When we look at nature this makes total sense! We are growing like a spiral, like tree rings, we are growing out and the issues we deal with help us grow mighty. We hope you enjoy this episode, feel free to share, and don't forget to leave us a review.
May 26, 2021
Have Slob Shame? Let's commiserate with Stephanie of The Secret Slob
We all have the secret room, the one with the door we can close when guests come over. Heck, we may have more than one of those. e-hem.  Like anything in life, maybe it's more to-do with our lack of planning than it is to do with our shortcomings? Thanks to this chat with Stephanie I am feeling much more capable of not just cleaning, but KEEPING things cleaner. Her tips, tricks, and demos are inspiring, and decluttering this way proves not to be just about the home, but about the mind. Chaos be GONE! Connect with Stephanie, grab her printables, and check out her cleaning routines: Printables:
May 20, 2021
Do you know what chemicals are in your products?
A lot of cleaning products have some deadly chemicals in them that are making you and your family sick. The good news is there are plenty of ways to clean up those cleaners and make your home safer and healthier. Take a listen and give us a review then check out the link below for step-by-step instructions on replacing your top cleaners.  Learn how to replace your cleaners here
May 12, 2021
Wish you had an herbalist in your pocket? with Brittany Wood Nickerson
Brittany Nickerson of @thymeherbal has created incredible ways to access the healing and medicinal qualities of herbs in really simple ways! Her posters and books give people a chance to learn how to tie herbs into their normal routine so they can reap the abundant benefits without having to go back to school for another degree--it doesn't HAVE to be complicated! Listen to our chat and share--what way would you love to get to know herbs better? Connect with Brittany; Instagram @thymeherbal #homeapothecary #herbalism 
May 5, 2021
Planning the PERFECT homestead👨🏼‍🌾
We went live in our Schoolhouse Life FB Group a few weeks ago about planning and starting from scratch.  We covered so much and answered some really good questions so we decided we had to share this with you all on our podcast! If we were starting from scratch. Again. Here's what we'd do!
April 29, 2021
Are you in survival or growth mode? with Dr. Alex
Dr. Alexsandra Vujnovic shares how her practice as a chiropractor helps folks regain a state of thriving balance. Her wisdom on how we can all achieve better health in simpler and less invasive ways are encouraging and offer folks a glimpse into the world of holistic medicine + chiropractic that might just be the ticket in stepping out of simple survival and into growth--because it's true! Fundamentally, you can't do both.  Connect with Dr. Alex: #holistichealthcare #holisticmedicine #chiropracticwisdom #chiropractor
April 21, 2021
A Natural Allergy Season
There is pollen all over now in the southeast and people are having to play the same game as last year. "pollen or pandemic?" in the grocery store. Trust me as an allergy sufferer sneezing is pretty awkward nowadays. Take a listen as we give you the low down on how to naturally beat back those allergies.
April 14, 2021
Is your diet Privileged?? with Nathalie of Living The Dream Permaculture
This call with Nathalie gets a little hard--but in all the best ways.  Her lifestyle of self-sufficient living off the land is inspiring! But, even if you still need to make grocery trips, it's important to consider HOW you get your food--do you even deserve to eat meat? It's time to eat good, but not just for yourself. Sign up for The Homestead Open House Here Connect with Nathalie
April 8, 2021
Spring on the homestead🌱
It's springtime on the homestead and everything is going so fast. We are finishing up fences, greenhouses, shearing sheep, putting plants in the ground, feeding compost to trees, and the list goes on. Join us as we chat about what we have going on. Hopefully, it spurs a few ideas for you.
March 31, 2021
Want to be a master forager without going back to school? with Chelsea Granger
In the fall I gifted myself a beautiful Harvesting + Wildcrafting poster that I simply adored, and it's better in real life than it was on Instagram! As a result, I reached out to the artist and asked her to share more about her work with us. Chelsea Granger is passionate about making plants a part of life for everyone, and this poster is just the tip of her iceberg. Her work includes an incredible selection of tools disguised as art--practical, useful, and so pleasing to look at! Have a listen to our call and be inspired by how SIMPLE + BEAUTIFUL nature can be. Connect with Chelsea
March 24, 2021
3 Common Seed Starting Mistakes
It's seed starting time for almost everyone in the US now. Full disclosure we've had some seeds going for a couple of months now. We are kind of seed-starting junkies.  The questions have been coming in on what to do for certain situations. So we compiled a list of the most asked questions so hopefully, we can help you skip them. Get your seed trays and shop at Bootstrap Farmer for all your gardening needs!!
March 17, 2021
Did you know you can probably harvest syrup too? with Michelle of Wild Ones Homestead
Michelle of Wild Ones Homestead is doing amazing things on her small homestead in Wisconsin! Having only been there for 5 years, they're in the midst of setting up a super self-sufficient dream homestead, and our conversation is such an inspiration for those of us striving to grow our own and stay curious about the land around us.  Have a listen + don't forget to subscribe, review and stay in touch! Connect with Michelle Grab access to The Homestead Open House #tappingsyrup #maplesyrup #thehomesteadopenhouse #homesteadinglife
March 11, 2021
How young is too young for playing with fire? And what's for dinner? with Lisa Burns
As a homeschool mom, successful blogger + Instagram guru, Lisa Burns of This Pilgrim Life is a wealth of inspiration and encouragement. Her endless resources for meal-planning to kid-friendly projects are something I come back to again and again, and in this podcast, she shares about her NEWEST adventure--Supper Shenanigans!! It's a hilarious way to get dinner ideas the whole family will LOVE. Connect with Lisa: This Pilgrim Life blog This Pilgrim Life on Instagram This Pilgrim Life on Facebook 
March 4, 2021
Are you at odds with your inner child? with Jess Gronas
In this chat with Jess Gronas of the Jess Gronas show, we hear her vulnerable story of body image struggles, experience with bodybuilding, counting calories, and finding a place of healthfulness that is so much more than just how we look or feel physically, but how we feel mentally as well.  So many of us struggle with our own self-opinions, have a listen and reconnect with your 10-year-old self! Connect with Jess: Podcast: Jess Gronas Show on Itunes and Spotify Insta: @jessgronas Website: Facebook: Jess Gronas For more info on upcoming events email:
February 24, 2021
The homeschooling with the classics queen shares practical wisdom for us all! with Betsy Jenkins
Essentially homeschooled as a child, Betsy has beautiful inspiration to share in our talk and she's well-known to MANY homeschoolers for her insightful, relatable and hilarious meme's relating to the plight of the homeschool life. Connect with Betsy: Check out the meme's:
February 18, 2021
Need living proof that it doesn't have to be perfect to work? with Kallie Vaughn
Kallie has been homeschooling her 6 kids for over 18 years, and her experience is a testament to how the journey doesn't ever look perfect. Even with a degree in early education, having been raised by 2 public school teachers AND being married to one, her ideas on how to open a child's mind have very little to do with testing + end of grade--or with rigid schedules and checked boxes.  After almost 2 decades she can look back and offer us all comfort and instill confidence that there's no ONE right way to do things, and it's likely you're doing it all just right.  Connect with Kallie
February 10, 2021
Is your home a Bio Integrated home? with Shawn Jadrnicek
Bio integration is a term Shawn coined for homestead systems that serve a lot of different functions. For instance, a chicken tractor will give you eggs, fertilize your grass, help turn the compost. maybe even more. In the world of permaculture, we try to make sure everything on the homestead does at least two things. Shawn is taking it to the next level with 7.  Do you think about your systems this way? How many functions can you get out of one system? Grab Shawn's book The Bio-Integrated Farm: Check out Wild Hope Farm:
February 5, 2021
The Wow Journal with Rowena + Maddie Roberts
Ever had a bad thing make something good? Ever been told a gratitude journal will help improve your mind?  Well, we're excited to introduce you to the Wow Journal, the invention of an intuitive 8-year-old who knew that in spite of Covid, the world is FULL of miracles and things of wonder, and taking the time to notice them makes ALL the difference.  Have a listen to this short interview with the kid inventor of the Wow Journal. Maddie is marvelous + everyone in the family will be inspired to hear how this small idea was made a reality and is now available for purchase worldwide! Connect with Rowena and Maddie:
January 27, 2021
We need to shed from this toxicity.
We know the importance of a good reboot--lethargy, indigestion, sleeplessness, hormone fluctuation, anxiety... When we do a reboot of our body, we feel relief from the weight of the toxins that are trapped in our bodies.  Learn a bit about why cleansing is an invaluable tool for being healthy, and how to do one! Ready to start your cleanse, click this link to get started
January 20, 2021
A simple foraging calendar guide with Carolyn Anne
Carolyn Anne of Wonder and Wilder has created a calendar I LOVE! Each month focuses on one foraged plant that can be used for our benefit in a variety of ways.  Listen to her share what inspired this product, her plans for simple guides in the future, and how you can benefit from following her along in her journey!  Connect with Carolyn:
January 13, 2021
We made 2020 our story, and 2021 will be better!
Review + what's coming?!  We spent a little time focusing on what we were actually able to pull off in 2020. It wasn't the year we expected, and almost every plan was flipped on its head, BUT, we have a lot to show for ourselves in spite of it, and I bet you do too!  AND, we're inspired more than ever to bring the empowerment of self-sufficient living to anyone who's looking for it, so we have big plans to continue on that mission in 2021--are you ready?  Want more self-sufficiency? Join our group
January 6, 2021
I still believe in natural medicine🌱
Do you still believe in nature's medicine?  While we tend to be saying 'science' is what to trust right now, let's not ignore that the science of the natural world has been in practice for thousands of years!  In this episode, we get a little honest about how we think humanity is failing to keep its belief in nature and all it has to offer us, when we put our faith in other people we can lose our own power to heal and be well.
December 30, 2020
From pharmaceutical executive to farm-acy advocate! With Jennifer Maynard
Have you wanted to live your most healthful life, but don't know the first thing about nutrition? Curious why a former executive might be called to farming? Jennifer Maynard and I had the most inspiring conversation about why farming and connecting with farmers is crucial for our health--she also shared some really great tips for farmers who need to be reinspired by their own property. Check out the meal plans Connect with Jennifer:
December 23, 2020
How to feel like you belong (interviewing Lacey on her new book)
Join me (Drew) as I sit down and interview lacey on her book. We talk about the meaning behind the title "I Belong Here" and why it's such a great book for all the people trying to make more out of their lives. Get your FREE first chapter of the book and take the C4 Quiz here:  Order the book using the coupon code  THESCHOOLHOUSELIFE
December 16, 2020
How we celebrate Hanukkah (a guide for anyone that wants to celebrate it)
Lacey and I sat down and went over what Hanukkah means to us. How to even say that word. We cover all the essentials of the holiday and how to give it a go this year and maybe add a little bit of it to your holiday traditions. We all could use a little more light in the darkness this winter. Download our FREE printable 8 Nights of Hanukkah  Link to our blog and all things Hanukkah: How to play Dreidel:
December 9, 2020
Composting 101
Join us as we share a quick intro into composting and explore all the ends and outs of composting. Humanure, Black Soldier Flies, Compost Bins, and More. Check out the full webinar available on our website, the link is below in the comments. All of the important links regarding some of the products we use and love for composting are listed below   The Garden Tower - Our go to for small space gardening and composting. You can compost with worms in the middle and grow veggies in the outside part! We also send free worms to anyone that buys one from us. You for sure have to check it out!   Comfrey Root - From The Schoolhouse Farm - One of the best plants to have on your property. it's great for healing wounds on people and animals. It makes a great accelerator for compost. It's also the leaves are one of my favorites to add to compost tea. (we'll send you a couple of small roots. you can get them started inside and they'll be ready for spring)   Wiggle Poo (aka worm poo) - From The Homeplace Farm - Our friends right around the corner compost their dairy cow waste and chicken waste into their giant worm bins. Then they produce this black gold. I've got them to make a special link so we can send some to you. This stuff is great for adding to overwintering plants or to outside gardens. Even better is your helping a small farm make a living.    Black Soldier Fly Bins- A great way to compost everything. Meat to veg it all goes in and you get very nutrient grubs you can feed to livestock or just feed the wild birds.
December 3, 2020
Growing on a 1 acre mountain: Think your property is ALL WRONG for growing? with Ali Greer of Avenue 33 Farm
Ali Greer + Eric Tommassini own and operate Avenue 33 Farm in the city of Las Angeles. For so many reasons, that seems like an odd undertaking, but their oasis is showing how much you can do with a little intention, purpose, and inspiration.  You don't have to be on the most ideal piece of land to start growing and becoming more self-sufficient and improving the ecosystem of your own neighborhood! Listen and be inspired! Connect with Ali:
November 25, 2020
Too much family time keeping you from your passions? with Celeste Orr
Family time can be drudgery without the right perspective! And, particularly if we’re not finding our own purpose. How do we manage our families, our passions and our lives? Have a listen to Celeste Orr as she shares her tips for redefining togetherness, making the most of our time together, AND finding a way to do our life’s work with our family by our side. Connect with Celeste on Instagram Grab a copy of her book at
November 11, 2020
What are our 10 priorities for a homestead in these crazy times?
What homestead practices will help you be your most self-sufficient? Lacey and Drew created a top 10 list, can you guess what they are? Have a listen and let us know, is anything missing? Or in the wrong order? Join our group for more self-sufficiency and homesteading tips
November 4, 2020
Tips, tricks and products to avoid illness and boost health💪
When we know better, we can do better.  We've noticed a lack of understanding when it comes to immune system health and how to support it, so we jumped on to share some of our favorite tips, tools and products to maximize the power of our own immunity. Have a listen and see if there's anything simple and easy you can do to improve your health, prevent illness and help your body do its best to stay well.
October 28, 2020
Worried you’re too loosey goosey? with Courtney B Dunlap
We HOPE to be! Join Courtney + I as we discuss the freedoms of the school-at-homer, and the benefit we get to focus on the things that bring the most joy and growth to each child. And--that changes year to year! For the parents too!  Connect with Courtney and purchase her book: To purchase The Rumble Hunters, my website is  The Rumble Hunters’ Guide to Adventure Mini Activity Pack Instagram Facebook Page
October 22, 2020
Raise your hand if you had, or wanted to have, a homebirth!
I have yet to meet a homebirther who isn’t PASSIONATE about supporting pregnant women. Shayla is just that--eager to encourage women + help them have an empowering birthing experience. I wish the resources she offers had been available for our births. Being empowered by the process of childbirth can be tricky this day and age--the more supports you can find the better! Listen to our conversation about the beauty of childbirth and the ways we can do better at supporting moms through it all. Connect with Shayla on Instagram and visit her website:
October 14, 2020
Choosing a curriculum isn't rocket science with Serena Ryan
What curriculum is a good fit for your family?  With SO MANY options it can be completely overwhelming finding the right fit. Where do you even start?  Serena + I have a great conversation about this issue, about some of the key things to look for, and about how to navigate the world of being the ‘new homeschool mom’.  Check out the open house Connect with Serena and grab her resources in the comments below: Free choosing curriculum guide Join the society Instagram @theconfidenthomeschooler
October 7, 2020
Small scale but big impact Regenerative Agriculture on 2 acres with Hannah Eisloeffel of Table Bluff Farms
Hannah has what most farmers would call a small scale farm at around 2 acres but her and her partner and making a huge impact with that acreage. Their land actually has a negative carbon footprint while at the same time producing some of the best food you could have. Take a listen as she goes into detail on what and how they do what they do. Did you see we are hosting a screening of Kiss the Ground? Come out to our farm if you're local and join us for a fun night on the farm. You can buy tickets here: Connect with Hannah and Table Bluff Farms:
September 30, 2020
How to nurture your child outside your own skillset with Elle Cole
Are you stuck in old ways? Afraid of starting in the wrong place? Not sure how to make sure your kids are getting the foundation for learning they need?  Elle Cole is an amazing speaker and chatting with her is both energizing and informative. She has the greatest sense of curiosity and knows exactly what to say to remind us how to tap into that in ourselves. Check out Elle's podcast at Cleverly Changing and follow Elle on Instagram Homeschooling? 7 Ways to Take A Break Homeschooling as a Family - Lesson 13
September 23, 2020
Do you know what to expect from your child's development? with Annie Haas
What do you know about your child’s psychology? Or Consciousness?  Do you know the milestones of brain development? Or how to find a curriculum that best supports that?  My conversation with Annie has me feeling much more equipped to make good choices for where my child is in their own personal development, and that keeping some of these key ideas in mind will keep our family feeling more nurtured and excited about learning than ever before. Visit Annie's website for all things Waldorf Connect with Annie on Instagram
September 16, 2020
Are you putting too much pressure on your homeschool experience? with Nicki Truesdell
Nicki Truesdell was homeschooled as a child AND has homeschooled her 5 kids for over 20 years! Her experience through hard single life, illness, and more--has left her (and through our conversation it should you as well) that ANYONE CAN HOMESCHOOL!!  Talking to Nicki--a homeschool success story--I feel WAY less worried about making the perfect choices. Turns out, the curriculum and programs she took place in as a homeschooler had minimal impact compared to the other benefits of homeschooling.  Listen and learn, and be reminded of how you are the perfect person to do this with your kids!! Connect with Nicki and grab her new book: Her book: Check out her blog at Instagram: Facebook:
September 9, 2020
What it's like to homeschool as a dad with Rob James.
Rob and I sat down and chatted about what homeschooling as dad looks like. With a lot of dads staying home or looking at being home more there are a lot of questions out there. Rob and I chat about what works for him and where he has found himself in the homeschool world. You can check out more from Rob at Connect with Rob on Instagram
September 2, 2020
Simple Homeschooling and how to make a Co-op with Vanessa Hartmann
Does the thought of starting to homeschool sound daunting? Maybe you're stuck not able to pick a curriculum? Almost everyone homeschool family I know has struggled with feeling like they weren't doing enough from time to time, but the truth is we just have to get back to basics. Join Vanessa and I as we discuss how we can pool resources with others, find a good rhythm in our home and find more confidence and joy in the privilege of teaching our kids how to learn (which, spoiler, you're doing no matter what). Connect with Vanessa Get Vanessa's A Year In Nature homeschool co-op guide here Join Vanessa and other homeschoolers as they share all the tips and tricks for homeschooling #thehomeschoolopenhouse #homeschoolpodcast #theschoolhouselife #homeschoolnewbie
August 26, 2020
Long covid?! Finding tools when there don’t seem to be any with Lorrie Rivers
Long covid?! Finding tools when there don’t seem to be any from someone who’s recovered. The fear of Covid is real, fear of getting it and fear of not recovering.  That fear can be debilitating! For those who have suffered from things like Chronic Fatigue or Fibromyalgia it can be even scarier--what if I relapse? What if I'm wiped out by this? In my chat with Lorrie a lot of those fears are alleviated because there ARE tools that help and ways to support your body to recover. Having found a path out of 8 years of chronic fatigue and other diagnosed issues--Lorrie found tools that worked and has been able to use those powerful options and has created a way to help others do the same.  Connect with Lorrie Check out Lorrie's helpful tools here: FREE:  5 Day Wellness and Covid Recovery Support Plan (also applicable to ME/CFS/FM) FREE:  Live Zoom Call with Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, MD. Dr. Teitelbaum is an expert in Long Covid and ME/CFS/FM. FREE:  YouTube Covid Recovery Support Kit. Videos with yoga, meditation, Wim Hof Instructor, acupressure, how to approach exercise, and more.  New videos added each week. FREE:  Positive Focus Covid Recovery Support Group (also applicable to ME/CFS/FM)
August 19, 2020
Reduce and Reuse here's how to make it work for you.
Listen in as we talk about ways to reduce and reuse and ways you can make it work for you.  We love reusing around the homestead and we hope you will find ways to do the same with some of these tips!
August 12, 2020
Why you should be eating Regenerative Agriculture Meats - Interview with Devorah Kimelman-Block
"Let your food be your medicine" is a phrase we always hear but when it comes to buying a steak or chicken for dinner we don't realize that, that meat is making us sicker. The great news is that with Regenerative Agriculture the meat produced is actually able to make you healthier. The omega 3s are healthier and a lot more! There’s so much to regenerative agriculture and what’s happening with the agricultural world. Take a listen and let us know what you think. Devorah also gave us a coupon code to her store, so you can get 10% off your order. Coupon Code: SchoolhouseLife Draw down-
August 5, 2020
How to stay healthy at your work🙌
If you're working at home or working at an office right now we are all wondering about extra ways to stay healthy. Lacey and I lay out our ways that we try and stay healthy working at home and when we go into public places to work. It's not super hard and things that anyone can do. What's the top way that you make sure you're staying healthy at work?
July 29, 2020
How do you feel about 'de-schooling'? Maybe it's time to find out! - With Kaleena Amuchastegui
Can you teach? Are you going to be able to handle homeschooling? We are our child's best teacher. The word homeschool is HEAVY. But, let's lighten that load!  I have felt a STRONG connection  with Kaleena Amuchastegui of the 5 Hour School week for some time. She gets me, and she has SO MUCH wisdom to share. Her words and thoughts have given me confidence, and I hope you'll listen to our conversation and feel that confidence.  Whether you LOVE curriculum, public schooling or prefer to follow the flow of your child's curiosity--this episode touches on some of the deeply rooted cultural education we all should take a closer look at!  Follow Kaleena on Instagram #homeschool #unschool #covidschool #educationstartsathome
July 22, 2020
Permaculture, Resiliency, and your community with Addie Navaro
Want to heal your chronic issues but don't know where to turn? Addie knows just how you feel and has found solutions that could work for anyone! Sometimes we need to take a step in a new direction to find perspective and solutions. Listen to gain some quick perspective on how by changing your perspective and seeking answers in different places might improve your health! Download Addie's freebie!
July 15, 2020
How to make summer homeschool work for you.
It’s getting hot, which can mean the kids are getting antsy. The ‘stay at home’ initiative may be making things worse for everyone, but don’t forget--learning doesn’t have to be formal, and summer is the perfect time to go with the flow and see what kind of magic can happen.  Join Lacey + Drew as they share their favorite tips, resources + ideas on how to encourage learning and excitement this summer--and how you should NOT be afraid of boredom. It may be the BEST medicine for your kids!  AND, big announcements for the newbie homeschoolers coming soon!! Keep your ear to the ground, we could not be MORE EXCITED!! 
July 8, 2020
Why NOT to keep a distance: Touch = better health. Especially for babies!
Feeling aggressive? Short-tempered? Straight angry? You probably need to touch someone, and that can be REAL tricky right now.  It turns out, the thing we're avoiding most right now may have a major role to play in our overall health, and Khyati knows all about that!  We may not be able to touch, hug or even shake hands like we don't even know we're craving, but we can do some things at home together! As mother Teresa says--'If you want to heal the world, start with your own family.' So, let's bring touch back in our homes with infant (and other family to family) massage! Unfortunately, American culture teaches us that touch is always sexual, and that cultural norm can keep us from creating real bonds that help us heal at a really fundamental level--baby massage helps us retrain ourselves to embrace our craving for touch, and use it to promote healing + deeper human connections. Connect with Khyati and register your email for a free video training on the 1 simple stroke to relieve baby's constipation.  For more information and videos check out Khyati's YouTube: Mom Meets World and Minute Massage.
July 1, 2020
Shade loving producers and making your home a permaculture oasis with Brandy Hall
Have you ever walked a few feet from your front door, picked a few ripe berries, popped them in your mouth and thought 'this is the life'? It is, it is the life. And you can totally have it! Brandy Hall from Shades of Green Permaculture joined me to discuss Permaculture + how it can serve anyone, no matter their yard size. If we can all implement a little more of the permaculture way of thinking in our lifestyles, we can all be a little more self-sufficient!  You don't have to have acreage to be a permaculturist, gardener or even an agriculture activist!  Also, be sure to grab Brandy's Shade Loving Landscape Guide! Connect With Brandy:
June 24, 2020
Preserving The Harvest
Having a FRESH garden veggies and fruits in the winter is the BEST! We show you how to preserve the garden bounty in jars and more, in this free webinar. We are bringing together four people that have been canning food for over 20 years. All of us can food every year. We've learned what works and what doesn't. We'll talk about the tools we need AND the ones that we don't. Pressure cooker, water bath, stove - we'll talk about pros and cons and how to do it all successfully. We teach how to safely jar foods so nobody gets sick We share some of our secrets we've learned along the way too. By the end you'll be ready to can that harvest of garden veg that's on its way.
June 17, 2020
Using Essential Oils In The Garden
Do you like living a natural and self-sufficient life? We do too! Below are some ways you can join us in making your life and the world a better place.   Join our Facebook Group here 👉  Grab our free guide to how we live a self-sufficient life here 👉   Use the code 'TheSchoolhouseLifeYT' for 50% off any of our e-courses here 👉   Get your kit of essential oils here 👉   Get started with a Garden tower here (you put worms and compost in the middle, and grow veggies on the outside) 👉   Get amazing coffee sent straight to your door here  (get 30% off your first order when you use our code) 👉
June 10, 2020
Transforming your dietary allergies & health with Daniela Londoño Velez
Ever thought your food allergies were caused by a block that could be released? Like, maybe you could STOP your allergies in their tracks by addressing issues from past lives? Me neither! But, Daniela has reversed her own dietary allergies + transformed her health by using SRT--spiritual response therapy. Now, I'm not going to tell you your past lives are the problem--I'm not really a past life proponent, but I do know the power of addressing deeper spiritual roots that lead to major health issues. And, as an empath, the points we discuss in this call were enlightening to hear as new ways to fortify + empower myself to be our healthiest. #empathsunite! #spiritualresponsetherapy
June 3, 2020
Your mouth might be the reason for chronic diseases, behavioral issues, and more. Interview with Kate Kitzes
Is your tongue screwing up your health? Could be!! 👅 This interview definitely went into a whole new realm I hadn’t really considered! I found myself wiggling my tongue around the roof of my mouth as Kate gave me her checklist of things that might be interfering with our best health.  I know sleep has a powerful impact on our health, and being able to breathe is important too. But, did you know that removing teeth actually alters the shape of your whole mouth? Or that swallowing or how the tongue rests could be impacting you’re child’s health? We have 80 something muscles in our neck and 7 of them are in our tongue 🤯.  There are so many fascinating things in this interview that offers a great overview of how our mouth could be the gates to better health! 👄
May 20, 2020
Empowering kids for a better tomorrow with Shari Packard
Are you confused by how holistic healthcare is different than modern healthcare? Have you ever been frustrated because you've been given the run around? Tried almost everything the doctor has said and not gotten results?  Shari Packard + I discuss the beauty of looking at the body a little differently, how that has transformed her life + led to healing that has inspired her to help others find the same answers for themselves.
May 13, 2020
Moon Cycles + the Female Condition with Barbara Hanneloré
What's the moon got to do with it? EVERYthing! Has your daughter starter her period? Are you going through menopause? Join Lacey + Barbara and get major insights into the mysterious ways of womanhood, how they connect to the cycles of the moon, learn how you can better master your cycles and patterns and hear about the incredible resources Barbara Hannelore has developed in her decades of experience coaching moms, daughters and women of all ages in knowing their body + celebrating it's rhythms.
May 6, 2020
Just keep bees already! (how to make it easy--no need to be afraid!)
Have you been thinking about keeping bees but just not sure where to start? Join us! We talk about what it takes to keep bees How to get your kids involved Bee Safety What kind of hive to get How much time and money bees take
May 4, 2020
The EASIEST breakdown of the Charlotte Mason Method with Rachel Lebowitz
Homeschooling making you feel inadequate? I often struggle seeing all the beautiful posts of fellow Charlotte Mason inspired homeschoolers, how can I possibly keep up? How can I do it well and NOT lose my mind? Rachel, an expert in Charlotte Mason methodology, has built a business helping moms eek out the best parts of CM homeschooling in a way that leaves everyone feeling GOOD about their daily routines. Helping folks develop their own unique and empowered living education rhythm is what has motivated Rachel to develop incredible tools that simplify Charlotte Mason for ANY family--no matter their lifestyle and WITH JOY! Listen in for an awesome discount JUST FOR YOU on any of her tools at
April 29, 2020
Dr. Beth Westie - Hormone + Women's Health Expert
How are your hormones? I did NOT know about this 'nutty' practice much before today! But Seed Cycling is something I've been curious about for a while. Heard of it? I think you'll like it. Thanks to Dr. Beth Westie I am now eager to try eating the right seeds, at the right time to improve my hormone balance and womanly cycles! I HIGHLY recommend you listen to this great interview with Dr. Beth (who's hilarious), and learn some really fascinating and simple things that have proven effective for her clients dealing with hormone irregularity, infertility, adrenal imbalances and more. (yes, you.)  Please let us know--what do YOU think about Seed Cycling?! Gonna try it? Or do you think it's for the birds? (yuck, yuck.)
April 22, 2020
Tapping yourself out of fear--the power of EFT + how to simply add it into your routine.
Are you dealing with any fears around tapping? Well listen to this!! a FREE and SO simple protocol you can do at home to help move through all those feelings! Tapping!! I keep hearing how powerful this ridiculously easy tool is. Katie Nall, a math teacher, has also become an expert in EFT (Emotion Freeing Technique) and has helped so many deal with fears. On this call, Katie generously gifts us all some incredibly simple ways (that take minutes!) to add to our daily routine to work through fears, and feel more at peace. Did you know stress inhibits lung function? Diminishes the immune system? Let’s use ALL the tools we can to fend anxiety off and support our bodies!
April 8, 2020
Simple steps you can take to boost your immune system
Join us as we explore some simple and natural things you can do to boost your immune system.
April 6, 2020
Our Oils + Why We Love Them-Live Panel
Our Oils + Why We Love Them-Live Panel
April 3, 2020
Wellness Awareness Interview Series: Kim Goeltom
Hey, I'm so excited to share with you Kim of Creating Legacy Wellness! She shares with us how to deal with stress and overwhelm. How our health and routines can help us get more rest and allow our bodies to work with us and not against us.
April 1, 2020
Lessons learned from Inhabit a permaculture movie
In this episode we talk about the movie we just watched called Inhabit a Permaculture Perspective, the movie goes into detail about what permaculture is and how we can all do some simple things to make a huge difference. you can check out the movie here :
March 30, 2020
Where we came from and where we are going
Here's how this all started for us AND more importantly where we are going!
March 27, 2020
Energy work sound woo-woo? Maybe you should woo-woo, too!
Feel like things just aren't quite right? People talk about being in 'alignment', but when you're so far from feeling in a good space, where do you even start? Maggie has a lot of great wisdom on this topic--and personal experience! She shares with us what working with energy looks like, and how it might be the solution you need to feel less anxious, depressed or disconnected.
February 19, 2020
Collage therapy--an easy technique to find a sense of calm in these times of chaos.
Have you tended your soul lately? What's your energy doing? Ever been curious about Reiki? @Rebecca Aydelette of @Clary and Sage is one of the most intuitive ladies I know, and better yet--she is so good at easing folks into practices like Reiki or Soul-Collage--activities that are nurturing to the mind & spirit! Have a listen, and come meet her live at the Expo! She has a fun activity and an incredible raffle prize to share with us!
February 9, 2020
Wellness Awareness Series: Jessica Elliot
Does your gut need an adjustment? Listen to Jessica share what chiropractic care at Brittian Chiropractic can offer its clients, and it’s so much more than just a good crack!  Jessica is a health educator and knows loads about how to get into alignment, and what that might do for your health--and it might surprise you! Come meet her this sunday February 9th 2:00pm-5:00pm Get your FREE ticket at
February 7, 2020
Wellness Awareness Series: Lauren Hall
Hypnosis as healthcare? What do you think?  It can certainly conjure images of magicians & 19th-century circus-style trickery and dangling pocket watches.  BUT, hypnosis has centuries of powerful history that can't be denied! A few decades ago it was used as common practice, and only just now is being re-introduced to manage all kinds of healthcare needs, from relieving anxiety triggers to pain management--this noninvasive practice can be powerful for so many things!  I couldn't be more excited to share @Lauren & all she's doing with @Modern Day Hypnosis! Make sure to come see her at our health expo on Sunday the 9th 2pm-5pm Get your tickets at
February 7, 2020
Wellness Awareness Series: Interview with Tina Hopkins
Tina Hopkins does a lot for her clients to help them find mobility through massage. She has a pretty amazing team of people that help you with just about every aspect of making sure you are feeling your best. I love her story she gives of herself finding out about the power of massage and "that it's not just for rich people" Come meet her in person at our expo on Feb 9th from 2pm-5pm Get your FREE ticket at
February 6, 2020
Wellness Awareness Series: Interview with Mary Bryan-Stewart.
Wellness Awareness Series: Interview with Mary Bryan-Stewart. First, I want to say that I am loving talking with all these natural wellness people. They are all amazing and I have been learning so much just from the interviews. I'm so glad I can share these people with you. Mary has a really cool business where she makes paleo treats including donuts...yes donuts!...that are paleo-friendly. Take a listen to her awesome story. Make sure to join us this Sunday, Feb 9th from 2-5 to meet Mary and all the other amazing people at the Expo. register here:
February 5, 2020
Wellness Awareness Series: Interview with Rachel Shue
Rachel Shue works with Bayada and helps make sure people have an amazing quality of life. Her story of how she got there and how her clients have a better life is really inspiring!
February 3, 2020
Feeling Isolated + alone? Alisha Wielfaert of Yoke + Abundance is a Wise Woman and helps us all tap into our inner wisdom
Ever feel isolated? Alone in your sadness? A little lost in what it is you truly want out of your life? Often we let these keep some elements of our desires or suffering to ourselves. We don’t want to burden others, or make ourselves vulnerable. Our society trains us to believe that independence is the truest measure of success.  Alisha Wielfaert is a connector. One of @Triad Business Journal’s 2020 40 to watch under 40, she brings women together in a way that soothes souls and develops a wholeness we can only experience through our community with others.  Alisha facilitates conversations that lead to clarity & often help her clients reconnect with their purpose and personal creativity. She’s a treasure! Visit for your free 30 days of meditation!
February 2, 2020
Wellness Awareness Series 1 - Dr. Susan Sykes
It's our Wellness Awareness series! Susan Sykes is a passionate chiropractor and Wellness Advisor who has spent decades learning how the human body works & how to help people feel their best.  She has built a practice around targeted support for her patients & continues to help them find huge relief with traditional knowledge paired with the best technology available today. Listen to learn about some of what she does, and be inspired! Natural health takes so many forms, and we can all be healthier when we know what’s out there--and who will support us be our best!
January 29, 2020
Interview with Lilly Emendy from Out of the Garden Project
This week we're talking with Lilly Emendy from the Urban Teaching Farm. The Farm is part of @outofthegardenproject. They are all doing their best to keep the kids in Greensboro and surrounding areas fed with good food. . The Urban Teaching Farm is a 1-acre farm that's pumping out a bunch of good organic produce for CSAs and for low-income families. . There are tons of volunteer opportunities from sorting food to helping at the farm. Come join us Tuesday mornings at the farm or go to to find other opportunities.
August 5, 2019
Interview with the wizard of Black Soldier Flies - Karl Warkomski
In Europe, people are starting to eat Black Soldier Flies as a really great source of protein. Karl is an expert in the world of the Black Soldier Fly science and the cultivation of Black Soldier Flies.  On the homestead, we use Black Soldier Flies to eat all our rotten vegetables, rotten meat, food scraps, and livestock that has died, and then produce amazing food for birds and poultry.  If you haven't ever heard of black soldier flies this is a great deep dive into What BSF are, Why you should have a BSF bin, and how to get started with BSF.
July 25, 2019
The Pain Remover
A combination of every heavy-hitting, pain-reducing, inflammation eliminating, knot erasing, ache relieving oil! One of my best friends for those persistent trouble spots. Penetrates stimulates cell repair and improves circulation. Easy, and potent! I have a very stiff neck. Massages, chiropractor, heating pads, cold pads...I have used all of them and they're great. But in a pinch, I just want quick and easy pain relief on the go. I didn't think I'd ever find anything other than over-the-counter that make my stomach hurt. But this blend takes the cake for effectively giving me quick relief! It honestly feels too easy! I've run out of it multiple times I use it so much, but at just a few dollars for the ingredients--it's good for the pocketbook too!
July 15, 2019
Sheep Moving Day - the process
We started this whole homesteading thing with a dream of having a goat farm. I'm not really sure why we wanted goats other than we wanted to be able to pet them and laugh at their cute little babies when they jumped around. . We did do that a lot but we also spent a lot more time trying to figure out how to keep goats in their fences. But it got really old because goats had way more time to figure out how to get out. Like that's really all they do all day AND night long! .  So one day we got a few sheep and added them in with our goats. We found the sheep were super chill. All they wanted to do was stick with the flock, if they did that, they were very content. So we got rid of all the goats and bought more sheep.  Sheep come with their host of problems. Mainly they are born looking for a way to die. But they love staying in fences and are for the most part really easy to handle.  Today is sheep moving day.   We use electric netting fencing that we can move so that they have fresh grass and older pastures can have time to rest. Which they need to do so the parasites die back and the grass can have time to grow more again. Our goal is to only use a section (paddock) every six months. Which is really challenging but with proper management we can make it happen.
July 14, 2019
*New E-Course* coming out soon! Sleep, Stress, Bumps, and Bites : Lavender for a Healthy Family
We need volunteers for our new E-course. Sleep, Stress, Bumps, and Bites: Lavender for a healthy family. . When we first started using essential oils the oil that won me over was Lavender! Owning my own business I would struggle at night to get a good nights sleep. I'd be laying in bed thinking about the jobs I had the next day. The people I needed to call back. The employees I had to deal with. There's a ton to owning your own business. Then it would get even more frustrating because I'd know if I didn't fall asleep soon I'd be tired the whole next day. So lacey told me to put a little on my big toe and give it a try. So the first night I didn't that I don't even remember laying there. I slept so well it was amazing! I woke up refreshed and ready. I repeated the same thing for night after night and the results just kept coming. Now most nights I mix it up with different oils, sometimes just put oils in the diffuser...but my experience with sleep and oils has been huge. . So we have been doing the essential oils thing for awhile. We've been training people on how to use essential oils for just about any ailment. We've even spent a long time training people on how to sell the most amazing essential oils. Because they work for so many things. . I thought it would be super fun to collect all our trainings on one subject and put them into a course. So that's what I did. Im starting with lavender because we all know it has a ton uses. Right? And since it was one that had the biggest impact on myself I feel like it's only appropriate. . Sleep, bug bites, stress, headaches, nose bleeds, the list just goes on and on. . So in the training we have three trainings on just how to use lavender and other relaxing blends for the most common issues. . then I collected all the DIY projects I could find and put those in there. Things like a yoga spray and dryer sheets...about 6 or 7 different topics . I also grabbed some of our team members and got their videos on lavender and how they use it...if you have more you want to include send them my way. . Now I'm working on the lavender cookbook. About 10 recipes on cook or making food with Lavender. That will be in the course for you to have. . By the time you're done with this course you'll be an expert in the world of lavender. I'm really excited to share it with you! . Im going to add a few extra parts in it to make it even better. I'm really excited to share it with you. . Right now I need three of four people to check out the course and give me a little feedback. If your interested comment below and I'll send you the link.
July 11, 2019
The Chickens are Laying again!
We've had chickens for the past seven years, A flock comes and goes about every two years. Last year when we went out of the country for a month something ate our whole flock!  We thought that might happen and were kind of ok with it. They were on year two and had pretty much stopped laying eggs every day. They were also eating up my garden and pecking holes in my tomatoes! So they got banished to total free-range status, which means no feed at all. It's an eat what you can find kind of thing. Around our property, a chicken can live really happy that way!  This new flock we started in the early spring. We just picked up some from tractor supply. It seems like we have been raising this flock forever. They have gone through all kinds of disasters. They had snakes eating them, then an owl, a raccoon and finally some hawks eyeing them. We moved one of our guardian dogs near them and he sorted things out but not before we lost a good many of them. Our free-range chickens are finally laying eggs again. That means fresh eggs for us, which means beautiful golden yokes and tasty eggs again!   In a few more weeks we should be getting a dozen a day, which is really about what our family eats!
July 9, 2019
A story about stinky things
A story about stinky things.
July 8, 2019
Better than composting!
When we first started raising chickens we need a way to feed them as cheaply as we could. It's really hard to raise chickens on a budget and especially to make sure they are healthy and having a great life. So I researched a ton about different ways to feed chickens. We sprouted our own grains. We fermented grains. We tried growing our own grains. All of that took way more money than just buying good chicken feed. But then I found this guy that was selling these bins for black soldier flies. It made so much sense to be able to reduce what we were putting into the trash. We also had a place to put weeds and things that we didn't want to compost. The soldier flies eat the seeds so there's nothing to worry about there. I went to buy some and found out you don't even have to buy them! They just come out of nature and grow right in your bin. That made it even better the only thing we had to buy was the bin! A few years ago after chicken processing day, we put the remains of about 300 chickens in it at one time. That was way too much. The whole homestead stunk for about a week. but after that things were back to normal and we had lots of food for the new batch of chickens. Is it wrong to feed chickens larva that ate other chickens? But now we have had them for a few years and as long as you keep them fed they stay around and take care of our waste. When we have little animals die we put them in there too. It keeps the predators from coming around and we don't have to dig a hole. They make these bins in a small backyard size too or you can make your own just google the plans.
July 7, 2019
When to use the symphony of the cells protocols
Basically symphony of the cells is always a great idea. Like all natural medicine you need to find what works best with your body and use that protocol. Some times it can take a few tries to get there, but don't give up! Yesterday we were able to stop a migraine in about 15 minutes using one of the protocols that took about 4 mins to apply.
July 5, 2019
How to Keep your pets calm
With fireworks and thunderstorms around there are some super simple tools you can use to help keep them calm.
July 5, 2019
The start of the Schoolhouse Project
This is my first post of many that will cover the areas of natural wellness, homesteading, being a stay at home dad, and working with essential oils. Join me on the journey and help me make it even better.   Post your comments below and please leave me some great reviews.
July 2, 2019
Mini Water Garden on a Budget
Check out this little water garden we've been working on. Last year we got the barrel on sale and plugged the hole in the bottom. Then we won some goldfish at the fair and put them in there. This past winter we scored a couple of water plants at a super discount at the garden center and dropped them in the pond.  . Now that it's warming up everything is coming together and the pond has a new life to it!
June 27, 2019
Gardening the healthy way
Let's talk about how we garden with essential oils and even how we use them on bees.
June 20, 2019