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The Second Paradigm

The Second Paradigm

By David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner
David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner discuss life in The Second Paradigm. From grounded spirituality to business, social and political trends, and current events—no topic is off the table.
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Our Experience at the Trump 2020 Rally in Tucson, Arizona
What happens when two long-time Democrats go to a Trump 2020 rally? The same thing that’s been happening for months: Continual awe at the surprising reality underneath media narratives. What happens when they post about it on social media? The same thing that’s been happening for months: Greater inner solidity. We want to leave this episode as a bookmark for us to come back to—to reflect on just how much this event left a lasting impression on us. More inside today’s episode.
October 21, 2020
“If You Don’t Vote for Me, You Ain’t Spiritual.”
This episode starts with a post from David called, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t spiritual.” Then, weaves through the way we work together as a couple and business partners to land on deeper soul truth. “Why intuition is the highest form of logic.” “And how to stand your ground no matter what the pushback may be.”
October 15, 2020
Trump 2020, Abortion, and Inner Solidity
A bonus episode to hold you over while we get ready for Season 3! Links: Our new production company, Paradise Valley Productions: Our channeled docs and audios, including Navigating Darkness, 100% free: Donald Trump’s “Good People on Both Sides” FULL CLIP:
October 9, 2020
See You in Season 3!
The Second Paradigm Club Our Upcoming Channel Nights: 9/1/2020 10/6/2020 11/3/2020 Come to them all, included in The Second Paradigm Club. See you in Season 3!
August 31, 2020
Stepping Into Something New 🦶🏻
David and Miriam talk about the shift in their lives and the context around “working with peers.” The business coaching industry says to look back 3 years and coach someone like your past self through a journey into your present self. What happens when, instead, you look out to your peers and see not “better than” or “less than,” but unique differences that come together to create something new? This and more, on this episode of The Second Paradigm Podcast. Brought to you by
August 25, 2020
Intro to Politics (A Spiritual Perspective) 👩🏻‍⚖️
The Second Paradigm Podcast David and Miriam talk politics. Specifically, what politicians means when they say “Free Healthcare,” or “Free Higher Education.” LINKS: The Second Paradigm Blog: Join the Club (Our Monthly Membership) and come to our next channel night:
August 18, 2020
Bonus Episode: Let’s Just Shoot It Straight 🗣
In this episode, David and Miriam talk about being yourself in the world and the only other alternative. It’s a chat about The First Paradigm vs. The Second Paradigm, dark vs. Light, manipulation in the coaching industry, and more. LINKS: Every Sales Page Ever (Blog): Website: The Second Paradigm Club: Second Paradigm Apparel:
August 15, 2020
A Context for Corruption 🤯
The Second Paradigm Podcast by David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner. Recorded Live in The Second Paradigm Community on Facebook: LINKS: Read our Latest Articles on the Blog: Join us for our Live Channel Nights + more in The Second Paradigm Club: Or grab a one-off ticket for our 9.1.20 Channel Night:
August 11, 2020
Behind the Curtain of Spiritual Theater 🎭
Recorded LIVE in The Second Paradigm Community Facebook Group. Join us live every Monday at 1pm Pacific: LINKS: We have a channel night tomorrow 8/4/20 at 4pm Pacific! Join Monthly: Or buy a single ticket here:
August 3, 2020
#ChallengeDeclined 👩🏻
The Second Paradigm Podcast by David and Miriam RELEVANT LINKS: Podcasting LIVE in Our FB Community on Monday at 1pm Pacific: Intro Night 7/30/20: The Second Paradigm Monthly (Membership, Light Language, Channel Nights):
July 29, 2020
David’s Essential Oil Skepticism 🌺
MLMs and Essential Oils: how both didn’t feel right...until they did. Even in the world of icky scripts and performative spirituality, by following the energy and trusting our soul’s knowing, we can navigate through and make things work for us. As Miriam always says, “When it’s time, it’s time and when it’s not time, it’s not time.” The Latest from The Second Paradigm with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner RELEVANT LINKS: Essential Oils from Miriam: 7/30 Intro Night: 8/4 Channel Night: Second Paradigm Monthly:
July 20, 2020
Virtual Reality Fires Everywhere! 🔥
Getting back to the core Second Paradigm ideas we know and love. 🔥 When our lives and the world are “on fire,” and we learn through experience that the flames don’t burn. 🔥 Why the miracle of life is right here in the present. Sponsored by... The Second Paradigm Monthly 🙃 Learn More:
July 4, 2020
Reading Miriam’s Hate Mail 📝
Why it’s hard to have a dissenting opinion in 2020, and what that means about you. Come to our Live 7/7/20 Channel Night + get access to July’s Light Language:
June 17, 2020
What if I Never? 🔥
Explore More at
June 11, 2020
Should Everyone Be an Activist? 👄
The Second Paradigm is built on recognizing that we’re all a part of something larger—and all a part of that same thing. As collective narratives come up that pull on our heartstrings and moral compass, what do we do? This is a nuanced discussion of whether or not we all need to be involved in the activism movements of today. In a world with ever-changing narratives, from a soul perspective, what is truly ours to do?
June 3, 2020
Seeing Through Mind Control 👀
May 23, 2020
Going Out of Business 🥶
Direct Access starts this Thursday! You Gettin’ Pinged?
May 6, 2020
The Uncomfortable Truth about Manifestation and Money
David and Miriam: Unleashed. Welcome to the perspectives we often DON’T share, and why we tend to have a counter-perspective on the topics of money and manifestation. As always, we’re here to help you find YOUR OWN TRUTH. To dive in with us further, check out our upcoming course, Direct Access: It’s an in-depth exploration into your intuition, and how/why to trust your knowing and expression.
April 27, 2020
The Stages of Waking Up
How to Access Soul Truth David and Miriam chat about The Levels of Clearance and what it looks like to “wake up.” More coming soon in the Self-Love doc, for free, in The Second Paradigm Community on Facebook: Or, get it early and chat with us live in VIP:
April 21, 2020
Things We Fight About 🤬
Enjoy our latest podcast! ANNOUNCEMENTS: ❤️ YouTube: We have new videos coming very soon! A Detailed Exploration of Money, Channeled Clips, Art of Truth with Light Language and more. If you aren't already, subscribe here: 💙 Donation Based Channel Night: We’ll be hosting a channel night on Thursday, April 16th in The Second Paradigm Community (our free FB group). This won’t be the last, so if you see this after the 16th, come join the group anyway! Join the Free Group:
April 14, 2020
Is the Schumann Resonance Rising?
David and Miriam chat about their Schumann resonance, how to make sense of it, the difference between scientific and spiritual perspectives, and much, much more.
April 14, 2020
Stop Being Nice: Letting People Go
In this episode, we unpack the subtleties of Letting Go. When we go beyond the labels of narcissist, bpd, or sociopath, we find a similar energetic thread. How do we let the people who are “orbiting out” fully orbit out? We talk niceties, people pleasing, being a b*tch, and more, and navigate our way to liberation!
April 3, 2020
Seeing Through Narratives + Discovering Self-Love
Today, Miriam and David explore the many political and other narratives during this period of nationwide quarantine. How can we see through the narratives of the moment and make sense of what’s really true? Then, the episode takes a turn and moves toward our own internal conflict. Miriam explores her own truth and its value in the world, and David unpacks a new teaching on Self-Love. This is a “double-length” (long) episode with a potent activation and energetic thread running through it: “Come Back, Be with Your Own Conflict, Emerge as Yourself.” To keep this exploration going with us, hop in our Free Facebook Group and explore our growing library of free resources/videos:
March 30, 2020
Unrefined Truth for the Sake of Liberation
What do we do with all of these triggering truths bubbling up within us? Today, we explore speaking unrefined truth for the sake of liberation. We, of course, also talk about the coronavirus, COVID-19, and how to find your own truth and knowing within the cultural frenzy. Here’s the Facebook Group we mentioned where we’ll be teaching Making Sense of Soul, and where we have our channeled documents available:
March 23, 2020
Bonus: “The True Power of Peace” Read by David Hrostoski
The True Power of Peace is a channeled document by The Second Paradigm. To download the PDF version, and for a guided meditation experience on Peace, join us in “The Second Paradigm Community” Facebook group:
March 20, 2020
When the Collective Panics: Popping Through the Noise
How do you find your own soul truth when, everywhere you look, the collective is panicking? In this episode, we unpack what it looks like to sort through your truth. • Body Heavy vs. Soul Heavy “Blend” • Collective Stages of Awareness • Why RAGE helps find truth and pop through the noise RESOURCES: 1) RAGE: a course for women to liberate their truth: 2) Free Channeled Document, A Guide for Empaths: 3) Join the Free Facebook Group:
March 13, 2020
Coronavirus and Democratic Primaries: A Soul Perspective
David and Miriam talk about collective frenzy around the coronavirus and the Democratic primaries and how we can learn from this. Trust yourself, stay in your own energy, disconnect from the collective, and keep moving forward. Links/Resources: 1) A Guide for Empaths: a free channeled document on how to disconnect from the collective, and why. 2) RAGE by Miriam Wagoner: a course for women to access and speak their truth. 3) ENGAGE with David Hrostoski: a course for men who feel the weight of the world on their shoulders.
March 6, 2020
Following the Energy to Completion
This is our final episode for Season 1 of The Second Paradigm Podcast. We’ll be back in January! Here’s some links to stay in touch with the latest from David and Miriam: Join the 47 Club (December is on Money): Sign Up for Our Email Newsletter: Miriam Instagram: David Facebook:
November 21, 2019
Following the Energy of Soul vs. Avoidance and Resistance
In this episode, we're talking about the nuances of following the energy. Is this resistance? Is this internal avoidance that you need to find a way to overcome? Or is this something else entirely? -- This Month's 47 Mini Course is on MONEY: We're teaching live on The Second Paradigm perspective on wealth creation and financial hardship. As always, get all 3 live teachings and the full 21pg channeled document for $47:
November 18, 2019
Why They Don’t Like You (Or Comment/Share)
Watch David get triggered around likes, comments, and shares—and what they mean about reality. And move through a process of coming to understanding of his own evolutionary process within the trigger. Episode 40 (yay!) is about two things: 1). What likes and comments actually mean about you and what you’re creating. 2). Being able to watch the full trigger process from start to finish and the context around soul truth working its way into the awareness. Enjoy! And Check Out Our New Website!
November 15, 2019
Why Money Gets Hard (It’s Not Your Beliefs)
Today, we’re talking about money. Why does financial hardship happen from a soul perspective? How does the idea of money relate to our genuine reality? In Episode 39 of The Second Paradigm Podcast, we’re talking about two main things: 1). Why Belief Work isn’t the secret to creating more wealth and abundance. 2). What to do when you face periods of financial hardship. To continue to explore this topic with us, check out our December 47 Mini Course. We just announced our 47 Club Membership which gives you access to each month’s new 47, for just $33 a month! Check it out the Money Mini Course here: If you’re not entirely ready to jump in with us, check out our free Money Article to unpack this further:
November 13, 2019
Why It’s Hard to Be Yourself
Today, we’re talking about playing a character, the education system, and why it’s so hard just to be yourself. There are hundreds of paths we can take before us in any given moment—and only one is actually us. In Episode 38 we talk about unwinding our natural urge to play a character (play the game), and genuinely becoming ourselves in the world. Not just how to do it—but why it’s so important for the larger world that we do. To explore more about being ourselves, and the challenges we face as a spiritual person, check out our latest article on The Second Paradigm (totally free): “Nobody Gets Me!” What is Spiritual Shame? | Article
November 11, 2019
We're Taking a Week Off!
Hi! We'll be back on Monday 11/11. This could be a good time to catch up on any episodes you may have missed along the way—or just to take the week yourself to check in and see what's here for you! So much love to you. See you soon!
November 4, 2019
A Spiritual Perspective on Drugs
Watch This Podcast: Marijuana, Medicine Journeys, and more, on this episode of The Second Paradigm. David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner talk about transcendental and other substances and their role in the larger collective landscape. — November’s 47 Mini Course is called The End of Spiritual Shame. See the latest at:
November 1, 2019
Why Rental Cars Get Wrecked (Plus Halloween Surprise)
Halbert and Halberta are Taking Over! Stay tuned for a video only bonus of David and Miriam playing Halbert and Halberta for Halloween. Before we get to the surprise, we have an episode on collective ownership and why the brand new 2019 Hyundai Elantra we rented was destroyed. We talk about The First Paradigm vs. The Second Paradigm, and David gets emotional. From tears to tears of laughter, we have the full spectrum of emotion on this episode of The Second Paradigm! Subscribe: Visit Us on the Web: And see you on Friday!
October 30, 2019
Have We Lost Our Critical Thinking?
Watch This Podcast: On this episode of The Second Paradigm Podcast, David and Miriam talk about inefficient systems and critical thinking. They talk about The Levels of Clearance, spiral dynamics, world views and consciousness — and how they help offer a lens of compassion and understanding, even in the frustration. — November’s 47 Mini Course is called The End of Spiritual Shame. See the latest at:
October 28, 2019
Current Events | October 25, 2019
Watch on YouTube: In this episode, David and Miriam cover a broad array of topics from politics to the latest from TikTok and Facebook. On this extended video version, they go deep on technological advances, the subtle energetics of the 2020 election, climate change, and way way more. The main goal of these current events episodes is always to find a deeper truth in both popular topics, recent events, and controversies. Shame Mini Course:
October 25, 2019
Why Bad Things Happen to Good People
Watch on YouTube: Miriam and David talk about manifestation vs. surrender, all physical vs. all spiritual world views, trauma, and the history of psychology. And for our video viewers, Miriam speaks some truth to David about speaking his truth before it’s fully refined! Shame Mini Course:
October 23, 2019
Nobody Gets Me! (Living a Spiritual Life)
Watch on YouTube: How to deal with people who don’t understand your spiritual perspective. David and Miriam talk about understanding vs. compassion, how to see the roles others are playing in our lives and the collective, and a call to be even more of yourself in the world. Visit Us on the Web:
October 21, 2019
Joker, Gun Reform, and Mental Illness: A Spiritual Perspective
The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner | Episode 31 Watch on YouTube: What's the spiritual perspective on gun reform and mental illness? In this episode, we talk about Joaquin Phoenix's Joker and the uproar surrounding the movie around mental illness and gun reform. This is a big one. Deep breaths. Let's really unpack this one.
October 18, 2019
On Hierarchy: "Car Mechanics and Spiritual Gurus”
The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner | Episode 30 Watch on YouTube: How do you value your own gifts, without being elitist or having to feel better than others? "Why We're NOT Better Than You" was an email we sent our list this past week. We talk about hierarchy in the coaching industry and spiritual worlds, and how we view ourselves in all this. We also dive into Miriam's Art of Truth, her ongoing artistic project to make soul visible, and how pricing these pieces has been a wild ride in itself. To see the latest from Art of Truth, visit
October 16, 2019
Making Sense of Soul
Watch on YouTube: The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner | Episode 29 How do sort through my intuition vs. my fear? And what about money? Can I trust my soul when the money just doesn't seem to add up? David and Miriam talk soul, and making sense of it, on this episode of The Second Paradigm Podcast. The 6 Week Course starts Thursday 10/17. To learn more and sign up, visit Questions? You can send us a message via the contact form on that same page.
October 14, 2019
The Cutting Edge vs. Culture vs. Tradition
Watch Via YouTube: As spiritual individuals trailblazing new paths and energetic embodiments... How do we find our place in this world? Today, we're talking about a three tier model for looking at our collective progress—Tradition, Culture, and the Cutting Edge—and how each of these vital pieces fit together. -- Want to explore our Intuition Course starting October 17th? Making Sense of Soul:
October 11, 2019
Why It Feels Lonely on the Spiritual Path
Watch Via YouTube: Why is it so lonely on the spiritual path? Today, we talk about that feeling of spiritual isolation from the world and a subtle perspective shift that helps make sense of your role here on the planet—and the immense value you have to bring to the planet. -- Want to explore our Intuition Course starting October 17th? Making Sense of Soul:
October 9, 2019
Our Work in the World
Watch Via YouTube: Want to know how we see our work in the world? Today, we answer the question, "What do you do?" from our perspective—not just how we describe ourselves and this work to others. We talk about energetic containers, spiritual technologies, and more. -- Want to explore our Intuition Course starting October 17th? Making Sense of Soul:
October 7, 2019
A Podcast for Empaths
David and Miriam talk about the “end of the age of the empath,” and why even though it may have been useful at one point, there’s an easier/smoother way forward. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by the opinions of others, or the collective energetic, this is a great place to start.
October 4, 2019
Procrastination or Truth?
Is it procrastination? Or are you following the energy? David and Miriam talk about spinning out, and what it looks like to follow the energy, even *when* you’re confronted. This episode is based on Making Sense of Soul, our upcoming 6-week course on differentiating soul from the mind, fear, and other energies. Making Sense of Soul:
October 2, 2019
Um... David’s Spinning!
In this episode, David talks about what’s most confronting to him right now, and slowly unravels into soul truth throughout the episode. At the end, D+M mention an upcoming course called Making Sense of Soul, that helps with that same unraveling. Making Sense of Soul starts on October 17th. Learn more at
September 30, 2019
Left, Right, Truth - On Politics
Watch the Full Video Episode on YouTube: In a world of extreme political stances, how do we find truth? In this episode David and Miriam talk politics—left, right, and a “soul center.” To learn more about our latest 47, visit
September 27, 2019
Commitment vs. Soul
In this episode David and Miriam talk about following soul vs. obligations and commitments. They talk about what it looks like to “follow the energy” - knowing that there’s a larger orchestration at play. Then, close up with a discussion about detours and how soul always finds a way to bring us back to what’s really here and important. To learn more about our latest 47, visit
September 25, 2019
Do Your Clients Get Results?
In this episode David and Miriam respond to the question, “Do your clients get results?” The short answer is of course, but not in the way most might expect. They talk about what success really means and whether money is worth taking a detour from a soul path. To learn more about our latest 47, visit
September 23, 2019
Exposing Coaching Sales Scripts
In this episode, David and Miriam read and discuss a real industry sales script and unpack why using emotional manipulation to create sales is not only icky, but ineffective in the long run. Is there an alternative? Yes! Tune in to hear the full convo, and share this podcast with friends, so we can all be impenetrable together. :)
September 13, 2019
Face-to-Face with Homelessness
In this Episode, Miriam Wagoner chats about her experiences with homelessness in Seattle and her recent chats with organizations in the area that are working for solutions. After Googling “Solution-Based Homelessness,” she realized everyone seems to have very differing opinions about what will or won’t help. We chat about her recent meeting and, more broadly, about the many detours one can take in getting involved with heart-centered causes, and the ways to navigate this from an empowered, soul-led space. To learn more about our latest body of work, check out out latest 47 mini-course at And to learn more about our final round of How to Promote Your Soul to CEO—a 7-week live course on soul and intuition driven business—visit
September 6, 2019
But It’s Too Expensive!
Episode 2 of The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner Today, Miriam calls out the scarcity around following the soul’s calling to a new city. Grab a Free Channeled Document + Learn About Our Upcoming Programs: Website: Watch This Podcast: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
September 6, 2019
Testimonials: Missing the Point?
Are testimonials on sales page and advertisements missing the point? David and Miriam chat 5-star views and client testimonials on this episode of The Second Paradigm Podcast. Then, into a brief chat on homelessness that leads into next week’s episode: “Solving Homelessness in Seattle.” Subscribe to be the first to hear it! Our latest 47 Mini-Course is available now at And keep an eye out for a brand new website coming soon!
August 31, 2019
Why We Don’t Teach Channeling
Miriam and David chat about why they don’t teach people how to channel in their courses. September’s 47 Mini Course dives deeper into navigating those sticky and unhelpful energetics and connecting to YOUR Light and Truth. Navigating Darkness Mini Course: And Final Round of How to Promote Your Soul to CEO:
August 23, 2019
Deprogramming Business Have-To's
David and Miriam chat Second Paradigm Business and why Deprogramming is more useful than Reprogramming. NLP, Emotional Manipulation in the Coaching Industry, why you get more food on Chipotle Online Orders, why your soul is nudging you to watch more Netflix, and more. The final live round of How to Promote Your Soul to CEO starts September 10, 2019 (with Early Bird Pricing until August 21). Learn more about the 7-week live course here:
August 16, 2019
Why Fine Artist Tara B’s Trucker Hats Are So Popular
Tara B is a fine artist with a line of trucker hats that are being worn by thousands, all over the world. Her one-of-a-kind, hand-painted wearable artwork has an intangible essence, that makes them “more than just truckers.” In this Episode, we talk about where that “extra” feeling comes from, and why Tara won’t stop hand-painting these hats just to scale the business. Follow her IG at @tarabouchard and grab yourself a trucker of your own at — And if you love how we’re articulating Second Paradigm Business in this episode, enrollment is now open for our final live round of our flagship course on how to run an intuitive soul-aligned business. To learn more about this 7-week course, How to Promote Your Soul to CEO, visit:
August 9, 2019
Manifestation 2.0
When you're working WITH reality and the divine to create who and what you truly are, we call that Manifestation 2.0  Let's talk about it!  Brought to you by The Second Paradigm.  Hop on the train for our latest body of work: Reality Creation for Soul-Aligned Businesses! at
August 2, 2019
Fame and Wealth
In Episode 11 of The Second Paradigm Podcast David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner talk fame and wealth. How to create it. AND How to accept it. To join our $47 Mini Course in August, and get the new 37 page doc on the mechanics of soul-aligned business, visit:
July 26, 2019
Having and Becoming More
Episode 10 of the Second Paradigm Podcast explores the context behind having and becoming more. Following the energy, accepting your circumstances, and working *with* reality. Watch This Podcast: The Second Paradigm Collective: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
July 19, 2019
Why Miriam Celebrated Trump's Election
Episode 9 of the Second Paradigm Podcast explores a wide array of political and collective topics around a single core issue: Transformation vs. Tradition We talk about Trump, Andrew Yang, Social Activism, Marianne Williamson, The 4th of July, Playing the Game, Corporate America... ...and explore the changing tides of the world through a spiritual lens. Watch This Podcast: The Second Paradigm Collective: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
July 12, 2019
Inside a Business Coaching Session - Second Paradigm Business
A look into a Second Paradigm Business Coaching Session. What kinds of things do we talk about with our clients? What do we recommend, discuss, and challenge? Miriam and David role play a blog post that came out on July 3rd detailing a consulting conversation, then chat about integrating this business and lifestyle paradigm in their own lives. Read Along the Blog Post: Visit Us on the Web: Inquiries to join us in our 7-week program, How to Promote Your Soul to CEO, send us an email at
July 4, 2019
Awakening Humanity Through Their Pets with Denise Clifton
A Peek into Second Paradigm Business from the CEO of Pupologie, Denise Clifton. Pupologie invites pet owners into a closer look into pet food and care, and does it in an environment where love and readily available education are top priorities. Diving deeper, what happens when the conscious care we give to our animals, undoubtedly ripples into our own lives and our own self-care? This global awakening isn't always blatantly spiritual or New Age. Getting a peek into the mind of this pet store owner can help to shed light on the "secret agents" of conscious living, operating in plain sight in unexpected industries with a hugely impactful and practical purpose. Visit Pupologie: 123 N El Camino Real, Encinitas, California 2570 Vista Way Unit A, Oceanside, California Web: FB: IG: @pupologie Watch This Podcast: The Second Paradigm Collective: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
June 28, 2019
Making Love Tangible with Nathan Coury, CEO of Freak Brothers Pizza
 Why Nathan's business is "more than just pizza." A Peek into Second Paradigm Business from the CEO of Freak Brothers Pizza. Grab A Pizza: 901 N 1st St Ste 103, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Web: FB: IG: @freakbrospizza Watch This Podcast: How to Promote Your Soul to CEO - Round 2! The Second Paradigm Collective: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
June 21, 2019
Just Ask!
Episode 5 of The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner  Today, we talk about access and intuition—simply "asking" for life's big questions.  You'll get a peek into how both of us each perceive the world of energy and intuition (slightly differently), and what all of this means about your own intuitive gifts!  This is a fun one. :)  Website: How to Promote Your Soul to CEO - Round 2! The Second Paradigm Collective: Watch This Podcast: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
June 13, 2019
What's my place in this?
Episode 4 of The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner Today, Miriam shares about finding her place in The Second Paradigm. We talk about sovereignty, synergy, and why your essence is the absolute greatest gift to any business or collective you’re a part of. The Second Paradigm Collective: Website: Watch This Podcast: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
June 6, 2019
That's so LAZY!
Episode 3 of The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner We're talking about that lingering thought: "I don't want to be lazy!" Free Second Paradigm Lifestyle Channeled Document: Website: Watch This Podcast: Subscribe to stay up with the latest!
May 30, 2019
The Only Thing the World Wants from You
Episode 1 of The Second Paradigm Podcast with David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner! Today, we're talking about living life in The Second Paradigm. GIFT: We mentioned a free gift, a channeled document called Life in The Second Paradigm. You can grab that at WEBSITE: WATCH This Podcast: Be sure to subscribe to stay up to date with the latest!
May 16, 2019
The Second Paradigm Podcast Song (432hz)
The Second Paradigm Podcast Song in 432hz Performed by David Hrostoski and Miriam Wagoner Written by David Hrostoski Produced by Jamin Van Dillen The Second Paradigm Podcast is coming soon to your favorite podcast platform!
March 18, 2019