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The Self-Esteem Doctor Podcast

The Self-Esteem Doctor Podcast

By Simone Alicia, The Self Esteem Doctor
Get ready to experience self-esteem building and mindset training at it's finest with The Self Esteem Doctor, Simone Alicia. This expert self-esteem coach uses her own complicated past with modeling, spirituality and self-esteem to teach you how to look back at your complex life experiences with confidence. Each episode will ignite gratitude, success and healing within you at every turn. It's time to look back at the events of your life with wisdom, commanding that your "I was" of the past lead you to your most powerful and magnificent, "I am" today.
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It all comes together in the season 1 finale as Dr. Simone highlights the positive ways we can use our past to affect our present.  She teaches us the effect of looking back in the "Right" ways and sets us up to build clear and positive connections between your "I was" (Season 1's theme) and your "I am" (coming up in season 2)
July 23, 2021
Growth in the darkness
This episode may as well be a full session with Dr. Simone as she explores her own growth while walking you through the process of "effective blaming" in your own life. Get ready to put past setbacks in a positive perspective and move forward with ease and grace.
July 22, 2021
'THAT' Fell Apart so 'THIS' Could Come Together
Season 1 Episode 3 certainly has a definite theme emerging, flipping back and forth from past to present, Dr. Simone takes you on the rollercoaster ride, she calls, "I was." This reflection takes a look at what it really took to truly 'become' The Self Esteem Doctor. Get ready to reframe your views on your past "failures" as The Self Esteem Doctor shows you the power of faith and perspective as one door closes and another one opens. 
July 21, 2021
Intimately Assaulted: Then Healed on the Runway
Grab the tissues for this episode as Dr. Simone shows you how the power of the mind - on the runway - actually helped a young girl to heal. Tune in to find out how & why self-doubt almost allowed The Self Esteem Doctor herself to minimize major accomplishments in her life.  You'll be inspired as Dr. Simone discusses her journey toward trusting her intuition, embracing her natural gifts and no longer undervaluing her past experiences. 
July 20, 2021
"You're Entirely Too Big, You Need to Lose Major Weight"
Was it my own self-esteem issue that stopped me from discussing my modeling past? Is it this statement that ended my career and sent me on the prowl for a more empowering career? Tune in as I discuss how turning 40 made me rethink my own authenticity and finally own up to the experiences that became the real foundation of my coaching career...AND learn how you can use your own past to inspire YOU!
July 19, 2021