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The Self Made Podcast

The Self Made Podcast

By @cocomykel
Welcome to The Self Made Podcast! Here we love to talk about self empowerment, self development, self love, self care, positivity, gratitude, mindfulness, spirituality, the law of attraction and loads more...Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @theselfmadepod
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010 - Reinvent and restart
Ever had that feeling where you’re reaching breaking point? Don’t be afraid to change, leave, move on or go somewhere you can start again. Changing your energy changes everything. For our 10th and final episode of Series 1 of The Self Made Podcast, I was joined by Yvonne Yeboah who works within investments as a ‘Transition Manager’. Yvonne shared with us an in-depth account of her journey in the corporate world and the hurdles she has faced and overcome which brought her to her current role. We also discuss how she is taking the conversations around ‘Black Lives Matter’ from the streets to the board room to help amplify black voices within her company. You can follow Yvonne on Instagram @vonyeboah and @thecorporatewallflower and connect with her on Linked In by searching Yvonne Adelaide Yeboah. #BlackLivesMatter
July 4, 2020
009 - Create your own space
Feel like you don’t belong? Don’t wait to fit in…create the space where you do! For this weeks episode I was joined by one of my good friends and fellow music manager Faizah Olu - solicitor, creator of ‘Her Sisters Circle’ and serial businesswoman. We spoke about her career in law and managing multiple side hustles as well as the importance of creating space for yourself when you don’t have a network or community that you belong to…because after all - your tribe is your vibe! You can follow Faizah on Instagram and Twitter @faizavelli and her support group ‘Her Sisters Circle’ @hersisterscircle. #BlackLivesMatter
June 27, 2020
008 - Take back your power
Don't accept it just because it has been given to you. 2020 is the year of taking control.  This week I am joined by Tola Adeking - physiotherapist, personal trainer and founder of 'Takers Club'. We had a powerful conversation about her journey into the fitness industry, claiming back her power as a black woman and how she is actively shaping the future of black business and helping her community find the strength to make their voices heard.  You can follow Tola on Instagram @tolaadeking, her brand 'Takers Club' @takersclub and shop her range of fitness products @thetcstore / #BlackLivesMatter
June 20, 2020
007 - Be the change
BE the change (that you want to see in the world) because #BlackLivesMatter. This weeks episode is brought to you by our host @cocomykel as she shares her thoughts and feelings on the recent world events involving the black community and the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Chloe openly shares the ways in which she pledges to commit to supporting the importance of black lives moving forward and how we can make sure it’s a sustainable campaign and not just another fleeting moment that passes by. She has also written a blog post on the talking points made in this episode, which you can read here: You can follow her on Instagram and Twitter @cocomykel and contact her via email at
June 13, 2020
006 - Passion and purpose
Are you getting in your own way? Is it that you can't, or just that you're not giving yourself permission to? What you desire in life is normally on the other side of your own fear or doubt. For this weeks episode, I had the pleasure of chatting with the infectious fashion stylish turned life coach, Kira Matthews. We got into the nitty gritty of giving yourself permission to say yes to your dreams, not being afraid to look at the bigger picture, accepting negative thoughts and using them to fuel you and what to do if you want to move from point A to point B in your career/life but you don't quite know how.  You can follow Kira on Instagram @kirathebold and find more info about her coaching on her website Kira also has her very own podcast 'Bold, Brilliant and Broke' which is a breath of fresh air and a goldmine of empowering guests and topics centred around creatives and the all too familiar struggles they face day-to-day.
May 30, 2020
005 - It's the little things
Gratitude for life’s small but beautiful blessings. This week I chat with one of my most treasured friends and queen of the arts, Bethany Elmer. We discuss vegan food and finding comfort in the kitchen, practicing gratitude, finding peace in the small things and authenticity. You can follow Bethany on Instagram @bethanybee and view her work within the TV and Film industry at
May 23, 2020
004 - Selfish to be selfless
You can't pour from an empty cup! First, be there for yourself - then others. For this weeks episode I am joined by my dear friend, freedom and life coach Washington Ali, for a fruitful discussion. We dive deeply into fear - what it is and how to tackle it, the importance of investing in your mental health, and also letting go and living more effortlessly - the concept of "Tao"... You can follow Washington on Instagram @becomealive.washington and view more information on his services via his website
May 16, 2020
003 - You are the light
True validation comes from within - believe in your own sauce! This week I'm joined by my friend and photographer Emily Light for this empowering episode. We get into the nitty gritty of self-gratification, how important the phrase "your tribe is your vibe" really is, aspiring to inspire and more... You can follow Emily on Instagram @emilylight.jpg and on Twitter @emilylightjpg
May 9, 2020
002 - One day at a time
Baby steps...progress is progress, and forward is forward. For this episode I was joined by one of my childhood besties, Charlotte Hamilton of Sugar Storm Studio. We spoke about setting realistic quarantine goals, what 'self care' really means at this time, celebrating our small wins and also explored Charlotte's journey with her business 'Sugar Storm'.  You can follow Charlotte on Instagram at @sugarstormstudio and @itscharlottehamilton 
May 2, 2020
001 - To feel it is to have it
Speak it into existence! Are your thoughts and beliefs limiting your ability to have what you want? For this episode I was joined by my good friend Febi aka Mr. Speak Into Existence, for a powerful conversation about the power of the tongue, the law of attraction and more... You can follow Febi on Instagram @mrspeakintoexistence_ and on Twitter @speakintoexist
April 25, 2020
The Self Made Podcast - Trailer
Welcome to The Self Made Podcast! We believe that if you can dream it, you can be it. Our aim is to inspire you to think know that there is unlimited power in the thoughts that you think, and the words that you say. Here we love to talk about self development, self love, self care, positivity, gratitude, mindfulness, spirituality, the law of attraction and loads more...Follow us on Instagram and Twitter @theselfmadepod
April 24, 2020