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EP 6 - How to Sell More Service Agreements - Frank Besednjak

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Want to get better at running your service business every single day? Tune into "The Service Hub" a podcast hosted by Kurry's Trevor Hanson and Parker Williams. The two interview service business owners at all stages of their career from bootstrapping to acquisition. These owners share the experiences and insight you'll need to crush your goals and take your own business to the next level.
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EP8 - How to Build a Sellable Business - Clint Collins
Clint Collins is a serial entrepreneur and a master of property management having grown and sold many property related companies. He joins us from Hawaii where he currently lives and is running his new venture. Clint shares his insight on how to grow and position a business to one day be acquired. His insight into the “Uber” model for service businesses sheds some interesting light into potential threats and opportunities for many service business owners. Books mentioned in the show are found here in the notes below. Simple Numbers, Straight Talk, Big Profits! The E Myth 4 Hour Work Week
September 17, 2019
EP7 - How to Make a Fortune Without Getting a Divorce - Josh Latimer
Josh Latimer is a true serial entrepreneur. With a multi million dollar window washing business, a booming software company, and many more businesses under his belt Josh knows how to build a profitable business. He shares amazing insight to help you know how to bring your business and life out of the no mans land of scrimping by. He shares his experience and advice as to how you can balance running a successful home service business and a successful home and family. Listen up for the golden nugget about how hiring employees can be "free"!  Find Josh's new project here Thank you for listening! 
September 10, 2019
EP 6 - How to Sell More Service Agreements - Frank Besednjak
Frank Besednjak is a legend in the home services industry. With over 30 years of experience Frank is an expert on how to create more efficient service companies. Frank travels the country consulting businesses to help bring their performance to the next level. In this episode Frank shares his insider tips on how to sell more service agreements and how to talk about pricing in a way that prepares the customer for the close!  To learn more about Frank visit
September 3, 2019
EP5 - Why You Are Not Closing More Business - Corey Philip
Corey Philip is the co-founder of Gulf Coast Aluminum a multi-million dollar screen enclosure business and Home Pro Success a marketing and success agency focused on helping service businesses and contractors make more money.  Corey shares his secrets for closing more businesses and how to drive more business online. Corey's tips for how to follow up with customers and make every tech a salesman are phenomenal!  Find out more about Corey, his business, and his free trainings on the Home Pro Success Facebook page by checking out the following links.  Facebook Page Gulf Coast Aluminum Home Pro Success Website
August 27, 2019
EP4 - How to Make Every Employee Think Like The CEO & How to Find Mentors And A1 Employees
Tommy Mello is the founder of A1 Garage Doors a $30M garage door service business and the founder of The Home Service Expert a company that takes home service businesses to the next level of success. On the show Tommy shares secrets for how to creatively hire and retain A1 players in your business as well as how systems have helped him make better decisions based on real hard core data.  Listen to learn Tommy’s secret for acquiring strong mentors and using the power of people to springboard your success.  Find out more about Tommy's new book as well as his podcast as well as the books mentioned in the show in the links below.  Home Service Millionair (book) Home Service Expert Podcast How to Win Friends and Influence People A Stake In The Outcome
August 20, 2019
EP3 - When to Hire Your First Office Staff - Kathie Todd
Kathie Todd owns one of the most successful HVAC businesses in Oregon. She was named 2014 HVACR Woman of the Year by  Kathie shares her ideals and practices that have helped her run a multimillion dollar HVAC business including how to hire an office staff, take care of your employees, and how one simple thing increased their revenue dramatically!  Check out Kathie's company at the link below.
August 15, 2019
EP 2 - How to Hire Quality Employees - Joe Cunningham
In this episode we talk with Joe Cunningham who has 30 years of hiring experience for HVAC and Plumbing companies. He doesn’t just coach businesses how to do this, he uses these tactics to help his own service business higher and keep solid employees working for him. Check out the this episode and start hiring people that will help you grow your business today!
July 29, 2019
EP 1 - Mobile Bike Shops and Diapers - Wasatch Bike Pros / Parker Williams
Listen to Parker Williams sharing his success story as the owner of the mobile bike shop. He shares his secret to creating recurring revenue in a service based business. 
July 16, 2019
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