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The Shadow Femme Show

The Shadow Femme Show

By Sarah | Shadow Femme
A show about humans, our feelings, and the ways in which we make meaning, hosted by astrologer, human design reader, and spiritual practitioner Sarah of Shadow Femme. Sarah uses the channeled advice of her spirit guides to go deep on insightful perspectives about life, art, meaning-making, pop culture, and the human psyche.
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Aquarius Season: Know the System to Fight the System
Eccentric genius, mad scientist, free spirit, rebel. Is that what Aquarius actually is? Not so fast. This futuristic air sign also ruled by Saturn, planet of rules, restrictions, and convention—there’s more to Aquarius than horoscopes and memes may have you think. In this episode, we explore both the water bearer’s traditional ruler (Saturn) and modern ruler (Uranus), two planets which have clashed in the sky for the past year or more, and whose energies combine in interesting ways to forge the complex archetype of Aquarius.
January 23, 2022
Capricorn Season: Inviting Your Demons In From the Cold
Ever wonder why the end of the year is a time of joy and excess as well as guilt and future-focused planning? Well, there’s an astrological explanation for it! In this episode, which is the first to feature live channeling rather than a scripted format, we explore the archetype of Capricorn—both its shadow and its highest expression—and the ways in which Capricornian themes color our understanding of how we should properly end and begin a new year. Mentioned in this episode: artist Yumi Sakugawa
December 23, 2021
Sagittarius Season: Colonizers, Gratitude, and the Spirituality of Consumerism
Welcome to Sagittarius season! This is a time of holiday shopping and celebrating historic genocide. Sorry, Sag listeners—we get real serious, real fast, in this episode. We think you can take it! After all, you’re the sign of expansion, learning, and growth. It’s time we all broaden the horizons of the Sagittarius archetype, one brutally honest theme at a time. 🔗 note: In the episode, I mention that I’m gonna put a link here in the show notes for a blog post I wrote on Jupiter, but I believe that that post got lost in the shuffle recently as I moved my website from one platform to another 😔 RIP
December 03, 2021
Scorpio Season: Sex, Feelings, and Fungi
Do you know a Scorpio? Maybe you should take a closer look at them: there's more than meets the eye. In this episode, Sarah and her guides go beyond stereotypes and judgmental memes in order to plumb the depths of the Scorpio archetype. ✨ Interested in a 1:1 booking? More info here.
October 25, 2021
Welcome to Libra Season: Marie Kondo, AOC, and what it means to be superficial in a deep way
This episode takes you on a journey into the archetype of Libra: the sign of beauty, art, and relationships, as well as equality and justice. In it, Sarah and her spirit guides go deep on the nuances of this sign and how it applies to all of our lives. Want to be the first to hear when Sarah opens her books for one-on-one sessions each month? Sign up for the Shadow Femme mailing list:
September 21, 2021