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The Short Film Pod

The Short Film Pod

By Jacobie Gray & Leonie Marsh
Every filmmaker dreams about watching their feature on the big screen but nobody gives airtime to the most crucial part of any filmmaker’s humble beginning: the honing of their craft through the ups and downs of short filmmaking.

The Short Film Pod is an Australian podcast hosted by writer/director Jacobie Gray and producer Leonie Marsh that aims to do just that. Through interviewing award winning directors and their various Heads of Department, Jac and Leo will shine a light on the process behind the process.

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S1, Ep 10 - TJ Power: Trusting Your HODs
For our season finale actor turned writer/director TJ Power shows us the value in surrounding yourself with a strong team. Originally graduating from the drama degree at WAAPA, TJ has since appeared in TV shows such as 'Offspring' and 'Major Crimes' and on the big screen in films like 'Eat, Pray, Love' with Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem and 'The Sapphires' with Debra Mailman and Chris O’Dowd. He received an ACCTA nomination for his performance in Josh Lawson’s comedy, 'The Little Death'. Turning his hand to writing and directing, TJ’s first short film, 'Your Call Is Important To Us', stars Andy Lee and premiered at Flickerfest in 2017. He is currently in post on his second short film, 'The Bus to Birra Birra'.  Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
June 13, 2019
S1, Ep 9 - Shideh Faramand and Kirsty Stark: How a Short Film can be a Proof of Concept for your Feature
Shideh Faramand and Kirsty Stark are a dynamic writer/director and producer team who decided to collaborate when Shideh’s charming short film ‘A Reluctant Bride’ proved an irresistible proof of concept for a feature length exploration of the same story. The interview is a fascinating account of their experience navigating Australian funding bodies and the development process as well as their individual thoughts on filmmaking. It’s a bird’s eye look at how a short can serve a filmmaker’s career, accelerate them into long form and give them the opportunity to forge powerful partnerships in the process.  Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
June 6, 2019
S1, Ep 8 - Gareth Davies: What IS a Production Designer
Gareth Davies is an artist. He’s also a production designer, a director, a writer, a muser and a talker. In this episode he breaks down what production design actually is, what it means for a short film and how it adds to the audience’s experience. Gareth initially began his career in graphic design before transitioning into film as a tech advisor on Superman Returns. He’s since worked professionally in the industry for over ten years designing both features and shorts, including collaborating with Jacobie and Leonie on their last two films (The Aquarium and The Beehive). His artistic eye and contribution to both were invaluable in making them the visually feast that they are.   Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
May 30, 2019
S1, Ep 7 - Brooke Goldfinch: How to Crowdfund Your Way to Film School
Brooke Goldfinch is a name you will all soon recognise. A journalist turned writer/director, Brooke created one of the first ‘crowdfunding campaigns’ - well before anyone had heard of Kickstarter – to fund her way through cinema studies at NYU’s prestigious School of the Arts, Tisch. Under the tutelage of legendary filmmakers such as Spike Lee, Todd Solondz and others, Brooke honed her craft and returned to her homeland of Australia with Red Rover – her critically acclaimed short film exploring the world’s end through the eyes of two teenagers. Now working on her debut feature, Brooke has several exciting projects in development whilst advocating for gender equality in the local screen industry. This is a great chat with lots of helpful info and laughs.   Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
May 23, 2019
S1, Ep 6 – Andy Carbone: Actor Decides to Write a Screenplay
Andy Carbone is a boy from the bush. Before training to be an actor at QUT he began his working life mustering and droving cattle. Those experiences inspired him to put pen to paper and write a short story set in the outback. That story eventually turned into Waiting for Rain, his directorial debut produced by Aquarius Films. In this episode, Andy is thoughtful and truthful; about taking your time, about creating projects that mean something to you, and about how important it is to listen to your gut.  Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
May 16, 2019
S1, Ep 5 - Adrian Chiarella: Editor / Screenwriter Turned Director
Adrian Chiarella is one of the most skilled filmmakers we’ve had the pleasure to interview! A graduate in both editing and screenwriting from AFTRS, Adrien decided to give directing a go and his recent short BLACK LIPS was commissioned to air on SBS as part of a special program celebrating the  Mardi Gras 40th Anniversary. The film has screened at numerous festivals around the world and also earned him a nomination for Best Directing in a Short at the 2019 Australian Directors Guild Awards. Adrien is committed to diversity on screen and his unique voice beautifully balances a gentleness and a strength that is captivating on screen.  Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
May 9, 2019
S1, Ep 4 - Shelly Lauman: Directing with No Music
Shelly Lauman is a prolific short filmmaker. Actor turned writer/director, Shelly attended the prestigious American Film Institute Conservatory which allowed her to explore her unique gift for storytelling. She rarely if ever uses music in her short films and is not afraid to push the art form. Now back in her hometown of Sydney Australia, Shelly is enjoying the success of her highly acclaimed ADG Metro Screen Fellowship short film Birdie and turning her attention to her debut feature.  Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod
May 2, 2019
S1, Ep 3 - Claudia Pickering: How DO They Select Shorts for Festivals?
If you haven’t heard of Freshflix Film Festival then where have you been?! Today we talk through the back-end of a short film festival with Freshflix co-founder Claudia Pickering. We pick her brains on selection criteria, how they program and what to do when you get a rejection letter. A must listen for all short filmmakers.   Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
April 17, 2019
S1, Ep 1 - Danielle Boesenberg and Jacobie Gray: How the Editor and the Director Work Together
In our very first episode, Jacobie and Leonie sit down with their award-winning editor Danielle Boesenberg to chat through the ideal working relationship between the director and editor. Danielle has cut over 30 shorts, so look out for all her nuggets of wisdom - she really knows her stuff!   Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod 
April 17, 2019
S1, Ep 2 - Kevin Lim and Aaron McLisky: Collaborating With Your DOP
Kevin Lim (writer/director) and Aaron McLisky (cinematographer) truly know the definition of collaboration. They talks us through how they began making shorts together during their advertising days which ultimately led to their collective, Soda Honey Films.  Website: | Instagram: @theshortfilmpod
April 17, 2019
A little taste of what's to come on The Short Film Pod! 
April 9, 2019