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The Shot Caller Podcast

The Shot Caller Podcast

By Casey Diaz
Author of The Shot Caller, Casey Diaz and publishing expert, Joel Kneedler discuss the origins of Casey's story as well as interviews with many who share amazing stories of redemption through Christ.
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Pedophiles, they are called Pedophiles Miranda!
This is one of those heated episodes where Casey gets unglued and rightly so. Listen to this licensed therapist attempt to rename pedophiles to "minor attracted persons" because calling someone a pedophile is harmful and judgmental to the pedophile! you really cant make this stuff up. Hands off the kids PERIOD!!!
September 08, 2022
Interview with Nick Wilson of The Resiliency Project
With so much drama in the...well just about Everywhere! In this episode Casey interviews Nick Wilson of The Resiliency Project and they get into an in depth conversation of the mental health and wellness of individuals in law enforcement. Nick works hand in hand with police officers across America and empowers them to seek help in areas that are too often neglected. This episode is filled with facts and data that must be looked at and understood. You won't be disappointed with this awesome conversation. Enjoy it and Share it.
July 07, 2022
Discipline, Do you have it?
On this episode Casey speaks on a subject that he personally struggles in. As much as you would like to see him as this man of God that is unshakeable in all thing faith, he will be the first one to say "I need help from God to change so many areas in my life". Discipline will always be an uphill battle full of distractions, discouragements, disappointments, and thats just the beginning. The wonderful news is that God continues to be our present help in times of trouble. Practice, practice, practice. 
June 30, 2022
Interview with Cpt. Richard Meraz The Rampart Scandal
In this episode Casey has a very detailed conversation with Captain Richard Meraz of the L.A.P.D. Captain Meraz has since retired and now shares his story nation wide. He educates both veteran and rookie cops of what they truly signed up for as sworn officers. His story is one for the books. You will hear him take us back in time as a new police officer and the rise in ranks through one of the finest law enforcement departments in the world. But then he leaves no stone unturned and reveals what really happened in the famous Rampart Scandal. Get ready folks! 
May 06, 2022
Interview with DDA Jon Hatami
The fight to gain a beautiful and safe Los Angeles is fierce. But what's the first step? Well if you're an Angeleno then your answer should be to Recall D.A. George Gascon. In this episode Casey sits in with DDA Jon Hatami who famously prosecuted the Gabriel Fernandez case and most recently leading the Recall on D.A. Gascon. Hatami shares his heart for city of Los Angeles, his life raising a family, and what we can all do to fight against a stagnant D.A. who is more concerned for the criminals rather than the victims of violent crime. This episode will have you at the edge of your seat and wanting to help on the Recall. Get involved, together we can get our kids and family back to a safe L.A.
March 16, 2022
Pediatric Cancer The Ricky De La Torre Story
Hardship is never easy. In this interview with Officer Ricky De La Torre of the LAPD, we hear him shine the light on Pediatric Cancer, the role of a dad, combat, and his walk with Christ. Casey sits with Officer De La Torre and for two hours he shares his heart out. Those two hours were like 10 minutes Casey says. There is so much to learn from this episode as you get valuable information on how we can all put our hands to the plow and help a hospital, a child who is fighting an uphill battle with cancer. I hope your are stuck in traffic or on a road trip to listen to this episode in one shot.
March 05, 2022
Abe Anaya Part 2
Yup he's back on The Shot Caller Podcast. On this episode we get to hear what happens to him after he makes parole and what he has been doing since. He discusses with Casey the importance of doing community together with other believers, choices in life, and the fact that doing something right doesn't always get the result you were expecting. Enjoy!
February 18, 2022
Hell, The end of all hope.
Happy New Year Folks! Casey is as pumped as you are to hit the ground running. With a new year at hand some changes have been made here at the TSC studio. One is that Casey will be bringing sermons along side his normal episodes of crime, prison, law enforcement interviews and politics. In this very first episode of 2022 he touches on a subject that is less and less heard from pulpits across America and the world. We hope you pass this episode to your loved ones and friends. Let's make 2022 count! Enjoy.
January 04, 2022
Smash & Grab, It's getting ridiculous!
It's beginning to look a lot like A ROBBERY!!! While everyone is still trying to find some type of normality through all this "pandemic" now we have to be with a head on a swivel because these group of idiots decide to go into stores 20 -30 deep with mallets smashing glass Wrecked Ralph Style and scaring the little peace people have left! We need to vote these soft on crime mayors, D.A.'s, Governors, Attorney Generals out of office. We the people can make it happen. Also, I made the most amazing candied yams known to man this week. You had to be there. 
December 05, 2021
The Kyle Rittenhouse Trial
As America is at the edge of her seat anxiously awaiting the verdict in the Rittenhouse trail, Casey has a few thoughts of his own. We all have opinions, but in a court room our opinions don't matter, and they shouldn't. Facts matter. What the law says matters. In this episode Casey puts his two cents in when he runs into some folks standing outside the courtroom. I think you'll like this episode personally. Enjoy!
November 16, 2021
Massive Walkout
We The People are starting to stand up. The vast majority of Americans are done with these mandates and now folks are walking out of jobs to protest these unconstitutional demands. In Southern California the LAUSD has a problem in their hands, yup, Parents and Teachers who will not put their children under a jab that has no validity, no proven science that the CDC can actually guarantee that there will be no long term health problems. So LAUSD is getting Shark Tanked by concerned parents and teachers saying; "And for those reasons WE are OUT! Also Casey loves Rocky Road candy bars. Just throwing that out there. And Yes I'm aware that I pressed the button at the end of this episode too soon.   
October 19, 2021
The Gabby Petito case. Let's help find her killer.
Nothing gets Casey more wound up than when there is a crime against children or women. Gabby Petito is Americas little girl who's life got cut off too soon at just 22 years of age. The person of interest is Brian Laundrie. Everyone has heard about the story and now its time we all come together as a country and find her killer. Although not formally accused of the crime of murder Brian is known as the person of interest. We all know where this is going. Keep praying for her family and friends and lets pray that justice is served. 
September 23, 2021
And you're still WOKE? How?
Yes Casey had a long recess but now is back with some more serious and hilarious episodes. On this one he actually shares a clip from Bill Maher slamming "Wokeness" as we all should. Check it out and share it with friends! Also Recall Newsom!!!
September 02, 2021
L.A. County Jail Senior Chaplain Frank Mastrolonardo
This interview was awesome! Casey gets the opportunity to sit down and interview Senior Chaplain Frank Mastrolonardo of the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. Holy cow!!! They talk about Franks personal testimony of how he came to know the Lord. The work he is involved in as senior chaplain to the biggest county jail in the country. And some very funny moments. They also had sushi afterwords. I also promised not to say a word. Enjoy.
June 24, 2021
Let's talk Dad stuff
The old man, the grunt, papa, boy there's a lot of names we carry but my favorite is simply DAD. To those listening to this episode, your dad is important, he really is. Take some time and just sit with him and ask him how he's really doing. Ask him anything if you feel like you could. And even if you don't don't miss on the opportunity to do so. The guys just wants to sit down with you. Enjoy! Happy Father's Day.
June 11, 2021
Interview w/ Author Mike Yorkey and his wife Nicole
In this episode Casey interviews Author Mike Yorkey. Mike shares how he got involved in writing Casey's story in book form. The adventures, the turns and twist, and capturing Casey's voice. Mike also gives some advise to those that have a dream of writing their own book at some point.  But we all think that It's pretty obvious that Casey is in it for Nicoles's Swiss Bliss chocolate goodies. Enjoy and Share!
June 02, 2021
Vaccine Incentives, It's a thing.
In this episode Casey unwraps the incentives. From offering a free Cheeseburger and fries ( I so wish I was kidding), lotto tickets and even a chance to win 1.5 Mil if you just get the vaccine shot, it's getting a bit ridiculous out there. Is anyone embarrassed? Listen if you got the shot, that's your choice. Wish you the best. But these government officials are sounding pretty desperate. 
May 30, 2021
Tough talk with our kids.
Warning! In this episode Casey addresses the importance of having a "Tough talk with our kids". In NO WAY is Casey suggesting that your child take a weapon on school grounds. That is a NO NO, and a crime. DON'T DO THAT!!! What he is saying is that they should have some type of devise that can help them survive an abduction when they are away from school(s) and on leisure time. Such as malls, shopping centers, with friends out to the movies, beaches, parks, and such. You are the parent and protector. Please have a talk with your children. 
May 21, 2021
What is she talking about?
And in this episode Casey rips on AOC's view of crime and the aftermath of crime. Little crime eventually leads to big crime, it's how it works. He is definitely not a fan of hers. But then again neither is anyone that has survived a Slurpy brain freeze from 7-11. #facts 
May 18, 2021
Crime, let's really keep it real.
With so much drama in the...well everywhere now. Casey shares his thoughts of why prisons are still a solution to crime. Oh he's definitely going to to hurt some people feelings on this one. He's okay with that. 
May 08, 2021
What's going on?
In this episode Casey talks about the deafening sound of democrats as a young child is abandoned in a desert by smugglers. Children are at the mercy of adults. And these adults are horrible. This story will break you heart. He also talks about Tinhorn Flats in Burbank Ca. It's made big news. Check it out. Enjoy!
April 07, 2021
Interview with Mical Pyeatt
It's the birthday of the book release for The Shot Caller and Casey interviews his business partner Mical Pyeatt. Don't mind Tucker (Casey's Golden Retriever) barking in the background, Tucker has been on timeout since( SHU TIME), LOL. Enjoy!
April 02, 2021
It's a smorgasbord of info
In this Episode Casey talks about the border crises, vaccines, and the tremendous spike on crime in cities all over the U.S. You got to share this with your friends and those that don't like you as well. Ha! Enjoy.
April 02, 2021
Guns and Prayer
In this episode Casey shares the importance of knowing and understanding your rights, the assault on our Christian faith and what to do about it. Crossing your arms and doing nothing is not an option. The church must be involved in the life of its nation, policies, laws, and community. He might not be popular after this episode. Enjoy.
March 24, 2021
Prison Need ASAP
We need your help to make this happen once again. Check out this episode, and let's work together. May God continue to bless your life as you give from your heart. 
March 22, 2021
El Salvador's President. Smart guy.
Does being tough on crime work? Or should we be soft on violent crime? In this episode Casey brings out the outcome of each idea. You don't have to work for NASA to figure this stuff out. No, really you don't. Enjoy the episode. And share it for crying out loud...LOL.
March 17, 2021
Pass me the Poupon...and please feel sorry for me.
In this episode you'll need to keep your eyes on the road. Casey get's a bit funny while he talks about "The Interview"... you all know what interview he's talking about. Now share this episode and let's get right into it. 
March 11, 2021
From Pennsylvania to Texas
What a blast from Butler Pennsylvania to great news in Texas. In this episode I share about my speaking engagement in PA and the great friends I gained. It's really time to do life as God intended it to be amidst a "pandemic", don't you think? Enjoy.
March 03, 2021
Everything is going up!
Name the three things that have gone up in less than 60 days. I'm not going to tell you. You better listen to this episode, HA! Glad to be back with you guys and please share this podcast with all of your loved ones. Let's keep this Podcast going. Enjoy.
February 22, 2021
Community Check
It's no secret that Los Angeles is looking more like an episode from a third world country. Homelessness, Drugs, Gang Violence, Sex Trafficking are now the new norm throughout our streets. It's a very sad situation, so how in the world can we fix this? And is it too late? In this episode Casey chimes in with his two cents (that's all he carries in his wallet) and gives us some advise that can probably help. Share it with your friends.
February 10, 2021
No participation trophies
On this episode Casey reminds folks of the value of going for the win.  This episode was inspired by neighbor Dave on the concept of Winners and Losers. Oh, it gets real really quick. You know what to do...Share it! 
January 23, 2021
Let's just relax
There's all kind of uneasiness out there right now as mentioned in the previous episode. So today I want to let you in on just some funny stuff you might not know about me. So sit back and let's just relax on this one. Let's get to it. Enjoy.
January 20, 2021
You can smell the uneasiness.
You don't need to be a rocket scientist to smell or notice the uneasiness all around us in America. It kind of reminds me of the atmosphere right before a prison riot. Here's the thing, So where is your trust in all this? Is it in this potential new administration? Is it on your career that has survived all the nonsense that 2020 had to throw at you? I think I might be on to something on this episode. Check it out and share it with friends. 
January 18, 2021
Can I say something?
Censorship is just flat out wrong. It didn't take long for them to start to get brave and censor the POTUS. This will not just affect one side, this eventually will affect your children. So what are we to do now? If America loses its first amendment right, they will come for the rest. The soul is never satisfied. 
January 09, 2021
What in the world is happening?
Happy New Year!!! False teachers, I'm going to call them out. It's not something I take lightly, and quit frankly neither should you. They are dangerous, they harm young believers by deceptive teachings and sponsorships, and they trick unbelievers from ever coming to faith in Christ. Everyone of us must be awake and aware and not afraid to call it out. 
January 05, 2021
Letters from you
Your letters are read by me. There are so many but I try my best to catch up as best as I can. With the end coming to a close we would love for you to consider sending your end of year donations to The Shot Caller Podcast. We were able to send several boxes of The Shot Caller book to prisons here in America. Your donations also help this podcast to keep going. The best to you and may God richly bless you in 2021. Let's finish strong!
December 28, 2020
One Bank Robbery too many.
They are given the coolest names by the FBI, you know... bank robbers! This is going to be a great ride to work or your home. Take a listen to Abe Anaya as he shares what drove him to a life crime, Federal Prison, and a new life in Christ. This is part one and well... I left everyone on a cliffhanger. Stay tuned for part 2. of the Abe Anaya story.
December 23, 2020
Free out of jail card?
Is it me or am I wrong? I feel like they are trying to condition us out here to be okay with lawlessness. Since when did judges stop judging know according to the law? The ACLU is so out of control that it will do anything to look and sound like they are the best thing since sliced bread. I'm not buying this kind of bread. Are you?
December 16, 2020
So much to talk about
In this episode I'm just all over the place. There's just so much to talk about and we have only a few minutes till you get to work or home. Let's finish strong before Christmas gets here and let's send some books out to these prisons. 
December 15, 2020
Stay Open America
Enough is enough with these political games! The American small business needs to remain open and reject their demands. This is America! 
December 05, 2020
A church to go to
In this episode I share my experience with attending Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. I think you'll like it. Check it out. Pastor Jack Hibbs is really one of the pastors that are leading the way through these times. It's pastors like him that we need to support. Faith is put into practice in difficult times, the sermons we have heard Sunday after Sunday and Wednesday after after Wednesday were made to prepare us for the now.
November 30, 2020
Jive Turkey!
Can you believe that the Gov of CA is telling us how we should celebrate Thanksgiving in our own homes? Anyone else having a problem with these outlandish request? I'd love to hear your take on this. Email me and I'll read your email on the next episode.
November 25, 2020
Is Parler the new Twitter?
If you're a republican or conservative you have probably went down a road that major social media did not want you to go and perhaps you have been censored a time or two. Well now there is a new guy in town...Parler. Have you made the switch? And what are your thoughts 
November 12, 2020
Write to me
I have just as many questions as you do with all the current events. From the ballots, to Gavin Newsom, to life in general of how to deal with all this craziness. Email me you thoughts and concerns and I'll share them on the podcast. Also, last time I checked Jesus is still GOD. Amen!
November 05, 2020
Prison Follow Up (Amarillo Texas)
What a great partnership we have with you our listener. Here is the follow up to the episode called "Let's make it happen". But now we have a new challenge for our listeners. Let's make it happen before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Will you accept the challenge? I'd love to hear from you. Enjoy.
October 26, 2020
Sheriff Deputy Ellie
Sheriff Deputy Ellie discusses life on the beat, current perception of law enforcement and more. It was such a great time talking to her. She keeps it real. 
October 23, 2020
Let's make it happen!
With so many inmates across American prisons, the opportunity to reach them through this global lockdown is the perfect time. We have a good problem at hand that you can team up with us and send many inmates copies of The Shot Caller. Emails are coming in asking for books to be donated across all these prisons by chaplains and prison ministries. These inmates have nowhere to go, obviously, so a book that directs them to Jesus, it just doesn't get any easier than this. Here is my email: for donations going to this project through my PayPal account. Thank you for giving. I'd love to hear from you as well. 
October 22, 2020
Namrata Singh Gujral ( America's Forgotten, The Movie).
What a great time with movie Director Namrata Singh Gujral. Yes we were confused at first but hey, it turned out to be a great episode. LOL. Her movie will captivate you as you go on a film journey with her on America's Forgotten. Make sure you go out and watch it!
October 14, 2020
My City
What does your city look like? Is it dirty? Can you walk safely at night with no worries at all? These are real questions we need to answer with honesty. And if our city is  and has been in despair, what should we do different? This episode is dedicated to all my Rampart District family. Enjoy and Share!
October 07, 2020
Tonights Debate
It's going to be hilarious. Rumor has it that Biden will have breaks in-between, you know so the gaffes aren't overwhelming. HA! Enjoy tonights debate.
September 29, 2020
Success after Prison The Peter Meyerhoff Story
What does success after prison look like? For many it's simply never reoffending. But to others like Peter, it's all hard work, no excuses, getting it done. This is Peters personal story. 
September 24, 2020
Robert Luca & Darlene's Story
Transformation doesn't just happen for some of us. Sometimes we don't see the chaos we create until we come to terms with who we are and what we have done and then take personal responsibility over our actions. This is when God steps in and a miracle takes place. Baby steps are part of the process. FYI, have some tissue nearby. 
September 17, 2020
We will never forget 9/11
While some tragic events are encouraged to be remember no more, others like the attack on America on September 11, 2001 cannot be forgotten. Cowards decided to murder and maim innocent American lives. It's important that these events are never forgotten. Today hug your family a bit longer than usual. 
September 11, 2020
Sex Trafficking
This is what I would consider a real pandemic. Its everywhere, it could be our next door neighbor, it could be a close friend, and if we just ignore it and pretend it doesn't exist, well we then have a bigger problem. Our children matter most, so what can we do?
September 04, 2020
Can we look at the whole story?
Why is it so difficult to look at the whole story? What happened to drawing to a reasonable conclusion after understanding all the details to a story? Can we come back to our senses and not be so emotionally driven by every headline? Just relax and lets be adults in this episode.
August 26, 2020
Childhood Trauma
Childhood Trauma is a real thing. In this episode I sit down with Perla Leon and discuss events from my book. What we need to know, the help that is available out there, and what we can do. It's a great interview if I do say so myself. Oh, by the way that was not me getting choked up during the interview, that was the Tapatio from earlier...
August 18, 2020
We The Church
Courtroom dramas left to right "literally". A city bent on closing the church doors, and a church that won't stay quiet. It is important that we stand with Grace Community Church and that we as a whole church stand united on this issue. We The Church are essential. 
August 16, 2020
Get out, and Stay out!
Your environment matters. We can fool others, we can fool ourselves,  but we certainly can't fool God. Take a listen to what I had to personally do in my life in oder to break the revolving prison door in my life. Also I like the food out here, just saying. HA!
August 06, 2020
The Church is Open
Pastor John MacArthur is constantly on the news, an area that he's quite familiar with. The city of Los Angeles has threatened him with fines and arrest if he continues to conduct church services throughout this lockdown period made by "the great" Cesar himself Gavin Newsom. Check it out! 
August 04, 2020
Domestic Violence Awareness
Domestic Violence, what can we do to bring more awareness, more help to victims of these types of crimes during this lockdown? Get ready as we begin a series on how to tackle this current pandemic of Domestic Violence. FYI, this is just the introduction!
July 28, 2020
Faith & Fame with Jon Klaasen
TikTok followers are what our guest Jon Klaasen is very familiar with. He has the attention of 15.5 million followers on Tik Tok. This young man stands out above the crowds. Social Media is a great platform to share our hearts and also God's heart especially now. Join us as he takes us on his personal journey of Faith & Fame. ( I should really do a dance TikTok).
July 26, 2020
Don't do it Rudy!
From farm living and enjoying hard work as a young boy to a SHU term in Pelican Bay, Rudy's life takes twist and turns that well... you don't ever want to get involved in yourselves. His life brings him to an encounter with a correctional officer and something happens. I'm not going to tell you, you're just going to have to listen to his story yourselves. 
July 17, 2020
These guys again?
So I wanted to bring in Enrique and Sean once again to see what they thought of what I shared with you on an episode called Lockdown Again?  It's all fun and games until we lose our freedoms. As pastors what's our roll in society, in our individual said communities? A lot of laughter and serious discussions on this one. Ignore the kidney stone joke! 
July 17, 2020
Lockdown Again?
Are we suppose to believe that career politicians have the best interest in us, in our churches? Do they think we are that gullible? I address pastors and Christians in this episode. Oh, by the way don't walk the plank, you'll see what I'm talking about in a minute.
July 14, 2020
Prison, Recidivism, Reformed
Joel shares what getting a Life Without Parole sentence feels like at a young age and the miracle only God can do. And yes this one is being released early, your welcome!
July 13, 2020
How to stay out of Prison - Erasmo Reyes
How to stay out of prison is a big question? With so many inmates coming out of prison and returning just as fast as they were released, where is the solution? Erasmo gives us an insider look into how he stayed out of prison for good.
July 10, 2020
Tyler Andrade - Money, Power, & Respect
Someone once said, opportunity knocks once, and if you hear a second knock it's probably just a Jehovas Witness, Ha! But in all seriousness folks, we all have choices in life, and we can't allow our past to determine our future. Whether you have mountains, people, or yourself to blame, how long will you stay there? Tyler opens up his life story and just keeps it honest. Are you looking for excuses? Cause this segment doesn't allow them. Get motivated through Tylers story of entrepreneurship. Let's go!
July 03, 2020
Caution: Real men talking here
We are all watching what is happening in current events across America. You'd have to live under a rock not to notice. In this episode you will enjoy or maybe not, but none the less there are three of us having a discussion without pandering to NO ONE! What role do we play as these events unfold, and where is the church in all this. 
June 25, 2020
Tonya Craft
Her case made national news. Her story is riveting. Author Tanya Craft shares her uphill battle in court. Buckle up, it’s a ride!
June 12, 2020
John Reikes FBI Agent
Retired FBI Agent John Reikes brings real issues at hand such as he experienced himself in his early days of local law enforcement. From lack of social training, it’s dynamics, and how he had to learn about tribes in segregated communities. It gets good folks!
June 01, 2020
Keeping up with the Christians
For some its a blessing while for other it's like walking on egg shelves everywhere they go. Growing up Christian today must be extremely difficult. The pressure from the church and other believers could be a recipe for disaster. Today Joel and I Interview our own kids and they share with us how it really was for them to Keep up with the Christians. And FYI ( these guys are pretty Awesome)!
May 21, 2020
Interview with Mark Smit PD
Mark was a Fingerprint Expert, Fraud Unit Detective, Air Law Enforcement with a total of 23 years of Police service. Marks shares his life and faith and we find out the true meaning of a Safari (we had it wrong all this time folks)!
May 15, 2020
Interview with Sgt. Toshia Bryant
Today we welcome Sgt. Toshia Bryant of the Beaumont Police Department. We enjoyed hearing all about growing up with six brothers, hard working parents, and what propelled Sgt. Bryant to joining law enforcement. Great episode... and by the way, she can out run you... trust me! Happy you tuned in.
May 08, 2020
Interview with Lt. Anita McKweon of the LAPD
With over 30 years of law enforcement, Lt. McKweon brings her experience through the ranks of the LAPD. From her first ride in the Rampart District to becoming a high ranking Lt, working in Major Crimes. Sit back and get ready to enjoy a great story. 
May 01, 2020
That's My Wife!
Many of you out there have asked about her and how we met.  In this episode you get to find out who she is just a bit more. She's a cool lady!
April 24, 2020
The True Meaning
With the current situation we have, we can still make the best out of it.  Life sometimes changes unexpectedly, but how we deal with things is a choice. I think you'll like this episode. Here's some laughter on us.
April 16, 2020
If you've done time, well...quarantine isn't so bad. 
April 16, 2020
Dear Whoever, I'm out!
Host, Casey Diaz, and Co-host, Joel Kneedler discuss Casey's transition from prison life to "being on the outside."  Casey tells of his experiences from finding a church to finding a job as an ex-convict and the difficulties of reconnecting to a world he has not known for years.  Listen as we gain insight into this transitional point that many justice-involved individuals face. 
January 24, 2020
Kites of Hope
Casey has just seen a vision in his cell and knows he has to call a chaplain.  What happens next will not only amaze you but will strengthen your faith as Casey remembers the day he met the real Shot Caller. Host, Casey Diaz, and Co-host, Joel Kneedler continue the journey through prison hardship that ends in Casey getting miraculously paroled way ahead of schedule.
January 17, 2020
Catching a Chain
Host, Casey Diaz, and Co-host, Joel Kneedler continue where they left off recounting the events that ultimately lead to Casey cathing a chain to prison, and eventually, solitary confinement.  It is in that cell that Casey has an encounter with God that would change his life forever.  Join us as Casey gives us a unique perspective into gang culture in Los Angeles and what going through the correctional system is like.   
January 10, 2020
Host, Casey Diaz, and Co-host, Joel Kneedler introduce the podcast and go into what the first season is all about.  Casey begins the story of his early childhood living in Los Angeles, the circumstances that lead him into gang culture, and accounts for the events that lead him to be on the run from law enforcement.   
January 02, 2020