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The Sister Space Podcast

The Sister Space Podcast

By Grace and Simone
Welcome to The Sister Space Podcast brought to you by Grace Victory and Simone Powderly. The Sister Space Podcast is a remembrance of our power and a safe space to be. A space to dissect important, relevant and sometimes difficult topics. From periods, to pop culture. From spiritual development to personal battles. Healing is our focus and open conversation is the bridge to help us get there.
A place where nothing is too taboo and everything is free from judgement.
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Sexual wellness and relationships content creator Oloni is here! She speaks about sexual pleasure, consent & her infamous 'ladies shall we have some fun' "hoe" stories that have taken twitter by storm.  Follow Oloni @oloni
May 29, 2019
EP5: Jess (thefatfunnyone): Mumsnet Beef, Mental Health & Motherhood
An incredibly funny and honest episode, in which Jess shares her journey from weightless to body love and the highs and lows of motherhood. Jess touches upon therapy, marriage & what its like being a Mum online. Follow Jess @thefatfunnyone
May 15, 2019
EP4: Sim Dyer: Changing Careers, Being A Therapist & Finding Light In The Dark
A powerful and honest chat with healer Sim Dyer, on changing careers and stumbling on different avenues before she found what she really wanted to do. We touch upon triggers, boundaries and the complexities of healing. Follow Sim @simdyer @soulsharesessions THIS VIDEO MAYBE TRIGGERING AS WE MENTION SEXUAL VIOLENCE.
May 1, 2019
EP3: Liv Cassano: Pussy & Pleasure
A frank chat with Italian feminist, sex positive dildo diva, Liv Cassano. We chat about her incredible article "My Clit Is My Biggest Cock Block", why so many of us dislike our vulva's AND the importance of female sexual pleasure. Follow Liv @liv_css
April 17, 2019
EP2: Grace Behind The Filters: Self Care, Being Vulnerable & Growing Up
Grace speaks on self care, the multifaceted-ness of humans, love and learning how to be without trauma or suffering. (This episode may be triggering - especially for those with eating disorders) Services  Books Mentioned In This Episode Non Violent Communication by Marshall B. Rosenberg Books We Recommend You Can Heal Your Life  The Body Keeps The Score  From Report To Court  Recovering From Trauma using Compassion Focused Therapy  Healing from Trauma: A Survivors Guide  A Return To Love
April 3, 2019
EP1: Simone's Story: Surviving Child Sexual Abuse
In our first episode, co-host Simone Powderly shares her story on surviving child sexual abuse. It is a powerful, heartbreaking and testament to her resilience. Simone speaks on CSA triggers, the court case, finding her voice, therapy and fighting for justice as well as how she has healed. If you have experienced any sexual violence or know someone who has, we have shared some resources and services below, that has helped her throughout her journey. Follow us on Instagram  The Sister Space Podcast, Grace Victory, Simone Powderly  Services   NAPAC charity Supporting Adult Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse MOSAC supporting Non Abusing Parents and Carers of Sexually Abused Children.   Victim Support   Solace Womens Aid   Mind Charity   Women and Girls Network  NSPCC   Talking Therapies   CALM Books  You Can Heal Your Life  The Body Keeps The Score   From Report To Court   Recovering From Trauma using Compassion Focused Therapy Healing from Trauma: A Survivors Guide  A Return To Love Special Offer:  QUOTE  The Sister Space Podcast for 20% off MUA via @alessiagracemakeup
March 20, 2019