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By Aaron and Alex
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Season 2: Episode 14: Interview with Maxwell Lewis
Alex and Aaron talk with Maxwell Lewis about his decision to skip college and prepare for the NBA draft. They also talk about music, growing up, and his predictions for the NBA playoffs. 
August 26, 2020
Season 2: Episode 13: Interview with JD Tsasa
Alex and Aaron talk about some NBA bubble, specifically the 8th seed race in the west. The guys also sit down to talk with JD Tsasa about his decision to skip college and prepare for the NBA draft. They also talk about music, growing up, and his love for the piano and classical music. Check out the episode on all streaming platforms!
August 17, 2020
Season 2: Episode 12: Interview with Marjon Beauchamp
Alex and Aaron talk about some NBA bubble, specifically the 8th seed race in the west. The guys also sit down to talk with Marjon Beauchamp about his decision to skip college and prepare for the NBA draft. They also talk about music, growing up, and playing for former coach Brandon Roy. Check out the episode on all streaming platforms!
August 13, 2020
Season 2: Episode 11: Interview with Kyree Walker
Alex and Aaron sit down to talk with Kyree Walker about his decision to skip college and prepare for the NBA draft. They also talk about music, growing up in Atlanta and advice from Lebron. Check out the episode on all streaming platforms!
August 6, 2020
Season 2: Episode 10: Interview with Frank Matrisciano from Chameleon BX
The guys interview Frank Matrisciano, the visionary behind the revolutionary pre-NBA training program chameleon BX. They talk about the pros and cons of his program as compared to college basketball and G League Select Team and discuss his work with prominent athletes like Von Miller and Blake Griffin. Check it out on all streaming platforms!
August 3, 2020
Season 2: Episode 9: Interview with Yaron Weitzman
Yaron Weitzman of Bleacher Report joins Alex and Aaron to break down the NBA Restart and talk about his recently released book “Tanking to the Top” about the Philadelphia Sixers under GM Sam Hinkie
July 27, 2020
Season 2: Episode 8: TheSixthMan Baseball Episode
Alex and MLB insider Dina Sokol break down the abbreviated MLB season and give you their teams to watch when the season starts on Thursday. Check it out on all streaming platforms!
July 21, 2020
Season 2: Episode 6: Interview with Alan Hahn
This episode is presented by ProVelocity Bat. Go to and use the promo code: SixthMan for 75$ off. ESPN radio host and MSG studio analyst Alan Hahn joins the podcast to break down the NBA restart, the Knicks head coaching options, and his impressions of the Knicks young players. 
July 9, 2020
Season 2: Episode 6: The First TheSixthMan Soccer Episode
Alex and co-host Joel Sharpe breakdown matchday 33 and give their predictions regarding the top-4 race and relegation battle.
July 8, 2020
Season 2: Episode 5: NBA Return Discussions
Aaron and Alex discuss the return format for the NBA and the safety precautions in place, as well as our prediction for the playoff scene.
July 6, 2020
Season 2: Episode 4: Interview with Asiah Avent
Alex and Aaron sit down with Seton Hall basketball player Asiah Avent to discuss why he decided to major in criminal justice, how we as a society can combat racism in America, and the role that he as a prominent athlete and black man seeks to play in that fight.
June 17, 2020
Season 2: Episode 3: Twitter Talk and Rockets Debate
Alex and Aaron bring on Twitter aficionado, Andrew Gellert, to discuss recent interesting trending twitter topics. In addition, the two co-hosts debate whether or not Houston’s small-ball system will become a trend in the NBA.
June 11, 2020
Season 2: Episode 2: The NBA is Back
The NBA is officially back! Listen to Aaron and Alex break down all of the details surrounding the restart and provide their winners and losers from the restart and more than a 4-month break from NBA basketball.
June 4, 2020
Season 2: Episode 1 NBA Awards
In episode 1 of season 2 of the Sixth Man Podcast, Aaron and Alex recap the NBA season prior to its suspension by debating their top 5 rookies, breakout players, and MVP candidates. The two commentators also hand out their coach of the year and executive of the year awards.
May 28, 2020
Episode 21- Win/Loss Predictions for the Eastern Conference
Aaron and Alex preview and predict the records of all eastern conference teams. They also reveal their predictions for the final standings of the east.
August 17, 2019
Episode 20 - Previewing NBA Schedule and FIBA World Cup
Aaron and Alex discuss the newly released schedule and look ahead to the USA's chances in the FIBA World Cup that starts at the end of August.
August 13, 2019
Episode 19- Interview with Ariel Helwani
In episode 19, ESPN Reporter Ariel Helwani joins Aaron and Alex to discuss his rise to becoming one of the best reporters in the nation and answer tough NBA questions. 
August 9, 2019
Episode 18: Western Conference Offseason Report Cards with Special Guest Oliver Wiener
In episode 18, Alex and Aaron bring on another member of the Sixth Man Podcast team to grade the Western Conference and discuss who will win the battle for Los Angeles in the upcoming season.
August 1, 2019
Episode 17 - Eastern Conference Offseason Grades
In Episode 17, Aaron and Alex take the Eastern Conference to school and grade each team's Offseason moves. Listen to Episode 17 on all streaming platforms.
July 30, 2019
Episode 16: Answering Some Listeners' Questions
In episode 16, co-hosts Alex and Aaron answer questions from the audience ranging from the G.O.A.T Debate to the New King of the East. Listen to Episode 16 on all streaming platforms!
July 25, 2019
Episode 15: Ben Simmons Contract Extension and Rookie of the Year Conversations
Aaron and Alex discuss the details and their opinions on the 76ers extension of Ben Simmons. Additionally, the experts discuss rookie of the year dark horses. Follow on Instagram @thesixthmanpod!
July 23, 2019
Episode 14: Russell Westbrook Trade Reactions
Aaron and Alex discuss the implications and predictions for the Russell Westbrook-Chris Paul blockbuster trade. The experts also discuss other stars that can be traded before training camp. Follow on twitter @SixthManPod and twitter @TheSixthManPod
July 18, 2019
Episode 13: More Free Agency Discussions and 2019 Season Previews
Aaron and Alex  discuss RJ Barrett’s struggles, possible lakers additions, and teams that will make a big leap next season
July 11, 2019
Episode 12: Free Agency and Summer League Conversation
Aaron and Alex discuss 2019 NBA Free Agency and identify the standout performers of the Las Vegas Summer League. The two columnists also  debate whether or not the increased player power in the NBA is good for the league.
July 8, 2019
Episode 11: Day 1 of Free Agency Reactions
In episode 11, Alex and Aaron break down all of the biggest nba free agent deals announced yesterday, including kyrie and KD going to the Brooklyn Nets and Kemba Walker going to the Boston Celtics
July 1, 2019
Episode 10: NBA Draft Day Winners and Losers
Aaron and Alex give a few winners and loser from the NBA Draft on Thursday. Some teams helped their case with drafting young valuable assets, and others decided to go with puzzling choices. They discuss it all. Follow TheSixthMan on Instagram!
June 22, 2019
Episode 9: NBA Draft Sleepers
Aaron and Alex discuss their late-round sleepers and prospects that could be much better than their projection. Have a listen to find some deep sleepers that your favorite team might draft! Follow us on Instagram
June 20, 2019
Episode 8: NBA Lottery Mock Draft and Deep Dive into each Prospect
Aaron and Alex discuss their mock draft and each team's fit at each pick. The experts dive into each players' strengths and weaknesses and compare his ceiling to a player in the NBA right now. Listen to learn about your favorite team's new prospect! Follow TheSixthMan on Instagram 
June 20, 2019
Episode 7: Implications of the Anthony Davis Trade to the Lakers
In this episode, Aaron Pearlstein thoroughly explains the implications this trade has on the Los Angeles Lakers along with the now young and up and coming  New Orleans Pelicans. Aaron explains how this affects both teams cap space for the upcoming free agency and how each roster looks going forward.
June 16, 2019
Episode 6: The Breakdown of Game 5 and a Prediction for Game 6
In this episode, Alex examines the ramifications of Kevin Durant's ruptured Achilles on the Warriors and the rest of the NBA. In addition, Alex predicts the outcome of Game 6.
June 13, 2019
Episode 5: Reactions to Game 4 of the NBA Finals
Aaron and Alex dish out their reactions to Game 4 with an eye on Game 5. In addition, both analysts tackle multiple true or false questions dealing with the future of both teams.
June 10, 2019
Episode 4: Game 3 Reactions
Aaron and Alex dissect the Raptors pivotal game three win and discuss the Warriors chances for the rest of the series. Are running out of time for a comeback?  The two reporters also tackle tough true or false questions about the NBA finals. Follow us on Instagram at for updates!
June 6, 2019
Episode 3: NBA Finals Reactions and Predictions
Aaron and Alex go over their reactions on game 1 and 2 in the NBA Finals. Along with tough true or false questions, the experts also look ahead to game 3 and give their predictions.
June 4, 2019
Episode 2: Recap of Blazers and Warriors game 1 and look back at the Chaos of the Draft Lottery
Alex Mosk of the Emory Wheel Sports Section and Aaron Pearl basketball scout of and former Chicago Bulls writer for FanSided recap the Blazers and Warriors' game 1, where the Warriors looked great and where the Blazers need to focus on to even get a game in this series. Additionally, Mosk and Pearl relive the chaos of the NBA Draft Lottery and the failure by our Knicks and Bulls. 
May 15, 2019
Episode 1: NBA Playoff Overview and Conference Finals Predictions
Mosk and Pearl analyze what happened last night in the conference semifinal game 7s and where team's failed, succeeded and how they stack up against the next competition. Both give their predictions for the conference finals and look ahead to the draft lottery. Episode 2 coming soon. 
May 13, 2019