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The Skincare Lounge - live from NYC | Sthlm with and

The Skincare Lounge - live from NYC | Sthlm with and

By Carmine an MIchael
All about skincare routines, product ratings and ingredients. Get the latest trends from Carmine and Michael, two skincare fans with some experience in the beauty industry!
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Hope Smith | MUTHA talks with MIchael about CLEAN BEAUTY
CLEAN BEAUTY and other latest trends in the skincare industry
July 17, 2020
Michael talks with Ruchita from @glowngreen
We talk about clean and green beauty inside products, the packaging and the production process. Ruchita has a vast knowledge working in sustainability  for a long time. 
June 27, 2020
Michael and Sabine @beautywithsabine talk skincare for millenials
How important is skincare for Millenials and what brands are preferred. Which are the preferred brands and why.
June 20, 2020
Michael talks with Natalie and Ron from @KPSessentials
We are browing through a lot of aspects in natural and organic skincare. From vegan to cruelty free to organic certification. And we are talking about effective natural formulas - and since Ron is a rocket scientist he wants u to stay longer in orbit with kps skincare  
June 19, 2020
Michael talks with Jeannine @organicoracle about natural skincare
We are talking about natural and organic skincare and some brands
June 19, 2020
Talk with Auste from Milan about sensitive skin
u can find Auste on instagram under @agtrysit. We talk about her skincare journey and analyse her favourite product. 
June 18, 2020
Piya is a skin therapist in Kentucky
We talk about the institute business from various angles...From skin to body related issues, machines to injections
June 16, 2020
Michael and Cyrille Laurent talking Retinol and Vitamin C
Cyrille is a French Researcher and Biologist, living in Paris, and very knowledgeable around effective skincare. He is active on Instagram @cyrille_laurent and on youtube.
June 15, 2020
Carmine and Michael talking about the future of skincare
Skincare evolved in some phases starting with beauty brands, then adding cosmeceuticals and nature brands, more recently adding beauty and budget brands. All basically made with the same product concept: water, emulsifier, a technical base and some goodness added. But is it possible to increase the value of products to being 100% active and clean? 
June 14, 2020
Michael and Nikita Upadhyay from Dehli about Indian and western skincare
Nikita and I talk about Indian skincare, her amazon bestseller book and how it compares to western skincare. On Instagram @nikitaupadhyay and Michael
June 12, 2020
Kbeauty - key ingredients and niche market brands
Michael and Bri from Bejing are talking about Kbeauty and Asian skincare brands and trends
June 10, 2020