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The SlowDown

The SlowDown

By Maryam De Groef
Two British presenters living 4,000 miles apart provide lively chatter related to wellbeing and slowing down. Conversation is entwined with tips, tricks, observation, humour and, an inspiring meditation to round off. On the mic are Maryam De Groef, an essential oil educator and integrative nutrition health coach from Canada while Kym Nelson is a writer and creative meditation teacher from Belgium.
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Slowing Down to manage stress or burnout

The SlowDown

How to Stay Sane During the Holidays!
We talk about the insanity of a morning routine that lasts 3 hours or more (part of the 5 am club), how we need to follow our own navigation and not others, we reflect on what deeper self-care looks like such as setting boundaries, saying no and, having better connections with people, the new things we have been trying in our routine and some we have yet to try such as listening to the sound of bacon which, provides a deeper sleep according to research.  We talk about what else we have discovered in the quest to stay sane, have better sleep and feel good in ourselves during this holiday. Plus a little sleep meditation (yoga nidra) for a little calm and, a guest teacher from Rome, Valeria Arcangeli, telling us what her ideal day of slowing down looks like. Contacts: @theslowdown                                                                                  Kym Nelson - / Maryam @Maryam de Groef Valeria Arcangeli  @avvicinarte.bambini
December 14, 2020
How to slow down...when working from home
We talk boundaries, boundaries, saying no, and boundaries...indeed the boundaries of home and work have become as blurred as a steamed-up window! We talk about how to rectify that with many tips and techniques to improve our wellbeing while working from home including;  how to build a pause (whether that's meditation, a breathing exercise or scheduling time to do nothing) eating mindfully, how to bring in peaceful energy before you start working, ways to switch off after a working day and, finding the best place to work whether that's the kitchen, bedroom or car! Plus we have a three-minute pause where we demonstrate the benefits of sighing, which is a natural tranquiliser for the body...a good habit to incorporate into your working day. Maybe not do it on a zoom meeting though! 
November 08, 2020
Words to enlighten: The Interview (with Amanda Orlando, Food Allergy Advocate). Slowing down when life gives you lemons.
Amanda Orlando, Food Allergy Advocate, and author of Everyone's Welcome, an inclusive cookbook, and Maryam De Groef talk about ways to slow down when things aren't in their control. Amanda talks about leaning into the discomfort, why she loves people watching and her experiences with ASMR, which might leave some of our listeners a little bit puzzled.
October 30, 2020
A Burst of Slowing Down: 4-7-8 Breathing Exercise - How & Why?
The wisest one-word sentence is Breathe! This is the first in a series of 'A Burst of Slowing Down'. In this short burst, we'll be getting to grips with using our full lung capacity and learning about the many benefits of the 4-7-8 breathing exercise like its natural ability for being a tranquillizer for the nervous system and, how it's even known to curb cravings. Hosted by Kym Nelson, writer, meditation teacher and breathing exercise enthusiast!
October 06, 2020
How to Master...Slowing Down
We get really into the nitty-gritty of slowing down and ask important questions such as: Why is it difficult to slow down? Are we still boasting about being busy? What does an ideal day of slowing down look like? and, What can we learn about ourselves from slowing down? We also talk about people who could teach us a thing or two about slowing down like the actress Julie Andrews and potential saviour of the planet, David Attenborough. Plus our words to enlighten comes from one of the presenter's Mum!
October 06, 2020
Words to enlighten - The Interview (Rebecca Adams - Author, Speaker, Motivator and Mindset Coach)
Rebecca talks about her love of affirmations, how she powers up, why reading is her favourite escapism, why mindset is an important tool in healing and why she believes we all have the power to bounce back from anything that comes our way. Rebecca was interviewed by Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Maryam De Groef.
October 02, 2020
Slowing down for a LIFE LESSON: Bouncing Back
We talk about what it means to bounce back, personal experiences and what to consider putting in your toolbox to get that spring back into your spirit. 
September 28, 2020
Words to enlighten - The interview (with Emma Epton, Teacher & Co-founder of Yoga Reloaded)
We talk about being authentic on social media by posting random talking videos, the art of growing in confidence and, why we should give ourselves permission to feel angry, pissed off and even lazy if we want to be and, how the body is always telling us what it wants if only we listened. We also talk about Emma's no bulls@it approach which is reflected not only in her attitude towards social media (dont' expect any posy standing on the edge of a cliff type poses which many yoga teachers like to do on Instagram!) but also in her teacher training program called Yoga Reloaded. It was a thoroughly liberating chatI Emma was interviewed by writer and meditation teacher (and former yoga teacher herself! ), Kym Nelson.
September 16, 2020
Slowing down for a LIFE LESSON: Being authentic
How can we be authentic when we live in a world geared up for inauthenticity? Sounds like a deep topic right? Well, we liven it up with our own thoughts, experience, questions to ask ourselves, how to delve more into our personality type and, ways to discover more of your authentic nature. Plus an authentic meditation to get you exploring what makes you who you are (get a pen and notepad ready for the answers to that one!) and a clip from our Words to Enlighten from Emma Epton, a yoga teacher with a no-bullsh@t approach when it comes to teaching and what she posts on social media. 
September 13, 2020
Words to enlighten - The interview (with Carla Rose world-record breaking hula hooper & teacher)
A fun-fuelled interview in which Carla (a self-confessed hula hoop addict) talks about her two world records in hula hooping, why men adapt to hula hooping quicker than women and, her surprise at finding out what she has in common with Mick Jagger. We also talk about the importance of being able to act silly (if only it was recognised as a life lesson in school), why her favourite motto is 'go for it' and, how the hula hoop has many benefits including being a great prop for confidence, self-empowerment distancing! This interview took place just after the lockdown and Carla had just literally left the hairdresser so she doesn't hold back in expressing her joy, happiness and exhilaration at having that first haircut after many months of being denied one! Carla was interviewed by writer and meditation teacher (and also avid hula hooper), Kym Nelson.  
September 01, 2020
Slowing down for a LIFE LESSON: Making Room for Fun (the first in a new series of life lessons)
We kick off with a new season of topics related to life lessons starting with making room to have fun. In this episode, we talk about the importance of scheduling in fun...yes the downside of being a grown-up. But we have many tips of incorporating more fun and sillyness (yes that is important too) in our lives. We also talk about bringing in more curiosity into life (a key skill in having fun) and questions which can welcome in the fun during virtual meetings or with friends, for example: What would be your talent during a Miss/Mr World Contest, and, would you rather have all your clothes fit perfectly or have the most comfortable pillow, blankets, and sheets in existence? Find out how we answered in this podcast. Also, find out how to kick-start joyful emotions with our smile really need to listen to that as it was a bit too effective for one of our presenters! Plus our words to enlighten comes from Carla Rose, a two-time world-record holder in hula hooping!
August 30, 2020
Words to enlighten - The interview (with Ninette Murk, Founder of Beauty for a Better World)
The founder and creative director of Designers Against AIDS (DAA) and creative platform for social change Beauty Without Irony (BWI), Ninette Murk has been described by one publication as an eternal optimist who could change the world. Through her campaigns, she's worked with fashion brands, designers and celebrities such as H&M, Marc Jacobs, Rihanna, Timbaland, Robert Smith from The Cure and Pharrell Williams. She talks about her latest campaign Beauty for a Better World 2020’, her way of meditating and, how her self-care involves having a glass of champagne every day (but it has to be from Lidl!). Ninette was interviewed by writer and creative meditation teacher, Kym Nelson.
August 21, 2020
Slowing down to make change
It's not always the case that we have to make big radical moves to make a change. Going back to basics also makes a difference as well as asking yourself some important questions about where you want to invest your energy, what to let go of and, what can you focus on within yourself in order to make a change. If you need guidance on being a change maker then this podcast will help! Plus a meditation on change and, our words to enlighten comes from the founder of a campaign called 'Beauty for a better world,' Ninette Murk, who talks about following your gut, rather than advice from other people, when it comes to making a big change. Note: We also discuss a campaign where we want to make a change in - the fight against human trafficking. A campaign too important not to mention.  
August 18, 2020
Words to enlighten - The Interview (with Tom Meyers, author of Futurize Yourself and Tedx Organiser of What the Future)
Insightful conversations often come when we shine a mirror on ourselves. In this candid interview, Tom Meyers, an osteopath, author, and Tedx organiser reveals what he has discovered about himself from his rock-bottom moment to how he has elevated himself to where he is now. He talks about living on the edge of a discomfort zone, how to navigate these changes we now face and, how to create a life that is suited to this change. Essentially, it all boils down to futurizing ourselves, which is the name of his book and the inspiration for the next TEDx event called 'What the Future.' Tom believes that our focus should be more about placing our attention on feelings, which comes when we move towards experiences that help us reach that feeling. He is certainly a man of his word because he is elevating his own feelings in his latest role as the first osteopath for private astronauts and space tourists. Tom was interviewed by writer and creative meditation teacher, Kym Nelson.
August 07, 2020
Slowing down to protect our wellbeing
With one presenter feeling unsettled by a new 11.30 pm curfew in Belgium and, another feeling unsettled by things opening up again in Canda, there was a lot to discuss. Not to mention taking control of the words and phrases we use on a daily basis to describe this situation. So, plenty of tips, tricks and techniques on how to turn that unsettled feeling into one that is more settled. as well as our regular meditation, designed to ground you and re-connect with the senses. Plus our words to enlighten comes from the author of Futurize Yourself and Tedx organiser of What the Future, Tom Meyers who gives his words to live by during this time.
August 02, 2020
Words to enlighten - The interview (with JoBee Project, a singer, songwriter, activist and former contestant on The Voice in Poland)
We talk about JoBee's highlights as a contestant on The Voice, how singing is therapy, things that have shocked her and, how she has devised her own techniques and terminology as a voice coach. This includes her mirroring and screaming technique, and what she calls 'sneaky snake' as a way to get potential singers to look in the mirror to face and shed insecurities. She certainly has some imaginative ways to instil confidence and a quirky personality which certainly is in full effect during this interview. After listening you may well be inspired by her motto....2020 is all about monetising your talents! JoBee was interviewed by writer and creative meditation teacher, Kym Nelson.
July 27, 2020
Slowing down to dissect your own confidence
When your confidence takes a dive it can be hard to springboard it back up, especially if situations or indeed people have chipped away at it. In this follow-up to our podcast 'Recognising the super-hero in you,' we dissect confidence and present different ways of boosting it so by the end of this podcast nobody is going to knock that confidence out of you again! Plus 'Words to Enlighten' from singer, songwriter vocal trainer and former contestant of The Voice (Poland) known as the JoBee Project.
July 17, 2020
Words to enlighten - The Interview (with Kimberly Hard Washington, Meditation Teacher from the Art of Living Foundation & Social Entrepreneur)
Our 'Words to enlighten' comes from Kimberley Hard Washington who is bringing virtual joy both as a yoga/meditation teacher and social entrepreneur. She talks about her involvement with The Art of Living Foundation founded by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, and how a Facebook page she started as a way to keep in touch with her five sisters during the lockdown, has now brought joy to over 2,000 people. She also has advice for parents on how to navigate the topic of coronavirus to their children and, leaves us with a thought-provoking observation and meditative words to inspire inner peace. Kimberley was interviewed by writer and creative meditation teacher, Kym Nelson.  
July 09, 2020
Slowing down to recognise the superhero within!
We talk about how to feel good about yourself - the word often used is confidence! In this episode, we talk about power posing, putting confident thoughts in your mind and ditching the negative ones, writing prompts to get you analysing your own confidence, most popular essential oils that help people feel good and, why you should never have enough of hearing: 'I am enough! Our 'Words to enlighten' comes from Kimberley Hard Washington who is bringing virtual joy both as a yoga/meditation teacher and social entrepreneur. 
July 01, 2020
Words to enlighten - The Interview (Robert Fulton - Teacher of Sanskrit and yoga philosophy)
We talk about the ego in yoga, the humour of yoga (just listen to some of the incredibly long names for postures), the sound of 'OM and how it is a physical warming up of the vocal cords, plus the joy of Sanskrit (one of the oldest languages in the world). This is a passion of Robert Fulton, who has been teaching and translating Sanskrit texts, related to yoga, for nearly 20 years. Yes, we pack in a lot of content in this condensed interview! Currently, Robert is translating his version of the Yoga Sutras. Robert was interviewed by writer and creative meditation teacher, Kym Nelson.
June 23, 2020
Slowing down to be happy!
We talk about the world’s happiest countries, happy habits to adopt, happy foods, happy teachers and a happy meditation to get you in the mood. Plus our words to enlighten comes from yoga teacher and translator, Robert Fulton, who teaches Sanskrit and yoga philosophy. He enlightens us on the most misused word in yoga. 
June 22, 2020
Words to enlighten - The Interview (with Jan Mouton - breath healer)
Part of a new series of interviews showcasing, more at length, some of the wellbeing experts we interview for The SlowDown. First up is Jan Mouton, who specialises in a revolutionary breath and body therapy called Biodynamic Breath Trauma Release System®. He talks about how trauma can stay in the body, ways to remove it through breath healing and, triggers - an example is given at the beginning of the interview (unplanned!) which sparks a lively discussion. Jan was interviewed by writer and creative meditation teacher, Kym Nelson.
June 11, 2020
Slowing down for alternative ways of healing (from stress or trauma)
We talk about where in the body we store trauma, anger, hurt and oppression, what you can do to release those emotions, breath healing and creative exercises to bring out your vulnerable inner child. Lots of ways to heal in this episode. Plus a healing exercise by Jan Mouton, an expert in trauma, soul and system healing.
June 09, 2020
Slowing Down for a higher grade on emotional intelligence
We discuss how many emotional experiences we have a day (it's way more than you think!), mindful and meditation exercises to try, why knowing your love language improves your EI and, what key skill has advanced the emotional intelligence of the most successful poker players. Plus our 1-minute SlowDown interview with Ellie Talebian from Eclectic Toolbox - an organisation which provides mental health training for the music industry. 
June 08, 2020
Slowing Down to make stress-free decisions
We take the headache out of making decisions and into a relaxing space. After this episode, decision-making will be a whole lot easier and maybe even fun! Plus our 1-minute SlowDown interview with Helen Slater an Autogenics teacher who gives her tip to instantly relax the body for better decision-making.
May 18, 2020
Slowing Down to discuss introverts & extroverts
Two podcasters - one an introvert, the other an extrovert discuss how they are keeping centred and their strengths locked in during the lockdown. Plus; how your sense of smell can be a vital source of comfort during this time and our 1-minute interview with Swedish zen artist Ingela Johansson. talking about kick-starting your intuition through drawing.
May 12, 2020
Slowing Down to be brave, bold and courageous.
An eclectic conversation about courage which includes; personal stories of courage,  how to exercise your courage muscle, blitz spirit and, effective visualisations which involves (embarrassingly) mermaids for one of the presenters! Plus our 1-minute SlowDown interview with Elizabeth Van Den Bergh, a voice coach who provides an effective swimming pool technique for public speaking. 
May 04, 2020
Slowing down to...write a letter to our fears
We talk about our own personal fears, how we've faced them and why writing a letter to your fear can be an empowering exercise. Plus our 3-minute SlowDown interview with Agni Larsen, a Chinese medicine practitioner who talks about where in the body we hide fear and exercises we can do to release that fear. 
April 26, 2020
Slowing Down for Mental Health Resilience
This SlowDown, we debate on the juicy topic of whether it's better to feel a state of calm or have an acceptance of chaos. What would you choose? Plus our 1-minute SlowDown interview with Stacey Cohen founder of London Jungle Runners who gives her tip for a more resilient mind. 
April 19, 2020
Slowing Down for Heart Health
The SlowDown on how to practice heart health through music, Chinese medicine, creativity and the contents of your fridge! Plus our 1-minute SlowDown interview with Oddny Edwards, award-winning chef and expert forager giving her tips on sustainable living.  
April 12, 2020
Slowing Down to practice Gratitude
The SlowDown on what gratitude is, different ways to show/practice gratitude, and boost our spirit.
April 05, 2020
Slowing Down to find Creativity
The SlowDown on being creative or reaching the other side of boredom. Plus our 1-minute interview with Kate Taylor, creativity and empowerment coaching who provides her tip for tapping into your intuition.
March 29, 2020
Slowing Down during Isolation
The times of isolation. With glorious tips and techniques to get through self-confinement. Plus our 1-minute interview with Helen Sanderson, a mindful de-cluttering expert who provides her tip on creating a calm and more nurturing space.
March 22, 2020
Slowing Down for Inner Peace
The SlowDown to find our innerpeace (in a crisis) with tips and techniques to feel (more) calm plus our 1-minute SlowDown interview with children's author Alison Knowles who talks about controlling emotions.
March 15, 2020
Slowing Down to manage stress or burnout
Tips + techniques to manage stress or burnout, plus our 1-minute SlowDown interview with world renowned speaker and author on reprogramming the brain, Marisa Peer.
March 08, 2020
Slowing Down for Sleep
We discuss all things sleep related - good sleep hygiene, healthy sleeping habits, and tips and tricks for deeper sleep.
March 04, 2020