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City Shifters

City Shifters

By Vineeta Shetty
City Shifters is a podcast produced by The Smart Citizen and explores extraordinary innovation and entrepreneurship that will impact the way our cities evolve and how its citizens interact with each other and their environment.

Join us on the journey of exploring the peak of innovation in cities all around the world!
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Resirqel squares the circle of building waste and reuse
In Norway, about 20,000 structures are demolished yearly, and close to 0% of the materials are reused responsibly and reasonably.  Surplus material from new buildings are also ground down to burnable material, inflating the carbon footprint of the construction industry. Lasse Kilværs and Martin Eid speak to Smart Citizen Dennis Kristoffer Høier Hoel at Oslo's Vollebekk Fabrikker about their enterprise, Resirqel, which provides advisory and implementing strategies for circularity in the building trade. Local authorities can boost the initiative by demanding a reuse assessment of all buildings destined for disassembly in time to reuse potential products.
January 08, 2020
Circular Ways with Katerina Eriksen, Oslo, Norway
Smart Citizen Dennis Kristoffer Høier Hoel popped into Oslo's Vollebekk Fabrikker to speak with the founder of Circular Ways, Katerina Eriksen.  Circular Ways shares knowledge about circular business models; including re-design and re-use of materials and resources, as well as facilitating work for people who in one way or another have fallen outside of the labor force, the school system, or for some reason can’t function optimally in today’s society. In this episode, we talk about:  | The unrealised working potential in excluded groups as related to the circular economy | The power of leading by example | What it is like to collaborate with various stakeholders and | What the future of work might look like
September 28, 2019