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Ep.1 Living With Schizophrenia ft. Reshma Valliappan

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In The SOS Show- we are going to demystify a lot of beliefs around mental health- We are going to speak to the fighters, the innovators, the fearless ones, about what MENTAL HEALTH means to them, how can we redefine- WHAT MENTAL HEALTH REALLY IS and how can we break all the taboos created around it.

The podcast intends to open up the discussion on mental health and bring about a real change and A LEAP in our cultural ecosystem with regards to MENTAL HEALTH.

This podcast is brought to you by Ep.Log Media & Metaphysical Lab.
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In The SOS Show- we are going to demystify a lot of beliefs around mental health- We are going to speak to the fighters, the innovators, the fearless ones, about what MENTAL HEALTH means to them, how can we redefine- WHAT MENTAL HEALTH REALLY IS and how can we break all the taboos created around it.

The podcast intends to open up the discussion on mental health and bring about a real change and A LEAP in our cultural ecosystem with regards to MENTAL HEALTH.

This podcast is brought to you by Ep.Log Media & Metaphysical Lab.

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Ep.21 Narrative Practices and Mental Health for Children ft. Jehanzeb Baldiwala,Director-Mental Health Services at Ummeed Child Development Center
Umeed the non profit organisation deals with children with developmental issues. Jehanzeb Baldiwala heads their mental health section which is dealing with kids with various mental health issues anxiety to depression to Schizhophernia. In this conversation Jehanzeb shares with us the various narrative practices they use to connect with the kids and make them self aware n self dependent. The parents and the umeed family form a big part of bringing out this change together Listen to  "The SOS Show with Suchita" and other podcasts by Ep.Log Media on Do write to us on
December 1, 2019
Ep.20 How Addiction Affects Mental Health and Life ft. Dr Mitika Kanabar, MD MPH,South California
In this episode of THE SOS SHOW- we talk about how does mental health and addiction work. We are in conversation with Dr. Mitika Kanabar. We talk about various forms of addiction from tobacco, alcohol, and the internet and how does that affects our mental, well being and also the causes of depression in our lives. Also and most importantly why does addiction happen! Tune in to this and more on our website and all the podcasting platforms. You can also check out her website for more info. Listen to  "The SOS Show with Suchita" and other podcasts by Ep.Log Media on Do write to us on
November 18, 2019
Ep.19 Filling Treatment Gaps In Mental Healthcare With Peer Support ft. Jasmine Kalha
The treatment gap that exists in mental health care- can  be taken care with peer to peer support- Jasmine Kalha, Program Manager and Research Fellow at Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy, Indian Law Society describes about  peer to peer support where a person with mental illness can volunteer to  support and give a psycho social care to person with mental illness-  with the anecdote of Janki Patel who suffers from schizophrenia and has  opted to be a part of the peer support group it seems like a very  important option in treatment gap in mental health. If you wish to volunteer for the peer support group you can connect with jasmine for the leads on Twitter @jasminekalha Let us know your thoughts about this episode in comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia Listen to "The SOS Show" and other podcasts by Ep.Log Media on
November 9, 2019
Ep.18 Making People Self-Dependent ft. Ratna Chibber and Tanya Dutt - Atmanirbhar Foundation
What are the odds that you will rebel against your own family to stand by something you believe in? Ratna Chibber did just that- she left her husband and her own family to stand and protect her brother who was diagnosed with schizophrenia. It was an inspiring moment of stand-alone spirit. And the challenges and battles that lay ahead transformed her into a stronger person and transformed many lives. Tanya Dutt saw her mother face all the challenges and that defined her and her vision on mental health. They both started Atmanirbhar an NGO that makes mentally ill people self-dependent. Learn more about what they do here-, Listen to "The SOS Show with Suchita Bhhatia" podcast and other podcasts by Ep.Log Media on, or your favorite podcast apps.
November 4, 2019
Ep.17 Vijay Nallawala On The Start of Bipolar India
Vijay was diagnosed with extreme bipolar after 23years of already having bipolar. It made him dysfunctional for so many years because there was no awareness of the illness during his times.  When he finally started medication in his 40s he turned things around and decided to create awareness through which is a very active and interactive site on bipolar.  Currently married with a daughter and running his independent marketing n  storytelling agency- Vijay has decided to devote full time to bipolarindia and create ways to make people with mental illness more financially independent.  You can also participate in monthly meetings organized by bipolarindia .comWhich has chapters in various cities. Know more about what he does on his website Check out The SOS Show and other podcasts by Ep.Log Media on or any of your favorite podcast streaming apps
October 19, 2019
Ep.16 World Mental Health Day | The Reality Of Mental Health Care In India
This World Mental Health Day, we bring to you a  very special episode. Host, Suchita Bhhatia is joined by mental health activist- Mr. Amrit Bakhshy, President of Schizophrenia Awareness Society (SAA), psychologist  - Dr. Uma Dalvi and Researcher & Lawyer- Arjun Kapoor of Centre For Mental Health Law & Policy(CMHLP) They revisit to the Mental Health Care Act introduced in 2017 and discuss about its implementation.  There were several discussions on the current state  of mental health care in India :-  One was the infrastructure of mental health- lack of  adequate mental health professionals to hospitals to accessibility .   Second was the high costs of treatment on mental health especially  severe mental illnesses like schizophrenia. What would the common man do  - and worse the underprivileged? And an in depth talk on understanding  recovery; we questioned if there was adequate research on the medicines  provided for mental illnesses and if this gap is being misused by  certain practitioners and other companies ? Listen to the complete episode and understand, what is mental healthcare and why is so important The  views expressed on all the shows produced and distributed by Ep.Log  Media are personal to the host and the guest of the shows respectively  and with no intention to harm the sentiments of any  individual/organisation.
October 9, 2019
Ep.15 You Don't Need To Be Strong All The Time ft. Papiya Bagchi
Our  society has conditioned us to be strong- to not show our emotions- to  hide them. And that can be fatal and if not released can accumulate to  the point of bursting. In this heartfelt and very personal conversation  with Papiya Bagchi - she takes us through her personal losses of her  father and younger sister and how she coped with it by finding the  stillness inside herself. We  all have that stillness that if tapped can enable us to find our  balance and live life to the fullest and with immense gratitude Let us know what you think of the episode in the comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia Listen to The SOS Show and other great podcasts from Ep.Log Media on
October 5, 2019
EP.14 Healing From Mental Illness Through Arts Based Therapy, ft. Aanand Chabukswar - ABT Practioner and Trainer, WCCL
In  Mental Illness, it is not just the medical care that counts but also  the psychological care.  Perhaps as we move deeper into the podcasts on  our show we realize that psychological care should take precedence over  medical care. ARTS  BASED THERAPY (ABT) approach towards mental illness could be an  important step in Mental care approach- a supplementary if not an  alternative way to healing mental illness. We chat with Aanand Chabukswar, who is an ABT practitioner and trainer with World Centre For Creative Learning (WCCL) Do let us know your comments. If you wish to connect to Aanand- do leave your name and number and we will send you the details. Do check out The SOS Show and our other podcasts on
September 29, 2019
Ep.13 Using Technology For Mental Healthcare With iCall ft. Tanuja Babre
Mental health still being a stigma -lot of people are  hesitant to talk about it openly -iCall, an on-call pan india facility by  Tata Institute of Social Sciences(TISS) enables one to talk to trained counselors, psychologist, psychiatrist for free and talk about one's distress, mental health, depression  -we spoke to Tanuja babre, the programme coordinator at iCall. iCall number is - +9122-25521111 Let us know what you think about this episode of The SOS Show podcast in comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia Check out our other shows on
September 21, 2019
Ep.12 Why is Mental Healthcare Act 2017 So Important ?? ft. Arjun Kapoor, Research Associate at the Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy
A revolution in mental health - where the rights is given to mental  health -and the onus to central n state government -In this enlightening conversation with Arjun Kapoor we talk about Mental Healthcare Act (MHCA) 2017  Arjun is a lawyer and is a Research Associate at the Centre for Mental Health Law and Policy (CMHLP).  His areas of interest range from law & development, mental health policy and psychology. In this episode we discuss the definition of Mental Health & Illness in the Indian Law, what was the need for the MHCA 2017, a peek in the history of the law for mental health, why is the act so important and how is it going to bring a change. The law defines the fact that, Mental Healthcare is not just a law for healthcare, but is a step to ensure human rights.  Some Takeaways from the episode are: -The right is given to people suffering from various mental illnesses where they can demand a treatment wo any form of discrimination  -The state has to look into the demand and provide treatment  -The biggest challenge though is the infrastructure m the gap in mental health professionals, this is where community like Atmiyata can come in Let us know what you think about the episode in comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia  You can listen to The SOS Show podcast and our shows from Ep.Log Media  on and all major podcast apps i
September 14, 2019
Ep.11 Tackling Mental Illness Through Community ft. Dr Kaustubh Joag, Psychiatrist
150 million suffer from various forms of mental health issues in india -and there is a huge need for mental health professionals -but the model of medical care vs psychological care is what needs to be looked into -this insightful conversation with Dr. Kaustubh Joag brings light to the wonderful community model of Atmiyata currently working in the rural landscape and empowering people to handle the mental illness Dr. Kaustubh, is a consulting psychiatrist and also the Project Lead at ATMIYATA along with coordination at Center for Mental Health Law & Policy, Indian Law Society in Pune, India Let us know what you think about the episode in comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia
September 7, 2019
Ep.10 Need For Rehab Centres For Mental Health ft. Tanmaya Bhatnagar
Where are the rehab centers for mental health- and what kind of conditions they are in?  in this deep conversation with Tanmaya Bhatnagar, who tells her story of living with her schizophrenic mother- the family coping together with her illness tried all the possible rehab centers where her mother could spend some daycare time- but she felt she would never leave her mother in those centers which were unclean and not cared for...The family decided to take turns and take care of their mother with the father being a strong backbone for the family. Where are the REHAB CENTRES FOR MENTAL ILLNESS AND WHY ARE THEY NOT BEING TAKEN CARE OF... WHO IS FUNDING THEM AND DO WE seriously need to shift our attention to them. Do write you thoughts about the episode in comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia  Subscribe to the podcast on your favourite app and do rate on it
August 31, 2019
Ep.9 Being a Support System As Care Giver ft. Amrit Bakshy
Schizophrenia was first observed in 1887 -still in 2019 has no cure -the patients still lead a tough existence trying to fight the voices and hallucinations-we talk to Amrit Bakshy who is a caregiver to his daughter with Schizophrenia-he takes us on a journey and a battle to try and give his daughter a good life -the question still remains if we do have answers to schizophrenia Mr. Amrit Bakshy is the president for Schizophrenia Awareness Society and has also been a key contributor in drafting the very important - Mental Healthcare Awareness Act, 2017  He has been very actively involved in bringing awareness about mental illness and how can one take care of their mental well being.  He hosts sessions for the patients and also with the care givers of those patients.  Connect with us on Instagram @eplogmedia or write to us on
August 3, 2019
Ep8. Dealing With Borderline Personality Disorder ft. Tarini Chawla
Borderline Personality Disorder is the least understood mental illness-unlike bipolar where the episodes happen in phases -BPD is an everyday fight. Tarini Chawla takes us through her journey of BPD. The implementation of mental act 2017 is still awaited to help everyone with mental disability. Not just that, Tarini is very much active to voice her thoughts about the importance of mental health and is trying to do so with her blog. In the episode she also speaks about what can the companies and management do to build a system that encourages people with mental illnesses to have an environment to work comfortably. Do you want to share your experiences? Or want to give feedback about the episode? Write us down in the comments or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia or mail us to
July 27, 2019
Ep.7 ACTIVE EMPATHY, COMPASSION AND SENSITIVITY as caregivers n as a society | ft. Namarita Kathait
Caregiving  for someone with mental illness is as hard and especially when the  mental illness has psychotic traces like schizophrenia.  Practicing active empathy, compassion and sensitivity can really help. Namarita  shares her story of her family dealing with her mother having  schizophrenia. We also talk about the voices and the dimensions that the  person living with schizophrenia deals with. Modern medication since  1887 have not been able to cure the side effects of medication or the  reason behind the voices.  We try and decipher this from the caregivers point of view. The  causes/ trigger for schizophrenia could be varied from genetic, to  trauma, to sensitivity quotient of the person to the person getting  inside a new environment.  Developing a buffer system unconsciously can really help. We still have a severe lack of psychologist and psychiatrist to deal with severe mental health cases.   How are we going to bridge this gap.  Let us know what you think about this episode  DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia or mail us on
July 20, 2019
Ep.6 Causes, Research & Infrastructure of Mental Health ft. Dr. Samir Parikh
"NUEROTRANSMITTER IMBALANCE IS THE CAUSE AND THE TREATMENT AROUND MENTAL ILLNESS" 1 in 5 individuals in the world will suffer from some form of mental illness.   In this episode, Dr. Samir Parikh. He is a psychiatrist and  Director of Fortis National Mental Health Program at Fortis Healthcare.  300 million suffer from. depression.600 million people from depression anxiety.. biology psychology and the environment intersection is the main cause of mental illness.. anti pharma is not the way..there will always not be 100 % accuracy..  There is a robust government structure where there is free of cost treatment..  Aayushnman Bharat etc will help the mental health infrastructure.. public private partnership will enable a faster way to bridge the gap in infrastructure. caregiver handling is as important- Fortis health care has a 24 hour helpline(+918376804102).  Want to share your thoughts, DM us @eplogmedia on Instagram You can also mail us on
July 13, 2019
Ep.5 Mental Health Relationships & Parenting | ft. Kenton hall
Kenton has been dealing with his own flux of emotions while bringing up his daughters. Mental illness has made him empathetic towards others -his daughters too have become more empathetic towards people . Kenton feels it’s important to have conversation with ur partners and children about mental illness Music Credits: Jay Man Track Name: "So Overjoyed" Music By: Jay Man @
July 6, 2019
Ep.4 Life Dealing with Bipolar ft. Shreevatsa Nevatia
Bipolar is hard to gauge. It can pass of like a mood swing or even depression. But there is a deeper reason to it; that deeper reason can be genetic or as we take this discussion on bipolar further- it can be a stress trigger. We don't have any concrete answers yet- As Shreevatsa Nevatia the consulting editor of India today and thriving with bipolar points out- Bipolar is like WHO DUN IT! 
June 25, 2019
Ep.3 Understanding Bipolar Further ft. Shubha Menon
In this episode Suchita is joined by Delhi based Shubha Menon, who is a copywriter in Ogilvy and is married having a daughter and 2 dogs.  She has been suffering with Bipolar disorder and has been very active to bring awareness about mental health and also runs a group for people suffering from bipolar disorder, where they talk about remedies and solutions. Shubha also discusses deeply about medication and how it affects people.  . . If you want to share your experiences, do DM us on instagram @eplogmedia or mail us on
June 14, 2019
Ep.2 Understanding Bipolar Disorder ft. Swati Agrawal
Swati Agrawal is a lawyer by profession and has been suffering from Bipolar disorder along with fibromyalgia. Despite that, she has been leading a normal life and on this episode she talks about what misconceptions people have regarding mental illness, her relations with people around, people's reaction to it and much more! Got something to say? Just mail us to or DM us on Instagram @eplogmedia
June 3, 2019
Ep.1 Living With Schizophrenia ft. Reshma Valliappan
A TEDX Speaker & Ashoka Fellow, Reshma Valiapan, is among the people to embrace Schizophrenia and take advantage of it to become successful at a plethora of activities, one of them being Painting. Schizophrenia  is a very tough mental illness where the person suffering and their  environment both get affected in equal and more proportions. This was  first identified in the year 1887.  John  Nash, the Nobel prize winner, Albert Einstein's Son, The most admired  Novelist of American Pop Culture Jack Kerouac, all were diagnosed with  this chronic mental illness .  One of the primary symptoms is they hear voices- who tell them to do various things.  In  our podcast- THE SOS SHOW- with the admirable artist, Reshma Valliappan  we try to decipher those voices; we also try and understand the basis  of Schizophrenia.  It's  very strange that with all the medical developments we still don't have  a complete understanding of this mental illness- in fact, we are still  at the tip of the iceberg.  In  this conversation, Reshma strongly feels it is the dysfunctional  parenting that leads to this chronic illness- SO DO WE NEED TO PAY  ATTENTION TO DYSFUNCTIONAL PARENTING- AND CAN WE DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT  AS A SOCIETY!! We  still don't have any good medication without side effects for  Schizophrenia; in fact, THE SIDE EFFECTS ARE SO SEVERE THAT THE PERSON  STOPS FUNCTIONING AT ALL; IS ANYONE LISTENING TO THIS. AND CAN WE DO  SOMETHING ABOUT THIS. So what are the alternate forms of medication to  deal with Schizophrenia?  This  and much more as we explore and dig deeper into this misnomer and very  little understood,  mental illness in the EP 1 of THE SOS SHOW.  Here are few take aways from the episode: 1) the basis of Schitzhophernia-is it DNA or something else  2) medications for schizophrenia  3) psychotherapy  4) alternative medication  5) building a strong community to support Want to share your experiences or thoughts to this episode? Mail us to or DM us on @eplogmedia on Instagram & Twitter
May 25, 2019
The SOS Show - Trailer
The  discussion on MENTAL HEALTH has been a taboo in most of the societies.   With the WHO estimating a figure of 300 million people affected with  depression, 60 million with bipolar, and 23 million with schizophrenia-  we are just getting started in defining MENTAL HEALTH; We still classify  mental health as MADNESS.  In  our podcast- THE SOS SHOW- we are going to a demystify a lot of beliefs  around mental health- We are going to speak to the fighters, the  innovators, the fearless ones and more, about what MENTAL HEALTH means  to them, how can we redefine the already defined- WHAT MENTAL HEALTH  REALLY IS and how can we break all the taboos created around it; Also,  how can the society, the medical and the government infrastructure be  smoothened to bring an immediate help to someone needed, without being  embarrassed about it, without be worried about it even in the middle of  the night; Also how do we eradicate the indifference related to mental  health in the minds of the people.   THE  SOS SHOW intends to open up the discussion on mental health and bring  about a real change and A LEAP in our cultural ecosystem with regards to  MENTAL HEALTH.   This podcast is brought to you by EP.LOG MEDIA & METAPHYSICAL LAB. Connect:, DM @EPLOGMEDIA, @METAPHYSICALLAB 
May 3, 2019
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