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The Spoken Symbol

The Spoken Symbol

By Brian Martens
The Spoken Symbol is a poetry podcast that brings awareness, transformation, & deep intuition into your life.
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#40 Podcast, Interview with Kitty Cole, business coach, trainer, & speaker.
Kitty Cole has dedicated her career to  "Listening Skills", and communications.  Her empathic listening has elevated her to the top of her craft. She is a sought after business coach and shares many or her tips through stories and practices that we discuss in this interview. These skills are available to all of us, and we just need to listen. Sounds simple but as you find out by listening to us, it takes awareness, vulnerability, empathy, and a willingness to change our patterns that are keeping us from having long-term, healthy relationships, whether that is with family, business, or with intimate partners. By listening to this interview you will discover what it takes to elevate your listening skills. Enjoy
June 01, 2020
A Breakthrough Interview with Steven Malcolm Berg-Smith, Master trainer for the International Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers (MINT).
Please join me in this inspirational interview. The stories are real and heart felt, and more important, they show the impact of real listening and how that can shape motivational change. Please listen with all your senses to grasp the importance of Malcolm's work.
May 05, 2020
I'm back producing Podcast episodes again after a nine month hiatus. This beginning again will focus on sheltering, the new paradigm we are in, and new offerings within the podcast. It's exciting to be back, I believe you will be excited too.
April 24, 2020
#37 Podcast, “USA Women...Triumph”
This podcast is about all women in the world and especially the USA women who accomplish and continue to accomplish awesome feats of leadership, courage, and representing the divine feminine energy on this Earth.
July 23, 2019
#36 Podcast, “Who am I... Where am I Going”
This episode is an exploration into Consciousness, and how to find your path.
June 28, 2019
#36 Podcast, “Within One Day of Creation... Desmond “
This short episode is about the birth of my new grandson, Desmond Dante Martens.
June 11, 2019
#35 Podcast, "Attitude...Our Most Important Creation"
Discover where your beliefs come from and how your attitude is constructed. And surprise !, most of those constructs are unconscious...
May 25, 2019
#34 Podcast, “The Narcissist and Empathy”
This article is about Empathy and how to cultivate into your life the feelings and knowledge of being in deep rapport with other people.
May 09, 2019
#33 Podcast, Choosing To Be...”All In”
How and when do you decide to go, “All In”on a project, a relationship, or a goal? Find out, NOW!
April 25, 2019
#32, A Place for Community
This article and episode is about Community building and how a new Brewery called Pond Farm Brewery, in San Rafael, CA is offering a place to explore community.
April 12, 2019
#31 "There Will Be Spring"
This episode announces Spring, the season of Healing. This season of Spring is asking you to pay attention to what has Heart for you. After the long winter of going below, like seeds. What has meaning for you now. What or who are you in love with. Can you give and receive love equally? Aligning with this season of green and growth can support you.
March 28, 2019
Pond Farm Chronicles...Wrap-Up
Here is my last story/article about my Pond Farm, Artist in Residence experience. I had a few days of integration before knowing how the experience had impacted me. Enjoy...
March 18, 2019
Day #2 Pond Farm Chronicles
Day 2 of the Pond Farm Chronicles, Rain, hiking, Birds and voices from the Barn
February 04, 2019
Day #1 Pond Farm Chronicles, Podcast
I am giving daly insights into living in a cottage at the Pond Farm Pottery site at Austin Creek State Recreation Area near Guerneville CA. Stay tuned for poetry, Haiku, and the natural world that abounds there.
February 03, 2019
#30 Podcast, "The Redwoods Are Calling"...
Stay tuned for the “Pond Farm Chronicles,” twenty-eight days of bliss-full exploration into a new inner and outer adventure.
January 31, 2019
#29 Podcast, Ready For Retirement or Not ?
There are two poems in my article this week, the first on Retirement and the second about Birds being messengers. We can all pay attention to messages that we receive. Its important to decide which ones we act on. Choose wisely...
January 17, 2019
#28 Podcast, "The Return of The White Buffalo"
The White Buffalo signifies the manifestation of abundance. It can be your totem for 2019 if you choose to believe your life can be abundant in 2019. By choosing this you must change your negative self-talk to align with the white buffalo.
January 04, 2019
#27 Podcast," GIVING-Back to Yourself...From Now On"
During this Holiday Season bring awareness to yourself and how you are feeling. Please make sure you are taken care of so YOU can bring joy, fun, and appreciation to those around you. Cheers...
December 19, 2018
#26 Podcast, "The Albatross Liberation"
The documentary film "Albatross," by Chris Jordan (2017) is a chilling story and reminder of our lack of accountability. I bring my own thoughts and ideas about how the Albatross are liberating themselves and us.
December 06, 2018
#25 Podcast, "A Thanks Giving For Creativity"
This episode titled, "A Thanks giving For Creativity," deals with topics about perfection versus excellence and family dynamics. The Holidays can be a stressful time unless we pause, listen, and choose how we want to act and what we want to say. Enjoy...
November 24, 2018
#24 Podcast, "The Death of Imagination...The Neanderthals."
#24 Podcast and article, titled "The Death of Imagination...The Neanderthals, talks about how the lack of imagination may have caused the decline of their species. Nevertheless, the Neanderthal DNA within us can teach us to build and restore our communities. Personal and community art can inspire and bond our connectivity again, and stop the current polarization.
November 08, 2018
#23 Podcast, "The Wedding Poem"
This article and Podcast is about Love and my daughters wedding, and what Love actually is. Is it a feeling, an emotion, or is it a substance or fabric in the Universe. It is actually the WEB of life?
October 26, 2018
#22 "Where Are The Real Men"
Due to the recent episodes of sexual abuse in the Media I wanted to keep the conversations active and engaged about how to change this abuse in our country.
October 12, 2018
#21 "Bushmen Follow Lightning"
This latest Episode #21 is about my research and interest in the Bushmen of the South African Kalahari Desert. They are one of the earliest inhabitants of our planet. This stone-age culture has fantastic stories of their interactions with nature and magic with animals. Don't miss this introduction and poem about this beautiful culture.
October 02, 2018
#20 I Jumped Off The Cliff ...Today
This article shows a process for discovering yourself in a decision that may feel like jumping off a cliff...
September 14, 2018
#19 Podcast, "Walls Do Not Make Good Neighbors"
This Episode talks about Boundaries, Walls, Migration and the unintended consequences that happen when all the outcomes are not considered. Also, what Nature can teach us about migrations.
August 30, 2018
#18 Summer is Being Authentic...Are You?
Summer is in its radiance and is in full bloom now... are you? Are you showing up in your full self, your radiant self? Can you match nature now? What are you waiting for?
August 30, 2018
#17 Grief and Loss is Nothing New
This episode supports the belief that we have been building our capacity for loss our whole lives. From childhood forward, we have been learning how to grow and heal from loss and grief. Come with me on this journey of exploration...
August 02, 2018
#16 The Conspiracy of Raven...and Nature...
This article is about an amazing Conspiracy of Raven I witnessed. It is an inspiring tale that has endeared me to Raven, and brought me into a new relationship with the natural world. Enjoy...
July 19, 2018
#15 Wake Up, Grow Up, & Show Up...Or...
This episode includes information about a new Shaman I heard on a podcast, Dr. Alberto Villoldo and his three keys to a fearless, successful life. Also, I talk about traps that stop us from growing up and the awareness to distance ourselves from harmful and toxic family patterns. Plus, a new poem titled " You Are The Mystery" enjoy... #Dr. Alberto Villoldo
July 08, 2018
#14 Spiral Distinctions From the Unconscious
This episode #14 discusses three topics. The Spiral as a learning or growth metaphor, making distinctions between words and concepts, and the impact of unconscious material coming through to us. These three ideas have been working on me over the last two weeks and the result has been a deeper understanding of how learning occurs for me and others that attended a "Creativity" workshop I facilitated recently. Also, included is a new poem titled "Dreaming in Trees". Create and be well...
June 22, 2018
#13 Life is a Flower...Isn't it?
This Lucky #13 podcast is about how we are seen and appreciated for our creativity. What are the "stories" we make up and tell ourselves about who we are? It talks about insecurities and how they affect our creativity and how to trust the Universal creative process that guides our next steps if we pay attention and listen. This episode includes my new poem entitled "To Be a Flower". Create and be well...
June 08, 2018
#12 Podcast "Think Like an Archer"
This episode explores the metaphor of an Archer and how it relates to parents and children and the seen and unseen forces that affect a life. The second poem in the podcast, "Getting Out of the Way", also relates to unseen forces that we can become aware of if we notice and trust our Deep Intuition. Enjoy...
May 25, 2018
#11 To Organize or Not to Organize...That is the Question
What is compelling you to Organize your office, your yard or your Life at this time? Are there parts of your life that you organize easily and without much effort? Can you look towards Nature and how it is sometimes a tangle and yet those tangled parts are actually benefitting each other? And also, how can we take a deep breath, not make ourselves wrong about it, and find ways to organically make our lives work. Finally, what can you learn about the areas you organize easily and transfer that learning to other tangled areas...naturally.
May 11, 2018
#10 Perfectly-Imperfect...the Tension Between Perfection and Excellence
This episode explores the gap between being perfect and working towards excellence. It shares examples and offers a new expanded way of looking at our behaviors in regard to creativity.
April 26, 2018
#9 The Transformation of the Prince - Becoming the King and Queen
This last episode of working with the story "Iron John" brings the initiation of the Prince to fruition. This story shows the ancient template for initiation into adulthood. Follow the Prince and Princess into their final act of bonding and ascention to the throne.
April 13, 2018
#8 Podcast, "What Happens in the Garden"
This episode talks about what happens to the Prince when he enters the "Garden". This is after he has done the "ashes" work of learning what poverty is like. He is forced to build a foundation for his later work. Stay tuned to this part of the "Iron John" myth.
March 28, 2018
#7 Darth Vader and the Ashes of Our Dark Side
This episode, the seventh in this series, talks about our shadow side, our dark side and how we have to do Ashes work to understand ourselves better and to clear harmful patterns from our psyche. This comes from the fairy tale called "Iron John" compiled from the Grimm Bros. around 1820. Though parts of the mythological story could be 10,000 to 20,000 years old. Enjoy...
March 13, 2018
#6 The Wild Man
What can the \u201cWild Man\u201d do for YOU...
February 14, 2018
Capturing Your Gold
Capturing Your Gold...and Where To Find It \u2022 The Story of "Iron John" \u2022 Poem, "Sometimes" by David Whyte
January 31, 2018
A Child\u2019s Awakening
What a Child Can Teach You About Awareness
January 20, 2018
#3 Podcast-A Poets Declaration
Intro to #3 Podcast- A Poets Declaration \u2022 Poem "The Opening of Eyes" by David Whyte \u2022 Discussion of Poem
January 05, 2018
Podcast #2 - Attention
Attention- The Big Bang
December 19, 2017
#1 The Lightest Touch
Introduction to "The Spoken Symbol" podcast and a reading and discussion of David Whyte\u2019s \u201cThe Lightest Touch.\u201d
November 26, 2017