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The Long Jump

The Long Jump

By Peter Doesburg
A mix of opinions, interviews, thoughts, news, business and generally interesting topics from the perspective of a 38 year old Dutch stay-home dad living in NL. Going beyond frontpage news and diving deeper into the stories behind people, developments and culture.
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#35 Vadercafe en Vadervisie met Patrick

The Long Jump

Episode 14: The Long Jump into the Metaverse with SpatialPort
In this episode Peter talks to Alex (CEO/Founder) and Federica (Product Manager) of SpatialPort. SpatialPort is building an entirely new shopping experience tailored to the Metaverse. Creating a platform for artists, designers and shoppers to come together and buy and sell their work in a new 3d environment, both online and IRL. For more info visit
May 19, 2022
Episode 13: The Long Jump over Kind naar Gezonder Gewicht
In deze super interessante aflevering heb ik Ietske de Bray en Linda Nieuwenburg te gast om te vertellen over het Kind naar Gezonder Gewicht in Alkmaar. Dit project pakt alle probleemgebieden binnen gezinnen aan die een ongezonde levensstijl en overgewicht voor kinderen tot gevolg hebben. Meer informatie over het project vind je hier: Je kunt Ietske en Linda vinden op LinkedIn
February 03, 2022
Episode 12: The Long Jump with Marie-Claire: I'm Pregnant, So What??
In this fascinating episode, i catch up with a friend who ive known for 20 years. Marie-Claire is pregnant with her 2nd kid and is running into the frustrations of the recruitmentprocess that even in 2022 does not seem to be able to deal with pregnant women. We discuss kids, gender gaps, pay gaps, inequality, solutions, problems and generally have a serious look at the career landscape for young and ambitious women, that seems to struggle with what happens when kids get thrown in the mix. You can find Marie-Claire and her original post that we mention in the talk on LInkedin:
February 01, 2022
Episode 11: The Long Jump with Professional Climber Pete Whittaker
My guest in this episode is generally considered one of the worlds best crack-climbers. Pete Whittaker is a climber, youtuber and entrepreneur and allround awesome guy. We talk about how he got into climbing, what crackclimbing is, the current and future state of the climbing industry and of course about his company Wide Boyz. You can find Wide Boyz here: as well as on instagram You can find Pete himself on Instagram as well under his handle: petewhittaker01
November 19, 2021
Episode 10: The Long Jump with Coen Mitchell
In this episode of the Long Jump podcast, peter talks to Coen Mitchell, owner of Tattoo Gold in Auckland NZ. Coen shares his journey from artistic teen, to world traveller, to meeting his partner and starting his shop. Its an interesting look behind the curtain of an artist, businessowner and allround tattoofanatic. Find more about Tattoo Gold on their website and surely follow them on IG: For general enquiries only, please send us an e-mail to If your request is urgent, please don't hesitate to call us on 027 882 8866 You can find our Tattoo Studio at 18 Barrys Point Road - 0622 Takapuna - Auckland - New Zealand
October 18, 2021
Episode 9: The Long Jump met Jethro Wallenburg, Holistisch Coach
In deze aflevering praat Peter met Jethro Wallenburg, Holistisch Coach voor ondernemers over het belang van mentale en fysieke gezondheid om het beste uit jezelf en uit het leven te halen. Fit zijn is zeker niet alleen maar naar de sportschool gaan, maar heeft vele aspecten. Jethro vertelt over correct neerleggen van de puzzelstukjes om zijn clienten te helpen met soms onverwachtse methoden. Meer informatie en contact details van Jethro kun je vinden op: Instagram: email en LinkedIn: Telefoon: +31648206590
September 14, 2021
Episode 8: The Long Jump met Robin, eigenaar van Ink-Panthers
In deze aflevering praat Peter met Robin, eigenaar van Tattoo Atelier Ink Panthers. Robin runt een nieuwe stijl tattooshop, met logische processen en een frisse kijk op een traditionele industrie. Robin vertelt ook over de tegenslagen en kansen van de corona pandemie, hoe het allemaal begonnen is en het organiseren van zijn eigen tattoo-conventie. Ink Panthers kun je vinden op of op instagram @inkpanthers Bovenstestraat 8 6101 EK Echt Nederland Email: Tel: +31(0)475 480135
September 07, 2021
Episode 6: The Long Jump with EU Powerlifting champion Vilma Olsson
Probably one of Peter's favourite guests: Vilma Olsson, the 2019 European Powerlifting champion in the 72kg class and current squat world record holder. Peter and Vilma talk about powerlifting, records, goals, life in general, being a rolemodel and many more things in this hour long episode Here is a list of Vilma's sponsors Tyngre: Nocco: barbells: SBD:
July 19, 2021
Episode 5: The Long Jump over crypto en investeren met Patricia van Fem Invest
In deze nederlandse aflevering praat Peter met de oprichtster van Fem Invest Patricia. Ze bespreken Patricia's eigen weg als ondernemer, moeder, echtgenote en vrouw en de huidige staat van de financiele en crypto industrie. Ook bespreken ze over het "financieel literair" maken van kinderen en volwassenen om te zorgen dat je controle kunt pakken over je eigen financiele toekomst. Voor meer informatie over Patricia en Fem Invest kun je terecht op de website: DISCLAIMER niets uit deze podcast is financieel advies, deze podcast is voor informatieve en entertainment doeleinden. Doe altijd je eigen research en raadpleeg je eigen bronnen voordat je financiele beslissingen neemt.
June 15, 2021
Episode 4: The Long Jump with Danielle Letourneau professional squash player
In this episode Peter sits down with the nr 22 ranked female squash player in the world, Danielle Letourneau. She gives a fascinating look into the life of a professional athlete and what she does on a day-to-day basis to crack into the global top 10 of squash. We talk a lot about her routines, food and training, but also about the game itself and how its evolving and of course about her move from Canada to Cairo to pursue her squash career. Check out Danielle's YouTube channel here Find Danielle on Instagram here You can find the Long Jump Podcast on all your fav podcast platforms. Feel free to contact us if you have questions, idea's or suggestions OR if you wanna share your story as well 
June 11, 2021
Episode 3: The Long Jump with Chloe on being Polyamorous
In this episode Peter talks to Chloe who is Polyamorous, a relationship form where partners consent to letting other people physically and emotionally into their lives. Starting in a "normal" relationship with her now husband, they have together evolved into a Polyamorous lifestyle that makes them both very happy. Key to this success is a lot (A LOT) of communication and respect for eachothers boundaries.  This talk is a very interesting peek into the life of somebody with a not so ordinary relationship form.
June 08, 2021
Episode 2: The Long Jump with Fredrik from LYD
LYD is a company that makes drinking bottles with a revolutionary intelligent drinking system build into the lid. CEO Fredrik Krafft talks about the journey from vision to concept and from kickstarter campaign to COVID pandemic. A fascinating journey from a passionate entrepreneur that wants to deliver his customers something great. You can find out more about LYD on  
May 27, 2021
Episode 1: The Long Jump with Ozge
It is always fascinating to talk to people that have passion for what they do and the guest in this episode of The Long Jump is a perfect example of that. Ozge is a mother, programmer in the making, modern woman, international and part-time activist, which is a great recipe for an interesting conversation!
April 29, 2021
#36 Living a balanced life with Transformational Coach Angie
My guest for this episode is a long lost personal friend who i studied with 15 years ago. After an unhappy corporate career, she decided to make a radical change and today she is helping High Achievers to do the same on their way to a more balanced life. Angie works mostly through onilne tools and can always be contacted for more info or an intro-talk Angie Kim Transformational Coach & Yoga Therapist  IG angie.guidesyou FB Angela Kim "Guiding high achievers overcome physical & emotional challenges so they can make a shift into a healthy & balanced life aligned with what they truly desire."
December 01, 2020
#35 Vadercafe en Vadervisie met Patrick
In deze aflevering praat ik met Patrick Timmermans, de oprichter van het Vadercafe en Vadervisie over hoe hij vaders helpt om vader te zijn in alle facetten die dat "vak" met zich meebrengt. We praten over de uitdagingen die er zijn, de kwetsbaarheid die vaders niet altijd even makkelijk vinden en natuurlijk over zijn vak als Vader-Coach. Alle informatie over het vadercafe en de coaching van Patrick is via onderstaande links te vinden Vader Visie: Vadercafé:
September 30, 2020
#34 Kickstart je Vaderschap met Robin
In deze Nederlandse aflevering praat ik met Robin van Tilburg die het boek "kickstart je vaderschap" schreef. Onze vader-verhalen zijn bijna hetzelfde en hebben in Robin's geval tot het boek geleid. Je kunt het boek bestellen op: website: Robin's LinkedIn:
September 15, 2020
#33 Ofee
In this first post-corona episode i talk to 3 young entrepreneurs  who launched their platform in the midst of a big shift in the world in the way people connect and learn new things. Ofee is a live experience sharing platform where you can find anything from a fitness class to piano lessons, done live by real people at your own pace.
June 16, 2020
#32 Heritage Language Schools with Gisi
in this episode Peter talks about heritage language schools with Gisi, the founder of HLS-Eindhoven. The importance of heritage language education is easily overlooked, but the connection to the home culture, family and the ability to fully master an additional language has a huge impact on people and communities.  For more information visit the HLSE's website: from where you can navigate to the individual language schools. You can find Peter on Instagram via @peterdoes
March 14, 2020
#31 Balance in life, work and business with Caroline from
In episode 31 of the Stay Home Dad podcast, Peter sits down with balancing-coach Caroline Schenk - Kwint, the founder of She talks about the importance of being aware of why you are doing things and figuring out what is important to you, in order to find a balance in life and overall be happier with who you are and what you do. Peter and Caroline also discuss the importance of sport and nutrition in order to be able to function properly and what people can and should do when they are struggling to keep things together in the midst of everything life throws at us. AND of course they touch on parenting, kids and cultural diversity. You can find Caroline on LInkedin and Instagram (@succesvolbalanceren) as well as on Caroline also helps parents deal with challenges and balace, you can find more about that on: (NL). AND she wrote a book about succesfully raising kids together with her husband that you can also find on that website or directly through: You can find Peter on LinkedIn and Instragram (@peterdoes) as well as on the stay home dad facebook page where you can also comment on this and all other episodes or reach out for any ideas and feedback. NOTE: there is a slight audio issue around 41minutes in, where we had to switch to our backup recording, so youll hear a change in audio quality. Luckily this only lasts for 5min before switching back to the main recording.
March 11, 2020
#30 Entrepreneuring, Parenting and helping others with Troy Rice
In this episode of the Stay Home Dad podcast, Peter talks to fellow father, entrepreneur and allround nice guy Troy Rice. They discuss parenting styles, the importance of teaching your kids about food and helping others to be the best version of themselves. You can find Troy on Linkedin: or on his personal website:  Join the coversation on the Stay Home Dad Podcast Facebook page here: Or find Peter on LInkedIn: or on Instagram via @Peterdoes
March 03, 2020
#29 How we got started with pocketmoney for our 6 year old
In this episode I discuss the thought process me and my wife went through before deciding to give our 6 year old son Robert his first pocketmoney. We laid out a few rules and principles and he is now a man with his own money in his pocket, so it is an exciting time for sure. Make sure to let us know how YOU manage pocketmoney with your kids on the Stay Home Dad facebook page or reach out through the Anchor voice messages or Instagram @peterdoes
February 17, 2020
#28 IPC, International Education and Cultural Diversity with Natascha
Natascha Zijderveld is (among many things) the IPC Coordinator at the iStart International School that my own son Robert attends. In this brief episode we discuss the IPC and the new way of teaching it represents. Of course we also reflect on iStart and international education as a whole and look ahead to the next phase of this still very new international school in Eindhoven More information about the SALTO international school can be found here: You can follow Peter on Instagram via: @Peterdoes
February 17, 2020
#27 Teaching English to international kids with Jessica
In this episode of the Stay Home Dad podcast, Peter sits down with Jessica, who is an English teacher at an international primary school. She teaches to kids that already have a good level of English, but also to kids that have to start from scratch. Peter and Jessica discuss education in general, how to approach a new language with kids and a bit of Jessica's personal story Join the conversation on the Stay Home Dad Podcast's facebook page! reach out to Peter on Instagram via @peterdoes
January 31, 2020
#26 Everything about Chiropractors and health with dr Naomi from TopChiro
In this episode, I sit down with dr Naomi van Veen CEO of TopChiro and currently working with peter on some adjustments on himself. We talk about anything that a chiropractor can do for you, why you should take responsibility for your own health and of course what kinds of things she does on a daily basis. You can find dr Naomi on Instagram via: @topchironaomi and you can find more about the TopChiro business on You can follow the Stay Home Dad podcast on facebook and you can find Peter on Instagram via @peterdoes
January 24, 2020
#25 Diaper Free life!
In this episode Peter reflects on having his youngest son fully potty trained, the victory that it is for a little man to grow up and the change in lifestyle and life phase it means for him as a parent Join the conversation on the Stay Home Dad Facebook page Find Peter on Instagram via @peterdoes and please reach out to us with feedback, tips, ideas and topics, we love to hear from you!
January 14, 2020
# 24 First Episode of 2020, happy new year!!
Happy 2020 and welcome to the first episode of the new year! In this short first podcasts I discuss the holidays, some small personal goals and overall excitement for a new year full of challenges, and ambitions! We want to hear from YOU, the listener! Please reach out to us for topics, statements, questions and other things that you would like us to do on the podcast. All ideas are welcome AND if you are a very interesting person with a good story to tell, then we would love to have you on the podcast sometime! You can find peter on IG via @peterdoes OR you can follow our facebook page
January 07, 2020
#23 Hanneke Hermans on I-St@rt
In this episode i sit down with the principle of the new I-St@rt school, Hanneke Hermans. We talk about why there is such a big need for international education, what it means for future students and why she is so proud to be part of this project. More information about the SALTO international school can be found here: You can follow Peter on Instagram via: @Peterdoes
December 09, 2019
#22 The challenges of moving abroad with Elif from Roots and Wings Academy
in this episode we analyse the cycle that an expat family goes through when moving abroad. Elif from Roots and Wings academy shares how she helps families deal with the struggles of arriving in a new culture and new environment and how to overcome the typical pitfalls that this proces presents. ou can find more about Elif and Roots and Wings Academy on their Facebook page or on Instagram via @roots_and_wings_academy And of course on their website: You can follow showhost Peter on Instagram as well via @peterdoes
December 02, 2019
#21 Raising Multilingual Kids with Elif from Roots and Wings Academy
in this episode we have an awesome returning guest in Elif from Roots and Wings Academy. Elif is a psychologist who helps international families deal with the challenges of a new environment. We talk about what it takes to raise kids in multiple languages, what the challenges and rewards are and how best to go about it. You can find more about Elif and Roots and Wings Academy on their Facebook page or on Instagram via @roots_and_wings_academy And of course on their website: You can follow showhost Peter on Instagram as well via @peterdoes
November 30, 2019
#20 Living life with 3 kids and all its challenges. With Elja
in this episode we hear from Elja, mother of 3 on what the challenges are of a house full of kids, 2 jobs, a new business venture and life in general. Make sure to also check out episode 19 about Elja's professional life as an Audiologist 
November 25, 2019
#19 An Audiologists perspective on sound, learning and language, with Elja
In this episode we have the pleasure of hearing from Elja, who has been working as an Audiologist for 14 years and is now starting a new business working with kids, sound, education, language and development. We get a peek into the the world of audio, brainwaves and how music can affect us in many different ways For more info about Elja, her business and her work you can reach out to her via: or find her on Facebook under Muziek Fantastique or on (in dutch)
November 25, 2019
#18 - Food. How and what we eat at home
This is the first, but certainly not the last episode about food. I talk about how we eat here at home, and why we do things a certain way. I have very strong opinions about food, how to prep it, what to eat and how to involve the kids in that process, so i hope to cover all of that and more in future episodes as well. let u know how you eat!
November 01, 2019
#17 Development Phases
in this episode i share a personal story how my youngest son Jack (2,5) had a period of several weeks where he was clearly not himself, but popped out on the other side with a fresh set of skills We love to hear your side of the story and welcome you to reach out to us through Facebook or via Peter's instagram: @peterdoes
October 09, 2019
#16 Traveling with kids
in this episode a short rundown on how we approach traveling with our two boys (2,5 and 5,5)  if you have travelhacks for people with kids, DO reach out to us to share your tips and of course  Join the conversation on our facebook page and of course you can always reach out to us through the Anchor voice messages. And dont forget to follow peter on Instagram through @Peterdoes
September 24, 2019
#15 Having 3 kids, with Bianca
In this episode my good friend Bianca talks about life with 3 kids, all the ups and downs, challenges and happyness that it brings.  Join the conversation on our facebook page Find bianca's personal blog BeeingAround here (in dutch):  follow peter on instagram via @peterdoes
September 19, 2019
#14 TV and Screentime
in this episode i discuss the sometimes sensitive topic of screentime and why I dont own a TV and of course how I handle screentime around my own kids. Join the conversation on our Facebook Page or reach out to peter on Instagram via @peterdoes
September 17, 2019
#14 Starting Highschool with Alexandra
In this episode of the Stay Home Dad podcast, we talk with Alexandra, who is 12 and started highschool this semester. We talk about motivation, what's its like to start all over again in a new school and what its like to move from Bulgaria to NL. We love to get feedback on this podcast, please reach out to us or join the conversation on our Facebook Page OR you can find Peter on Instagram via @peterdoes
September 16, 2019
#13 Setting boundaries with Elif from Roots and Wings Academy
In this episode of the Stay Home Dad Podcast i sit down with my friend Elif Psychologist @ Roots and Wings Academy that focusses on child psychology especially in Expat environments. We discuss why kids need boundaries, how to best set those and how to make sure that rules are created within a family and what the best approaches are to make sure rules work for everyone involved. Find out more about Elif and her Roots and Wings Academy on their facebook page Join the conversation about parenting, stay-home-dad-ing and everything about this podcast and more on our Facebook page and make sure to follow Peter on Instagram via @peterdoes
September 13, 2019
#12 Child psychology in an expat environment with Elif from Roots and Wings Academy
IN this 12th episode of the podcast i talk about child psychology in an expat environment with my good friend Elif, who you already heard in a previous episode, telling her own personal expat story. We touch on the challenges families and kids in particular face when placed in an expat environment and how to best address those challenges. As a psychologist, Elif runs the Roots and Wings Academy which works with families and institutions to ensure both ends of the spectrum play their part in optimising an environment in which everyone can thrive. Find more about Elif and Roots and Wings Academy on their facebook page We always love to get feedback on our episodes, so do feel free to reach out to us on our own facebook page or through the Anchor Voice Messages. You can follow peter on Instagram via @peterdoes
September 09, 2019
#11 A Turkish/Indian family living in NL with Elif
In this episode i talk about a turkish / indian family living in the Netherlands with my good friend Elif. Elif has a husband from India, but they met in NL and after a stint in Turkey, decided to come back to the country where they met and live there with their (almost) 6 year old son. We cover anything from moving stress to integration struggles to feeling settled and at home with a big friend group. We welcome any feedback, which can be send through Anchor's Voice Message system or on our Facebook Page OR follow peter on Instagram through @peterdoes You can find more about Elif and her company on the Roots and Wings facebook page
September 08, 2019
#10 pushing vs letting go, with Diana
in episode 10 i once again talk with my friend Diana from Bulgaria. We touch on our different parenting styles in pushing the kids to do things vs letting go and have them figure things out by themselves. Hope you enjoy this podcast! Diana and I did another episode about Expat life in NL that i can also highly recommend. we love to hear any feedback on the podcast, so please reach out through the Anchor voice messages, instagram (@peterdoes) or our facebook page
September 02, 2019
#9 from Bulgaria to NL with 2 kids, with Diana
In this episode im joined by my dear friend Diana, who moved to NL 4 years ago with her husband and 2 daughters. We talk about cultural differences, parenting, kids and what the future holds Join the conversation on our Facebook page, reach out through the Anchor Voice Messages or follow peter on IG via @peterdoes we always love to hear your stories, answer your questions and get feedback on how we are doing
August 30, 2019
#8 Raising kids trilingual
In this 8th episode of the Stay Home Dad Podcast, i shed some light on how we manage to raise our kids tri-lingual (Dutch, English, German) how it impacts them and how we got to be this way Feel free to reach out with any feedback on the podcast either through instagram @peterdoes or through the Anchor voice messages. AND please join The Stay Home Dad facebook page to stay up to date on all things happening here
August 28, 2019
#7 Birthdayparty stress with Gemma
in this episode me and my good friend Gemma talk about birthdayparties and how they differ between the UK (where Gemma is from) and here in the Netherlands. Any feedback is very much appreciated as always, but keep it positive please :) you can reach me through @peterdoes on IG and you can also reach out through the Stay Home Dad Podcast Facebook page OR  through the Anchor voicemessage system
August 24, 2019
#6 Managing my time
in this episode i talk about how i schedule my time throughout the week to make sure everything here runs as smoothly as possible with 2 kids, school, daycare, playdates, dinners etc Any feedback is very much appreciated as always, but keep it positive please :) you can reach me through @peterdoes on IG and you can also reach out through the Stay Home Dad Podcast Facebook page OR  through the Anchor voicemessage system
August 23, 2019
#5 How to handle a Teenager, with Gemma
in this 5th episode of the podcast we talk about how to deal with a 12 year old teenage boy, together with my good friend Gemma who you've heard before in our talk about becoming an expat and moving abroad with your whole fam and starting over (Episode 4). If you have any idea's, suggestions, topics or feedback, im very happy to hear it! please reach out through the Anchor voicemessages or find me on Instagram via @peterdoes
August 22, 2019
#4 Expat life as a parent with Gemma
In this episode i am joined by my good friend Gemma who moved to the Netherlands 8 months ago together with her husband and 2 kids. We discuss what challenges she faced and how she and her family are dealing with the changes, the excitement, the barriers and life in general. We are happy to get positive feedback, ideas, comments and responses. Feel free to reach out through Anchor voice messages or through any of the social channels through @peterdoes
August 19, 2019
#3 what's it like to have twins? with Lucy
For this episode 3 of the Stay-Home-Dad podcast, im joined by one of my best friends; Lucy who happens to be the mother of two beautiful identical twin girls. Lucy tells us about anything from pregnancy to dealing with two developing personalities that share a very special bond If you have any feedback, idea's, suggestions or tips to make this podcast better or on topics that we need to cover, please reach out either through the Anchor voice message system or find me on IG via @peterdoes
August 14, 2019
#2 How I became a Stay-Home-Dad
In episode 2, i tell you my personal story on how i became a stay-home-dad. From a job in Amsterdam through 3 countries and nearly 5 years to our life in Eindhoven as it is today.  If you have any ideas, comments, suggestions or just wanna say hi, please do reach out! Instagram: @peterdoes Or through the Anchor voice message option
August 13, 2019
#1 Welcome to the Stay-Home-Dad Podcast
this is the very first episode of the Stay-Home-Dad podcast, so things are pretty exciting. Ill tell you a little bit about myself, why im a stay-home-dad, why im starting this podcast and of course a bit about what you can expect in the hopefully many episodes to come.  If you have any positive feedback, tips, tricks, topic suggestions or just want to say hi, please DO reach out! Instagram: @peterdoes or through the Anchor voicemessage option
August 12, 2019