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The St Helena Podcast

The St Helena Podcast

By Johnny
The St Helena Podcast where we talk just about anything St Helena the Island where Jonathan is the oldest living animal and Napoleon came for a long visit.
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Diving and Swimming with whale sharks on St Helena

The St Helena Podcast

CEFAS Ecologist Tammy Stamford and Serena Wright talks about their scientific studies on St Helena.
This week is marine awareness week on St Helena and this is the second podcast supporting the Marine Awareness week on St Helena.  Today we welcome our two podcast guests Tammy Stamford, who is a Senior Marine Ecologist from  CEFAS and Serena Wright, a fish Ecologist also from CEFAS.  Both Tammy and Serena who have spent some time on the Island are playing key roles in the Blue Belt programme working on some very important projects to protect St Helena's marine protected area. Tammy and Serena explains.
March 19, 2021
The Blue Belt programme and the partnership in supporting St Helena's Marine Environment
This week is marine awareness on St Helena.  Marine awareness week is held every year on the Island and this year MAW kicked off on the 15 March 2021. The opening, to mark the event took place at Anne's place with welcoming speeches from Governor Phillip Rushbrook and Blue belts manager  Elizabeth Clingham.  To support MAW I have created this short podcast with podcast guest Dr Emily Hardman from the UK marine management organisation where we talked about the Blue Belt programme and the partnership with St Helena, the 15 minute conversation also touches on some of the projects that is supported on St Helena by the Blue Belt programme.  You can listen to more St Helena Podcast here 
March 16, 2021
I lost weight, ate real food and changed my life with TeamRH.
Meet Chrissie. Chrissie knew she had to change her life because she was heading to weight loss surgery if she didn't make a life change.  Chrissie who originates from Jamestown has lost over 120 lbs in total and 67 pounds with team RH learn about Chrissie's journey with the St Helena podcast
March 13, 2021
Good bye St Helena - Good bye Island Holidays
Saying good bye to St Helena and Island holidays as the Scottish based holiday company cease trading after thirty three years in business. Company owner Libby Weir Breen talks about her St Helena and South Atlantic Island travels Libby says goodbye to St Helena, as it was something she could not do as the COVD-19 pandemic crisis impacted the St Helena tourism industry.  more detail on St Helena online
July 21, 2020
Fishing investor P.Q trading talks about the facts of local fishing investment on St Helena.
Today’s episode talks about one of St Helena’s richest assets which is fishing. P Q trading has been endorsed as the preferred investor for fish processing on St Helena. Some local fishers are not happy with the proposal offered, they are less happy with how the process to select and investor has been carried out.  The SHCFA has launched a petition to call on the government to terminate the procurement process.  P.Q trading accepts the invite to discuss their intentions.
July 20, 2020
Fibre optic cable for St Helena - will we get affordable high speed Internet?
In this episode we talk about the delivery and installation of the St Helena sub-sea fibre optic cable with Christian Von Der Ropp which is due to arrive on St Helena in 2022. It is no doubt that internet users on St Helena has a vision of cheaper affordable high speed internet post cable landing  but It clearly shows that from local and online media discussions St Helena faces many challenges to make the right decisions in order for every household and business user to enjoy affordable internet in the future.
February 9, 2020
Food and culture, growing up and cooking on St Helena with Saint Cooks
In this weeks episode our podcast guest "Saint cooks" shares their experience of growing up and cooking on St Helena. we also talk about their passion for St Helena food and culture. In this episode Saint Cooks also named the top St Helena dishes one should try when visiting the Island. St Helena (Dot Jonas) fish cakes makes it to the top three all time St Helena favourites
December 28, 2019
Diving and Swimming with whale sharks on St Helena
St Helena offers some of the greatest diving experiences for any diver who enjoys diving in rich pristine waters.  St Helena is also well known for the swimming with whale shark experience. On St Helena, you can swim with the gentle giants between December and March. Anthony Thomas talks about how he enhances that experience for visitors when visiting St Helena. You can also visit Anthony's Sub tropical Adventures website here
December 17, 2019
The Launch of the St Helena Research Institute
The St Helena Research Institute was officially launched on Tuesday 12th November at a well-attended event at Anne’s Place in Jamestown St Helena and at the same time in London the official launch was announced to invited guest at and event at Alliance house. There was also an announcement of a competition to invite researchers to study the impact of pre and post-delivery on fibre optic cable to St Helena in 2021.
November 19, 2019