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The Stokecast

The Stokecast

By Jonathan Ronzio
Learn how top outdoor athletes, adventurers, and entrepreneurs build their lifestyles and careers while in pursuit of adventure, purpose, and stoke!

This show is for you if you're passionate about the outdoors, if you live for adventure, and if you can't help but lean into your wild passions and "what if" creative ideas.

Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio
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110: How to Scale Your Startup Business (ft. Haley Cottey, Explore More)
The Stokecast mini-series: Making Ideas Happen Tune into the raw conversations and consulting sessions your fellow Stokecast listeners had with host Jonathan Ronzio and let your own ideas catch fire by hearing their business, marketing, and brand strategy questions get answered. Featured this week: Haley Cotty, Explore More
August 11, 2021
109: How to Amplify Your Marketing Message and Mission (ft. John Doherty, Credo, Single Geared)
The Stokecast mini-series: Making Ideas Happen Tune into the raw conversations and consulting sessions your fellow Stokecast listeners had with host Jonathan Ronzio and let your own ideas catch fire by hearing their business, marketing, and brand strategy questions get answered. Featured this week: John Doherty of Credo and Single Geared
July 28, 2021
108: How to Monetize Your Community Without Losing Their Trust (ft. Erik Lara, DIY Climbing Holds)
The Stokecast mini-series: Making Ideas Happen Tune into the raw conversations and consulting sessions your fellow Stokecast listeners had with host Jonathan Ronzio and let your own ideas catch fire by hearing their business, marketing, and brand strategy questions get answered. Featured this week: Erik Lara, DIY Climbing Holds
July 14, 2021
107: How to Rebuild Revenue Streams Around Your Life Goals (ft. Angela McCurren, Outdoor Angventures)
The Stokecast mini-series: Making Ideas Happen Tune into the raw conversations and consulting sessions your fellow Stokecast listeners had with host Jonathan Ronzio and let your own ideas catch fire by hearing their business, marketing, and brand strategy questions get answered. Featured this week: Angela McCurren of Outdoor AngVentures
June 30, 2021
106: How to Create Your Service Offerings (ft. Dan Stoddard)
The Stokecast mini-series: Making Ideas Happen Tune into the raw conversations and consulting sessions your fellow Stokecast listeners had with host Jonathan Ronzio and let your own ideas catch fire by hearing their business, marketing, and brand strategy questions get answered. Featured this week: Dan Stoddard, Photographer
June 16, 2021
105: How to Carve Out Your Niche in a Crowded Market (ft. Sean Oblizalo, Vows and Peaks)
The Stokecast mini-series: Making Ideas Happen Tune into the raw conversations and consulting sessions your fellow Stokecast listeners had with host Jonathan Ronzio and let your own ideas catch fire by hearing their business, marketing, and brand strategy questions get answered. Featured this week: Sean Oblizalo of Vows and Peaks Learn more about Sean and his elopement photography business at
June 2, 2021
104: How to Redefine Your Brand Story (ft. Adam Clayton, Becoming Borderless)
The Stokecast mini-series: Making Ideas Happen Tune into the raw conversations and consulting sessions your fellow Stokecast listeners had with host Jonathan Ronzio and let your own ideas catch fire by hearing their business, marketing, and brand strategy questions get answered. Featured this week: Adam Clayton of Becoming Borderless
May 19, 2021
103: How To Train For Life, with Tempo Trainer Clarence Hairston
Meet Tempo trainer, Clarence Hairston, AKA Lil' Bizzy. Tempo is an AI-powered home gym that helps you hone your form and fitness right in your living room. Clarence was one of the first trainers to get onboard before this tech company took off.  In this episode, we go deeper than just what Bizzy is bringing to the fitness table. We dug into how to set goals in so many different areas of your life, how to stay motivated when those goals might go out the window, plus how to make positivity a switch that you can flip on demand. Outside of his POV on training, Clarence shares his candid story of how his personal and professional life developed after coming out of the Air Force, then coming out with his sexuality, and how he learned that the real opportunity was on the other side of authenticity. For the written recap and key takeaways on how Clarence channels vulnerability, positivity, and authenticity to better serve his clients and grow his business, check out:
March 17, 2021
102: How To Keep Motivated When Your Goals Go Out The Window
In the final episode of 2020, Emily and Jonathan talk about the ups and downs of the rollercoaster that has been this past year. Plans got canceled, goals went out the window, adventures unachieved, and yet, there were some silver linings. Listen in and learn to lean into positivity and optimism as we head into a new year. Hear what your hosts have on the horizon, and don't miss a special send-off announcement from Emily at the end of this episode!
December 17, 2020
101: Jeremy Jones: How To Manage Sluff On and Off The Mountain
Jeremy Jones is a snowboarding icon. He's climbed and snowboarded down some of the world's gnarliest peaks, faces, and spines for the last two decades. And from his relentless big mountain pursuits came entrepreneurial dreams that shifted the landscape of the outdoor industry.  Expressions of his artistry and desire to innovate on the edge include film projects like Deeper, Further, Higher, Ode to Muir, Roadless, and Purple Mountains. He's the founder of Jones Snowboards and has spearheaded the splitboarding revolution while also creating non-profit Protect Our Winters (POW) to champion environmental protection and climate policy. In this episode, Jeremy discusses: What's at stake in the upcoming election The difficulties of getting films funded (especially when they tackle tough issues) Why mundane moments in the mountains are just as exciting as anything else these days Working with family and the Jones brothers business dynamic Entrepreneurship and innovation in the sport Plus, our new favorite quote, "If it's not a screaming yes, it's a no," and a brief community Q&A with questions like what's your favorite adventure film and what really jiggles your jelly!? Seriously... Reach out @thestokecast and let us know what you think of this one!  Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland
October 15, 2020
100: "If You're Gonna Do It, Just Freaking Do It" - Elyse Saugstad
What's that? 100 episodes?!? Holy Stokecast Batman! We did it. And to bring down the house for the 100th installment of stoke, please clap your poles together for Elyse Saugstad! Elyse Saugstad is a professional skier, Freeride World Champion, female skier of the year, 5x best female performance, and one of the top women in action sports. She's a TEDx speaker and co-creator of S.A.F.E. A.S. (Skiers Advocating and Fostering Education for Avalanche and Snow Safety) Clinics.  Learn more about Elyse at and connect with her on Instagram @elysesaugstad With deep love and the sincerest of stoke, your hosts 100 episodes in, Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland.
September 16, 2020
99: Leave Your Ego At The Starting Line - with Ultrarunner and Entrepreneur, Candice Burt
Candice Burt loves to run... really, really far. But this elite ultrarunner is also the founder of Destination Trail — a race organization and management company known for its 200-mile series — as well as the host and producer of the Humans of Ultraruning podcast, and a single mom to two girls. Safe to say, Candice stays busy! In this episode, learn how Candice combined a passion for running with an obsession for maps and creating routes to start her business Destination Trail. Explore how that's been the unlock to storytelling endeavors and additional creative outlets, learn how Candice fits all of this into her lifestyle, and what her company has been doing to pivot amid the pandemic.  Lastly, and most importantly, get Candice's take on why your own ego is your hardest competitor both on and off the trail, and how she learned to let go. To get involved in a virtual trail race or stay connected to Destination Trail, visit To learn more about Candice, visit her website at Or connect with Candice on Instagram @runcandicerun Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland
September 9, 2020
98: Global Problems, Local Solutions, with American Hiking Society Executive Director Kate Van Waes
In this episode, American Hiking Society Executive Director, Public Lands Lover, JEDI in the Outdoors ally, and advocate for the hiking community, Kate Van Waes. We discuss the pandemic, finding purpose, discovering passion, and planning for the future. It's a good one! Get involved with American Hiking Society at Connect with Kate on Instagram @KVanWaesAHS or Twitter @KateVanWaes Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland
September 2, 2020
97: Following Joy, with Writer, Director, Founder and Host, Kathy Karlo
Kathy Karlo is the host of the popular outdoor podcast, For The Love Of Climbing, where she focuses on exploring concepts of vulnerability, healing, and personal development by way of pushing oneself in the wild. She's also the Executive Director of the No Man's Land Film Festival and contributing writer to Climbing Magazine and Alpinist. In this episode, we, of course, get candid with Kathy and talk about how she developed her career and community by chasing authenticity and following joy to where she wanted to go. Tune into her podcast here Connect with Kathy on IG here Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland
August 26, 2020
96: An Ode To New Beginnings, with Nutrition Coach & Elite Athlete, Stephanie Howe
Two-time All-American Nordic skiing and cross-country racer, Stephanie Howes, is no stranger to pushing her boundaries. But her latest obsession and life's purpose she discovered, is helping you push yours.  With a Master's in Exercise Physiology from Montana State University, a Ph.D. in Nutrition & Exercise Science, and a Top 3 ranking from Ultra Runner Magazine under her belt, Stephanie started her own coaching & nutrition business. In this episode, we dive deep into how to manage and adapt to huge life changes like starting a business, moving to a new place, or ending a relationship. Plus, the science of sports nutrition, adventures in trail running, and more. Learn more and connect with Stephanie at
August 19, 2020
95: How To Recreate Responsibly Outdoors with Access Fund Executive Director Chris Winter
Chris Winter is the Executive Director of the Access Fund. As the leader and operations manager of the organization works closely with the board of directors, staff, and partners to fulfill on Access Fund's mission to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment. Access Fund is on a mission to keep climbing areas open and conserve the climbing environment. In this episode, learn how you can help. But also, hear how the pandemic has impacted the fund, and how they plan to tackle reopening of our protected, and precious, climbing areas. Connect with Chris on LinkedIn Learn more about the Access Fund
August 13, 2020
94: Duct Tape, Beer, & The Decisions That Fuel The Creative Process - with Becca Cahall
Becca Cahall is the co-founder and CEO of adventure media company Duct Tape Then Beer.  DTTB is known for projects such as The Dirtbag Diaries, Safety Third, Running Thoughts, Solar Detroit, Big World, Follow Through, and This Is Bears Ears. From podcasts to virtual reality and everything in between, Duct Tape Then Beer has been on the forefront of immersive storytelling in the outdoor industry, not allowing impactful narratives to ever be confined to one medium. In this episode, we dig into Becca's beginnings, how she accidentally co-founded this media powerhouse, and how she thinks about building teams, decision-making, and the creative process. Learn more at 
August 5, 2020
93: Unleashing Laser Focus On Your Creative Hustle, with Alex Strohl
Alex Strohl is a Madrid-born, French photographer, based in Whitefish, Montana. His work is characterized by his extraordinary travels and instead of creating contrived scenes, Strohl creates authentic moments and captures them as they unfold before him—continually blurring the lines between work and life.  Strohl's photography has been featured in prestigious publications such as Forbes, Vanity Fair, and Gentleman's Journal; his client lists includes dozens of household names. He is the founder of Strohl Works, creator of The Nooq, and Co-Founder of Stay & Wander. Connect with Alex on Instagram or learn more about his work and projects at
July 29, 2020
92: How To Get Up After You Fall, with Xavier De Le Rue
Xavier de le Rue is a world-renowned big mountain snowboarder raised in the Pyrenees and based in Verbier, Switzerland. This three-time Freeride World Tour champion helped establish big mountain snowboarding as we know it, systematically ticking off some of the steepest and most mind-boggling descents in the world. His film projects include This Is My Winter, White Noise, The Sky Piercer, and you’ve seen him featured in Jeremy Jones’ Deeper, Further, Higher series or on epic magazine covers for Transworld and White Lines. He’s also constantly pushing the boundaries of product design in the sport, leaving his innovative mark on boots, bindings, and even whistles. Now, Xavier is focusing on sharing his knowledge of the steep, gnarly, and deep in his How To XV YouTube series. In this conversation, we get a more casual Xavier tuning in from his mountain home amid the quarantine to share candid stories, family moments, and his truest motivations. Learn more about Xavier and his pursuits at Join The Stokecast Community on Facebook
July 22, 2020
91: How to Find Work That Makes You Come Alive, with Ami Vitale
Nikon Ambassador and National Geographic magazine photographer, Ami Vitale, has traveled to more than 100 countries, bearing witness not only to violence and conflict but also to surreal beauty and the enduring power of the human spirit. Throughout the years, Ami has lived in mud huts and war zones, contracted malaria, and donned a panda suit— keeping true to her belief in the importance of “living the story.”  In 2009, after shooting a powerful story on the transport and release of one the world’s last white rhinos, Ami shifted her focus to today’s most compelling wildlife and environmental stories. Follow Ami on Instagram @amivitale Share what you learned from this episode and join the conversation at The Stokecast Facebook group
July 15, 2020
90: How to Save the Outdoors, with Protect Our Winters Executive Director Mario Molina
Learn what Mario Molina and Protect Our Winters are working on to rally the Outdoor State and bring our community together for a passion-centered purpose—to combat climate change and protect the places we love to play. Explore the work of POW Alliance athletes, creatives, scientists, and brands, and learn what actions you can take, even from home, even amid the global pandemic, to pursue progress and turn your passion into action. About Mario Molina: "An avid alpinist, snowboarder, mountain biker, guide, and life adventurer, Molina previously served as international director at The Climate Reality Project, where he designed the organization’s climate leadership training and oversaw its post-Paris Agreement international strategy. Prior to his work at Climate Reality, Molina led strategy and programs as deputy director at the Alliance for Climate Education (ACE)." Join the conversation in The Stokecast member Facebook group Get involved with POW at
July 8, 2020
89: No Place For Hate
A conversation around the Black Lives Matters movement, the state of stoke, representation in the outdoors, and why it's okay to be a work in progress - as long as you're doing the work that leads to progress. Resources related to today's episode: Read: The New Jim Crow Born A Crime White Fragility So You Want To Talk About Race Black Faces, White Spaces How To Be An Anti-Racist Me and White Supremacy Such A Fun Age Listen: 1619 by the New York Times What We Know by For The Love of Climbing Intersectionality Matters Code Switch Pod Save The People Pod Save America Watch: 13th Menace II Society If Beale Street Could Talk LA 92 Dear White People When They See Us Where to donate: NAACP ACLU Campaign Zero Equal Justice Institute Non-Monetary Acts of Support Vote. Educate yourself beyond the hashtags (racism doesn't stop and inequality isn’t solved when the news stops trending). Be actively involved in the conversations circulating social media by sharing Black voices - understand that hate is born out of silence - silence is a privilege. Remember that racism and oppression aren't exclusively American problems, they happen worldwide - Research and learn. Have empathy.
July 1, 2020
88: Emily Harrington, Adrian Ballinger, Angel Collinson, & Caroline Gleich
Coping with Rapidly Changing, Challenging Conditions! Big mountain climber and Alpenglow Expeditions founder Adrian Ballinger, professional rock climber Emily Harrington, ski mountaineer and activist Caroline Gleich, and pro skier Angel Collinson discuss the adventurer’s perspective on coping with rapidly changing, challenging conditions as it relates to the outdoors and the world as of 2020.    This is a replay from the Stoked From Home online summit by The Stokecast. Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland. (Watch the episode at
June 24, 2020
87: Cody Townsend, Shelma Jun, Andrew Muse, & Scott Kranz
Resetting Intentions When Goals Go Out The Window! Pro skier and The Fifty Project creator Cody Townsend, Flash Foxy founder Shelma Jun, Tiny Home Adventure creator Andrew Muse, and adventure photographer Scott Kranz give their perspectives on what happens when big goals get interrupted and intentions must be reset.   This is a replay from the Stoked From Home online summit by The Stokecast. Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland. (Watch the episode at
June 17, 2020
86: Hadley Hammer, Renee Hahnel, Nick Dio, & TJ David
Transitions and Transformation During a Crisis! Mountain athlete TJ David, travel influencer “Renee Roaming” Hahnel, entrepreneur Nick Dio, and pro skier Hadley Hammer discuss transitions and transformations during moments of crisis.    This is a replay from the Stoked From Home online summit by The Stokecast. Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland.
May 27, 2020
85: Michelle Parker, Jason Antin, Kikkan Randall, Jeanine Pesce
Time, Pressure, & Productivity! Professional skier Michelle Parker, mountain endurance athlete Jason Antin, Olympic gold medalist Kikkan Randall, and Range founder Jeanine Pesce come together to talk about balancing time, pressures to be productive, and how to enjoy the moment.   This is a replay from the Stoked From Home online summit by The Stokecast. Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland.
May 20, 2020
84: Mirna Valerio, Brody Leven, Lindsey Richter, & Max Lowe
Departure from the Comfort Zone! Ultrarunner Mirna Valerio, adventure skier Brody Leven, mountain bike coach Lindsey Richter, and filmmaker Max Lowe muse on their life/work decisions amid a pandemic, speaking to professional pivots and harnessing stoke! This is a replay from the Stoked From Home online summit by The Stokecast. Hosted by Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland.
May 13, 2020
83: Stay Home! (Special Quarantine Edition)
So, the world looks a little different since The Stokecast took a break. In fact, the world looks like the inside of your house right now!  While the next season is not yet kicking off, we felt it was the right time to do our normal quarterly report—discussing goals across work, life, and adventure, and how the coronavirus quarantine has affected it all! For us, and for you.  We hope you and your loved ones are safe, healthy, and happy. We hope that in a world of uncertainty you are gaining new perspectives and finding new purpose. We appreciate you. Please, stay home, and let's get through this together! Jonathan Ronzio and Emily Holland
March 25, 2020
82: Looking Back to Look Forward—The Future of Stoke
What are your biggest goals for this shiny new decade and how are you going to make them happen? In this first episode of 2020, Emily and Jonathan reflect back on the past decade and year and talk through their goals and priorities for the New Year. Plus! After 82 weekly stoke-filled episodes, Emily and Jonathan have decided to take a little pause to revamp and restructure The Stokecast and make it even better. Tune in to hear more about what’s coming up. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
January 1, 2020
81: Author And Adventurer Alastair Humphreys On Taking The First Step And Acting On Your Dreams
Alastair Humphreys is a British Adventurer and Author. He has been on expeditions all around the world, traveling through over 80 countries by bicycle, boat and on foot. In 2012 he was named as one of National Geographic’s Adventurers Of The Year. Alastair has completed numerous epic human-powered journeys all across the globe. But after becoming a father, he realized that heading off into the wild for months at the time just wasn’t a viable option anymore. That’s when he started exploring the concept of microadventures—shorter, more local adventures that still offer an escape to the wilderness but without the need to ski to the South Pole or go live in a cabin in Patagonia. As an author, speaker and creative, Alastair is all about trying to encourage people to get outside and leave their comfort zone. This quest is what inspired his latest creative project, the ‘Living Adventurously’ Podcast. In this episode, Alastair talks about the process behind writing and publishing his latest book, The Doorstep Mile. He also shares his tips on leveraging social media to engage with your audience, building momentum towards your dreams, creating habits that stick and building adventure into your busy daily life. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
December 25, 2019
80: Going All In On The Thing You Love, With Ski The Whites Creator, Andrew Drummond
Andrew Drummond is a New Hampshire-based mountain athlete specializing in backcountry skiing and SkiMo racing. He is also a race director, ski and running events organizer and the owner of Ski The Whites, a New Hampshire-based alpine touring ski shop. Andrew has become known as the go-to backcountry skiing expert in the White Mountains and attributes this to spending as much time as possible challenging himself in the mountains, challenging himself to do things that maybe hadn’t been done before, and also investing time in sharing his experiences. After taking a break from the corporate world, Andrew decided to design a life and career around his passion for the mountains and for alpine touring. It took a few years to figure out exactly what this would look like but in 2016 Andrew started ‘Ski The Whites’, a community and shop dedicated to outfitting backcountry enthusiasts with the proper gear and resources for the wild experiences they craved. He also organizes skiing and trail running events and recently launched the ‘Weekend Beta’ podcast via a Patreon page. In this episode, we talk to Andrew about leaving the traditional path to pursue your passion, establishing yourself as an expert in your field, starting an online reseller store and running a business without losing sight of your original goal, and even some of the barriers to the backcountry from a cost and safety perspective. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
December 18, 2019
79: Breaking Down the Brand Pitch Process, with Tara Kerzhner
Tara Kerzhner is an award-winning photographer, cinematographer and accomplished rock climber. Tara is originally from Oregon where until about five years ago she worked a “traditional” marketing job while pursuing her two passions, climbing and photography, on the side. Eventually, she took a leap of faith and decided to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time photographer and cinematographer. Tara now works across the globe shooting some of the world’s best climbers for renowned outdoor brands like Arc’teryx and The North Face. Tara shares her tips and lessons on getting into outdoor photography, developing relationships with brands, valuing your work as a creative and the process of pitching creative projects to brands. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
December 11, 2019
78: Say Yes and Do More, with Nicole Handel
Nicole Handel is a Vermont-based adventure athlete who has designed her life in a way that enables her to balance her full-time marketing job with her many outdoor pursuits. Whether it means going camping on a weeknight, waking up early to hit the slopes before work or going trail running over lunch – Nicole is constantly striving to get the most out of every day. After a break-up a few years ago, Nicole decided to start saying yes to more things – even things that scared her. Her willingness to try new things and to follow through has led her to become an avid outdoor athlete and brand ambassador. In this episode, Nicole shares her insights on a wide range of topics including overcoming imposter syndrome, managing a full-time job with other pursuits, going backpacking with your dog and building an engaged audience and community on social media. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
December 5, 2019
77: How To Beat Monday, with Jason Antin
Jason Antin is a New England native who now calls Colorado home with his wife Jenny and daughter Avery. The Beat Monday co-host is obsessed with outdoor endurance challenges, big efforts on tight timeframes with great friends, and strives to achieve the ultimate work-life balance. From football, Fidelity Investments, and a career as a police officer to climbing and running around the world with a show on Outside TV, Jason's story is an inspired pursuit of what makes you feel most alive. Between working with early-stage start-ups with business development and strategy, to training and guiding clients eager to explore the mountains, Jason's professional life is built around cultivating and contributing to an enthusiastic outdoor community. Off the clock, Jason enjoys moving quickly in the mountains over all mediums that mother nature shares with us whether that be trails, rock, ice or snow. Long days in the mountains with plenty of smiles is what he's looking for. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
November 27, 2019
76: How To Scale Something Beyond Yourself, with Chris Ronzio
Chris Ronzio started his first real business when he was 14, but his entrepreneurial career began long before that.  Learn about Chris' journey from lemonade stands and car washes to a nationwide video production company, and now, a software that helps small businesses build their playbooks and train their growing teams—Trainual.  Alongside his business endeavors, Chris has been managing Type 1 diabetes since 7 years old and shares how this disease has impacted his motivation and entrepreneurial drive.  Plus, Chris shares a humbling story of barely being able to run 2 miles just two years ago, In contrast with completing his first half Ironman just last month.  Chris also happens to be host Jonathan Ronzio's big brother and business partner! This is a fun episode. Hope you enjoy it!
November 21, 2019
75: Expeditions, Entrepreneurship, and Uncertainty with Liz Sampey & Rob Bart
Today, adventurers Liz Sampey and Rob Bart leave on a one-way ticket to Pakistan to begin a human-powered journey across the Himalayas in winter. On bikes and a packraft, the two will travel from Pakistan to Nepal, and it's a mystery even to them exactly how long this voyage will take. How do you develop even remote comfortability with the extreme unknowns of expedition life? And how do you design your lifestyle and career in a way that allows you to take off for an undetermined amount of time to pursue an adventure dream? This episode explores the mindset it takes to chase both expeditions and entrepreneurship, how Liz and Rob have planned and prepared for their journey ahead, and the steps you can take to infuse a little more uncertainty into your life to achieve your own impossible. Find the show notes at Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
November 13, 2019
74: Uncomfortable and Awesome, with Angel Collinson
29-year old Professional big mountain skier Angel Collinson has shattered industry ceilings since she hit the scene. The first female skier to land both the opening and finale segments in a TGR film and the first woman to win Powder Magazine's "Best Line" award. Raised on the slopes of Alta ski area in Utah's Little Cottonwood Canyon, her and her brother Johnny (also a professional skier on The North Face athlete team) spent their youth splitting time between ski resort employee housing and living out of a van chasing backcountry adventures for family fun. In this episode we talk all things skiing and stoke of course, Angel's sibling dynamic in the professional sphere, as well as how to overcome your own worst critic—yourself. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
November 6, 2019
73: How to Take Your Passion and Run With It, with Rickey Gates
Rickey Gates is a Salomon sponsored runner, writer, and storyteller. He is the author of the upcoming book, Cross Country, written about his run across America—a project titled Transamericana that is also set to become a feature film. He is the creator of the Hut Run Hut retreat series, in its 7th year, as well as the Bus Run Bus guided adventure series in its 2nd year.  In this episode, Rickey talks about how he fell in love with running, how its influenced his life at different moments, and the inception of his projects and the momentum they've created. Additionally, Rickey weighs in on learning to live on almost nothing, why waiting tables and seasonal employment shaped his career aspirations and opportunities, how to smile through frustration, and why you need to start talking to strangers. For more: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
October 30, 2019
72: Nicole Deboom's Epic Entrepreneurial Epiphany (The Evolution of Skirt Sports)
Nicole Deboom is the Founder and CEO of Skirt Sports, a former professional triathlete, host of the Run This World podcast, founder of the Running Start nonprofit, a wife and a mom. How does she have the time? Tune in to find out. Also discover how Nicole continues to evolve both personally and professionally with business pivots that feel more akin to a startup than a 15 year old apparel company, and the confidence factor to tackle any tough challenge ahead. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
October 23, 2019
71: Simeon Baker on Traveling the World with His Guitar and a Camera
Simeon Baker is an Aussie made musician and photographer who dove head first into his passions, and the world. With little but a guitar and a dream, he up and left Australia, moved to London, and now spends his time playing music on the road, on the streets, and of course on YouTube and Instagram, while traveling in a T5 Van and photographing the world along the way. Learn what it takes to lean into your talents and the unknown, and embrace the attempt to build two somewhat lives into one. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
October 16, 2019
70: If It Was Only That Easy... with Professional Cliff Diver, Travis Sims
From his high school dive team to the infamous cliffs of Colorado's Casa Bonita, and eventually to making a living as a professional cliff diver, content creator, and waterfall guide, Travis Sims is obsessed with pushing his personal and professional limits while building a community around cleaning up the places we play.  Learn how Travis created a career out of jumping off massive cliffs and why he started the annual "Cliff Cruise" waterfall clean up tour. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
October 9, 2019
69: Why We’ve Decided That Balance is Bullshit and Imbalance is Beautiful
It's an Emily and Jonathan episode ya'll! And after 68 of these stoke-filled inspiration sessions where we initially set out to tackle the concept of balancing work, life, and adventure while having fun and making a difference, we've just come to the conclusion that real balance is total BS. Tune in to hear what we mean! Plus! Don't miss the top Explore Inspired backcountry camping tip, and The Travel Stack travel resource directory. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
October 2, 2019
68: Andrew Muse On Jumping Without A Safety Net
Andrew Muse is a professional multi-sport athlete, content creator, and social media influencer who consistently generates compelling and high production value content with his adventure dog Kicker by his side.  In this episode we explore the circumstances of his youth, how an unstable family dynamic influenced his yearning for the wild west, the reason many of the most dramatic or impactful moments of his life happened when he left no other option on the table, and how the true meaning of adventure and stoke can be found in the companionship of a dog. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
September 25, 2019
67: How To Build A Life Doing Everything You Love, with Alpinist & Storyteller Graham Zimmerman
Graham is an award-winning professional climber and well-recognized film maker in the outdoor industry. He works as a producer and the director of development with Bedrock Film Works through which he his able to utilize his extensive logistics, rigging, marketing and media expertise while maintaining his role as an athlete in the outdoor industry. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
September 18, 2019
66: Capturing Spontaneous Moments, with Rock Climber & Filmmaker, Matty Hong
Matty Hong is a professional rock climber and filmmaker. He grew up in Boulder, Colorado into a family of climbers and has been surrounded by the sport nearly his entire life. His passion for climbing stems from his parents—both pioneers in the sport and active first ascensionists since the early 90s. Raised in the dirt of Rifle Canyon, Matty quickly gained an appreciation for the outdoors and living on the road. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
September 11, 2019
65: Unstructured Narratives and Nonprofits with the Nature Chola, Karen Ramos
Karen Ramos is the founder of non-profit Get Out Stay Out (aka Vamos Afuera), an organization that connects indigenous-migrant children with the outdoors through hiking, camping, and backpacking adventures. But in words... nothing more than your average and not-so-average Latinx- indigenous 20-something year old brown girl who stumbled, rolled, and straight up took a dive into rock bottom only to find and come to terms that maybe (cheese alert) all that was for a reason." Intrigued? Us too! That's why we were so stoked to have Karen on the show! Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
September 4, 2019
64: For The Love Of Mountains, with Alex Borsuk
Alex is a sports nutritionist and mountain athlete passionate about helping people exceed their mountain dreams through the use of practical and wholesome nutrition, while pushing her limits during early morning dawn patrols and long days in the mountain.  Alex was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio, but after graduating college followed her lifelong dream of heading WEST. She accepted a job in Bellingham, Washington as the corporate dietitian for a local supermarket chain, and there she fell in love with the North Cascades and all they had to offer - skiing, climbing, trail running, and fastpacking. A year later, she and her husband Matt moved to Portland, Oregon, where Alex currently works for Evolution Healthcare and Fitness as their dietitian, specializing in sports nutrition. She offers nutrition consultation to local endurance athletes to help them improve their performance and reach their goals. When Alex isn't in the office, she spends her time playing in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest with her husband. You can find her training for an ultramarathon, climbing ice on volcano headwalls, skiing down couloirs, or rock climbing on some of the North Cascade's finest granite. Her and Matt are passionate "Weekend Warriors," who feel strongly about balancing work with play, and utilizing their limited free time (before work, after work, Saturday, and Sunday) to chase their mountain dreams. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
August 28, 2019
63: The Roller Coaster of Entrepreneurship, with Range CEO & Founder Jeanine Pesce
Jeanine Pesce is the go-to woman for tracking global active trends in action sports and outdoors. She is the founder and CEO of Range—an independent agency + magazine inspired by the culture of the modern outdoor movement—a former on-air style correspondent for Outside TV, a speaker, and trend consultant. In this episode, Jeanine candidly shares her entrepreneurial journey, from quitting her job at Stylesight to go all-in on Range. She also speaks to the process, places, and experiences she looks to draw inspiration, as well as how she thinks about ego, goals, scale, money, results, balance, passion, and happiness. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
August 21, 2019
62: Becoming an Uphill Athlete (Part 2) with Steve House & Scott Johnston
In part 2 of the conversation with Uphill Athlete authors and founders, Steve House and Scott Johnston, Emily and Jonathan get candid advice and chat about their respective upcoming mountain goals—a 50k race and a rapid ascent of Pico de Orizaba! Get their take on how to prepare for such big objectives, what to expect from and how to handle the altitude, AND lastly of course, hear what Steve and Scott have to say about STOKE.  Hint: "You Can't Coach Desire!" Plus, after the conversation wraps with Steve and Scott, your hosts recap the realities of what happened when they got after it and got both the race and the climb DONE!  Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
August 14, 2019
61: Becoming an Uphill Athlete (Part 1) with Steve House & Scott Johnston
Steve House is a world-renowned climber and mountain guide. Scott Johnston is an adventure and endurance athlete coach, a ski racer, and aerospace engineer. Together, they are the authors of Training for the New Alpinism, and Training for the Uphill Athlete. In the first ever two-part episode of The Stokecast, Emily and Jonathan chat with Scott and Steve about all things mountain running, ski mountaineering, their process for writing two of the most educational and impactful books for aspiring and expert mountain athletes alike, as well as each of their background to learn how their careers led them to each other, their latest book, and their coaching program, Uphill Athlete. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
August 8, 2019
60: She Explores Founder, Gale Straub, on Creating Value for Yourself and Your Community
Gale Straub is a podcaster, photographer, and writer with a love for shaping stories that tell themselves. She is the founder of She Explores and host of the popular She Explores podcast. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
July 31, 2019
59: Nick Dio on Reframing the 9-5 and Building Something on the Side
Nick Dio is Head of Education at The Sasha Group, master of ceremonies for Gary Vaynerchuk's 4Ds (Digital Discovery+ Deep Dive) workshop, WOLACO Creative Director, marathon runner, and (not really, but) NYC ambassador. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
July 24, 2019
58: At What Cost? Champion Underwater Huntress, Kimi Werner, Dives In
On episode 58, we're keeping it wild with Kimi Werner. Kimi is a Hawaiian freediver, US National Spearfishing Champion, conservationist and founder of Keep Wild Co—a company that makes reusable utensil kits packaged in recycled surf competition banners. She's also a certified culinary chef and you can find tons of great recipes on her blog. She's an artist, writer, and purely inspirational spirit that we were so excited to chat with. Hear how Kimi first fell in love with freediving by following her father under the waves, what happened when her family's economic status shifted and how Kimi fell away from her passions for so long, how she rediscovered herself under the waves, and then in the pursuit of gold medals realized she had commoditized what made her feel most alive. We also discuss our connection with our food, Kimi's company Keep Wild Co, and learning not to panic in the face of fear. Enjoy the show and please, if you haven't already, subscribe and share the stoke with 5 of your friends! Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
July 17, 2019
57: How to Take More Initiative To Get What You Want, with Renee and Matthew Hahnel
Australian influencers, bloggers, photographers, authors, Renee Roaming & Matthew Hahnel share their story and advice on building your dream life by channeling resilience, passion, determination, and just taking the initiative. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio Presented by: Explore Inspired
July 10, 2019
56: Challenging Yourself to Level Up, with Jen Hudak
 Jen Hudak is a retired professional skier, avid mountain biker, co-founder of Escapod Trailers, and a self-proclaimed Dream Believer. Jen takes us on a journey of self realization and following your true passions.  While training and competing to be a potential Olympian, her body, her community and her family had other plans. She kept chasing this singular goal of becoming an Olympian, and subsequently, her love of the sport and her passions in life faded (after many injuries and terrible tragedies). Now Jen is a full-on entrepreneur mastermind and speaks with us about vulnerability and how to create and go after challenges that will actually feel good and bring you joy.  She used the same fear management techniques and visualization skills that she developed in her ski career to get her life back on track. She took a thorough inventory of how she was living and began to close the gap on the life she wanted to live. Jen was ruthless with her time as she built the bridge from one life to the next and she cultivated empowered thoughts instead of misguided ones.  Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
July 3, 2019
55: Letting Go Of What You Can't Control, with Jim Harris
Jim Harris worked as a ski photographer and writer, for clients including National Geographic, until he was injured while snowkiting in Patagonia fracturing nine vertebra and was paralyzed from sternum down.  It took over a week after the injury to reach definitive care where five of his nine broken vertebra were fused. It was an abrupt end not just to his photo and video livelihood, but to his mobility in the mountains too. Admittedly, he felt lucky that the doctor never told him he’d never walk again, as there wasn’t much encouragement to think he would. After his spine fusion, he began to wiggle a toe. Within a few months, muscles in both legs began firing.  In the four years since that accident, Harris has transitioned from a wheelchair to walker to cane and continues to challenge the limitations of his disability. It’s unlikely that Jim Harris will return to mountain guiding or expedition photo work; the athleticism he once possessed may be lost forever. However, Harris has continued to push the limitations of his disability via mountain biking, skiing, hiking, and surfing.  Today, Jim spends much of his time devoted to his art, which features many of the beautiful mountain landscapes that he has explored. He is the creator of Perpetual Weekend as well as the founder and principle artist at Gorgeous Storm, an art and printmaking shop in Carbondale, CO.   Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
June 26, 2019
54: Community, Connection, and Changing The World, with Katie Boué
Katie Boué is a Cuban-American outdoor advocate, freelance writer + social media expert, professional adventurer, climber, public speaker, former van-dweller, and public lands wonk.  She is Miami-raised and traded flat Florida swamps for a life of exploring mountains, camping in the desert and playing in the snow. Boué currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her partner Brody Leven and her dog named Spaghetti. Katie’s love of being outside and sharing wild spaces is the focus of her work in the outdoor recreation industry. She sees opportunity for empowerment, empathy and action in every outdoorist and she wants to help the outdoor community do good, from public lands policy + sustainability, to better access + inclusion in our parks and in the media. Flow notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
June 19, 2019
53: What Does Stoke Mean To You? (1-Year Anniversary Episode)
Episode 53 kicks off the start of a new year for The Stokecast! Learn what stoke means to our listeners with a handful of replies to our signature question, get goal updates from Emily and Jonathan, and hear about the challenges and wins throughout the past year of building this podcast.  Presented by: Explore Inspired Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante
June 12, 2019
52: Professional Surfer, Non-Profit Leader, Emi Koch on Making A Difference Doing What You Love
Emi Koch is a professional surfer, conservationist, educator, National Geographic Adventurer of the Year, and non-profit leader, making waves of difference around the world. Her non-profit organization, Beyond The Surface International, is empowering coastal communities through surfing lessons and visual storytelling workshops.  On this episode of The Stokecast, learn how Emi gained traction as a professional surfer from a very young age, then decided to ditch the traditional path of the sponsored athlete to start a non-profit and work to create real change in surf communities worldwide. Show notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
June 5, 2019
51: Showing Up, with Lynsey Dyer
Lynsey Dyer is a professional skier who has won every big mountain competition she’s entered, been awarded Female Skier of the Year by Powder Magazine multiple times, and cemented her place as one of the best big mountain skiers in the world while inspiring a generation of young female athletes through popular TED talks on 'Ski Like A Girl' and filmmaking.  As a director, Lynsey produced and directed the first and only all female ski film and founded a production company called Unicorn Picnic. She's also the host of the popular Showing UP podcast where she shares stories that help us all remember that anything is possible especially when you remember to play outside. Episode notes: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
May 29, 2019
50: Wild Positivity, with Pro Skier Drew Petersen
Drew Petersen is a passionate skier, mountain man, and burrito enthusiast based in the Wasatch Mountains of Utah.  For this episode's notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
May 22, 2019
49: Following Happiness, with Photographer & Mountain Climber, Scott Kranz
On episode 49 of The Stokecast, photographer, mountain climber, speaker, former practicing lawyer, Scott Kranz, on his epic career transition, becoming a full-time creator, his North Cascades National Park 50 Peaks Project, and much more. Scott Kranz is a full-time commercial and editorial photographer and storyteller specializing in outdoor sports, outdoor lifestyle, landscape, and travel imagery. With a fiery passion for the mountains and all things outdoors, Scott Kranz specializes in capturing authentic moments in real adventures while surrounded by the most wild, rugged, and pristine beauty of North America and beyond. Scott is not your typical creative. A philosophy graduate of a small liberal arts university in the Midwest, and a former attorney and juris doctor, Scott Kranz fully transitioned his original career into full-time commercial and editorial photography and storytelling, focusing on outdoor sports, outdoor lifestyle, landscape, and travel photography. For the notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante
May 15, 2019
48: The Joy of Creating, with Artist & Adventurer Jessa Gilbert
On episode 48 of The Stokecast, Baldface Lodge splitboard guide and experiential landscape artist Jessa Gilbert shares why she didn’t, or couldn’t, chose just one path. For the notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
May 8, 2019
47: Social Entrepreneur & Mountain Athlete, Mike Chambers on Voluntourism and Epic Weekend Adventures
Mike Chambers is the co-founder of Summits Education and Flying Kites Academy, two non-profit organizations working to improve educational opportunities in Haiti and Kenya respectively. He is also a multi-faceted mountain athlete on the ambassador roster for brands like Merrell and MSR, and is the co-creator and host of Beat Monday, a new series on Outside TV all about making the most of the weekend. On this episode of The Stokecast, Mike chats with Jonathan and Emily about the "voluntourism" dilemma, how to get started finding the right organizations and causes to align your advocacy efforts with, and Mike tells candid emotional stories about his experiences with Flying Kites and Summits. Mike also explains how he found and developed his love for adventure sports, what steps he took to build his life around his dream expeditions, the setbacks he's had along the way as far as injury or work/life balance goes, and how he manages to make it all work these days. For the notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante
May 1, 2019
46: Loki the Wolfdog - How Kelly Lund Made A Business Out Of Adventuring With His Pup
Loki The Wolfdog is one of the most famous adventure pups on Instagram, and Kelly Lund is the man behind (and sometimes also in front) of the camera. But Kelly and Loki's adventures go well beyond the perfect Insta-photo. He's crafted this life with his 4-legged friend into quite the well-rounded business. Kelly and Loki have their paws in everything from sponsorships and ambassadorships, to travel campaigns and product collaborations, plus their own Lightroom presents, alignment with give back programs with organizations like Canine Support Teams and the U.S. Wolf Refuge, and now their own line of CBD products for dogs called Loki Naturals. Learn how Kelly created a career leveraging the powers of storytelling, community, and puppy play, and how he mastered the craft of photography along the way! For the show notes and links to everything mentioned in this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante
April 24, 2019
45: Behind The Scenes on Air Travel and the Pilot Gender Gap, with Pilot Shanelly
Shannon Pereira, maybe better known as Pilot Shanelly, is a commercial airline pilot for Jet Blue, a world-traveler, dog-rescuer, and unapologetic dancer.  On this episode of The Stokecast, she shares a unique perspective on the behind-the-scenes backbone of the travel industry, as well as commentary around being a female pilot when even today only 6% of pilots are women.  Shannon, Emily, and Jonathan explore these topics as they relate to the broader adventure travel industry, and also dig into Shannon's experiences as a traveler, athlete, and how she played a part in Emily adopting her dog from Haiti. For the show notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
April 17, 2019
44: Adventurepreneur Jeremy Jensen on Epiphany Moments and Intentional Living
Jeremy Jensen shares the many reasons he's leaving management consulting and Washington D.C. behind to head back West, out to Boulder, in pursuit of intentionally designing a more fulfilling life. Jensen is a skier, biker, and whitewater kayaker. He's also the creator and host of the Adventurepreneur Playbook podcast, a speaker and coach, the co-founder of the Outwild festival series, as well as the co-founder of Revive, where he's setting out to redefine how we work, travel, and live. In this episode Jeremy, Jonathan, and Emily discuss: Making big life moves Entrepreneurial endeavors and how to take the right leaps to make them happen The importance of building meaningful connections by following up and following through to develop your personal and professional network Ideas that strike in the bathroom (#epiphanyonthepot) The Revive pilot MVP program and what's next on the agenda Why remote work is the future of work Breaking down the business value ladder Jeremy's certification in the science of flow, plus some recommended reading For the show notes and resource links from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante
April 10, 2019
43: How To Become Indiana Jones, with Simon Donato
Simon Donato might be best known for creating and starring in the television show Boundless, as well as author of The Boundless Life. But beyond his epic pursuits as an ultra-endurance athlete in the worldwide adventure racing circuit, he's a geologist passionate about combining field-based research with extreme athletics to explore new and culturally important frontiers.  His company, Adventure Science, was built to do just that. It is a non-profit organization that pairs super fit adventure athletes with researchers, taking them into some of the most remote and hard to reach places on our planet to conduct scientific, conservation, and humanitarian projects. Simon, along with wife Chanelle Mayer, also hosts the Adventure Science podcast. In addition to Adventure Science, Simon founded Canada's original swim-run series, Amphibious Challenge, and a gluten-free oatmeal company called Stoked Oats. He is also an athlete ambassador for Merrell, Suunto, and Farm to Feet.  For the notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante Presented by: Explore Inspired
April 3, 2019
42: Getting Out Of Your Own Way, with Andy Best
Photographer and Cinematographer, Andy Best, joins The Stokecast for an inspiring an introspective conversation around his career and life story developed. From his early days nurturing the inner artist with pastels and oil paints at his Grandmother's studio to his work as a commercial filmmaker turned landscape and adventure photographer. Andy is a contributor for National Geographic, ROAM, and also has his own production company called Lone Bison Films.  For the show notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio Presented by: Explore Inspired
March 27, 2019
41: High-Performance Habits & How To Follow-Through
Emily and Jonathan check in with their professional goals and personal targets from the last 90 days. Q1 2019 is coming to an end and as the second quarter kicks off, your hosts reflect on what worked and what didn't from the New Years goal-setting episode, as well as expand upon how the rest of the year might shape up for them. Along the way, hear candid travel stories and hacks, business lessons, and personal anecdotes around balancing work, life, and adventure. Visit for this and past episodes.  Also mentioned in this show, Explore Inspired's new Travel Stack: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Edited by: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio
March 20, 2019
40: Climber Colette McInerney on Building a Career as a Content Creator
Colette McInerney is a climber, photographer, and filmmaker. She is one of four co-founders of the Never Not Collective women's outdoor production company, and an athlete for Black Diamond Equipment and Five Ten.  In this episode, Colette takes listeners on her journey from Nashville to New York, eventually to the Western United States, and eventually world-wide travels as she discovered climbing and herself along the way. Learn what Colette is up to down in Waco Tanks, Texas, how to approach the mechanics of rock climbing as a beginner, and why having a successful career as a content creator really comes down to access to the right people, access to the right places, and a consistent creative partnership. For more from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio
March 13, 2019
39: From Sommelier To Skier, Staying Curious with Hadley Hammer
Hadley Hammer is a professional skier, sure. But she's also a sommelier, gourmet chef, book nerd, showcase Mountain Athlete and climber.  Hadley grew up amongst Wyoming's epic Teton mountains and developed a love for outdoor adventures early on, but she also recognized the benefits of a formal career outside of her mountain life.  She headed east to earn a B.A in Hospitality and Economics and after a few years working in the urban hotel world, she just knew something was missing. Hadley headed back to her mountain base to achieve a greater balance between career and lifestyle. Balance is the name of her game which now manifests itself in her big mountain skiing pursuits and complimentary lifestyle. For the notes from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio Presented by: Explore Inspired
March 6, 2019
38: Building & Balancing Your Side Hustle, With Spencer Fochtman
Spencer Fochtman is a former US Army Infantry Team Leader and was part of Google X's Project Loon and their mission to bring WiFi to third world countries and disaster zones using balloons in the stratosphere. He's also currently on the global business operations team at Tesla and building a commercial adventure and outdoor lifestyle photography business on the side.  One can certainly say this guy has a lot going on! And in this episode of The Stokecast we chat with Spencer about how he manages having a hand in it all, why he's on a mission to be a master of more than one craft, and the fact that both and he and Elon Musk are Cocoa Pebbles fans. For more from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio
February 27, 2019
37: How To Pursue Every Passion, with Chris Benchetler
Chris Benchetler is a pro skier. He's also an artist, a product engineer, an entrepreneur, director, climber, surfer, biker, husband, and father.  So often, we're told we have to pick a path and learn to focus to find our greatness. Chris is a shining example of why that's not always the case. His varied pursuits are an inspiring case study in learning how to embrace every passion and live the most authentic life you can. For more from this episode, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante, CP Pro Audio
February 20, 2019
36: Fight For The Gold, Fight For Your Life, with 5-Time Olympian Kikkan Randall
For more from this episode: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante / CP Pro Audio
February 13, 2019
35: Life, Legacy, & Identity, with Adventure Filmmaker/Photographer, Max Lowe
In this episode of The Stokecast, we have adventure filmmaker/photographer, Max Lowe.  Max is an incredible talent in the outdoor industry, responsible for films like Adventure Not War and Sky Migrations. and he has cultivated quite a reputation for having an eye for his ability to depict captivating human stories in the most inspiring of landscapes.  Max shares with us his unique and storied upbringing, being the son to a world-renowned mountaineer who was tragically lost in an avalanche in 1999, and subsequently how he gained another formative outdoor explorer as a stepdad. He discusses how this family legacy has influenced him to form his own creative and adventurous identity.  Max has his own media company, Max Lowe Media, is a director with Stept Studios, and travels the world crafting meaningful narratives around emotionally compelling stories with friends and family alike.  For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante
February 6, 2019
34: Women Who Hike Founder, Nicole Brown, On Simply Getting Out And Doing Things
Female Outdoor Adventurist, Public Lands Advocate, and Merrell Ambassador, Nicole Brown, chats about the personal and professional struggles and successes she's faced while building Women Who Hike—one of the largest communities both on and offline for outdoorsy women. In this episode, Nicole speaks to how Women Who Hike came to be and how she succeeded building belonging inside a niche membership community with the "We, Not I" mentality. We also discuss building out the ambassador team, her approach to group hikes, Leave No Trace and outdoor access principles, 1% For The Planet, and how equipment empowers equality. Lastly, Nicole gets very candid and vulnerable about a plan to climb Kilimanjaro last year that fell through and why, her daily battle with three autoimmune diseases and imposter syndrome, but why despite all of that, she is determined to live beyond a diagnosis and in fact credits her drive and success to what many would see as limitations. For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio, Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante
January 30, 2019
33: Training Your Weakness, with Emily Harrington
Emily Harrington is one of the most well-rounded and accomplished outdoor athletes alive, male or female. From crushing 5.14b climbs to skiing volcanoes, and El Capitan to Mount Everest, her pursuits are nothing short of mind-blowing. In this episode, your hosts chat with Emily about her recent adventures, learning to pivot, adapt, and embrace change in your career, and how it feels to realize you're a role model. Also, hear about Emily's recent TEDx talk on Finding Fear, why she decided to only train her weaknesses, and the announcement of Danger Stik TV, the new YouTube channel from Emily Harrington and boyfriend Adrian Ballinger documenting their lives as adventure athletes alongside candid moments in their relationship.  For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland  Editor: Chris Plante / CP Pro Audio
January 23, 2019
32: Mastering The Double Life, With Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison is a big mountain adventure skier on The North Face athlete team and made worldwide news in September when he and partner, Hilaree Nelson (The Stokecast Ep.28) made the first ski descent of the Lhotse Couloir. Jim Morrison is also a wildly successful luxury home builder and runs a construction company in California's Lake Tahoe area.  In this episode, dig into Jim's backstory and try to understand how he's been able to build two seemingly completely different careers and succeed to the degree he has in both. For the show notes, visit: Hosts: Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland Editor: Chris Plante / CP Pro Audio
January 16, 2019
31: In Pursuit of the Pastel Horizon, with Christian Schaffer
"Adventure photographer" doesn't quite describe Christian Schaffer. After just a few seconds staring at her work you know that in Schaffer's world, landscapes look more like dreamscapes, and what most call outdoor escapes, she calls life. In Christian's past life, she was an Abercrombie model and retail manager. She went to college in Hawaii, moved to Italy for work, trekked the John Muir Trail, and traveled 19 countries (mostly alone) pursuing wild adventures, foods, and freedom. And after changing her mailing address more than 30 times, Christian just decided to just ditch it and live full-time out of a 4x4 truck in the Pacific Northwest to build her career as an outdoor photographer. Tune in to episode 31, now! For the show notes from this episode, visit:
January 9, 2019
30: How To Achieve Massive Results This Year (Goal-Setting Frameworks)
How do you go about setting and working toward your goals? In the first episode of 2019, Emily and Jonathan talk through their biggest goals for the New Year and break down the strategies they each employ to set out confidently towards realizing some seemingly massive dreams. For more, visit:
January 2, 2019
29: From Broken Body to Business Success, Pro Climber and Alpine Start Founder, Matt Segal
How did Miami, FL native Matt Segal become one of the world's top rock climbers? And in a departure from expedition-bound Netflix-binges, how did he turn inspiration from a book into a business opportunity with enough focus and purpose to find success in a crowded market? In episode 29 of The Stokecast, The North Face team climber and Alpine Start founder, Matt Segal takes us on a journey from his start in competitive climbing to a body-breaking paragliding accident and the growth he's experienced personally and professionally since. For more from this episode, visit: To grab some Alpine Start for your next adventure, visit:
December 26, 2018
28: Adventure Skier, Speaker, Mother, Hilaree Nelson On Lhotse, Life, and Why She Loves To Suffer
How do you get to the point in your life where you even consider climbing up and then standing on skis looking down a 7,000-foot 50-degree couloir that drops off the 27,940-foot summit of the fourth highest mountain in the world, Lhoste? We chat about that first descent, the lifelong pursuit of passion and both physical and mental persistence that it took to get there, and much more including balancing motherhood and family life with high-risk outdoor pursuits, and designing a career as an adventure athlete, with The North Face athlete team captain, Hilaree Nelson. She is the first woman to climb two 8,000m peaks in 24 hours (Everest and Lhotse). She's also the first person to ski off the summit of Lhotse. Additionally, she’s skied from the Himalayan summit of Cho Oyu climbed and skied several high peaks in Bolivia and Argentina. Elsewhere, Hilaree has cut turns on remote volcanoes in the Kamchatka Peninsula of Russia, Mongolia, Pakistan, Lebanon, as well as many first descents in the tight couloirs of Baffin Island. Enjoy this incredible interview with adventurer, big mountain skier, speaker, and mother, Hilaree Nelson. For the show notes, visit:
December 19, 2018
27: Shelma Jun On Channeling Your Opportunity and Building Your Community
On episode 27 of The Stokecast, founder of Flash Foxy and the Women's Climbing Festival, co-founder of the Never Not Collective production company, climber and Access Fund board member, Shelma Jun. In our conversation with Shelma, we dig into the contrasting balance of a life in pursuit of wild adventures with a home base in the big city, how an urban planner became an outdoor community builder, and how to recognize when your unique snowball of opportunity and experience has grown big enough to build a dream on. Plus, the difference between being physically present and mentally present, and Shelma's thoughts around gender equity in the outdoor industry, its current trend and its future. For more from this episode, visit:
December 12, 2018
26: Joe Kudla on Scaling Vuori Clothing to 8-Figures in 5-Years
Vuori Clothing founder, Joe Kudla, shines light on the personal story behind the epic rise of one of today's fastest growing athleisure apparel brands. For the show notes from this episode and your Vuori Stokecast coupon, visit:
December 5, 2018
25: Steph Davis On The Things You Can't Not Do
Legendary Climber, Flyer, Speaker, Writer, Steph Davis joins Emily and Jonathan on The Stokecast to talk about her life's wild and passionate pursuits. On the agenda? Balancing risk and comfort, creating a career as an athlete and storyteller, Steph's take on the vegan diet, creating and leading climbing clinics, coping with loss, and what it's like to fly. For more from the episode, visit
November 28, 2018
24: Ladies AllRide Founder, Lindsey Richter, On Overcoming The Fear-Based Mindset
On episode 24 of The Stokecast, Ladies AllRide Founder and Survivor survivor, Lindsey Richter, joins us to chat about how to overcome your fear-based mindset and learning to change the thoughts that just don't serve you. - "No bad weather, just bad gear" - Why where Lindsey grew up helped nurture her tolerance for suffering (6:30) - Learning how to choose your attitude and create your own sunshine (11:00) - Why Lindsey took to mountain biking as a way to get her fitness back (14:00) - Surviving "Survivor" and the reality TV fallout (15:30) - Coping with all the faces of fame (27:00) - The difference between physical and emotional pain and how to deal with both (32:00) - How sport helps humans change thoughts that don't serve them (38:00) - Why Emily is afraid of mountain biking (41:00) - Lindsey's inspirations for founding Ladies All Ride camps (42:00) - What STOKE means to Lindsey (56:00) For the show notes from this episode, visit:
November 21, 2018
23: Learning To Nurture The Narrative Of Your Life, With Pro Climber Sam Elias
Professional climber, skier, reader and tale-teller, "human being in process," Sam Elias takes to The Stokecast to chat with Emily and Jonathan about soulful pursuits of mind and body, nurturing your life's narrative, finding family, and trusting how you feel inside. On this episode: - Life as an athlete and body breakdowns (6:30) - Selfishness vs Selflessness (8:20) - When to put in the work and when to let it ride (11:15) - What can happen once you develop a wisdom about yourself (17:00) - Float spas, sensory deprivation, and Get Out (21:45) - How climbing transformed Sam's life (24:00) - Sam's relationship with his real family, his climbing family, and the gap between (25:40) - The path to becoming a professional climber, via collecting outdoor industry work experience while building skillsets and a network (28:30) - Advertising and selling yourself - the behind the scenes work of an athlete (38:45) - Rooted: Climbing Lebanon - Sam's exploratory documentary connecting family, the middle east, and climbing (44:00) - Sam's top book recommendation (54:00) For the links mentioned in this episode, visit the show notes page at
November 14, 2018
22: Visual Storyteller Becca Skinner On Finding Balance In Her Food Forest
What is a food forest? You'll have to listen to find out! On this episode of The Stokecast, Emily and Jonathan chat with adventure photographer, writer, farmer, conservationist, and National Geographic Explorer, Becca Skinner. For Becca's take on permaculture and sustainable ranching, her experience of building a career as photographer and storyteller, her top tips for car camping/living (learned from 32,000 miles on the road with her pup and a camera!), and her feelings about business, busyness, and balance, dive in! For the show notes from this episode, visit:
November 7, 2018
21: Ski Mountaineer Kit Deslauriers On Giving Yourself Room To Dream & Time To Grow
Kit Deslauriers is a Jackson-hole based ski mountaineer, the first person in the world to ski off the top of the highest mountain on each of the seven continents (famed Seven Summits), an author, speaker, activist, and mother. That's quite the impressive resumé and we were honored to chat with Kit for episode 21 of The Stokecast! For the show notes:
October 31, 2018
20: How Serial Entrepreneur Davis Smith Built "Gear For Good" Apparel & Experience Brand, Cotopaxi
In episode 20 of The Stokecast, Emily and Jonathan recap the joys and pains of their recent experience running the Trapp Lodge Mountain Marathon in Stowe, Vermont. After, they have a deep conversation about building businesses with social impact with Cotopaxi Founder and CEO, Davis Smith. Also on the show, learn: - How Davis runs his business AND his family by defining values and building an organizational culture (14:32) - When and why Davis learned to embrace his entrepreneurial spirit (16:00) - How Davis started and scaled his first business, going digitally native and selling pool tables online (18:45) - Why you shouldn't hire your closest friends first or at all (24:20) - How to identify ideas that are going to work and stick with it (29:35) - How to compete in a crowded market (34:38) - Why he started an adventure race series called Questival and hired two llamas off Craigslist to launch Cotopaxi (41:14) - How Cotopaxi is empowering creativity within their manufacturing facility in the Philippines (49:31) - What is a Benefit Corporation and how does it work? (53:55) - The benefits of bootstrapping vs. raising capital (56:33) - Davis' work to promote gender equality with GirlUp and Women's Leadership Institute - How he balances professional and personal life by managing both like a business (1:05:00) - What Cotopaxi is doing to aid the refugee crisis and one incredible story of the impact made (1:11:06) For the show notes from this episode, visit:
October 24, 2018
19: Why Tim Burke Quit His Job and Sold His Things to Travel Full-Time As A Moto-Photojournalist
Tim Burke was an airport operations manager at Boeing Field in Washington, overseeing the safety of everything happening on the airfield. He loved his job and he had worked so hard to get there. So why then did he walk away from everything stable and certain to pursue the roads of the world with his camera and a motorcycle? In episode 19 of The Stokecast, we chat with Tim Burke about: - His decision to leave his job and start living on the road - What place, after nearly 2 years of travel, has left the biggest mark on his soul - The realities of life and travel without deadlines or destinations - How he makes money on the road and is building his business as a photographer and journalist - Brand relationships and competing on social media - Why you don't need the best gear to take the best photos (and Tim shares his sketchy shooting setup) - The struggle to return home after long-term travel and connect or find common ground with anybody at home who can't relate to your experiences - Why you just need to send it and figure it out! For more on this episode and ways to connect with Tim, visit:
October 17, 2018
18: Learning to Design Life on Your Terms, with Transition Coach Sanni McCandless
Sanni McCandless is a life and transition coach for outdoor-minded individuals seeking more intentional lifestyles, as well as the co-founder of the Outwild festival series. On this episode learn how to embrace career and lifestyle changes, deal with vulnerability on display, and start asking yourself, "what is it that I want from life?" In this episode: - How to overcome mental barriers to start embracing transitions in your life or changes in your career - Lifestyle design and how much life experience do you need to be a life coach? - Believing in the power of connection to bridge the gaps in finding your calling - Knowing how to recognize when you've felt balance, and how to go back to that - Honing the mindset to turn failure into opportunity within a long-term vision - The importance of micro-challenges to boost your confidence - Vulnerability on display For the show notes:
October 10, 2018
17: From Big Mountains to Bold Business Pursuits, Alpenglow Expeditions Founder, Adrian Ballinger
Have you ever thought about climbing Mount Everest without supplemental oxygen, or starting a global expedition guiding company specializing in rapid ascents on the world's biggest mountains? Adrian Ballinger has. If you're a total logistics nerd (like Emily and Adrian) and obsessed with operations, or if you're just drawn to pursuing crazy challenges, listen, learn, and be inspired as Adrian shares his story. On this episode: - Learning to trust your team and delegate tasks when you start to scale beyond yourself - The grind of growing guiding company, Alpenglow Expeditions - Balancing a career as a professional athlete with running a business and keeping relationships alive - How Adrian got his start as an adventure athlete - Learning to reframe failure as success - Altitude training systems and big mountain speed ascents - The Lake Tahoe Via Ferrata and Adrian announces his quest to climb K2 without oxygen! For the show notes:
October 3, 2018
16: The Art of Building Brand, Body, & Being, with TJ David
If you've been wondering how much work it takes to become a professional outdoor athlete, working on building your base of physical fitness, your personal brand, and keeping your mind on track, you're going to want to tune into this one. TJ David is a professional skier and Aspen-based plant-powered endurance athlete with experience on both sides of the lens. And he's also still hustling to make it work - because let's be real, it's rare to be a full-time athlete in this industry! Listen and learn: - How new opportunities emerged for more athletes to have viable careers when they started creating social content - The way TJ approaches building his Instagram audience and curating moments - How focusing on trail running has improved his skiing - The importance of having a meditation practice grounded in stillness - What TJ's plant-based training diet looks like - TJ's take on being a paid athlete and still having a normal job Show notes:
September 26, 2018
15: Learning To Love What Makes You, You - with SheLift Founder, Bachelor Alum, and Self-Love Superstar Sarah Herron
Sarah Herron was born without the lower half of her left arm but that hasn't stopped her from living out some of life's greatest adventures, looking for love on The Bachelor, finding it within herself, starting a non-profit, and helping others with limiting beliefs learn to love themselves and accomplish more than they ever felt capable of. On this episode, Jonathan and Emily chat with Sarah about: - The importance of challenging self-limiting beliefs - Providing spaces for women who are living with physical differences - What it takes to found a non-profit - How women and young girls need more communities to discover confidence and self-esteem - The healing nature of the outdoors - Tapping into mentors as much as possible - When to give all of yourself to your passions and make a leap of faith For the show notes on this episode and ways to connect with Sarah, visit:
September 19, 2018
14: Chris Burkard Dishes His No-BS Recipe For Sacrifice And Success
This week, we had the extraordinary photographer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, adventurer and storyteller, Chris Burkard on the podcast.  Chris shares his no-BS approach to the perpetual hustle mindset and gets real and raw about how much you have to sacrifice to find the success you desire.  Also, Jonathan and Emily chat with Chris about:  - How to fill the gaps in your skillset  - Why you should be investing in yourself with time AND money  - Everything you need to learn about the 'technical stuff,' you can find online  - His interesting relationship with Instagram  - Creating passive revenue streams  - When you should consider getting an agent  - How to manage communicating with your loved ones while you're on the road  For the show notes on this episode and ways to connect with Chris, visit:
September 12, 2018
13: World-Record Endurance Athlete Colin O'Brady Teaches How To Build A Community With Your Dreams
What an incredible episode. From burn victim to pro-triathlete to world record crushing mountaineer, Colin O'Brady of Beyond 7/2 and 50HP is a bundle of inspiration, stoke, and an overall fantastic guy. On this episode, learn: - What 'sleep-hiking' is and learning to micro-nap - The drive behind pursuing mountaineering World Records - His project of Beyond 7/2 and motivating young people to get outside - The use of social media as a platform for building communities - His 50HP project and the 'Forrest Gump' effect - How to bring a crazy idea to life (through tons of hard work, meetings, failures, etc) - Why just any sponsor won't do and the importance of finding the RIGHT sponsor partners - Colin's training regimen and his take on balance For the show notes, visit:
September 5, 2018
12: Michelle Parker on Self-Motivation, Her Life as a Pro Skier, and Staying Safe In The Mountains
Want to learn how to be well-rounded, passionate and creative while also living your dream? How to be self-motivated in an industry without much structure? Take notes from this weeks' Stokecast guest, Michelle Parker. On the show: - How she skied before she could even walk - Growing up in a premier mountain town, Squaw Valley - Importance of female role models - Being your own boss - the need to be diligent, productive and well-rounded - The process of pitching, planning and starring in a TV series with Red Bull - How to go after sponsorship with big brands - Continuing to evolve your passions/athletic endeavors - The origination of the organization, SAFE AS - How to get involved in outdoor advocacy efforts like Protect Our Winters For the show notes on this episode and ways to connect with Michelle, visit:
August 29, 2018
11: Running Slow AF And Loving Every Second With Writer, Speaker, Ultra Runner, Mirna Valerio
Redefine running with The Mirnavator. Mirna Valerio is the creator of the Fat Girl Running blog, author of A Beautiful Work in Progress, as well as a speaker, educator, and mother. On this episode, Mirna takes us on her journey of becoming an ultra-runner, learning to be her own boss, advocating for representation in the sport, and... - Jonathan and Emily have an exciting update on their lives and goals! - Mirna's experience running this year's freezing wet Boston Marathon - From growing up in Brooklyn to her life now, the importance of going outside and exploration - How a health scare pushed her to rediscover running and an active lifestyle - Her new series, Slow AF Trail Running Adventure Retreats - How running clears the mind and helps promote creative energy - Having a coach is a game-changer but you should also be able to motivate yourself intrinsically For the show notes, visit:
August 22, 2018
10: Veteran, Adventurer, Stacy Bare Explains How To Reframe Your Darkest Defining Moments
Do you know the difference between joy, awe, and stoke? Veteran, climber, skier, star of Adventure Not War, Stacy Bare digs deep on The Stokecast to paint a thought-provoking picture of the ups and downs in his life and how he was able to reframe some of his darker defining moments. Stacy also shares: - How he puts himself in situations in which he needs to push himself out of his comfort zone (any why it's important to do so) - His work with The Phoenix: A Sober Active Community - Thought on privilege and the need for self-awareness - The definitions and differences of joy, awe and stoke - Using the 'stoplight' to figure out how to balance your life each week For the show notes on this episode and ways to connect with Stacy, visit:
August 15, 2018
9: Learn What It Takes To Smash Trail Records From Endurance Runner "Stringbean" Joe McConaughy
Have you ever thought about going out for 2,000+ mile run? Do you think even if you had the physical strength, you could muster the mental stamina? This week on the Stokecast, record-breaking distance runner, Joe McConaughy, shares what it takes to smash records on the world's longest trails. Plus... - How Joe came to be a runner, and even crazier, an ultramarathon trail runner - Combining your passion with a cause (Run for Colin) - What you learn when you dig deep - Joe's journey on both the Pacific Crest Trail and Appalachian Trail (to crush the speed records) - How a positive mindset works wonders - The importance of gratitude and having a support crew - Jonathan also gets his first sub-5-minute mile right before we interview Joe! For the show notes on this episode and ways to connect with Joe, visit:
August 8, 2018
8: Climber, Writer, Mother, Beth Rodden Talks Dealing With Your Demons
Professional rock climber, writer, and mom, Beth Rodden, joins Emily and Jonathan on to chat about: - How and why Beth fell in love with climbing - Creativity vs. competition and what’s changed about the sport for kids today - Women in climbing and growing up without access to many female role models or any clear path to turning climbing into a career - How barely escaping a kidnapping in Kyrgyzstan rocked the foundation of Beth’s confidence in climbing, her marriage, and mental health. - Vulnerability vs. the conquerer’s mentality - California’s yummy summer produce For the show notes on this episode and ways to connect with Beth, visit:
August 1, 2018
7: Only Do What Your Inspired To Do, with Cody Townsend
This week on The Stokecast, professional skier, unprofessional surfer, fisherman, fun haver, and co-founder of Arcade Belts, Cody Townsend. Expect to walk away from this episode with your new life manifesto and a mission to live every day in more meaningful ways. Jonathan and Emily chat with Cody about: - How fun and happiness are the bedrock principles for all of his pursuits - Why he chose to stop doing what initially brought him success as a professional skier and shift directions into inspiring new outlets - How to dial in a pace that you can sustain (in the mountains, in life, in business) - Identifying an opportunity, building an MVP, and scaling a startup For the show notes from this episode and all the links,
July 25, 2018
6: Power Company Climbing Founder Kris Hampton On His Journey From Rap Songs To Rock Walls
Father, climber, emcee, coach, Kris Hampton, reflects on his rise from rapper to rock climber to business owner and content creator. His journey wasn't always easy, and certainly, wasn't always focused. In this episode, Kris recounts some of the most transformational experiences of his life, specifically when he learned to let go of ego in lieu of finding fulfillment in more personal challenges. Once Kris seemingly got out of his own way, the pieces of the puzzle started to fall together. And his friends taking note of his success, starting asking for training plans. Power Company Climbing was born. Kris has now trained thousands of climbers all over the world and dedicates himself to helping others break past their personal barriers, both mental and physical. That is, when he's not working on his own climbing projects or spending time with his family - for which he says scheduling is the key to keeping balanced. For the show notes, visit:
July 18, 2018
5: Ski Mountaineer Caroline Gleich Talks Pushing Past Fear & When To Dismiss Criticism
Professional ski mountaineer, adventurer, environmental and social activist, Caroline Gleich is not shy about battling demons. Whether those demons are social media stalkers and trolls, or her internal voice of fear and insecurity, Caroline has become a champion of creating an open and honest dialogue around tackling personal and professional obstacles head-on. Her unshakable positivity coupled with her drive to push limits in the mountains while protecting the places we play, make Caroline a powerhouse of inspiration that we were stoked to have on The Stokecast! In this episode, we chat about skiing, mountaineering, and training for an ultramarathon, as well as the importance of humbling yourself with new challenges as a way to overcome personal and professional struggles. For more from Caroline and the notes on this episode, visit
July 11, 2018
4: How Semi-Rad’s Brendan Leonard Turned His Passions Into Art That Pays
Semi-Rad creator Brendan Leonard shares his story of developing a brand voice for the everyday adventurer and how he has been able, and continues, to turn his passions into art that pays. With, Brendan has dedicated his life to speaking to the simple joys of being regular in outdoor pursuits, focusing on the quirks and commonalities of experiences we share. Learn how Brendan got his start, taking the leap from corporate life into the freelance world and eventually turned the side-hustle into the full-time paycheck all while climbing, biking, adventuring, and having fun. Also, Brendan weighs in on why he believes the concept of balance is BS. Go to for the show notes.
July 4, 2018
3: Ultra-Runner Clare Gallagher On Finding A State Of Flow In Discomfort
Clare Gallagher rocked the ultra-running scene when she came out of seemingly nowhere to win the infamous Leadville 100 in 2016, slaying the competition and putting down the second fastest time in the race's history. But Clare's story started long before Leadville and it's continued these past couple of years in a very big way. In episode 3 of The Stokecast, Jonathan and Emily dig into what drives Clare Gallagher as an ultra-endurance athlete, how her career as a runner evolved, how she tricks her mind to keep moving, and what she's most stoked about for both her, and the sport's future. For this episode's show notes, visit Also, be sure to subscribe and leave a review to let us know what you love about The Stokecast so far!
June 20, 2018
2: How Brody Leven Went From Midwest DJ to Adventure Skier & Storyteller
Professional adventure skier and storyteller Brody Leven speaks to his entrepreneurial beginnings and journey from the humble hills of Ohio to some of the world's biggest mountains, most epic bike trips, and even the steps of Washington D.C. For the show notes from this episode, visit
June 20, 2018
1: Get To Know The Stokecast (w/hosts Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland)
Welcome to The Stokecast podcast by Explore Inspired! In this episode, get to know your hosts (Jonathan Ronzio & Emily Holland). Learn what inspired us to start this podcast, hear about the types of topics we'll be covering and the people we'll be speaking with. And, of course, Emily defines "stoke!" Thanks a ton for tuning in and embarking on this journey with us. We look forward to bringing you stories and tips each week to help you balance work, life, and adventure, and inspire you to take action! For this episode and more, visit
June 20, 2018