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The Storied Outdoors

The Storied Outdoors

By Bryan Gill & Brad Hill
A podcast somewhere between Lewis and Tolkien and Lewis and Clark, finding clarity in the stories we tell and the adventures that shape us.
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Rick Burgess: Host of Rick and Bubba Radio Show
Rick Burgess: Host of Rick and Bubba Radio Show and an avid outdoorsman  In the season finale episode of TSO, Rick Burgess, co-host of the nationally syndicated “Rick and Bubba” radio show and founder of “The Man Church,” describes the incredible healing journey he and his family have been on since the loss of their toddler, Bronner years ago. Rick tells about how God paved the way for his family to purchase a farm and how unknowingly, God would use that farm to become a place where they could find clarity and peace in the midst of excruciating loss.  For more about Man Church visit For more from Rick visit For more visit Music written and recorded by Brad Hill
November 23, 2020
Proper Motivation: Essay by C.B. Hill
Essay- Proper Motivation  In this episode of TSO, we hear Brad's story about competing in a 70.3 Ironman Triathlon. Usually, that alone would be an action-packed story, but it doesn't end there. On the same day of the race, Brad boards a plane to New Delhi, India, to take part in mission work through his church hours after crossing the finish line. Reflecting on this series of unusual events, Brad explores a question about what motivates people to do what they do. Written by C.B. Hill Read for you by Brad Hill Music written and recorded by Brad Hill For More Visit
November 16, 2020
Ronnie Gatrey: Co-host of "Tha Tipping Point Podcast"
Ronnie Gatrey: Co-host of "Tha Tipping Point Podcast" In this week’s episode of TSO, we are joined by our buddy, Ronnie Gatrey. Ronnie is an avid golfer, an intentional father and husband and an overall joy to be around. He’s also the Co-host of the podcast, “Tha Tipping Point” where he and co-host, Caesar Walker get into spirited debates over weekly hot topics. In this interview, Ronnie recalls a bet he lost on a football game where the stakes were that he had to go deer hunting with a friend if he lost—something he’d never done before. Ronnie is not a hunter, and the events that unfolded ensured that he’d probably never go again. Nevertheless, Ronnie reflects on that event, how it helped shape him and ways that he has found clarity by being outside. You can find Ronnie online at: Instagram: @ronniegatrey Podcast Instagram: @thatippingpoint Music Written and Recorded by Brad Hill For more visit
November 9, 2020
Fishing With Dad: Essay by Dr. Bryan Gill
In this essay, “Fishing with Dad,” Dr. Bryan Gill explores how traditions shape our interests and how important it is to stick to the old roads, as @andrewpetersonmusic sings about. But at the same time, leaving room for new adventures and new traditions is important too. Dr. Gill recalls memories of his childhood growing up in Eufaula, Ala. where largemouth bass fishing was king and his more recent infatuation with fly fishing for trout. Written By Dr. Bryan Gill  Read for you by Brad Hill Music written and Recorded by Brad Hill For More Visit
November 2, 2020
James D. Witmer: Author and Gardener
In this episode of TSO, we are joined by our new friend, James D. Witmer. James is an old soul, a writer, a bird watcher, and a gardener as well as a husband and father. He’s the managing editor for Story Warren, an online network founded by S.D. Smith that serves to help “foster holy imagination in the children you love.” They provide resources and media reviews for children in an effort to be allies in imagination. In this interview, James talks about his children’s book, A Year in the Big Old Garden. He explains how his own toddlers helped inspire these stories and how experiences in his own backyard garden became the setting for many of the adventures he writes about. He also talks about the importance of creating green spaces of peace wherever you are to help you connect with God and gain a sense of clarity in the outdoors. At the time of recording this episode, James’ newest book, The Strange New Dog: An Allen Family Mystery, had not yet been published. However, we want to point you to it and encourage you to purchase a copy when it releases in November 2020. The Strange New Dog is a chapter book for kids age 7-10 that features a lively family, their collection of pets, and—believe it or not—a strange new dog! You can find James online the following ways: Website: Instagram: @jamesdwitmer Instagram: @bigoldgardenstories Purchase A Year in the Big Old Garden here. Purchase The Strange New Dog when it is released in November of 2020!
October 26, 2020
Just Over The Rise: Essay by C.B. Hill
In this episode of TSO, we hear a tale of an ordinary adventure on the roads of Toccoa, Georgia. A potentially dangerous encounter with a wild animal on a bike ride followed by a comical story of investigation into a historical marker. Written by- C.B. Hill Read for you by Brad Hill Music Written and Recorded by Brad Hill For more visit
October 19, 2020
Courtney Munson: Multiple 100-Mile Ultra-marathoner
Courtney is an ultra-runner and two-time 100-mile finisher. She lives in Memphis, Tenn., but can usually be found anywhere between the Colorado Rockies and the foothills of the Appalachians burning up the trails with her sweet puppy, Lucy. Give her a follow on Twitter and Instagram @cmmunson. In this episode of TSO, we interview ultra-marathoner, Courtney Munson about her experience running two 100-milers and the three letters every competitor fears-DNF. Courtney helps explain the sense of accomplishment that comes from never quitting and offers insights into the mental aspect of these grueling races. One fun fact about Courtney is that in 2013, she helped Bryan’s wife, Sarah run her fastest marathon to date in Louisville, Kentucky. With Courtney’s help as a pacer, Sarah crushed her previous PR by an hour, finishing at 4:01:04. And when I tell you she laid it all on the course that day, she laid it all on the course that day…literally. Bryan took a photo of the two of them crossing the finish line and Sarah had her hand over her mouth with a cheek full of that morning’s breakfast. Courtney’s face was priceless. I imagine her thinking, “Oh no. She’s going to vomit. She’s going to vomit. Please don’t vomit on me. Please don’t vomit on me.” Sarah did vomit, but not on Courtney…thankfully. Introduction Music written and recorded by Brad Hill For More visit
October 12, 2020
Shared Experiences: Essay by Dr. Bryan Gill
Join us in this episode of TSO entitled, “Shared Experiences,” as Bryan recalls a memorable fishing trip to Venice, Louisiana where things didn’t go exactly as planned, but one where he learned a valuable lesson about life.  Written By Dr. Bryan Gill  Read for you by Brad Hill Music written and recorded by Brad Hill For more visit
October 5, 2020
The Storied Outdoors Intro Podcast
We are so excited for the October release of The Storied Outdoors’ inaugural season. In this episode, we lay the groundwork of who we are and what this adventure will be about moving forward . Find out more at
July 22, 2020