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The Stories of How

The Stories of How

By Katie Norton
Welcome to The Stories of How! Where we will discuss real-life examples of HOW to do student-centered learning, projects, project-based learning, and how to empower your students.
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S2 E13: Dr. Erica Buchanan-Rivera, Chief Equity and Inclusion Officer, and a fierce advocate and educator
Within this episode, you will learn more about Dr. Erica Buchanan-Rivera. Her story is powerful. Her knowledge, poise, passion, and drive are contagious. You will hear about her time in the classroom, her role as a principal, her research and the 5 strands to keep in mind. She discusses how all students deserve to be in a school that values their authenticity, how we need to actively remove barriers that hinder success, and reflect on how you've been conditioned to view racial differences. You will hear about ways to discuss racism with our youngest learners, and what Dr. Erica Buchanan-Rivera is learning right now. Twitter follows: @MrKinetik @TchKimPossible @DenaSimmons @DingleTeach Book Recommendation: We Want to do More Than Survive by Bettina L. Love Link to buy:
July 12, 2020
S2 E11: Cora Neyhart- All Things Preschool and What's Most Important
Cora Neyhart is a Curriculum Director and Lead Teacher at Littler Explorer's, a preschool here in Fishers, IN. She will talk all things preschool, what to look for when searching for a preschool, the important questions to ask, why play is best for kids and how you can tie in academics into play. She will inspire you with ideas, her favorite memories, ways to connect your preschoolers to their future kindergarten schools and teachers. She is all about building relationships and making that the foundation.  Little Explorer's Preschool --> 317-288-7882 Book Recommendation: A Letter to My Teacher 
May 08, 2020
S2 E10- Kelli Collins- 6-8th grade Engineering, Video Productions, and Technology Teacher
Kelli Collins has such an amazing and unique role at HIJH. She will explain the classes she teaches, discuss when students are being active and engaged in their learning, they really take ownership, and in turn there are less behavior issues and more engagement. She is an expert at getting to know her students, and building a foundation to grow on.   Twitter:  @doggohoosier  Books to read:  A Framework to Understand Poverty Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance Today I Make a Difference
April 30, 2020
S2 E9: Torres, an English and Mass Media HS Teacher. Teaching is an art form.
Torres is an experienced and enthusiastic educator who has taught theatre, english, mass media, was in administration for a few years, and took the jump back to the classroom where his heart belongs. Torres speaks to what mass media is, how he personally connects with his students, his educational journey, and the CATS and SIA programs his students created. He is an expert at PBL, and has figured out how to have his students "buy in". You do not want to miss this conversation and amazing nuggets to chew on.  Follow Torres at: Youtube- Torres Tales Twitter: @MrServeandLearn, @FishersSIA, @catshse Podcasts Mentioned: SIA students: You Broke It, Let's Fix It HSEquity Twitter Follows: @QuotesRogers @mochamomma @teachergoals
April 16, 2020
Season 2 Episode 8: Mary Auger, an accomplished Math teacher who wants to promote and change how we think about Math.
Mary Auger is a 7th and 8th Math teacher with over 30 years of teaching experience. She believes success breads success and how important it is to be a guide on the side. She is an expert at helping those student's who struggle with math and changing their math self-talk. She can connect with them, correct misunderstandings, and push them to where they didn't think possible. She gives us insight into her 7th graders Math Mates Grant they received and how they plan on using that. She is a wealth of knowledge, that will truly inspire you! Book Recommendations: Teaching Numeracy  Math Recess Limitless Mind Necessary Conditions Twitter Follows: @pearse_margie @Mathgarden @ericabrivera @DavidGeurin @ddmeyer
April 04, 2020
Season 2 Episode 7: Amy Murch the Teacher in Residence at Conner Prairie- Kids can learn anywhere.
Amy Murch has 15 years of teaching experience that has led her to her current role where she truly shines. She is the teacher in residence at Conner Prairie here in Fishers, IN. She has the amazing role of working with 4th grade students and teachers, and bringing their standards to life in 1000+ acres. Listen in to hear more about how she creates experiences for the students that visit her, what she is curious and learning about, and how students can learn anywhere!
March 28, 2020
Season 2 Episode 6: Amber Harling- an outdoor learning and PBL expert.
Amber has been teaching for 18 years and has a passion for taking her teaching outdoors. You will gain some great ideas and insights into Amber’s classroom, and how she truly values her student's voices.  Books to read:  Shift This by Joy Kirr There’s No Such Thing as Bad Weather by Linda Akeson McGurk  Vitamin N by Richard Louv Follow Amber on Instagram and Twitter @harlingroom29.  Soon you can hear her students podcast on Anchor, titled, 29 Rain or Shine. 
March 14, 2020
Season 2 Episode 5: Leslie Hopper- an amazing teacher librarian who loves to be uncomfortable, show that KIDS CAN, and collaborate with others.
Leslie Hopper is in her 20th year of teaching and has taught first grade and is currently a teacher librarian in Hamilton Southeastern Schools at Thorpe Creek Elementary. Her heart is to serve teachers and students in her role. She believes all KIDS CAN and that reading is reading! She uses her role to be an advocate, to collaborate, facilitate, and support. Leslie is passionate about diverse books and book access. You will walk away from this episode with so many nuggets of knowledge and truth!  Sketchnote graphic--> Twitter follows:  @MrsOchiengTCE  @MrsB_TCE  @_MrsBuck_  @ericabrivera  @MisterMinor  @pgorski  #TCEcardinals
March 07, 2020
Season 2 Episode 4: Shannon Edwards, a 2nd grade teacher who is digging deeper, investing in her own learning, and igniting passion in her students.
Shannon Edwards has 15 years of teaching experience and currently teaches 2nd grade. She is passionate about the trust and relationships she builds during community circle, and the learning and growth she sees during Writer's Workshop time. She has grown from scripted lessons to really listening to her students, and integrating standards into their personal interests and passions. She shares failures, why being honest with your kids is so powerful, how investing in her own learning has changed her teaching career, and why digging deeper is so important.   "Planning was for me."  "Stop, be in the moment, and LISTEN!"  Follow on Twitter:  @kmorales_29  @jeniferricketts  @townsendhre1  @MrsShueTweets  @gravely_teacher  @MrsWashburnHRE  @Daniel1Teach  @the_learningden Notes Graphic-->
February 29, 2020
Season 2 Episode 4: Jackie Renick- how to just be, she shares her knowledge, is reflective and intentional.
Jackie Renick is a fourth grade teacher in the HSE school district. You can tell she is a cheerleader for others and has learned how important this is for all educators. You need people in your corner. She shares about her favorite project her students lead. What motivates and excites her. She shares about our districts partnership with Conner Prairie and how this experience is one to remember. You will quickly learn how knowledgable, reflective, and intentional Jackie is. She is a passionate educator who truly loves to learn and get better for her students.  People to follow on Twitter: @SaraKAhmed @cultofpedagogy @librarytce @kellyyanghk
February 15, 2020
Season 2 Episode 3: Laura Hiett on moving from rigid to a growth mindset and building deep relationships.
Laura Hiett has 19 years of teaching experience and currently teachers first-grade. She is passionate about building deep relationships with her students and spending time with them to build trust. She has moved from being rigid to having more of a growth mindset. Laura will share with us about how her students have started their own podcast and how she is taking chances this year. How Laura views her students will inspire you and remind you to value who they are and where they are in their learning from behavior to academics.  “What they hear, is what they believe.” People to follow on twitter: @BreneBrown, @StuartShanker
February 01, 2020
Season 2 Episode 2: Susan Drumm: A lifelong learner, listener, and leader.
Susan shares her 30+ years of experience in the classroom, as a media specialist, a tech coach, and now as the Chief Analytics Officer. She is passionate about equity, listening to others, and learning,  She speaks about systemic change in education, assessments, a failure, and what she wants for our current kids that her own kids didn’t have. “We move with those who want to move.” People to follow on Twitter: @mrdearybury @LPI_Learning  @dintersmith
January 19, 2020
Season 2, Episode 1: 20 years of wisdom and experience with Laura Christie
Laura Christie shares her wealth of knowledge and wisdom with us in this episode. She speaks about Passion Projects, Universal Design Learning, how we need to be responsive in our teaching and with discipline by using restorative practices. She reminds us that we are a service that we need to cherish.  "Small moves for BIG change." Passion Projects Resource--> click here Books to read--> Hacking School Discipline, Learn like a Pirate, Innovate Inside the Box
January 12, 2020
Audio Blog: I Failed, and it sucks.
What was your most recent failure? Was it big or small? Did it have to do with what's best for your students?  Listen in to my recent failure and why I'm scared to fail. 
November 03, 2019
Episode 13: Jeff Gargas Shares His Story
I am honored and thrilled to share my talk with Jeff Gargas (@jeffgargas). He is the COO and Co-founder of the Teach Better Team (@teachbetterteam), he is the co-host for the Teach Better Talk podcast, an entrepreneur, and a co-author of the newest book Teach Better. You can buy it online on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Go get it now! It is amazing! We talk about what Jeff is learning and curious about, what he appreciates about each of his Teach Better Team members, the mindset of just helping people become better, his failures and successes that helped shape him, how to be intentional and his love for connecting others! You don't want to miss this episode full of knowledge, fun, and a surprise ending!! 
October 31, 2019
Episode 11: A Conversation with Maria Kussy
I cannot wait for you to hear from Maria Kussy. She is a teacher librarian from Brooke School Elementary in the HSE School District in Fishers, IN. She is also 2020 HSE District Teacher of the Year. She was in the top 10 for Teacher of the Year in Indiana. She is full of knowledge and passion and you'll have so many take aways as we listen to her story. You will hear about her love for kids and books, how she utilizes her library space, a broadcasting project that includes all students,  what she is passionate about, twitter friends to follow, amazing books to read, and much more! Enjoy!
October 24, 2019
Episode 12: Chad Ostrowski: CEO and member of the Teach Better Team, Author, speaker and more!
I am honored and thrilled to share my talk with Chad Ostrowski (@chadostrowski). He is the CEO and member of the Teach Better Team (@teachbetterteam), he is the creator of the Grid Method, and education consultant, an author of the newest book Teach Better. You can buy it online on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble. Go get it now! It is amazing! We talk about what the Grid Method is, how to help those reluctant teachers, what he loves about his different roles, if our students are being active or passive participants in their learning, his approach to working with teachers, accommodating all learners, and more! You don't want to miss this episode full of knowledge and fun!
October 14, 2019
Episode 10: Rae Hughart from the Teach Better Team
I am so honored to have Rae Hughart as my guest on The Stories of How podcast. She literally does it all! She is the Co-author of the newest book Teach Better. You can buy it now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Seriously, go buy it now!! Rae is also a middle school math teacher, the Director of Training and Development for the Teach Better Team. She is the host of the podcast Teach Better Talk. She is a keynote speaker, presenter, professor, and more! See, I told you she did it all! You will hear about the amazing Teach Further Model, her hope for education, her favorite must read books, what she is learning about right now, and more! You don't want to miss this episode! Enjoy!
October 07, 2019
Episode 9: Tiffany Ott: Author, speaker, HS Math teacher, and more!
I am so honored to have Tiffany Ott as my guest on The Stories of How podcast. She is the Co-author of the newest book Teach Better. You can buy it now on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. Seriously, go buy it now!! Tiffany is a high school math teacher, the Director of Curriculum Development for the Teach Better Team. She is the founder of mastery chat on Twitter. She is a speaker, presenter, and more! You will hear about what she loves about teaching high school, research behind Mastery Learning, why we need to ditch newsletters, what the Grid Method is, all about the Teach Better Conference, and much more!  Don't miss this episode! Enjoy!
October 02, 2019
Episode 8: A Student's Perspective from Salma Mohammad
You will hear from a High School Senior Salma Mohammad. Salma is an incredible poet and blew the teachers in Hamilton Southeastern School District away with her poem she shared at the beginning of the year. Salma shares her honest opinion about school and what needs to be done to change it. She is authentic, intelligent, wise beyond her years, and such a joy to speak with. 
September 08, 2019
Episode 7: Conversations with Kelsey Habig
Kelsey Habig is a High School English Teacher (and more) in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. You will hear her story, what an Innovations class entails, how she builds strong relationships with her students, and projects and new ideas she’s excited about!
August 11, 2019
Episode 6 Conversations with Brian Behrman
You will hear from Brian Behrman, an Assistant Principal in Hamilton Southeastern School District. He shares his educational story and background, what he hopes to see the first few weeks of school, some amazing ideas he hopes to implement this year, and more! Blog: The View From 518 Twitter: brian_behrman
July 28, 2019
Episode 5- Conversations with John Hochstetler
You will hear about John Hochstetler's (Twitter--> @hselibrarydude) role as a Teacher Librarian at Riverside Intermediate in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. He will share his story of his teaching experience, what drives him, how he collaborates with teachers, and what he's most excited about this year.   3 People to follow on Twitter:  Angela Maiers- @AngelaMeiers  Ted Dintersmith- @dintersmith  Joe Sanfelippo- @Joe_Sanfelippo  Former student of John's who is working with Brene Brown on her newest book for educators:   LaNesha Tabb   Twitter- @apron_education  Blog-
July 17, 2019
Episode 4: Conversations with Danielle Thompson
You will hear from one of my newest friends who I’m honored to have on my podcast, Danielle Thompson (Twitter: @DNTatFCE). She teaches kindergarten in the Hamilton Southeastern School District. You will hear about her teaching experiences, what she believes in, projects her classes have done, and how we can empower our youngest learners!
July 10, 2019
Episode 3: Conversation with Brooke Daniel
This is interview #1 with my go-to person Brooke Daniel (Twitter @Daniel1Teach). We will talk about her story, challenges, experiences, accomplishments, and tips for more authentic student-centered learning. 
June 28, 2019
Episode 2: I Need Inspiration
Who else is exhausted?! We have about 20 days left of the school year and I’ve been searching for something. Something that I had back in December. That feeling of change, excitement, empowerment, and a love for learning. You’ll hear what I went back to, to find inspiration, and how I started using things I love to give me energy.
April 30, 2019
Episode 1
Find out why I wanted to start a podcast and quick tips on how to empower your students.
March 26, 2019