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The Story of...

The Story of...

By Naked Chicken Productions
Each week my co-hosts and friends Bill, Joe, and Mark will join me, Smith, to take you on a journey through some crazy topics. We're by no means experts in any field, just a couple of guys who love to find weird stories, research the hell out of 'em and share 'em with you. Be sure to check us out wherever you download your favorite podcasts!
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Episode 7: The Thunderbird...Fact or Fiction?

The Story of...

Episode 10: Con men and band names
WE'RE BACK!! Sorry for the absence folks. This week Bill and Smith take on some of histories coolest con men and how some of the most beloved bands got their names. Enjoy! Podcast Art: Dienomic
July 07, 2022
Episode 9: Willowbrook State Hospital
This week it's just Smith and Mark. We discuss our "origin story" working with individuals with developmental disabilities, as well as the unbelievably vile events behind Willowbrook State Hospital in Staten Island NY. Plus, was Cropsey the urban legend serial killer real? Find out. This is our longest episode to date, but I think one of our most important topics. Please remember to subscribe, rate, and review! Enjoy!  Twitter: @PodcastStoryOf Podcast Art: @Dienomic_Draws
June 02, 2022
Episode 8 Part 2: Nazino - Cannibal Island
The guys finish the 2 parter on Nazino. We go into the horrible details of one of the most disturbing episodes of cannibalism and human suffering in modern history, not for the faint hearted. Enjoy! Podcast Artwork: @Dienomics
May 25, 2022
Episode 8 Part 1: The Russian Famines of 21-22, 32-33
This week the guys take a look at the Russian famines of 1921-22 and 1932-33. These events serve as the pretext for next weeks gruesome episode on the Nazino tragedy, Russia's cannibal island. How and why did Stalin starve close to 10 million of his own people? Take a listen to find out. Please be sure to rate, review and subscribe wherever you find our podcast, it really helps our visibility on these platforms. Thanks! Twitter: @StoryofPodcast Podcast Art: @Dienomics_Draws 
May 19, 2022
Episode 7: The Thunderbird...Fact or Fiction?
This week we have our very first guest host! Mr. Bob LeMent from joins us as we delve into the story of the Thunderbird. Is this cryptid of Native American and First Nation lore a real undiscovered animal or just the stuff of legends? Please check us out wherever you find your favorite podcasts, and be sure to rate and subscribe! Cover Art: Dienomics
April 27, 2022
Episode 6: The Alpha Boys School, Kingston Jamaica
This week the guys depart from their usual topics to take you into one of Jamaica's most famous and favorite music schools, The Alpha Boys School. Known to many as "The Dream Factory", this catholic nun run school has been recognized as one the most important centers of Jamaican Reggae and Ska. Join Smith, Bill, and Mark as we talk about the story of "The Alpha Boys School". Podcast Twitter: @PodcastStoryOf Please consider donating to the Alpha Boys School Cover art by the phenomenal Dienomic Draws (GIVE HER A FOLLOW!)
April 21, 2022
Episode 5: Modern Day Witch Hunts
The guys FINALLY wrap up their discussion on witch hunts by diving into actual witch hunts that still take place today, contemporary uses of the phrase, and even January 6th. Join us as we put the book end on the witch hunt episodes! Cover art by the amazing: @Dienomic_Draws Music: Smith Edited: Smith
April 14, 2022
Episode 4 Part 4: The end of the Witch Trials
WE'RE FINALLY BACK DROPPING EPISODE 4 PART 4 ON 4/4!! This week we finish up our discussion of the 1692 Salem Witch Trials. We blast through the final months of mayhem and murder and see how it all ends! Enjoy! Cover art by the phenomenal @Dienomic Music: Smith Editing: Smith
April 05, 2022
Episode 4 Part 3: Salem Witch Trials even deeper
Welcome to part 3 of our series on the Salem witch trials. Join the guys this week as they continue their deep dive into the events of Salem 1692. We FINALLY get to the first half of the witch trials! Paranoia, fear, crisis, money, jealousy, misogyny, and plain old f*ckery come to a head.  Cover art by the phenomenal @Dienomic Music: Smith Editing: Smith
March 08, 2022
Episode 4 Part 2: Salem Witch Trials Continued
This week the guys continue their dive into the Salem Witch Trials. In this episode they look into the psychology of the Puritan community as well as introduce some of the key players of the ordeal. Join Smith, Bill, Joe, and Mark as they continue their quest to figure out the story of the Salem Witch Trials. Cover Art: @Dienomic, Dienomic's Socials Music: Smith Editing: Smith Twitter: @PodcastStoryOf
March 03, 2022
Episode 4 Part 1: Salem Witch Trials
Join ALL 4 of the guys together for the first time as we begin a series on the Salem Witch Trials. In this episode we trace the roots of witch hunts back to 14th century Europe up to 1692. The guys try to understand a world in which witch trials seemed like a good idea. Join us for this special Valentines edition of The Story Of! Music: Smith Editing: Smith Cover art by the phenomenal @Dienomic, Dienomic's Socials
February 24, 2022
Episode 3: Towns Abandoned for Weird and F*cked up reasons
Naked Chicken Productions brings you EPISODE 3!  In this episode, Smith, Bill, and Joe take turns telling about the weird and horrific stories behind some of America's abandoned towns. From towns that burn from underneath, to towns stalked by murderous Sasquatches and killer white supremacist lakes. Join us for "Towns abandoned for weird and frankly f*cked up reasons". Music by: Smith Edited by Smith Cover art by the amazing @Dienomic (twitter) Find us on Spotify, Google Pods, Goodpods and everywhere else you find your favorite Podcasts!
February 14, 2022
Episode 2: The Montauk Project
On this episode the guys breakdown the Montauk Project, the basis of Netflix's hit show "Stranger Things". Is the show rooted in fact or complete bullsh*t, you be the judge. Join Smith, Bill, and Mark as they bring you the story of...the Montauk Project. Cover art by: @Dienomic
February 08, 2022
Episode: 1.5 OOPARTS Continued
Episode 1.5 of our OOPARTS conversation brings you the Dropa stones, the Piri Reis map and much more. Join Smith, Bill, and Joe as we wrap up our conversation on "Out of Place Artifacts". Be sure to follow us on twitter @PodcastStoryof. Enjoy the show!
February 01, 2022
Episode 1: Out of Place Artifacts
Our momentous first episode!! In this episode Smith, Joe, and Bill explore the world of out of place artifacts AKA OOPARTS. We look at the beginnings of the phrase coined by Ivan T. Sanderson, as well as some of histories most famous OOPARTS. We'll hit upon the Nampa stone doll, the Dendera light, Baigong pipes and the the Antikythera mechanism. Since it's our first episode we'll be dropping a special second part next week, be sure to check it out! Hope you enjoy!
January 23, 2022