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The Stranger Side Of Crazy

The Stranger Side Of Crazy

By Prometheus Silver
On The Stranger Side of Crazy I will be interviewing different authors, editors and people in the book "biz" to learn tips and tricks on a variety of different topics that concern the modern writer.
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Interview with Literary agent, Hope Bolinger

The Stranger Side Of Crazy

Interview with Literary agent, Hope Bolinger
Great episode full of tons of information for the author who is looking to go the traditional route, or perhaps just does not know anything about it and would like to.
August 28, 2019
Author Gabrielle Wieck
During this episode we discuss her new book, To No End. Self-publishing, the infamous lightning round and a reading from her book. I also go on three seperate rants. It's great. Follow Gabbie on Instagram @authorgabbiewieck18 also you can follow this show @thestrangersideofcrazy
August 21, 2019
Editor's Panel
Welcome to the first ever Panel episode where we talk to three guests about one topic. This panel we talked with three editors about what authors don't know but need to. And of course the first ever 3-way lightning round. Guests include Sydney Hawthorne @sydney_hawthorne Emma from @Emmas.edit please and Darcy @Thebreardbookeditor
August 14, 2019
Interview with Author James Robert Wright
During this interview we talk about James's book "Hope Bearer". We talk self-publishing what has worked and what has not. We here a reading from his book and I also bring you the 2nd segment of my Social Marketing experiment. You can follow the author @thehighrealmchronies
August 07, 2019
S:1 E:2 Interview with author AJ Kurtz
This episode of The Stranger Side of Crazy we talk with author AJ Kurtz about her latest book. We also talk social media platforms and social marketing. She reads a part of her book, the infamous lightning round and I also talk about a social marketing experiment I am conducting. And a scam targeting authors. Instagram: @author_ajkurtz her website:
July 31, 2019
S:1 E:1 Interview with author S.L. Matthews.
During this episode we talk with author S.L. Matthews about his debut book "A Weave of Fate" also we get in-depth into the the world of writing and self-publishing. We talk about a great book giveaway and then the infamous lightning round where Scott barely wins. The Stranger Side of Crazy's website S.L. Matthew's webpage
July 24, 2019
S: 1 Ep: 0 Introduction
Introduction letting everyone know what the show is all about.
July 18, 2019